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She moaned at the touch and squirmed under
him, arching her back. His teasing had the desired effect and her
breathing became more and more labored. “Andreas, please,” she
whimpered softly as the torture continued.

“What’s wrong?” he asked knowingly, waiting
for her to give voice to her desires.

“Stop teasing me,” she said begged as she
pressed herself against him wantonly. Her fingers drifted down to
slipped under the waistband of his shorts. She didn’t have to
search much before her fingers connected with the warmth of his
swollen member. She eagerly gripped at his hardening cock. “Give
this to me,” she said with half-lidded eyes as she began to stroke
the flesh.

He groaned at the contact. “All in good
time,” he said as shivers went up his spine at her demands. A smirk
formed on his face and he lowered his head onto one of her breasts,
taking the flesh into his mouth and sucking on it. He quickly
became drunk on his own lust at her sweet taste, and he sucked
harder in an attempt to milk her with his mouth.

She cried out in pleasure and threw her head
back. “Oh, Andreas,” she moaned out. Her hand continued to pump at
his cock under his shorts.

The article was growing cumbersome and
Andreas deftly removed his shorts while keeping his mouth latched
onto her breast. He moaned against her as she started stroking him
faster and he felt his orgasm stir. He had to release her breast to
take a few deep breaths. He had a rule: never attain release before
his woman. Once he had regained control, he began kissing down her
body. She was forced to release him as the rod drifted away.

“I want to taste you,” Andreas said huskily
as he kissed the fabric of her bikini bottoms.

Her face flushed furiously and she nodded
wordlessly. The ties keeping her bottoms on was undone in an
agonizingly slow manner. He smiled up at her as he let his nose
fall to rest against her mound. He breathed in her intoxicating
scent. The tip of his tongue found her nub, sending jolts of
pleasure through her. Her hands gripped his hair and she pulled him
deeper into her aching pussy.

Dutifully, he lapped at her soft folds. His
tongue darted in and out, exploring the inner walls of her most
intimate depths. She moaned out in pleasure as his skill overcame
her senses. His tongue flourished across her clit, eliciting loud
cries of ecstasy from Eva.

“I bet you do this all the time with girls
you’ve just met,” she said in the throes of her passion. She was
trying to remind herself of the circumstances—that she wasn’t
allowed to get attached. Her blue eyes gazed down at him as she
bucked her hips against his mouth.

He lifted himself away from her wetness for
a moment to offer a smile. “No. I don’t have many women in my
life,” he said truthfully. It was rare for him to be in this
position at all, let alone less than an hour after meeting someone.
He was surprised at himself, but there was something he craved
about this woman. He couldn’t help giving in and seizing the

“Uh huh,” she joked, running her fingers
through his sandy blonde hair. “Just get back to work.”

“As you wish,” he whispered against her skin
as he returned to pleasuring her.

Her back arched even more as she felt her
impending climax. “Just don’t call me Buttercup or I’ll kill you,”
she said with a noise that was half-moan, half-laugh. She allowed
her head to roll back to rest against the cool rock. “This feels
wonderful, Andreas. I’m close,” she bit her lip to keep from
screeching as his tongue danced across her folds.

“Come for me, Eva,” he commanded her as he
attacked her clit wildly.

The tone in his voice made her legs begin to
tremble as her muscles clenched. She couldn’t believe what she was
doing, but it felt too good for her to care. The pressure built and
built until it exploded in a gush throughout her body. Her orgasm
tore through her and her back stiffened. She couldn’t even cry out;
the muscles in her throat were too constricted to allow any kind of
sound from escaping. Yet he continued to press on with his attack,
furiously sliding his tongue in and out of her folds. She couldn’t
think—couldn’t breathe. She was no longer in control of

“Stop, stop,” she begged him. It was too
much sensation. Her body was in overload and she couldn’t even seem
to move.

He stopped, looking up at her with a wolfish
grin painted across his face. “I can get a little carried away,” he
explained as he kissed her inner thigh. “You taste heavenly,” he
said softly before giving her one last lick.

She shuddered at his words and touch. Her
body flinched away and a small giggle escaped her lips. “Just get
inside of me, before I change my mind,” she ordered with a smirk.
He wasn’t the only one that could take charge.

Her order surprised him and he raised a brow
at her. A sly smile touched his eyes as he crawled up over her
body, planting kisses along the way. “As you wish, princess,” he
chuckled darkly. His lips pressed against hers and his tongue
twirled in her mouth.

She smirked at the words and batted his arm
playfully. Eva had never dreamed that her vacation would lead to
this, spiraling out of control so quickly. But now that she was
here, underneath Andreas, she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
His strong arms and soft kisses filled her with infinite pleasure
while still giving her a sense of safety. The thought struck her as
odd when he leaned down to kiss her with those succulent full lips
of his. Yet it was true; this strong stranger made her feel
protected, and she wished the night would never end.

“Are you ready?” he asked softly. His hard
cock rested against her soft leg. The texture of her skin gave him
a sweltering feeling of longing. He wanted nothing more than to be
buried to the hilt inside of this woman. His mind couldn’t even
process how much he wanted her; he simply did.

“Yes! Now quit tormenting me,” she said,
biting his neck playfully. “If you want me to beg for it, why don’t
you show me what it can do first?” She challenged him with an
encouraging slap to the steely flesh of his ass.

The playful whack to his bottom spurred him
on like a mustang, and he immediately lifted his hips into
position. His gazed down at her with a stormy look in his
hazel-green eyes. The tip of his cock aligned with her opening
without assistance, as if it instinctively knew where it belonged.
“Be careful what you wish for,” he warned in a low voice as he
thrust his hips forward. The motion was confident but gentle. He
wanted to prolong the parting of her lips and to slowly feel her
walls stretching to accept his length.

She closed her eyes, allowing herself to get
lost in the pleasure of his cock penetrating her pussy. It had been
years since anything larger than a small toy had been inside of
her—and she had always found that largely unsatisfying. She gripped
his shoulders as he inched his way inside her at an unbearably slow
pace. Her panting breath filled the cave with echoes. “Fuck!” she
cried out as the bulbous head popped into her slit. “More!” she
demanded. “All of you, now.” She wrapped her legs around his waist,
trying to get the best angle.

He was a little surprised at her
enthusiastic reaction as she pulled him deeper into her. His cock
slid entirely inside of her and he cried out at the unexpected
warmth of her tight walls. His control was completely shattered in
that moment. Andreas thrust his raging erection in and out of her
slit like a piston. He bucked his hips wildly, with reckless
abandon. “Eva,” he moaned , throwing his head back as the pleasure
overwhelmed him.

“That’s right,” she uttered in bliss as she
tangled her fingers up in his hair. She lifted her own hips to
match him thrust for thrust. “Come on, Andreas. Fuck me. Fuck

He didn’t need to be told twice and his pace
picked up rapidly. The way she was moving under him drove him wild,
and brought out an animalistic side of him that he had long
forgotten. Andreas felt that his release was close and he didn’t
know how much longer he could last. Being inside this woman felt
more than just pleasurable; it felt right. Her walls began to pulse
around him in pleasure, massaging him as he pounded her. He lowered
his head into the nape of her neck and sunk his teeth in the soft
flesh there. The blood underneath the thin layer of skin teased his
tongue and he longed to apply just enough pleasure to get a sample
of what would have to be the sweetest liquid known to man.

She moved her hands over his back, digging
her fingers into his skin as he bit down. Her body was lost in the
pleasure, and the added pain was just another sensation her body
craved. “Harder,” she cried out.

He was too lost to speak. His body simply
responded to her request. Her back slid against the rocks
underneath her, causing minor cuts to form on her back. She didn’t
care. The discomfort, the pleasure, the pain; it all bubbled up
inside of her as she felt another powerful climax beg for

“I’m close, Eva, so close,” he murmured as
his hips continued to hammer her insides.

“You better not stop,” she whispered. “Come
inside me if you have to, but don’t you dare stop.”

“Oh, god,” he cried out. “But what about…”
He trailed off as he focused on keeping himself from release.

“I’m on the pill,” she assured him as she
tightened her arms around him. “Please. Please, Andreas.”

It was all he could take. He could not
restrain himself for another second as his cock pulsated and
swelled up to an explosion inside of her. He threw his head back
and groaned loudly as his manhood erupted in a torrent of

The feeling of his warm seed pouring into
her caused Eva to gasp. The sound of his masculine moans as his
body jerked uncontrollably above her sent Eva over the edge. Her
legs tightened around Andreas, forcing him to stay inside her. Her
body locked in that position as her second orgasm ripped through
her abdomen. She could feel her own sweat mingling with his as they
both shuddered and convulsed with the final chords of satisfaction.
As the pleasure ebbed away, her body relaxed and the two of them
lay there entangled in the aftermath of their bliss.

“That was… just what I needed,” she said
with a small laugh. She could feel him growing soft inside her and
sliding around in the mixture of their fluids. “Don’t tell me
that’s all you have, big boy.”

“You have no idea,” he said, leaning down to
kiss her deeply. “I think your friend said she didn’t want to see
you until the sun came up,” he reminded her with a mischievous
glint in his hazel eyes. As if on command, his cock started to grow
again while still buried deep inside her.

Eva was relieved that the night was far from
over. She smirked up at him. “That’s true. You better get to work,”
she told him teasingly.

“As you wish, Buttercup.”

Chapter Six


The sun peeked in through the mouth of the
cave. The morning light was soft and warm. A pair of entangled nude
bodies stirred from their sleep. After their marathon of passion
just hours before, the couple lay exhausted.

“Do you never run out of energy?” Andreas
asked breathlessly when her hand sneaked around to grip at his
flaccid penis.

“I haven’t had any fun in years,” she said
with a pout. She nuzzled against him in the afterglow of their
shared indulgence. The rum had worn off long ago and she was
surprised that she didn’t look at the night with as much regret as
she knew she should feel.

“Your friend wasn’t lying,” he said, teasing
her lightly and pulling her closer to him. He shifted on the hard
stone he lay on, and grunted softly when a sharp rock poked

“Poor baby. Thanks for being my bed,” she
said appreciatively. While the small cave was beautiful, it was not
the most hospitable location. Her hand idly stroked his penis as
she lay on him comfortably.

“You’re welcome,” he said softly, nibbling
her ear. Despite the rough rocks under him, the soft girl relaxed
on top of him gave him a feeling of complete contentment. He could
get used to spending nights with her. Eva’s idle stroking was
almost enough to rouse him, but she had worn him out completely. It
was almost painful. “You’ll have to give me some time to recover,

She chuckled and kissed his cheek. “Well, I
don’t have that much time left here. You better recover fast,” she
said teasingly, giving his penis a loving pat, “or I’ll have to
start calling you Humperdinck.”

“You better not!” he exclaimed with a mock
irate voice. “If you keep making fun of it, I’ll have to show you
what my shrieking eel can do.”

“Oh, I’m well aware of how your eel can make
me shriek,” she joked suggestively. Eva pressed her lips against
the skin of his chest before moving up to his jaw, and across to
his lips.

BOOK: Just a Fling
4.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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