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He held her against him as they embraced,
his fingers combing through the length of her soft hair. “How
long?” he asked after she pulled away from the soft kiss.

“Pardon?” She tilted her head curiously.

“How long before you leave?” he repeated
with concern.

“I fly home a week from today,” she
responded as she continued to stroke him with a firmer grip. “Like
I said, not a lot of time to recover.”

“Apparently not,” he said, feeling the blood
rush to the area. His cock grew in her hand and he groaned at the
pleasure and pain it brought. “I want as much of you as I can

She smiled and continued her trail of kisses
down his chest. “Take all you want,” she said in a sultry voice as
her mouth neared the stiff flesh.

“I plan on it,” he said with a low growl as
he watched her administrations.

She stopped her kissing and looked up at him
with hunger in in her eyes. She had reached his semi-hard erection,
and she grinned up at him. “Can you get ready for me?”

“I’m sure that with enough convincing I
could,” he said with heavy breathing.

“Let me convince you, then.” Her mouth
engulfed the head of his cock and she lowered her head down on it
gently. Their taste still clung to his skin and she hungrily licked
away the remnants of their sex.

“You’re an excellent negotiator,” he moaned.
The warmth of her mouth was only surpassed by the warmth of her
pussy, but there was something so erotic and alluring about her
head bobbing up and down his shaft.

She moaned against his flesh in response.
Her tongue snaked around the sensitive head and slurping sounds
filled the cave. Her hand gripped at the flesh and she pumped at it
while she sucked and licked. His head was thrown back in bliss and
his hips lurched uncontrollably.

“Eva… if you,” he started to say as he felt
his release building inside him.

Normally, she would have stopped. Going down
on a guy could sometimes be an unpleasant experience. But Andreas
had such a gorgeous cock, and he tasted so sweet that she found
herself enjoying this. It helped that he was kind, and let her
lead, not forcing her head down or doing anything to make her
uncomfortable. She felt like she had power over him, and it gave
her a thrill. She gripped his shaft harder as her tongue slid
across the sensitive head. She felt him swell and pulsate in her
hand and in her mouth, and she braced herself for the incoming
torrent of his seed.

His toes curled and his fingers gripped
desperately at the smooth rock floor, only to find that he
couldn’t. What he wouldn’t have done for a handful of sheets to
clench! He was helpless before the pleasure she invoked in his
body. His cry of pleasure filled echoed throughout cave as his body
shook. She smiled happily at the control she had over him, and was
surprised at the intoxicating flavor of the thick liquid gathering
in the back of her throat. A few pearly drops escaped and trickled
down his veiny cock, glistening in the dim sunrise. Eva allowed his
semen to slide down her throat. She was more than happy to allow
any part of his godlike body inside her.

“Thanks for breakfast,” she told him with a
devilish smirk.

“The pleasure was all mine,” he replied,
trying to catch his breath. His whole face was glowing with the
aftermath of his orgasm.

“I bet it was,” she said, kissing his penis

“Give me a second and I’ll give you one last
pounding before you need to get back,” he said, even as his
erection grew in her hand.

“I would like that,” she said, slowly
climbing on top of him. She looked down at him with half-lidded
eyes as she angled his cock against her slit. She was surprised at
how drenched she was from merely going down on him. Apparently, the
experience had aroused her greatly. She teased herself for a moment
by rubbing his cock back and forth against her swollen folds.
Finally, she lowered herself down onto his rod and gasped as his
thickness stretched her out. “Andreas, you really do have a
wonderful cock.”

“You have a wonderful
,” he
told her earnestly as he reached out to grasp her hips and control
the pace as she rode him. He groaned, unable to believe how amazing
she felt. After years of not being with a woman, it felt like his
first time all over again.

She smiled as she pressed her palms against
his chest and bounced up and down on his shaft. She moaned as she
felt the head penetrate her over and over again. His hands guiding
her hips helped when the muscles in her legs began to grow weak.
Eva was in paradise as the veins of his cock massaged her insides.
She could never remember being so completely filled. Almost without
her guidance, her hips began to grind down against him. The motion
caused her clit to rub against his skin, sending wave after wave of
pleasure coursing through her being. “Andreas, you might be able to
convince me to stay a bit longer if you keep driving me wild like

The words struck Andreas in a way he hadn’t
expected them to. The thought of losing her sent a pang of fear
through his chest. Of course she would stay. More than just a bit
longer, if he had anything to do about it. The desire to make her
his grew within him and his hips slammed up to meet her thrust for
thrust. The night before had been slow and passionate, but now he
was a man possessed as he took her forcefully. “You will stay. Or I
might just have to hunt you down,” he countered with a groan.

She smiled down at him, knowing that it was
meaningless banter. Though she had to admit that this was the best
she had felt in years. He made her comfortable in succumbing to
their passions, and even though he moved quickly, he didn’t demand
any more than she was willing to give. “Just worry about satisfying
me, Humperdinck.”

Her words caused his nose to wrinkle and he
grabbed her ass to create leverage. His strong arms lifted her up
and slammed her back down while his hips matched the rhythm.

Eva cried out in shock. Her mind went blank
for a moment as the orgasm tore through her. The pleasure was
intense, like nothing she had ever felt before. She collapsed
forward against his chest and dug her nails into his arms. Yet he
continued to slam into her hard and fast. She couldn’t even cry
out, her ecstasy stole her voice.

The muscles in his arms began to ache as he
lifted her entire weight, but he was more focused on the building
sensation in his cock. He groaned and closed his eyes as he felt
his second orgasm nearing. Encouraged by the feeling of Eva’s
orgasm as she collapsed against him, he kept his pace. Her pulsing
walls milked his cock, and his member begged him for its own
release. He could not think of anything but that need. He was an
animal possessed with the singular thought of claiming her, again
and again.

“Andreas, come,” she whimpered. “Please,
come inside me.” she finally begged. Her mind was slowly coming
back, but the sensation of his manhood slamming into her sensitive
depths and the waves of crashing pleasure stole her independence.
She needed to feel his release, and relished that he was taking
charge even though it was her body on top.

Although he was in charge, he wanted to give
her everything she desired. He was a slave to her whims and almost
as soon the words fell from her lips, his cock swelled once again
in release. His seed shot from within him, filling her to the brim
until she leaked out onto his groin. His legs went slack against
the cave floor and the cool rock soothed his burning muscles. “That
was incredible,” he said breathlessly.

It took Eva a moment to respond. She was too
lost in the feeling of being filled once again to notice that he
had spoken. Once her senses returned, she kissed his neck and
nodded. “You’re not kidding,” she said softly, gently nibbling his
tender flesh.

He moaned a bit and gripped her ass. He
massaged the muscles under the skin and felt her groan in pleasure.
“Would you really want to stay longer?” he asked without thinking,
and kicked himself mentally as soon as the words escaped.

She stopped her biting and leaned up to give
him a long look. “I know I said that when your cock was pounding
me,” she said softly, “but no.” She sighed down at him, and touched
his cheek tenderly. She didn’t even know this man. He did make her
feel incredible, but she would be foolish to expect that to turn
into something more. Great sex wasn’t a foundation to build any
sort of relationship on. “I have a life to get back to once this is
over,” she explained apologetically, but firmly. “Please, Andreas.
You can fuck me hard and as often as you want for the week. Just
don’t make this more than what it is.”

“And what is this?” he asked angrily.

She leaned down to plant a soft kiss on his
lips. “Just a fling.”

The words struck him like a sledgehammer. He
looked away with a deep scowl. He knew he shouldn’t have asked. He
shouldn’t have bothered trying at all. He usually stayed locked
away in his home for a reason. The night before had been a rare
occurrence, and as nice as it was, he was beginning to wish it had
never happened. Now he was in this position, and found himself
latching onto Eva when he knew that she wasn’t interested; he
should have known better.


Chapter Seven


“You are a cold bitch,” Nicole said in the
middle of laughing fit.

Eva stared at her friend irritably with her
arms crossed over her chest. “I am not,” she said defensively. “I
let him down easy.”

“You call that easy?” Nicole asked in
disbelief. She put a hand to her head as if trying to imagine the

“Yes I do. He ruined the moment by trying to
make it all romantic,
fucking my brains out.” Eva
shook her head and sat down abruptly in one of the hotel room

“It must have been good,” Nicole said with a
chuckle. “You’re still glowing.”

Eva chewed her cheek in annoyance and glared
at her friend. “Shut up. The quality of the sex was never in
question.” Her voice was annoyed, but she couldn’t push the events
out of her mind. She was unable to stop replaying the memory of his
seed spilling inside her. A rush of heat filled her body as she saw
vignettes of the previous night dance across her mind. She could
feel him sliding in and out of her in a frenzied rhythm as he took
her over the edge. She crossed her legs as she sat to try and ease
the deep ache in her stomach of her body craving more.

“You’re thinking about it now, aren’t you?”
Nicole asked with a snicker.

“I am not,” Eva lied unconvincingly.

“Oh, shut up. I can see it all over your
face,” Nicole said, lying back on the bed. “Oh, Andreas, fuck me.
Fuck me hard! Make me your dirty little slut!” Nicole cried out
mockingly and dissolved into another fit of giggles.

Eva stood up from her seat and walked across
the room to the second bed. She picked up a pillow and marched
methodically over to where Nicole was having the time of her life
at Eva’s expense. She lifted the pillow like a battle axe and
smashed it down on her friend.

“Ow! You bitch,” Nicole cried out as the
attack of the pillow continued.

Nicole tried to roll away but Eva was hot on
her trail. She swung the pillow wildly, smacking Nicole across the
face and body several times. Nicole, having no choice, picked up
her own fluffy weapon of doom.

“That’s it. You just messed with the wrong
woman!” Nicole said with warning as she blew her dark bangs out of
her eyes in frustration.

“Bring it on, Nicole,” Eva said, clutching
her weapon tightly.

The two squared off for a moment before
launching themselves at each other. Their soft weapons connected
with loud smacks that echoed in the room, mixing with the sounds of
laughing and screaming. In the scuffle Nicole tripped and fell onto
the bed helplessly. Eva sensed the vulnerability and quickly took
advantage of Nicole’s compromised position. She launched the pillow
fight equivalent of a nuclear bomb, by tucking the pillow against
her shoulder and body slamming her friend. The pillow acted like a
cushion, preventing any harm but it still knocked the wind out

“Oof. Alright, uncle! You win,” Nicole said
out in surrender. She laid flat on the bed, catching her

“Damn right I win,” Eva said smugly as she
snuggled up against her best friend.

“I’m glad you’re having a good time here,”
Nicole said softly. She had been worried that Eva would get herself
into trouble. After years of being cooped up and well-behaved, it
might be easy to take things too far.

“Me too,” Eva said with a soft smile as she
put her head on Nicole’s shoulder. “I think I got lucky with
Andreas. He was sweet and had stamina. I kind of can’t wait to get
back on him.”

“You’re such a slut!” Nicole exclaimed and
swatted at Eva’s ass.

BOOK: Just a Fling
13.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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