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Chapter 7


They drove in relative silence, the only sound was their increased breathing and Dante’s constant shifting in the driver’s seat.  It was getting on her last nerve and she was about to explode when he suddenly announced their arrival.  Dante got out his side of the car and opened her door assisting her to the ground. 

Dante helped her to her feet and sucked in a breath when her body ran along his.  “Do you want me to help you in?  Bailey got your stuff out of your car, put it in your room and says she’ll draw you a bath if you’re sore.  I called a tow truck to pick up your car and it’s being taken to my mechanic.”

“I’m fine, thank you.”  Pushing him away Katarina hobbled up the steps to alpha house.  Sweating with fine tremors she reached the front door and waited patiently.  Standing there sweating she began to get irritated and prompted, “Is the cursed alarm going to go off if I turn the handle?”

Dante snickered before he reached around her and turned the nob allowing her to cross the threshold before he punched in the alarm code.  His head came up when he smelled the sugary sweetness of frosting and cinnamon in the air. 
Oh shit.

The smell of sweets hit her like a ton of bricks; obviously it had overridden her pain sensors because Katarina no longer felt the horrible gnawing pain in her leg or the ache of her muscles.  Her swift feet lead her directly to the delicious aroma emanating from the kitchen; warm cinnamon rolls that Bailey was pulling out of the oven.  Katarina eyed Bailey while clicking her teeth and moving slowly toward the goodies.

Fearing for her life Bailey twisted, saw the bear coming her way, dropped the baked goods and ran over to Paul in the doorway to watch the magic happen.  They crouched low so they wouldn’t be seen.

When he followed Katarina into the kitchen Dante watched her hover, sniff and lick the pastries on the counter.  Obviously Bailey knew what comforted tense bears.  And God love her for distracting Katarina so he could tend her wound.

Dante approached snail like and tried to tend her wound.  Pulling Katarina out of her madness to tend her wound seemed to be impossible because she wouldn’t let him get close. 

Katarina pulled the sugary confections to her chest getting frosting everywhere saying, “Mine, no touchy.”

Dante let loose a long rolling laugh and put his palms up to show his innocence.  “I don’t want your treats, honeybun.  Sit; let me look at your leg.”

She eyed him and sat down heavily on the kitchen chair.  When he came closer she put the pan up out of his reach as he crouched low on the ground to get to her injury.  On his hands and knees he approached and she barely noticed now that he wasn’t a threat to her food.

She’d eaten half the pan of cinnamon buns when she felt the first swipe of something against her leg.  Stilling she looked down and saw a wolf licking her leg.  Panicking she held very still until she heard it whimper at her smell of fear. 
  She knew it was him by his scent so she didn’t push him away, but she did watch him very closely to make sure there was no funny business. 

The second pass of his tongue across her sensitive flesh had her forgetting the delicacies in her hand, focusing on the heat and liquid pooling between her thighs.  She shivered as his wolfs tongue became more aggressive cleaning her wound; with each pass of his rough appendage she could feel her wound tingling with healing.

Her core tightened releasing her woman’s fluid becoming swollen with need.  He inhaled sharply obviously scenting her arousal.  Instinctively she opened for him while closing her eyes and revelling in all of the wonderful delights surrounding her; cinnamon buns, Dante and a warm wet tongue.

Dante’s wolf was dying to claim her; when he finished cleaning her wound he began to indulge in a body inspection to make sure she was alright and nothing else needed tending.  From the honey smell of her arousal he did have more to tend.  He shifted back to his human form and continued to explore her with his hands, eyes and tongue. 

“Hmm, closer Dante, I need to feel you where I ache.”

Dante knew she was no longer in her sugar bear coma so he went for it.  Licking his way up her leg until he reached her inner thigh where he placed a gentle kiss.  He lingered nuzzling and breathing her in.  She allowed no more delays when she shifted placing her core in his face.  Licking around the opening of her channel he teased her and was relieved when her hips began lifting and lowering; he dove in licking her from her opening to her tiny pleasure bud.  At her gasp he inserted a finger in the vacant channel calling to him, filling her as he stroked her clit with his tongue; enjoying her small gasps and moans.

When he inserted a second finger and began stretching her to take him, she came undone spilling her honey into his mouth and screaming his name.  He didn’t know what came over him, before he knew what was happening his jaw had elongated and he’d sunk his sharp canine teeth into her upper thigh, where it met her groin.  She was screaming again and her warm wet channel was gripping his fingers like a vice.  She was still contracting when he rose up to his knees and led his erection to her welcome heat.  In one deep thrust he was in her to the hilt and she was squeezing him so tight that he knew he wouldn’t last. 

Three short strokes later he was coming, his wolf once again made an appearance biting her where her shoulder met her neck.  He savoured the taste of her blood sliding into his mouth, coating his tongue.  Her flavor was an aphrodisiac he knew he could get drunk on; hell, he already craved it.

Dante’s last thought before he pulled her off the chair and onto the floor to cuddle was,
fuck, I’m in some serious trouble.


* * * *


Bailey couldn’t believe what she was seeing.  Dante was doing a great job of cleaning Katarina’s wound while she was preoccupied with her pastries; when, bam, all of a sudden the smell of arousal crowded the room.  It was so strong Bailey’s beast wanted to reclaim its mate. 
Shit, they’re fated.
  She watched with Paul at her back to make sure that the bear was suppressed enough that she wouldn’t attack. 

When Dante first claimed Katarina by piercing her flesh Bailey was astounded and more than a little aroused herself; she could feel Dante’s excitement through their twin bond.  Paul was behind her, clearly picking up her mood, and placed his teeth along his claiming mark to show his willingness.  She shivered knowing what would happen next; anticipating the pleasure.  Paul ran his hand lightly over her upper arm and soundlessly pulled her back against his growing erection.

Paul’s words were husky when he made his offer.  “Let’s go home, love.  Let them get…acquainted; he looks safe to me.  I’ll rub your back.”  He ground his erection into her back and moaned at the contact.

“I’d like nothing more, sheriff.  I don’t think we’ll make it home though.”  Giggling, Bailey shoved him on his butt and began to run, knowing he loved the chase just as much as she did.  “Catch me if you can.” 

She made it half way down the hall before he caught her, claiming her mouth in a bruising kiss that rocked her world and melted her heart.  Not being able to hold in her love for this man she couldn’t help but confess.  “I love you, you’re my world and I’m blessed to have you.”

Paul’s head came up and he sent her a sexy smile.  “No, mate, I’m the lucky one.  You’ve made me complete.”

Bailey returned his grin with one of her own.  She knew he scented her worry because he attempted to back away; she gripped him tighter.  “Would now be a good time to tell you that I’m carrying your pup?”

Paul stiffened.  “Bailey, I thought you couldn’t-“

She put a finger to his mouth, “I thought I wouldn’t be able to have children too.  But my scent doesn’t lie.  It’s changed the past couple of days along with developing nausea and fatigue.  I’m pretty sure…”

She didn’t finish her speech before Paul was at her throat, inhaling deeply.  He pulled back with the shit eating grin almost split his face.  He leaned down to scent her opening and confirmed that indeed she was carrying his pup.  The slight change in her scent meant it was still early but he couldn’t help but pull her into his embrace and snuggle her close to him. 
My mate is carrying our child; protect.

Her face was smashed into his chest.  “Does this mean we can’t…ya know.”

Paul chuckled into her neck while he delighted in her new scent.  “We should have you checked out first.  I think it would be best to go back to American Canyon for a while.  It’s safer, Dante can handle himself.  I don’t want to risk our pup.”

Bailey cuddled closer into his arms and sighed.  “He just mated a bear for crying out loud and he probably doesn’t even realize they’re fated.  We have to educate him before he mucks everything up.  You remember how dumb I was about mating, well, he’s worse.”

“Alright, we stay until Dallas gets back tomorrow but we leave after lunch.  Now come over here and let me love you.”

Her shocked expression was funny. 

“We don’t have to make love but I intend on making you a very happy mate tonight.  Now lay back and let me pleasure you.”

“Okay, but maybe we should wait until Dallas and Lucy’s mate ceremony to leave.  I want to see the first fated mates under Dante’s leadership celebrate their union.”

Paul growled, “Lay back, we’ll talk about it later.” 

He did indeed make her a happy mate.


Chapter 8


Katarina woke slowly and stretched her stiff body noting she was on the tile floor in the kitchen. 
Why do I keep waking up on the floor?
  The warm body lying next to her shifted and Dante’s scent washed over her, along with a warm heavy arm slung across her nude body.  Momentarily comforted by his scent she didn’t immediately panic; until she felt the tell-tale ache along her shoulder and in her groin. 
He bit me.

Rolling away and standing up she took stock of herself: all in one piece; check.  Groin tender; check.  Vagina swollen and well used; check.  Big alpha male looking well satisfied; check check.

Pointing her toe she nudged his head, he simply smiled and fell back to sleep.  Enraged she filled a glass with cold water and marched over to him pouring it on his head.  Satisfied when he sputtered and sat up abruptly she tossed the glass at him and sauntered away calling back, “Checkmate you alpha asshole.”

Dante hopped to his feet and began to chase his prey.  Catching up to her in the main hallway he grabbed her arm halting her sexy naked stroll.  “What the hell are you doing?  And what’s with the impromptu bath?”

“I’m going to shower and pack my things.  I can’t stay here.”

Panicked he pulled her body along his.  “No, you will stay, I’ll protect you.  We’re not done.”

Peeling herself away, “Oh, we’re done.  I think I made it quite clear I don’t need or want your protection.  I can take care of myself, like I’ve always done.  You are obviously on the prowl for your next conquest and I don’t plan on being it.  Have a nice life.”

Dante was working on a growl to end the argument but the doorbell rang.  He was on his way to ignoring it and getting back to Katarina when the alarm went off and Sasha walked into the living room wearing little more than lingerie.  

His growl turned into a roar when he snarled.  “Get the fuck out.  I need privacy with my mate.”

At Sasha’s gasp Katarina recoiled, “I’m not your mate.  Sasha came to play so you better be nice or she won’t tuck you in.”  With a last look in his direction she bit her lip and added.  “Goodbye, Dante.”  She jerked her arm out of his grasp and began the long walk of shame to pack her bags.

Dante wanted to rage and howl at his mates rejection but he needed to get rid of Sasha first.  He knew his eyes were touched with a bit of wildness but there was nothing he could do right now.   Putting his hands in front of his naked manhood he began, “Sasha, how can I help you?”

Her scent was irritating him, making him want to sneeze.  She stared at his groin for a moment and blushed when she looked up.  She obviously liked what she saw because she lowered her lashes and stuttered.  “I, I just…just think.  I’m a strong wolf, alpha.  I would make a good mate.”

Dante let out a long exhausted breath.  “I don’t doubt that you could be an alphas mate, Sasha.  You’re just not mine.  I want a mate that will challenge me and make me laugh at the same time heating my blood.  I’m very sorry to inform you that I’ve chosen a mate.  You’re too late.”

Her eyes narrowed, “It would seem that
your mate
isn’t interested in mating with you.  When she leaves I’ll allow you to claim me and we’ll rule this pack.”

His manacle laughter ensued and he knew that she wouldn’t be pleased by his next statement.  “Even if my beloved Katarina refuses me I’ll not mate you.  I don’t want you.”

Dante was surprised when Sasha didn’t back down but instead began to approach him.  She kept her eyes downcast as she sashayed to him.  He was alpha and not about to back down.  He knew the moment she scented his anger because she whimpered as she reached out and with shaking hand ran her fingertips down his chest eliciting an angry growl from him.  She didn’t back down, even attempted to slide here hand down to his abdomen.

Dante was trying to decide how to best handle Sasha and force her to go away without physical violence when all of a sudden his stomach gave a lurch and he lost his stomach contents right on her white nightie. 
  Not only had he vomited on her but he had developed a bright red raised rash where she’d touched him.  Almost like hives.

Sasha backed up and looked down at herself with disgust.  “You…Oh God,” she bent at the waist and began to dry heave. 

All the commotion must have awoken Bailey because she and Paul rushed into the room.  Bailey had a sheet wrapped around her while Paul was as naked as Dante attempting to stand in front of her and guard her from unseen danger.  “What the hell?”

Dante was grinning down at Sasha when he heard Bailey’s confused question.  He looked up seeing his sister’s disheveled appearance and cringed.  “Have mercy Bailey.  Put some clothes on.”

Paul, still making a valiant attempt to guard her, nodded.  “I tried to tell her.  Why is the girl covered in…yuck?  Is she sick, in need of attention?”

Dante tried to hide his chuckle at Sasha’s condition but sobered quickly when he thought of his new mate.  “Sasha stormed in here demanding to be my mate…again.  I informed her I wasn’t interested, she upset my real mate and here we are.”

Bailey shoved, elbowed and stomped on Paul finally able to work her way around him.  “You didn’t explain why she’s covered in vomit while you’re standing here alone with a half-naked woman and no mate in sight.  What did you do?”

Dante put his palms up in front of him and sent her his most innocent look.  “Hey, I’ll admit to throwing up on her; I must have eaten something bad before bed.”  He pointed at a still heaving Sasha, “but she’s the one who pissed Katarina off.”

Bailey cocked her hip and eyed her brother.  “Is that why you’re covered in water and we heard her shouting at you?  We need to have a conversation soon.”  Bailey pointed at Sasha, “You.  Get out.  If you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away for a while.”  Bailey pushed her to the door and gave her a gentle nudge out.

Bailey was on a roll, “Paul will you call her family to come get her?”

When Bailey tried to round on Dante he put his hand out.  “Don’t Bail’s, I’ve had a shitty evening and I don’t want to hear a lecture.  I’m going to bed.”

Bailey’s huff was cut short when Katarina came sauntering in with a rolling suitcase still smelling like mating and sex. 

Katarina kept her eyes averted from Dante the whole time and he expressed his discomfort with a continuous low growl.  “Since he’s going to bed will you please take me to the bus station?  I’d like to get an early start tomorrow.  I’ve called Jake and he’s expecting me.”

The growl broke and Dante appeared livid.  “So you’re just gonna run?  You’re afraid, Katarina?”

She looked up; her eyes were dry but held all the anguish she must be feeling.  “Yes, mighty alpha, I’m scared.  I was promised protection if I played by the rules.  Yet, I’ve been placed in a sweet stupor by you and your kin as well as used as a chew toy by several of your pack.  Not to mention the fact that you mauled me not even an hour ago and continually use me as your horny wolf sex reliever.  So, yes, I want to leave.  I’d rather be judged and talked about behind my back than stay and deal with…this.  Good luck with your pack.”

Katarina broke eye contact with Dante and began walking to the front door when Bailey, the tricky bitch, pushed in front of her blocking the way.  The bear in Katarina knew she could best the wolf but she didn’t relish hurting her.  She walked over to the phone and dialed Jake, “It’s Katarina.  Your right they won’t let me go.  Please come pick me up-”

The click of the phone disconnecting was disturbing and infuriating, especially because Dante held the receiver with a shit eating grin.  Katarina chose not to engage in any conversation because clearly these were some crazy ass wolves.  It would be best to limit further interactions.  Positioning herself back at the door Bailey again blocked the way.

“I know we seem crazy but-“

Katarina didn’t allow her to finish, swatting her to the side like she was a bug, smiling when she slammed into the couch.  “Be lucky I like you or I would have let the claws out.  Don’t attempt to block me again, bitch.  I’ve had too many wolves threaten me and my people.  Back off!”

Bailey sat sideways with her feet up on the back of the couch and her head on the arm of the couch.  She could hear Paul’s furious roar from the entryway and she put her hand on her stomach.  “It’s fine, Pauly, I’m fine.”

Katarina’s brows furrowed.  “Why wouldn’t you be fine?  I barely touched you.  Are you that fragile of a person?”

Paul rushed towards Bailey and went on his knees in front of her.  He ran his hands all over her body finally coming to rest on the gentle curve of her abdomen.  “Are you sure?  I’ve never murdered a bear but I will.”

Bailey smiled and cupped his cheek in her palm.  “I’m sure.  I shouldn’t have gotten in her way.  I’ll try to stay out of the way in future family spats.”

Paul turned violent eyes on Katarina and she actually took a step back running into Dante’s hard naked form.  She was shocked when he stepped in front of her.

Dante stood silent for a moment before questioning, “What’s going on with Bailey?  I don’t sense any illness.  Are you okay, Bailey, and why are you shutting down our bond?”

Attempting a wavering smile Bailey didn’t say a word but released the block she had on their twin bond.  When she peered at Dante she actually blushed. 
How embarrassing.

Dante struggled for breath before gasping in air and lunging toward his sister.  He hugged her while sniffing her neck as she rocked him back and forth in her arms.  “But Baily, I thought…Is it possible?”

Bailey nodded and wiped at the unchecked tears that fell from her brothers eyes.  Seeing his emotional response at what she revealed confirmed that their bond was stronger than ever.  She never thought he’d forgive her from changing packs and leaving him here but he looked truly happy for her. 

Dante stood abruptly and twisted around to where Paul was, still glaring at Katarina.  “Congratulations brother.  I’m so happy for you, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.  Her safety is of utmost importance and you should take her home.”

Nodding his consent he scooped Bailey into his arms, walking back to their room he threw over his shoulder, “Maybe you should restrain your bear.  She seems to be…unpredictable, at the best of times.”

Dante turned as Katarina was slipping out the door.  A few short strides had him at the door and when he wrenched it open he was shocked to see half the pack at his door.  Katarina was on the porch, face utterly stoic and unreadable while the elders yelled from his yard.  He was really getting sick of these unexpected visitors.  When Sasha, still covered in her vomit lingerie, threw a rock at Katarina, hitting her in the neck, he yelled.  “Hey.”

There were murmurs and growls coming from the crowd, they acted like he wasn’t there.  All eyes were on Katarina.  He had to give her credit because she stood with her shoulder back, head up and face utterly blank.  She’d barely moved when the rock hit her.  Dante was so embarrassed and angered that this was the pack he led. 

How much more did they expect her to endure?  They wanted her gone so she packed her bag and was heading out.  So why the lynch mob for one measly bear?  She waited for the wolves to make a move.  She was damn sure going to protect herself this time.

Just as the group began to quiet she saw movement to her left, directly off the porch.  A young male wolf leapt up on the porch, springing at her with claws extended.  She felt Dante rush toward her to do the promised protecting but she was sick of shifters thinking she was weak and needed protection.  Instead of getting out of the way or fleeing she stepped back, grabbing him by the scruff.  While he wiggled and shifted in her hand she swatted his nose, “Behave.  You are an unruly set of wolves and I will not stand for your disrespect; I have not earned it.  So…get.”  She tossed him into the crowd.

Twisting around, she addressed Dante with weary eyes.  “I realize this is your pack and I’m leaving but someone has to teach them a lesson and I intend that to be me.  Please only ensure that the fighting is fair; one on one.”

Dante’s eyes widened as he nodded, knowing he wouldn’t allow her to get hurt but it was essential she assert her dominance or the pack would never accept Katarina as his mate.

Katarina faced the crowd much in the same manner she had previously.  “Obviously, you have made a decision that I do not belong in this pack.  Fine, I’ll leave.  However, I would like you all to know that I find you dirty, conniving, beasts that have no respect for authority and even less for your pack mates.  I do not know how this came about but I am willing to take you on one by one.  So…if you have an issue with me that must be dealt with before I leave, get in line.  I will engage anyone who wishes it.”  She gave a slightly evil grin, “But I will not pay for your medical bills.”

BOOK: Surviving the Pack
11.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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