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Dedicated to all my readers who made it possible for me to b
e able to tell my children.....”
Your daddy is an Author.”

Deadly Situation


Angelique’s eyes closed as she tried to steady her brain and prepare for the end of her life. Her heart was pumping triple time but her body froze with fear and desperation. She’d forgotten all about Marcus. The excitement of her new life overtook the drama of her past, and she just completely blocked that night in the guesthouse from her mind. Nevertheless, here she was, staring down the barrel of a loaded gun just inches away from her forehead.

“Look atcha’ now bitch, lookin’ all scared-n-shit. What happened to the bad ass bitch that cut me up? Huh, where did she go? Marcus tapped Angelique’s forehead repeatedly as he taunted her. “Get yo ass in the car!” He shoved her right breast forcefully.

“No!” Angelique regained her balance and stood her ground.

Marcus balled her shirt up in his free hand, “Bitch, I said get yo ass in the fuckin’ car!”

“FUCK YOU!!!” She screamed. Angelique used the only weapon she had…her lungs. “RAPE!!! RAPE!!! RAPE!!! HELP HE’S RAPING MEEEE!!”

There was no way she was getting in a car with Marcus; she knew her life was over if she did that, or he would make her wish she

“Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!” Marcus pushed the pistol deep in her throat, silencing her screams.

Angelique gagged and struggled to breathe. Marcus was overpowering her. With the gun still jammed in her esophagus, Marcus punched her in the stomach, knocking the last bit of air out of her lungs.

Angelique doubled over in pain; there was no way she could scream now, she couldn’t stop wheezing let alone take a deep breath to yell. Out the corner of her eye, she saw a knee rushing toward her. Her eyes clenched as she prepared to receive the blow. Marcus’s knee collided with her cheekbone, causing the other side of her head to hit her car door. The lights turned out, she didn’t know where she was. It was like her eyes had a short in them as the world around her flickered in and out of focus. Then her legs crumbled and she fell to the asphalt. Laying face down in the parking lot, Angelique unwillingly went to sleep as the world around her disappeared into a black hole.

Marcus looked around wildly, checking to see if anybody heard the commotion. It was dark out but they were still outside of the county jail. It was a bold move to try and grab her outside the jail, but he figured she wouldn’t have a weapon on her and she wouldn’t expect to be attacked, he was right. He crouched down and searched for the keys to her car. He found them behind the front wheel and pushed the button that opened the trunk. Marcus placed the gun in his waistband and snatched Angelique up by her belt. Her body was limp as he dragged her toward the back of the car. A grin spread over his bearded cheeks; the moment he’d been dreaming of was finally here. He’d been looking for Angelique for months. He stayed in Los Angeles to find her while Orlando went back to Washington D C. Frustration was his constant companion until he heard from a friend of his in jail, that Tyce was in there too. He knew she might come to visit him, so, he followed his instincts and staked out the parking lot looking for her ass…and tonight…he finally found her.

“DON’T MOVE!!! PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!” Marcus froze in his tracks, he still had Angelique’s ass next to his thigh as he hoisted her up by her thick leather


Two sheriff deputies were pointing their guns at Marcus’s back about 20 feet away.

“Be cool officers, jus’ be cool!” Marcus shouted back.

“SHOOT HIM!!! SHOOT HIM!!!” A high-pitched voice sang out.

Marcus looked down and seen Angelique coming back to life.


Angelique started squirming and wiggling, “Shoot his ass, he’s trying to kidnap me!!!”

Marcus released his grip on Angelique’s
belt, discretely retrieved his gun
and slowly began backing up. Angelique was on all fours as she attempted to put some distance between her and Marcus by crawling aw
ay. One deputy remained still
while the other one moved to a flanking position. Marcus held the gun in his left hand, so it continued to be hidden from their view. About six steps into backing up, Marcus suddenly stopped. His jaws clenched in anger as he looked down at his former hostage. Angelique cracked a wicked smile, as if saying, “Yeah muthafucka, who’s the bitch now?”

Marcus continued to stare at her menacingly still holding the gun. The other deputy was now facing him.


It was a tense scene in the dark parking lot. Angelique didn’t move, nobody moved a muscle, everything just stopped. Marcus started to shake his head left to right slowly, all the while still staring directly at Angelique.

“It’s either me or you.” Marcus whispered to Angelique.


“Fuck that!” Marcus stood still.


“Fuck that bitch!”

“YOU GOT THREE SECONDS TO DROP THE WEAPON! ONE!!!” The wide-eyed deputy moved in closer.

“I aint fuckin’ doin’ it!” Marcus looked at the cop.


“Fuck that snake ass bitch!” Marcus glared at Angelique.

In a quick jerk motion, Marcus raised the gun, pointing it at Angelique. His finger was on the trigger and began to flex when both officers opened fire. Angelique hit the pavement to avoid the hailstorm of hot bullets coming her way. Marcus’s body jolted and convulsed from the assault of the bullets. He was shot seven times; three of the seven bullets hit vital organs, while the last shot pierced the back of his skull. Marcus’s bloody body fell forward and belly flopped on the rock-hard surface of the asphalt.

“You ok Ms.?” The young deputy walked toward Angelique. “Are you hit?”

“No, no I’m not.” Angelique stammered.

The other officer was checking the pulse of Marcus as the young cop helped Angelique to her feet.

“What the hell happened here?” He asked her shaking his head.

“You killed him.” Angelique looked up at him.

“Who was he? Do you know him?”

Angelique glanced at Marcus’s holey body, “I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

I’m In A Monogamous Relationship…K


“Oh my God, Angelique are you okay? Are you hurt? What the fuck happened?”

paused the movie on her DVR receiver and moved to the edge of the couch cushion. The circular clock hanging on the mustard painted accent wall read 11:46 p.m. Dallas was in the middle of laughing uncontrollably at the scene in
Bad Boy’s II
when Martin’s character starts tripping off the ecstasy he accidentally ingests; when her cell phone rang unexpectedly. The sound of Angelique’s stressed out shaky voice in her ear instantly removed the humor from her world and replaced it with worry. That was 20 minutes ago and the intense conversation was still going on between the two women.

“I’m fine. I’m jus a lil shaken up that’s all and I have a splitting headache. That muthafucka made my head slam into my car door!”

“Are you sure you’re ok?”

There was a silent pause, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Where are you now?” Dallas frowned.

“I’m jus’ leavin’ the police station.”

“Ok, you’re stayin’ with me tonight, and I won’t take no for an answer; you hear me?”

“Yes Dallas, I hear you, I’m on my way.”

Dallas hung up the phone and just stared at nothing while she thought about what her friend just told her. She thanked God for protecting Angelique in her time of need. Marcus was a name she wasn’t familiar with until Angelique filled her in on what happened at the guest-house a few months ago. Dallas heard the story from start to finish as Angelique recalled the old events concluding the story with the deadly drama that had just ended in the parking lot of the county jail. That was some crazy shit she thought to herself, she wished she’d gone with Angelique to the jail so she could have been there with her. Although Angelique wasn’t a punk; she could have used some help in that situation, but never the less, Marcus was dead and she was alive, and that’s all that mattered.

Hot water poured out of the thick facet; jasmine scented bubble bath created ivory colored suds as the water splashed and cascaded downward. Dallas opened the linen closet in the bathroom to get fresh towels, placing them on the small stand next to the bathtub. Next, she moved to the kitchen making an ice pack, which she put in the freezer to keep cold. Dallas eyed the empty tea kettle on the kitchen counter and thought about making some peppermint tea. Then she remembered what her friend had just gone through and the type of woman she was and quickly changed her mind. Peppermint tea was too weak for this type of situation…Hennessey and apple juice would be the wiser choice. That drink would calm your nerves; give you a buzz, and a shot of vitamin C all in one glass…perfect.

Dallas trotted through her living room and into the bathroom to make sure the water wasn’t overflowing. As she waved her hand through the foam to check the temperature of the bath, her doorbell rang. Turning off the water, she dried her hand on her sweatpants as she walked swiftly toward the front door. Her eye now in front of the peephole, she smiled.

She opened the door, stepping through to embrace Angelique tightly. The two rocked back and forth as they both sighed heavily.

“I’m happy you’re ok? Dallas whispered into Angelique’s collarbone.

“Me too.” Angelique said into the top of Dallas’s head.

“Come in, come in.” Dallas broke the squeez
e and hastily ushered her guest

Her friend looked like she’d been in a little school yard scuffle. Her hair was a little out of place and the knees on her jeans were brown from the dirty parking lot, but other than that she looked okay. Now, how she felt was entirely different.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“You’re a sweetheart, I know you’re sorry, but I’m ok. Well, except for this headache I can’t seem to shake.”

“Sit down; let me look at your head. Why didn’t you go to the hospital to have them look at you?”

“Shit, I didn’t feel like sittin’ up in there all night, jus’ for a doctor to tell me to get some rest…shit, I can tell myself that and keep the co-pay in my pocket.” Angelique sucked her teeth.

“You’re stubborn. You have a good size bump on your head.” Dallas parted the hair on her scalp a few inches above her ear. “Yep, it’s swollen. One thing is for sure…I’m not letting you go to sleep tonight.”

“Cuz, you might have a concussion, that’s why!”

“I don’t have a concussion.”

Are you gonna listen to Dr. Dallas, or am I gonna have to put you in a straight jacket? I had one client that was into that sorta thing so I have one in the closet.” Dallas ra
ised her eyebrow threateningly.

“Naw, keep that thing away from me, I’ll behave.” Angelique managed a smile.

“Good, now my first prescription is Hennessey and apple juice over ice.”

“Shit girl, you can keep them comin’ all night!”

“I knew you would like that, I’ll bring you one while
you’re taking a bath.”

“You made me a bath?” Angelique smiled wider now.

“Yes I did, now take you clothes of
f before your water gets cold.”

“Yes mommy.” Angelique stood up from the couch.
This was the first time she’d actually been inside Dallas’s home, she’d been by a few times to pick her up but promptness was not her strong point, so Dallas was always waiting on her and just came down stairs. Now seeing it for the first time, the home felt warm and sensual. It didn’t look cookie cut decorated but had a definite theme. That theme was established with beautiful artwork, sexy sculptures, and exotic yet comfortable furniture. Hardwood floors blended with maroon carpet giving the spacious condo a cozy feel. Angelique grew more impressed as she stepped into the hallway bathroom. This room was completely different from the décor of the living room; the vibrant colors put together here resembled that of a tropical fish tank. Turquoise flirted with yellow, tan mingled with sea green, and a deep blue rug as soft as ba
by hair greeted her tired toes.

8.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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