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Surviving the Pack (3 page)

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“Not in the slightest.  You’ve seen the proof.  Want to investigate?”  Dante knew he was walking on thin ice but he couldn’t resist waggling his eyebrows at her.  He also wasn’t sure if she knew he could scent her arousal and damn did he want a taste.  Did bears have a good sense of smell?  He hoped they didn’t because he probably smelled desperate for her touch too. 

Katarina sniffed delicately and spun on her heel, “I doubt it.”  She paused in the hall and spun to face him.  After looking into his eyes she smiled and winked, “Thanks for the offer, Cujo.”


Chapter 4


Did you see the way he allowed that bitch to dominate him?  Do you really want him as your alpha?  He’s weak and he allows himself to be led around by his cock.  When those humans trespassed we should have killed them and placed their head on a pike to show their crime and the packs intolerance.  Instead he sits on his ass and gets a back rub.  He is as docile as a house pet.  If you’re not with me you’re against me and I will take this pack by storm and bring it back to the old ways. 


* * * *


Dante woke in the middle of the night covered in sweat with his limbs tangled in the sheets.  He smelled honey buns and the scent was driving him crazy.  Katarina’s room was next to his and the traces of her scent were driving him crazy, but why?  He wasn’t particularly attached to her.  Sure she was gorgeous and her legs were long and smooth.  Those breasts were the perfect size to cup and fondle, not to mention her nipples tightened like itty bitty berries; but what color were they? 

Dante growled and shifted in bed so he was flat on his stomach.  It caused his permanent erection to be shoved into the mattress and he couldn’t help the few involuntary pelvic thrusts that ensued.

“Huh hum
  Am I interrupting?”

Dante stilled and groaned into his pillow. 
  He rolled onto his back and placed his hands behind his back.  “How can I help you, honey bear?”  He knew the sheet was tented but he wasn’t going to be ashamed; he was a horny wolf.

It was dark but that wasn’t a problem for his wolfs vision.  The moonlight coming through the window causing her to appear almost angelic, yet her brow was wrinkled.  “Don’t call me that, wolf.  I just thought you should know that there is someone prowling outside.  I can hear them and I saw a shadow in my window.

Dante sat up and tossed the covers to the side only then realizing he was nude once again in front of his infuriatingly beautiful houseguest.  Turning quickly he pulled his boxers on ran towards the window.  Noticing the familiar car in the driveway he relaxed his guard.  “Did you hear the doorbell or knocking?”

“No, I heard you shifting in bed and cursing from outside.”  She straightened to her full height with her back straight attempting for nonchalance.  “Is it more of your girlfriends?”

Dante didn’t have time to react to her joking before he cursed himself and put more cloths on, not looking forward to the coming confrontation. 

Pulling open the door he called out.  “You can all come in now.  I’m awake.”

Two males, one young and the other older with a female came forward.  The young female let her hand run over Dante’s shoulders before pulling him into a tight embrace.  “I’m glad you’ve returned, alpha.  Is all well with your sister?”

Dante grabbed her hips and pushed her away from him before answering.  “Yes, Sasha, Bailey is doing well.  Happily mated and enjoying her new pack.  How can I help you all?”

“We heard you’d come back, sent Dallas  away, re-affirmed out boarders and met with some of the pack women this evening.  Were they satisfactory and have you found your mate?  Who is your lady friend?”

“Take a breath, Billy, I’m very tired.  Clearly you know how my evening went, so why don’t you tell me why you came here; in the middle of the night no less.  Are you being threatened?”

“No, sir, we want a status update.  You’ve brought someone into pack house and we want to ensure we’re all safe, especially, when you sent Dallas away.  Who’s supposed to watch your back?”

Katarina had just taken a sip of orange juice when he’d made that comment and she couldn’t help the strangled choking sound when it went down the wrong pipe.  “Me?  Why would I wish your alpha harm?”

Dante held up and hand halting any further communication by Katarina and only now realizing she was wearing a soft looking white gown.  It came to mid-thigh with slim straps at her shoulders allowing the material to lovingly cup her breasts, and it was see through in all of the key areas.  He stepped in front of her to block her from the males view.  “I understand and I’m grateful for your concern, however, my plan was to introduce her at a pack dinner tomorrow night.  She’s a bear looking for a permanent home and plans us no harm.  As your alpha you will simply have to trust me.”

Dante intentionally let some of his power out and felt Katarina shiver behind him and push herself into him, her breasts hard points poking his bare back.  He turned slightly and noticed the goose bumps covering her arms.  “You may go back to bed if you’re chilled.  We’re done here, they were just leaving.”

The younger man spoke for the first time.  His voice was raspy and it sounded delicious but his demeanor left Katarina cold inside.  “Be that as it may, alpha, we make a simple request to have Sasha stay with you and keep you safe.”

Sasha strolled over to Dante and blatantly ran a hand down his chest and abs until it came to rest over his manhood.  “I am more than willing to keep the alpha safe. 

Dante withdrew from her touch, disgusted and embarrassed that Katarina was a witness to his dysfunctional pack.  “A very kind offer but I’m going to have to decline.  I’m not quite sure I shouldn’t be offended that you think I cannot protect myself.”

“We know she is just a woman but she’s a tough bitch and she can really dig her claws in.”  The young man was waggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manor. 

Katarina placed her half full glass on the countertop and coughed delicately.  “Excuse me,” stepping around the couple, “I don’t care who stays or goes but I’m tired and I’m going back to bed.  Have a nice night.”  She sent Dante a pointed look over her shoulder.  “And please try to be quiet with all of the…clawing tonight.”

All eyes were on Katarina as she glided up the hall and closed her door quietly.  Despite her calm words Dante caught a hint of anger in her scent. 

Sasha dug her nails into Dante’s back to attempt to reclaim his attention.  His huff of annoyance sent her back a step.  “Thank you for coming but I’m perfectly safe and would appreciate, after a long few days, I get some actual rest.  Take yourselves home and do the same.  I’ll speak with you tomorrow.”  He herded them to the door with his power and didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

After closing, locking and setting the alarm on the door he went into the kitchen and drank the rest of Katarina’s juice from the same glass, relishing her unique flavor and barely tasting the citrusy fruit; he rinsed the glass and went back to bed to toss and turn some more and maybe hump the mattress again.


* * * *


Katarina woke after a long night of tossing and turning attempting to remove the picture of the bitch Sasha cupping Dante out of her mind; it was as if it was now permanently etched as her most disgusting visual ever.  Of course he was always horny so he’d probably taken her up on the offer.  What she couldn’t understand was why it ticked her off.  She’d listened all night for the clawing to begin but all she heard was sheets rustling and the random bed spring popping.  She giggled to herself reliving watching him drive his poor over-worked erection into the mattress.  

Senses perking she sat up in bed and was assaulted by the smell of baked goods. 
Oh yeah.
  She leapt out of bed and ran down the hall barefoot stopping in the kitchen and inhaling deeply.  Opening her eyes she caught sight of Dante wearing worn jeans low on his hips, unbuttoned, his bare feet peeking out and no shirt.  “Is that for me?”

Dante caught sight of her as she was coming down the hall white gown plastered to her body and a giddy look in her eyes.  She stopped in the kitchen and her long neck was exposed as she inhaled deeply.  When she spoke her voice had taken on a husky note and it had him on instant alert.  He didn’t hear what she said but he didn’t think he needed to.  He backed away from the oven where he was making cinnamon buns and placed the hot pan on the stove.  “Let them cool or you’ll burn yourself, Honey bear.  Would you like coffee?  Tea?” 
Me?  Oh please say you want me.

She shot him a murderous glare.  “Don’t call me that.  I want the buns.”

Dante’s lips curved up at the side and he was trying to hold in his laughter.  “I’m all yours, sugar, buns and all.”

“You are not funny.  Back away from the buns and I’ll let you walk away without maiming you.  I am bear.”

“Wow, is this what baked goods does to a bear.  It’s like your transforming before my eyes.  Reduced to simple sentences and empty threats.”

It happened in a split second, Katarina’s nails lengthened into claws and she went after the cinnamon buns.  Dante grabbed the pan and began running down the hall.  He ran into his room and tried to close his door but she was on him before he could turn around.  Her added weight due to a partial shift was surprising.  She snatched the buns from his hand and backed herself to the bed, no longer paying any attention to him; obviously dismissing him as a threat.  She used a claw to pop the still hot buns into her mouth, moaning with delight. 

Dante took a few steps forward and Katarina growled, nothing like his wolf, more like she was blowing air around her teeth and it was decidedly frightening.  He put his arms up palms out, “Can I have a bite of your food.  I made a whole pan so we could share.”

Katarina looked up, “I am ursine.”

“Yes, you’re a bear and I’m a wolf.  I made
breakfast.  Can you share?”

“You eat meat, I eat buns.”

Dante chuckled and stopped in his tracks when Katarina made that not so growl sound that had his wolf on edge.  He released a very small amount of his power, “Katarina, share your food.  We’re a pack now and we share.”

Katarina shivered when she felt his power slide against her skin.  She shook her head and looked at her surroundings.  Where was she?  She sniffed. 
Oh my God, NO.

She dropped the pan of cinnamon buns and crab walked to the far corner of the bed. 
Great, I not only stole this man’s food but I’m in his bed.
  “I’m very sorry, alpha.  I sometimes get a little…crazy around baked goods.”

She looked up noticing Dante had a huge grin on his face and his eyes were blatantly roaming her body.  “Are you kidding?  That was awesome.  If I’d known that’s all it took to get you in my bed I’d have baked for you a long time ago, Honeybun.” 

Katarina looked down at herself and she had frosting on her chest and arms, her legs were spread baring her lower half to Dante’s eyes; she was bare.  Quickly closing her legs she attempted to slide off the bed but came up short when she was caught on the frosting covered sheets.  Wincing, “I’ll clean that up later.  I’m really sorry about this.”

Dante didn’t just approach her on the bed, he stalked toward her.  “It’s quite alright.  I have plenty to eat right here.”  The smell of her combined happiness and arousal was driving him batshitcrazy.  He leaned down over her and slowly slid his tongue over the sugary confections covering her arm. 

Katarina was still too close to her bear.  The bear often lost track of what her human half wanted.  She saw baked goods and she took, she felt Dante’s tongue rasp across her sensitized skin and she moaned, encouraging him. 
Damn single minded ursine.

Dante wasn’t sure what had changed between them but he had a strong feeling that he would love finding out.  Leaning over her more and essentially pinning her beneath him he licked up her arm to her shoulder and to the beautiful line of her neck.  He let his teeth rake over her neck and had an insane intense urge to bite.  He drew back and looked into her eyes and saw the demand in them.  The demand for pleasure and need for passion.  He could do both.

Smelling her woman’s desire was heady and he needed to taste her.  He wasn’t normally big on oral sex, especially when there was a chance it wouldn’t be reciprocated.  It felt like a very intimate thing and with Katarina he was shocked to find out he wanted that intimacy, the intense connection.  He licked a bit of sugar from the corner of her mouth and kissed her fiercely while he smoothed his hand down her outer thigh.  He knew she wasn’t wearing panties and he was excited to have her so open and aroused.  His hand came around to her inner thigh and he gently moved it upward until, with the back of his hand, he grazed her tender swollen flesh.  Katarina gasped and then moaned in acceptance and pleasure.

In a matter of milliseconds Dante was between her legs holding her open and blowing a steady stream of warm air onto her pink swollen flesh. 
Yes, this is what I’ve wanted.
  He leaned forward and began a slow steady assault on her with his tongue.  Beginning at her opening to collect her honey flavor and then moved toward the bundle of nerves that would set her off.  Within seconds he could tell she was on the edge and he circled her opening with his thumb.  Having barely inserted his digit he felt her channel ripple and she exploded.  He waited until she’d stopped contracting around his thumb and he pulled back to look at her flushed face.

“Well, hot damn, Honeybun.”

Katarina’s sparkling eyes looked into his smug face as she pushed him onto his back on the carpeted floor.  “I said don’t call me that.”  His jeans were unfastened and she pulled them down to mid-thigh.  His cock sprang proud and free from the hole on his boxers.  She didn’t have time, or the inclination to remove them so she simply lined their bodies up and sank down on his length.

BOOK: Surviving the Pack
12.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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