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MC: LaPonte

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Chapter Twenty

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Chapter Thirty



I could use Beta Readers. Email me if you’re
interested. Now for the Book…

Danny started his life in and
out of foster homes; he has a sister Jess, but loses her to the
system. When Danny ages out of that system he turns to the MC
looking for the family he never had. He earns respect and status as
the number two soldier for his family. His girlfriend gets pregnant
and he marries her only to find she suffers from mental illness or
so one doctor thinks. With his Brothers running illegal more than
not, he leaves his family to raise his son. He spends his life
being the guy everyone turns to, a man of honor and integrity. He
never lets on how bad life really is with his wife.

He has never stopped searching
for his sister. When they find each other again as adults her best
friend/foster sister Kate is there as moral support. Danny goes
above and beyond to bond Jess with his family. Kate tags along as
she is part of Jess' family. She uses her interactions with Danny
to fuel the crush she's had on him since the day they first

Danny's wife makes life more
difficult as his son gets older. Deciding he's had enough after
sixteen years he divorces her and goes back to his MC family. He
raises his son by showing him how to live with honor and grace.
When his son leaves for the military Danny starts living for
himself. Being financially secure he spends his time making himself
happy. Without the demands of a crazy ex or a teenage son, he lives
life to the fullest.

The only problem with living
life to its fullest is he can't hold on to Kate and he’s starting
to lose himself while he's doing it. He longs for a spot back in
High Security as a soldier for his Club but nothing he does seems
to earn him the respect he once had.

This is the story of Danny and

Chapter One

I’m starting to dread ‘date
night’ with Danny. There was a time when I couldn’t breathe when he
was in the same room with me. I had a crush on him from the minute
I saw him. I’ll never forget the day Jess dragged me to meet her
brother, it was first time she would see him since she was seven.
We were twenty two at the time. I fell in love on the spot. Danny
was gorgeous and married. It didn’t stop me from fantasizing about
him. His dark hair, blue eyes and body of a god always featured in
my dreams. He is funny, polite and so friggin nice, I about cried
when he told Jess about his wife and son. Whenever Jess went to
their house for a holiday she would take me along. I had no family
so it worked for me and gave me an excuse to collect new fantasy
material. Jess thought this was hysterical.

Danny treated his wife like a
queen. She was a bitch troll but he never treated her any
different. I don’t know how Jess put up with her when I wasn’t
there. According to Jess, she was on medication for some mental
ailment without a name. I think she was just a bitch and everyone
made excuses for her so she stayed a bitch. Just before Jess got
married, Danny left the bitch troll.

Since I was single, I hoped he
would ask me out. He was always nice to me and flirted but it never
went anywhere but to add fuel for my fantasies. When I was ready to
give up, three years later, he asked me out for a drink. I thought
I died and went to heaven. I hopped on the back of his bike and he
whisked me to a bar in Little Compton. It was an awesome date. I
was heartbroken when he didn’t ask me for another date. A month or
so later I saw him at an MC family party. We went out again but
this time to a bar in Bristol. That day he asked me out for the
next week. We’ve been dating for more than a year now. I know I
love him but I don’t think he really cares much for me. Our dates
are always great but I get nothing in between. It’s

This is our second date this
month. We’ve had a scheduled two dates a month like clockwork. I
thought I would see him more once we slept together but that didn’t
change our schedule any. Tonight I’m determined to find out what
the deal is. I want kids, a husband and a family of my own. I've
lived my entire life alone, at thirty-five I’m still longing for my
own family. I need to make something happen with or without him.
This is what I'm afraid of, I'll have to make something happen
without him.

Getting myself ready I check
my look in the mirror and decide I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.
Danny is right on time and helps me into my coat. Kissing me before
we walk out, he leaves me breathless. It’s always the same.
Whenever he touches me I feel like I’ve been zapped by a low
voltage taser.

“You’re always beautiful K, I
love when you open the door with a smile.” He pecks my lips before
he closes my door. Always charming, always polite. That’s

“Thank you. You’re looking
handsome dressed up tonight, where are we going?” I ask looking at
his kaki’s and dress shirt.

“The new restaurant I told you
about up toward Boston. It’s supposed to be really good.” He smiles
at me.

This is where I get confused.
Everything is about me having a good time tonight. I shake my head
deciding to have fun and enjoy his company while we’re out and I
do. We talk about our friends, Jess’ new meds and the businesses. I
ask about the house the MC is renovating as a shelter for the
Women’s Center and he gets side tracked with the details on the way
home. In the driveway he opens my door and guides me up to the
house taking my keys and opening the door. Following me in, he sits
on the couch. “Did you want to watch a movie?” I shake my head no,
he smiles. I sit by him; he lifts me sliding me onto his

“I wanted to talk to you
tonight.” I tell him as he swallows my tongue. I guess we’ll talk

His hand is lifting my blouse,
he has to pull away to get it over my head. “Fuck K you never
disappoint. You’re beautiful.” I guess he likes my new lacy bra. He
pulls my bra off and puts his mouth on my nipple. I feel him harden
under me and wiggle. He growls at me. I know he’s a breast man; he
pays homage to mine every time he sees them. I moan as he sucks
harder. I want to ask him about piercing one but he makes thinking
hard in this position. Standing he doesn’t take his mouth off me
until he takes a couple of steps. He carries me to my bed. Putting
me down he strips my clothes and goes right back to my nipples
while his fingers slide into me.

“Danny, please.” I beg

“What does my beautiful K want
tonight?” He slides his tongue up my neck to my mouth, his fingers
never stopping.

My back is arched as I’m
trying to push against him. “More. I need more.”

He moves so fast his mouth is
on me before can I moan at the loss of his fingers. Fuck! His
fingers go right back pumping into me while his mouth is sucking my
nub, I cry out. “Yes. That’s what I need.” He moves his hand faster
and feathers his tongue on my clit. I’m gone; I cry out his name
and push my hips into him. He moans against me causing me to moan.
Holy Crap! He knows just how to please me. He kisses his way back
up to my tits and spends time building the heat for my next orgasm.
I put my hand around one and hold it for him. Squeezing it and
playing with my nipple when his mouth isn’t on it.

“Fuck K you know how to drive
me crazy.” He says as he stands up. I move my hand. “Keep going
baby; let me see what feels good to you.” He’s sliding his shirt
off while I’m squeezing my nipples and I moan. He’s fucking built.
“That’s it K show me what you like.” I slide my hand under my tits
and skate them up and around. His pants come off and he’s over me
sucking on my nipples while I skate my hands up. I moan and lift up
my hips; he sucks so hard I feel it in my pussy. He lifts away and
rips open a condom, sliding it on he kneels in between my legs. “I
love those fuckin big nipples, K." He slides in and I lift my legs
up to his shoulders knowing he likes this position, he watches as
his dick slides in me. I can’t help but moan. “Beautiful

He moves slowly at first,
“fuck Danny, please harder.” He gives me what I want, holding my
hips he pounds into me. I love to see his muscles while he pulls me
into him.

He tells me to put my fingers
on my pussy for him. I put one on my tit and one on my pussy. I’m
mewling and moaning not even realizing I’m making noise until he
points it out. “I love hearing you enjoying it K.” He pounds harder
and I feel myself blow apart. I yell his name and moan as he rams
into me. I feel my pussy milking him while he's moving, he keeps my
orgasm going. "Love to see your hand on you tits when you come K,
you're fucking beautiful." he growls. Holy fuck his whole body
tenses then relaxes on a groan. I always think that is the sexiest
look I've ever seen. He moves my legs kissing each before he puts
them down then falls to the side of me pulling me onto his chest
and kissing my head.

BOOK: MC: LaPonte
6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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