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Eva grunted in irritation. “I’ve only had
sex with one man on this trip, how many have

“None. I didn’t get laid last night,” Nicole
said with a pout.

“Oh! So you’re just jealous,” Eva said

“Maybe,” Nicole said with a smirk that
melted into a sigh. “That would happen. We go the islands where
supposed to meet a tropical stud, and you’re supposed to
read and wish you were brave like me. Instead
get the
stud and I get blue balls.”

“You don’t have balls,” Eva commented.

“I have ovaries that need pleasing!”

Eva rolled her eyes and turned over to put
her back toward Nicole. She let out a yawn and curled up. “Well, go
please your ovaries. I think I need a nap.”

“I bet you do,” Nicole said, shuffling
closer. “Here, let me cuddle you to absorb some of your
satisfaction from all those thrilling sexual escapades.” Nicole had
been unable to sleep the night before, having been too worried
about her friend’s whereabouts. Now that Eva was home safe, the
weariness had set in. She reached out and gave Eva a gentle hug and
kissed her friend’s shoulder.

Eva stiffened slightly with Nicole’s touch.
For a moment she imagined that it was Andreas cuddling against her
back, and his strong arms wrapping around her. She let out a little
moan as this thought consumed her mind. Uncontrollably, she felt
herself shifting around as though she hoped to feel the pressure of
his erect cock against her ass. She ached to feel him inside her
again. She could so clearly imagine him slipping deep into her
flesh. Her hand drifted idly down between her legs and she touched
herself lightly. After a moment, she slipped her fingers under her
panties and dipped a finger between her creases, checking to see if
she could scoop out any lingering drops of his juices. She had no
idea why she was doing this, but she simply craved to taste him
again. She brought the concoction to her lips and savored the
flavor as it overpowered her taste buds.

“What are you doing?” Nicole asked.

The voice startled her and she quickly
removed her finger from her mouth and laughed nervously. “Nothing.
Go to sleep.” She knew that she should have taken a shower, but she
liked being enveloped in the smells and tastes that reminded her of
Andreas. She liked feeling the moisture of his seed still within
her. It had been so long since she had been with a man that she
couldn’t bear to wash the evidence away just yet. It made the
previous night seem less like a dream, and more like
reality—reality that could happen again soon.

This confused her. Was she really such a
slut? Or was it because of the particular man who had pumped his
juices into her?

She shrugged the foolish thought away,
pushing it somewhere deep in her mind. Andreas was gorgeous and
charming, but he was just a fantasy. She tried to stop obsessing
about the tenderness between her legs and merely focus on the cozy
feeling her friend was providing. Eva exhaled contentedly, letting
her worries wash away. She had six more days to enjoy herself as
much as she could, and she planned on doing just that. With a lot
of help from Andreas.



Chapter Eight


“Shot down!” Tyler exclaimed like a school
boy. “Bro, she tore you a new asshole.” The young man couldn’t stop
laughing as he replayed the words over in his mind. “Just a fling!”
he repeated out loud and smacked his thigh. “Wow, how did
get shot with the karma bullet?”

“Because I spend so much time covering your
sorry ass, that’s how,” Andreas said angrily. He paced around the
living room and shook his head in annoyance. The worst part about
the words Eva had spoken to him were that they were true. They
should have stopped any budding feelings from growing where they
had no place, but they only solidified his attraction to the
sensual yet sensible woman.
She’s amazing,
he thought to

Tyler stared at his brother while the older
man paced. He felt sympathetic to his plight; Andreas had always
been the respectful and straight-laced one. He had only allowed
himself to loosen his laces for a few hours, and he seemed to have
gotten bitch-slapped by the universe for his indiscretions. “So
what are you going to do?” Tyler asked finally.

Andreas shrugged his shoulders as he took a
seat on the couch. He leaned back into the comfort of the cushions
and threw his head back. “Honestly, Tyler, I have no idea,” he said
quietly. A thousand ideas passed through his mind, but each one
seemed more ridiculous than the last.

“Man, if it’s causing you this much trouble,
don’t worry about it. Plenty of fish in the sea and all that,”
Tyler said in as comforting a way as he possibly could.

Andreas looked at him with a furrowed brow.
He wanted to say something insulting but couldn’t find the energy
to do so. Instead, he stood up to move over to the fridge. Yanking
the stainless steel door open, he stared inside for a full minute
before remembering what he had intended to retrieve. Andreas shook
his head and finally reached out to grab himself a beer before
shutting the fridge door. Once he had completed this task, he found
himself standing there with beer in hand, and staring blankly at
the grey metallic surface for several more seconds.

“Wow. She really got to you,” his brother
noted. Tyler was surprised and even beginning to grow worried. His
brother was a positive man who did not often allow situations to
distract him and bring him down. Tyler felt helpless and had no
idea how to help his brother get over this.

“I guess she did,” Andreas mused after a
moment. When the cold bottle in his hand became painful, he
remembered that it was still unopened. He grabbed an opener and
popped the top off so that he could take a swig of the dark liquid.
He kept chugging. The contents of the bottle didn’t last long
against the relentless drinking of the love struck man. Soon, it
was empty and defeated, and Andreas let out a victorious

Tyler watched in amazement. His brother did
not normally touch booze, so it was disturbing to watch him down a
beer in a single go. “I guess you could try to bang her so good
that she can’t help but want to stay,” he offered in joking

Andreas rolled his eyes at the prospect.
While it was true that the sex with Eva had been amazing—the best
he had ever had—he knew it would take something more. It was having
sex with her in the first place that had gotten him into this
position. More sex wasn’t going to solve anything. “I don’t know if
your strategies will work here, Tyler,” Andreas said with a sigh,
“but I am going to go see her. I’ll be back. I could be back
quickly, or it could take a few hours. You’ll know.”

Tyler laughed at his brothers words and gave
him an approving nod. “Now that’s my big brother. Knock her dead,”
he said encouragingly.

“I have a plan,” Andreas said and raised his
empty beer bottle, “but I’m probably going to need a miracle.”

“What’s your plan?” Tyler asked with a
skeptical look.

The confusion was almost comical on his
young face and Andreas smiled. “Isn’t it obvious, little bro?” He
turned to the window and gazed out thoughtfully. “I’m going to make
her fall in love with me. How difficult could it be? I have a



See what happens next with Eva and Andreas...

More than Just a Fling

Andreas will do anything it takes to get the
gorgeous girl from the beach to start a real relationship with him.
But the sensible Eva is determined to stand her ground. However,
when being pursued by a sweet and handsome billionaire who happens
to be amazing in bed... how can any girl resist?



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BOOK: Just a Fling
6.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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