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Plucking more firmly at her nipples and grinding her hips against the bed her reply took a lot of effort, “Yes, Dante.”

At her agreement he surged into her going as deep as he could.  Her moans and whimpers of pleasure allowed him to recognize her pleasure and take it on as his own.  He plunged into her and took control of her body, feeling like he owned her gratification.  She came with a scream contracting violently around his cock.  He held still sweating and withholding his own release so he could continue to indulge her.

Panting and cursing the sexy man above her she choked on the words that leapt into her mind.  Instead she asked, “Are you done?”

Dante chuckled rolling his hips into her.

“Oh my goodness, are you still hard?”  She felt him swell and pulsate in her still quivering channel.  It felt decadent and carnal; she couldn’t prevent the gasp and moan that followed.

“That’s right, Katarina.  I’m going to imprint myself on you permanently.  You will never want another after we’re done here.  You’ll know that you belong to me, body and soul.” 

Feeling him surge into her and withdraw slowly she was ashamed to admit she was already addicted.  Instead of an agreement she felt like a challenge was in order.  “You, alpha, are a cad and your caveman tactics will not work on me.”

Stroking, tapping and caressing her nub extracted a strangled sound from her and he had a feeling that this was it.  She squealed her release and he allowed himself to follow her into ecstasy with a shout of his own as he spilled his essence into her. 

As they lay next to each other panting Dante knew she was right for him; he’d even go so far as to say perfect.  “Let’s just give it a try, shall we.”


Chapter 10


A hard knock on the door woke Dante from the most peaceful sleep he’d had in a very long time.  He pulled the warm bundle next to him even closer smelled the clean scent of her hair, relaxing even more.

The knock sounded louder this time and Katarina wiggled in his arms causing his member to come to life.  Her words spoiled it for him moments later, “Answer the damn door wolf, unless you want me to maul your early morning visitor.”

Releasing his hold on her and pushing the covers to the side, the door suddenly flew open and a very annoyed twin sister entered with her mate hot on her heels.  Seeing Dante rise she addressed the lazy bear in bed, “Wake up, Miss. Fuzzykins.”

Katarina’s eyes popped open, “I swear you have a death wish.  Shoo.”  She closed her eyes hoping they would all leave as a nice happy family.  No such luck.

Bailey turned to Dante, “Did she just tell me to shoo?  Like a dog?”

Katarina heard whooshes of movement in the room but kept her eyes closed and remained hopeful they’d all leave.  After a minute, the noises and grunts continued she sighed, opening her eyes to see Paul and Dante restraining Bailey.  Apparently, she was angry.  “Someone get up on the wrong side of the bed?”

Bailey growled, “Someone get up in the wrong bed, hoe?”

Chuckling Katarina smiled Bailey’s way causing the struggle to go out of Bailey.  “You know, wolf, I like you.  You have spunk.  And you’re not afraid of poking a bear.  You’re a warrior like your brother.”

Paul chose that moment to put in his two cents, “Not always a good thing.  Come on, Bail’s, let’s get this over with so we can go.”

Dante stiffened next to Bailey, “You’re leaving?  It’s probably for the best but I’ll miss you.”

Bailey sent her brother the stink eye, “Get dressed stupid, we need to talk.  I just can’t talk to you with that thing poking out and waving around.”  Paul growled at her as she walked out of the room heading towards the living room with confidence, knowing the others would follow.


* * * *


Katarina and Dante dressed, heading into the living area of alpha house.  “Do you have any idea why Bailey and Paul want to talk to us?  Maybe they know something about the murder.”

Dante grunted but didn’t respond.

“Okay, you’re back to Mr. Personality.  Great.”

The scent of discomfort and nervousness was the first thing Katarina noticed.  She didn’t bother talking to Dante because he was, ever so slowly, closing off his feelings.  She couldn’t even scent his mood. 

Bailey and Paul sat on the loveseat with steaming coffee cups in hand.  Katarina walked past them to get her own cup of coffee because for some reason she knew this wasn’t going to be a conversation she enjoyed.

Coffee in her hand and battle armor up Katarina re-entered the room.  Dante had taken a seat on the couch so she plopped down into one of the recliners and put her feet up.  Noticing Bailey’s scowl she prompted, “I’m ready, what’s up?”

Scowling at Katarina, Bailey began, “Couldn’t you have, as least, asked Dante if he’d like a cup of coffee?”  Bailey sounded really pissed.

Katarina smiled sweetly at Dante, “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Dante looked between his sister and his chosen mate, “Uh, sure.”

Nodding Katarina replied, “Good, it’s in the kitchen.”  Looking back at Bailey, “So…what is it you wanted?”

Paul pulled Bailey onto his lap and whispered something in her ear.  After taking a few deep breaths Bailey calmed substantially.  “We need to talk about mates and the process of mating.”

Shooting out of her chair Katarina headed to the kitchen, “I’ll just get you that coffee Dante.  I’ll be right back.”

While taking her sweet time in the kitchen she heard murmurs from the other room.  She so did not want to talk about mating with wolves.  They were big mean, horny, stinky dogs.  Except Dante, she kinda liked him.  Just thinking of him made her heart beat faster and her knees weak.

“Hate to interrupt your five minute stirring, Miss Fuzzykins but we’re waiting on you.” 

why does she always sound so smug?  “Coming, Lassie, don’t get your knickers in a twist.”

Bailey shrieked and launched herself at Katarina knocking the coffee out of her hand and landing a solid blow to her face.  She continued to hit Katarina everywhere she’d been longing to hit.  Closing her fist and simply pounding on her felt great.  Until, Paul yanked her off and sat her restrained in his arms on a kitchen chair. 

“What’s wrong with you?  You should be protecting our pups not fighting dirty with a bear.  You should be ashamed of yourself.”  Paul sounded genuinely upset and when she thought about the situation she was very disappointed.

Dante picked Katarina up off the ground.  “Wow, guess you’re not as strong as you though if you let my sissy of a sister pound you.” 

She smelled his anxiety at the situation but it was a very irritating thing to hear.  Katarina’s reply was clipped, “I could have whooped her hillbilly ass but I would never endanger cubs.  My only option was to take it like the woman I am.”  She looked over at Paul cradling Bailey in his protective arms and felt a longing she couldn’t hide.  That must be what mates look like; happy and protected, safe.

Shaken to her core she stood straight and put her superior façade back in place; shoulders back, chest out, head up.  She edged closer to the door, attempting to slip out quietly. 

“Thank you, Katarina.  My pups are very important to me and I thank you for not risking them.  You are a welcome and wonderful addition to this pack.”  Paul’s lips edged up in a smile, “And I love that you’re giving Dante a run for his money.”

Katarina inclined her head in acknowledgement and headed back to her room when a shout came from the kitchen and Bailey came running out with Paul and Dante on her heels.  

“He’s not coming.”

Those three words spoken from Bailey had Katarina lose all hope.  “Yes, he is.  I spoke with Jake yesterday and he said he would be here this afternoon.  He’s coming.”

Looking sheepish Bailey responded, “That’s why we need to talk.  I called Jake and explained things.  He’s not coming.”

Popping her hip out and placing her fist on it, Katarina held in her anger.  “Spit it out then.  You’ve been acting shitty since you got here and I want to be done with it; done with you, your family, and your pack.”

Bailey sat in the loveseat with Paul as they originally were and she explained.  “I came from this pack, raised here since birth and I’ve seen the changes, good and bad.  It’s been over ten years since there was a mating and by the time we were of age we hadn’t learned the signs.  Paul is my mate.  I had no idea and stayed away from him for months thinking my attraction was one sided.  He also held back thinking I wasn’t ready because of…” she motioned to her scars.  “We were able to overcome a lot of things and now we’re stronger than ever.”  She leaned over and kissed his cheek causing him to blush a pretty red. 

“Katarina, I believe there is a reason you made the switch to the Sacramento pack.  I think you were drawn to Dante.  On the flip side I believe that no matter how hard my brother attempted to forget about you he was unable.  I know because we share a bond…” She looked apologetically to Dante, “I’m sorry to have to mention this but I believe it’s the only way to clear the air.  Often, lately, I’ve opened the twin bond we share and before he realizes I’ve connected to him he has, inadvertently, allowed me to pick up on his attraction to you.”

Dante growled her way in caution, “Bailey-“

Paul continued when Bailey lowered her head in defeat.  “Fated mates are a blessing.  I knew Bailey was mine when I first set eyes on her; I confirmed it a few ways.  Her cotton candy scent lingered in my dreams and I couldn’t stop thinking of her and when I first tasted her, I knew.  That first time in the hospital when you banned me from seeing her just about killed me.  In the months I waited for her recovery and when she made the switch in packs I was found again.  She didn’t realize it at the time either but she was drawn to me too.  Even with all of the drama that was going on and the continued attacks, we found each other.  Our lives and magic is connected.  I hope that you both realize what you have before you lose it.”

Dante and Katarina sat staring at them in stunned silence.  Dante was the first to comment, “Is that why I couldn’t resist marking her as mine; even though I was upset at her attacks on Bailey I couldn’t stop thinking of her?”

Paul and Bailey nodded and Bailey added, “It’s also why you vomited on Sasha.  Mate’s cannot stand another’s touch, it makes them physically ill.”

Katarina burst out in laughter causing the room to erupt.  After the tears stopped streaming down her face she wiped her eyes and snickered again.  “Is that what she was covered in?  Yuck.”

Sporting bright red cheeks Dante replied, “I understand now.  You could have said something earlier.  I feel like a fool.”

Sobering Bailey stood and wrapped her arms around her brother.  “I tried but it’s been busy lately.  I’m glad you’re taking this so well; I though you would both fight it.”

Katarina piped up, “Wait, wait, wait.  So what, we’re mates.  What does that mean?  Don’t you have to, like, seal the bond or it doesn’t work.  If we don’t complete the bond then we can walk away right?”

Dante winced, “Wow, I’m that evil?  You’d leave me without my fated?”

Wringing her hands she attempted to explain, “No, you’re coming to the wrong conclusion.  I don’t have anything against you, with the exception of you being mildly annoying at times.”  At his snort and glare she continued, “I mean this pack hates my guts.  They’ve attacked me several times and now they’re accusing him of murder.  I can’t stay here and live happily ever after.  One day someone is going to catch me off guard and kill me; where will that leave Dante?”

“We’ll talk about the murder next.  Let’s get through the mating conversation first.”  At Paul’s calm voice they all relaxed a touch.  Paul seemed to be the voice of calm and reason.

At Dante’s wince Katarina resumed her dreary and exhausted emotional state.   “What now?”

The room was quiet; you could hear a pin drop, or the erratic breathing of your possible mate sitting near you.  “Someone might as well spill the beans.  I have a feeling I’m going to need some serious honey therapy in the next few minutes.”

The room erupted in shouts of “No,” “Bun craziness,” and “Holy honeybuns, I agree.”

Dante got up, “She’s right.  I should go put some buns on.  It’ll help a lot after we have this conversation.”

“Sit down brother and man up.”

Directly after Bailey’s shouted comment the phone rang.  Dante leaned over and answered, tossing it to Bailey when a small voice came on the line.  She gave several ‘yes’s’ and some ‘uh huh’s’ with a few ‘are you sure’s’ before finally hanging up and clutching her head in her hands.  She opened the bond she shared with Dante and told him to get his ass in the kitchen and make the damn buns. 

Rushing into the kitchen Dante didn’t hesitate.  He loved his mate in a honey baked goods coma.  She did wonderful things with all that sugar.  Just thinking about it had him tenting in his sweatpants.  He’d have to alert the bakery in town to keep the sweets coming.

Waiting until his rabid cock settled he walked back into the room and all eyes landed on him. 
Uh oh.

“Dante, why don’t you fill me in on how one completes the mating with their fated?  Your brother in law and sister are keeping quiet about it and it’s making me nervous.”

Oh shit.
  He looked to his sister who was purposefully closing their bond and looking away while Paul smirked at him.  “Well now, Honeybun, I don’t really know.”

Katarina sniffed in his direction and sent him a scathing look, “Lie.  Try again.”

Damn shifter nose.  “Okay…well, you see…”

“For God’s sake Dante, stop being a wussy.  You are supposed to be the top of the food chain.”

His hesitation was just making it worse so he blurted, “Sex, fluids, bite.”

She gasped and her hand went to her neck.  It tingled where he’d bitten her.  She ran her hand over the area and saw him shutter in pleasure. 
No way.  She reached down to the other bite on her groin, stroking it lightly and watching his reaction.  “You bastard, you’ve already mated me.  And you didn’t even ask.”

He backed up to the kitchen ready to bolt, “But, Honeybun, I didn’t know. I swear I-“

“Don’t you honeybun me, alpha.  You’re a bad wolf.”  She sniffed, “Is that cinnamon buns?”

BOOK: Surviving the Pack
10.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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