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Hearing his hiss and the tightening of his muscles was satisfying for Katarina.  She rocked on top of him loving the way his boxers were abrading her clit and providing another element of friction to her pleasure.  Looking down at Dante’s tightly closed eyes she reached down and tweaked his nipple which had his eyes flying open and his hands grabbing her hips.  “Yes, Dante.”

Dante couldn’t hold out much longer.  He grabbed her hips and hoped she’d accept his apology later.  He moved her up and down faster and faster changing the angle so he was hitting her g-spot.  They were both panting when Katarina threw her head back and screamed her release while holding onto his chest and digging her short nails into his muscles.  He went over the top with her and howled his satisfaction.

Dante had to clinch his teeth to the point of pain to prevent himself from sinking his fangs deep into her. 
What the fuck was that about?

They both fell into a sated sleep still connected in the most intimate of ways.


Chapter 5


Katarina woke slowly feeling much too hot.  It was then she realized there was a naked male at her back, his huge arm slung over her side and his morning wood pressed to her backside.  She had to give herself credit; she didn’t panic until she looked up and saw a woman looking down at her.  She screamed causing Dante to wake up and cover her entire body with his; what was he doing?

Bailey put her hands over her ears.  “Shut it, Miss Fuzzykins.”

Only then did Katarina realize this was Dante’s twin sister and the woman she had previously wronged by attempting several things in order to steal land from her new pack. 

Dante heard his sister and lifted his head.  “What are you doing here Bailey?”

“I noticed you sent Dallas away for a few days so I came to have your back.  That’s what family is for.  You should have told me that you were having problems.”

“I’m not having problems.”  Dante went to rise from the floor where they’d fallen asleep when Katarina gripped his shoulders and pulled him back down; it was only then he remembered she was nude, like him.  “Maybe you could leave for a few minutes so we can make ourselves more presentable.”

Bailey looked down at Katarina.  “So, I guess you like the new pack, eh?  I’d even go as far as to say your moving up the chain pretty quickly if your boinking my brother.”

Katarina shoved Dante off her hard and stood, naked as the day she was born.  “I have no intentions toward Dante.  The fool man got me drunk on buns for crying out loud.  I doubt he even knew what he was doing.”  She turned to Dante, “I’m sorry that we had intercourse, it won’t happen again.  The baked goods get me a little nutzo.  In future when you make them please let me know so I can leave and this does not happen again.”

Katarina, with a stiff spine, began walking toward the door only to pause and sniff the air.  She turned and found the pan of cinnamon buns at the end of the bed.  There was one left.  She leapt for the remaining bun and walked out of the room taking large bites and sighing.

Bailey rounded on him, “She’s a bear.”

He shrugged.  “So.”

“You knew those buns would drive her crazy didn’t you?”

“Kinda.  I didn’t think it would make her that wild.”


“Listen, sis, how long will you be staying?”

A confused look spread across Bailey’s face.  “Until Dallas gets back.  I brought Paul with me and he’ll watch your back too.”

“Do you think you could stay at my old house?”


Dante smiled and winked.  “I need to work on another batch of cinnamon buns.”


They both began laughing and as soon as Dante covered his nudity he gave his sister a huge hug, welcoming her back home.


* * * *


Damn, stupid alpha.  Who doesn’t know about the relationship a bear has with her goodies?  It would be like me rolling around in a steak and expecting him to resist.  He seduced me and now I look like a Gezebelle. 

Why did his sister have to show up?  She could have had him a few more times before Bailey had shown up.  They could have woken and shared the last sweet treat, after rubbing it all over his body and licking it off. 
No, bad ursine.  Remember when mother said to keep sweets and sex separate; I should have listened.

As she stood outside the shower she could feel the stickiness of not only their lovemaking on her skin but the gritty feeling of the frosting that started it all.  As it washed down the drain Katarina vowed that it would be the last time she messed around with a wolf, especially the alpha.


* * * *


As Bailey watched her brother once again mark the trees surrounding their land she spoke to him about the progress that Dallas had made and affirmed that he was the perfect choice as second.  She told him about the happy call Dallas had received from Lucy saying that she was planning their mating and waiting for his return; she was already moving her things into his house. 

Bailey basically made him feel as if she’d never left.  Her support meant everything to him.  It was when she spoke of his children that he actually whimpered.  He missed his kids and made an attempt to see them every other week but he’d been busy as a new alpha and he had become exhausted.  Tara, their mother, agreed that it wasn’t safe for the children to come see him yet but hopefully by summer when the pack had settled. 

“So, brother, how are you and Miss Fuzzykins getting along?”

Dante scowled at his sister.  “We’re doing just fine thank you.  I really didn’t know she would go that crazy over the food; give me a break, sis.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time with her this morning but she’s not getting special treatment.  She’s going to get a job like everyone else in the pack and earn her keep.”

“That’s not what I was talking about.  You two looked pretty cozy.  Usually you don’t let the females you’re intimate with stay in the same house, let alone in the same bed.” 

“She lives at alpha house right now.  I didn’t allow her to sleep in the bed either; it was just a small nap after the sex, and technically, we were on the floor.  Why am I talking to you about this?  Mind your own business.”

Bailey giggled.  “Okay, I’m minding my own business.  Hey, did anyone ever tell you about fated mates?  No one told me and I had no idea when I met Paul.  I can tell you the signs and then you could pass them on to the rest of the pack.”

Dante really didn’t want to go there with Bailey right now.  “Maybe later after dinner and don’t start a fight tonight.” 

By the end of their border patrol Dante decided no one had attempted to re-mark his territory.  Hopefully, the unknown threat was gone but with his luck, it was only the beginning. 


* * * *


In the last two hours Dante and Bailey went to several pack meetings and were able to visit families and settle some minor disputes.  Dante had announced and requested all the pack members attend dinner at pack house to celebrate the arrival of their guest.  The whole time Katarina wasn’t far from his mind.  He hoped he’d told cook not to make dessert or she might try to hump half the guests.  Instead of finding that humorous he began to get a bit irritated.

He knew it was ridiculous but he still pulled out his phone and called to cancel the bread pudding.  He’d have to talk to Katarina and discuss the most appropriate dinner party dessert, something that wouldn’t make her a rabid beast; or the most ravaging woman he’d ever met covered in gooey goodness. 
And hello Mr Big, haven’t seen you in the last ten minutes.


* * * *


Dressed in a black sheath dress and a modest two inch black heel Katarina was ready to go.  Not wanting to stand out or piss anyone off she made sure all of her essential bits were covered and her hair and make-up weren’t particularly jazzy.  Walking into the party area she saw Dante in the centre of the room attempting to beat off the single ladies with a stick.  Their eyes connected and she could see the plea for help in his eyes.  Feeling sassy she whispered
give them buns,
before smiling to herself and walking in the opposite direction. 

She accepted a glass of wine from Bailey and Paul, lingering for decent conversation, asking about their pack and the members.  Katarina found she liked Bailey and Paul so she sat with them during dinner allowing the single ladies to group next to Dante.  He’d shot them all evil glares several times during the meal causing the women to laugh hysterically.

After dinner and before dessert Dante stood and introduced Katarina to the pack.  “We have a new addition to the pack; Katarina is a bear and is looking for a new home.  If she likes it here she is more than welcome to stay.  I hope that you will all welcome her with open arms and make her feel at home.”

Several people called out asking her questions which she answered promptly.  An older gentleman with white hair stood shakily using his cane and called out, “Is she the lady from the forest?  The one that had you acting like a dog?  I hear she actually had you heel.”

Dante’s face turned red and his jaw was working as he ground his teeth.  “Katarina was with me patrolling borders, yes.  She actually prevented a bad situation.  I might have had to harm the humans if she hadn’t thought quickly on her feet.  You should be thanking her.”

The old man’s manacle laughter caused goose bumps on Katarina’s flesh.

“Where are you from dear, Katarina?”

She swallowed, hating that she would have to tell the story.  “I come from Alaska.”

“And why have you decided to move?  Don’t most bears live solitary lives?  I haven’t heard of many bears settling in different areas.”

She coughed delicately, “Yes, well.  The bears of Alaska lived a quality existence; peaceful and serene.”

The whole room was quiet waiting for the explanation and Dante was eyeing her.  She felt like a little bug waiting to get mushed by the bigger bugs. 
Power in numbers,
that’s what they’d told her when she was forced from her home in Alaska.

Delicate cough, “The bears were defeated and we were run out of Alaska.”

Dante was asking the questions now.  “What do you mean the bears were defeated?  Aren’t your kind loners?”

“Well…yes.  We can survive alone but some of us were in family units like my parents.  There was this wolf pack that came into town and learned the land; they took over.”

The hall erupted in shouts and general grumbling.  Dante silenced them all with a growl.

Katarina hated when he did that but had to admit it was an effective way of silencing the room.  “Please explain, Katarina.”

“My parents were killed as were my older brother and sister.  They held me hostage and when my extended family and friends came they were killed.  A few of us remained and were contacted by your old alpha Allen.  We were encouraged to take lands that did not belong to us and before we realized the damage we had created it was too late.  Some of my friends are gone and now we must move on.  I do not dislike wolves, only the ones who forced me into this wandering existence.  I don’t belong anywhere and if I go back home I will be killed on site; a special consideration from their alpha.”

Gasps and outrage erupted in the room.  Katarina sighed and became ready to be removed from another land that could possibly be home.  She would apparently die alone and without friends or the chance to find a mate.  Oh well, what were the chances she would find a mate in a wolf pack?

Katarina spun to walk out and collect her belongings when a warm hand settled on her shoulder.  Paul and Bailey had united their hands and placed them on her shoulder. 

Bailey spoke to the crowd, “This was my first pack and will always be home.  Our old ways were archaic and there are positive changes made every day.  This woman has faced her fear of wolves to live among you.  The least you can do is give her a chance.  She does not fear you and she does not inspire a great deal of fear in others.  Her species is of no concern.  She will be known henceforth as your pack and you will protect her as she will protect you.  Her life is connected with yours, do you not feel it? The connection she has with our wolves?”

A shout came from the back of the room.  “You are not of our pack and cannot possible know if there is a connection or not.”

Bailey had no idea who had made the comment so she turned in that general direction to answer.  “Those of you who don’t know; my twin brother is your alpha.  I have always and will always have a connection with him.  We’ve share a womb and now we share our lives as if they were one.  I feel his pain as I’m sure he feels mine.  We are all connected.”


* * * *


After a disastrous dinner where the pack attempted to tar and feather Katarina, Dante went to his room to shower and let the steamy water relax him.  He’d finally learned of her past and realized why she’d done such horrible things.  He felt bad for her family, her unbelievable loss and suffering.  He was amazed that she could let go of her fear and anger and actually live among wolves.

He couldn’t stop thinking about Katarina; she was like his own brand of drug, intoxicating and addicting.  Alpha males were supposed to be in control at all times yet all he wanted to do was find her, make sure she was okay and not upset.  If she was feeling bad he could make her some cinnamon buns.  H
ey, it worked this morning.

Stepping out of the shower Dante went to his dresser to get his pajama pants when a sound came from the corner of his room.  From his vantage point he had the upper hand and planned on defending his home so he spun and crouched preparing to shift if needed, snapping his powerful jaws at the intruder.

BOOK: Surviving the Pack
4.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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