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“Are you alright?” the mysterious man

The baritone of his voice sent shivers up
her spine, and Eva found herself unable to breathe or think clearly
for a moment. Where had he come from? He might have been a Greek
god who appeared out of thin air just to save her. When she was
finally able to breathe, she found herself inhaling the musky,
masculine scent of his skin. It was divine. Arousal stirred in her
body as electricity coursed through her from his touch. He held her
in such an intimate way that she felt herself growing moist at the
junction of her thighs.

“Um… I… yes. I just had a little too much,”
she said, laughing at herself in embarrassment and banishing her
thoughts. She was vaguely aware that it was the alcohol causing her
to think this way about a complete stranger. Her lips formed a soft
smile as she looked at the man.

“I see that,” he said while looking her over
appraisingly. “What’s your name?” he asked politely as he continued
to hold her close against him. His own groin was becoming swollen
as he felt the softness of her breasts against his chest. He gazed
down at her long blonde hair falling around her face and full red

She felt the hardness pressed against her
leg and for a moment she forgot her own name. “E…Eva,” she
stammered out shyly. She found herself lifting her leg to rub
against his erection quite on purpose. She felt him groan at the
contact and she felt powerful in that moment. She never allowed
herself time for boys, let alone to feel one this close. It was all
she could do not to pounce on this gorgeous god in front of

“I’m Andreas,” he said smoothly as he
reluctantly released her from his grasp.

She felt her cheeks flush at the sound of
his name. Her lips trembled a bit as she continued to look upon

Nicole returned in time to see the pair
staring at each other. She carefully observed their closeness as an
impish grin spread across her face. “Oh my. Eva, where have you
been hiding this one?” She promptly dumped the glass of water she
was holding and launched herself at Andreas, plastering her body
against his side.

Eva laughed slightly. “I found him, Nicole.
Back off,” she teased. She watched Nicole invading Andreas’
personal space with amusement.

Andreas seemed unaffected by the advances of
Nicole. His hazel orbs never left Eva and his lips broadened into a
wide smile. A dark chuckle escaped his lungs and he glanced at the
audacious girl hanging on him. “You heard the woman. I’m claimed,”
he said without missing a beat.

“I see,” Nicole said with a mock pout as she
removed herself from Andreas. Her eyes twinkled at him. “Just take
care of my baby girl, hot stuff. She hasn’t had cock since she got
into college.”

“Nicole!” Eva screeched out, her cheeks
burning hotter than suns.
How dare she say that
! Eva thought
to herself.

Andreas glanced between the two but said
nothing. He was far too entertained.

“It’s true!” Nicole said with a defiant
snicker. “Now go get something shoved between your legs, Eva. You
can share all the naughty details in the morning. I don’t want you
back at the hotel until it’s light outside! Is that clear, young
lady?” She spoke in a commanding tone. A part of her felt slightly
uncomfortable about leaving Eva alone with a strange man, but she
had to admit that if their positions were reversed she wouldn’t
hesitate to jump his bones. She concluded that it was only fair to
allow her friend the same freedom.

Eva found her legs trembling at the words,
and the muscles in between her thighs contracted as though she
could already imagine Andreas sliding himself inside her. She
snapped out of those thoughts and fought off the alcoholic haze
that filled her mind. “Just go away,” Eva said with gentle
irritation, but Nicole was already off to find her own conquest for
the night.

Andreas continued to smile as he took a step
closer to Eva. “You have quite a charming friend,” he said as he
placed a strong hand on her shoulder.

The pressure was gentle and comforting. Eva
turned her blue eyes down to the sand and laughed nervously. “She’s
a great girl,” she said softly, “when she isn’t trying to get me to
have sex with strangers.”

A light chuckle escaped Andreas’ lips. “I’d
offer to get you a drink, but what do you say about some

She nodded and straightened her posture.
After all her dancing, she was beginning to feel dehydrated. She
could also use something to stave off the effects of the liquor she
had consumed. “That sounds lovely.”

The pair walked back over to the bar
together. James, the bartender, looked at them knowingly.

“Two waters, James,” Andreas said smoothly
as he took a seat at one of the stools.

The bartender looked a little surprised by
the request, but with a shrug of his shoulders he pulled out two
bottles of water and handed it to the pair. “Here you are,

“Come out here often, do you?” Eva asked
with a smirk.

“Actually, no. It’s just a small island,” he
replied truthfully as he unscrewed the top of the bottle.

She raised her brow, scrutinizing him as
though she could discover lies in his face.
Surely a guy this
good looking makes a regular hobby of getting tourists like me into
she thought to herself. “Uh huh,” she said with a shrug of
her shoulders, before taking a long chug of her water. The cool
liquid passed down her throat smoothly, and she already felt the
daze lift from her.

He regarded her curiously for a moment. A
flicker passed of confusion shot through his hazel eyes. “Why are
you here?”

She canted her head to the side, the
question having caught her off guard. “I lost a bet,” she said
simply. She wasn’t exactly keen on sharing her life story with a
strange man, no matter how attractive he might be.

“I can relate,” he said as he leaned against
the bar. “My brother kind of dragged me out here tonight.” Andreas
lifted a hand to scratch his head in embarrassment. “Tyler is a
real ladies’ man,” he explained.

“Maybe he’ll meet Nicole!” Eva joked with a
slight snicker.

“Wouldn’t that be amusing?” he replied. His
eyes lingered over Eva as he spoke. He could see the perspiration
glistening on her chest from her vigorous dancing. He found himself
staring, and imagining all the other ways he could make her sweat.
His pants began to tighten again, and he wondered why he couldn’t
seem to control these thoughts.

Noticing the way he was looking at her, Eva
bit her lip. “Surely you didn’t bring me over here just have a
drink of water and talk about my friend,” she said coyly, in a way
she hoped was flirtatious.

He shook his head, a smile forming on his
lips. “Take a walk with me,” he said calmly as he raised himself
from his barstool.

Eva’s lips quirked in surprise, but she
found her body moving in compliance. There was a definite predatory
glint in his hazel-green eyes. It held her transfixed, and she knew
that she wanted to go wherever he intended to take her. She needed
what she saw in his eyes. It had been so long since anyone had
looked at her the way Andreas was now—and if they had, she hadn’t
noticed. At home, she always needed to be the responsible one, but
now she yearned to throw caution to the wind. All of her worries
were over a thousand miles away. She craved the thought of allowing
this man to touch her, and letting her body just melt away with

Just as she was wishing this, she felt
Andreas take her hand. His fingers confidently intertwined with
hers as he guided her away from the party and out along the beach.
She found herself gazing at his powerful legs as his muscled
rippled with every step he took. He was so large and intimidating
that it made her feel small—but she was not frightened. Her feet
pressed into the soft sand and the ocean breeze filled her nostrils
with its salty scent.

“Are you leading me away so that you can
ravage me?” Eva asked him teasingly.

“Of course,” he said in his deep voice as he
glanced over his shoulder.

Something in his eyes made her stomach ache
with desire. This was not like her. She licked her lips slightly,
trying to caution herself. They hardly knew each other—they had
hardly even spoken! But there was no need for words. He seemed to
have the ability to communicate a great deal with only his
expression. Each step they took and each look they shared made the
passion within her grow until she felt like she might burst unless
she had him. “You should,” she whispered, almost too softly to be

The words caught him off guard and he turned
around quite suddenly. He looked at her carefully, studying her
eyes for confirmation. In the soft moonlight, her sweet face was
irresistible. He actually hadn’t been sure of his own intentions,
but now that she had spoken those words, he felt powerless to
resist. It was like some dam was breaking inside of his mind, to
know that she desired him as much as he craved her. Andreas could
no longer control himself. Reaching out to cup her cheek with his
palm, he stared down at her with a strange intensity. He leaned
down, closing the distance between their faces, but he did not
allow their lips to meet. He hovered an inch away from her face,
allowing her to feel his breathing tickling her lips. Their minds
knew what was about to come, yet they wished to prolong the
inevitable, to savor the moment like fine wine.

Eva’s heart was racing. With the closeness
of his lips, her heart only beat faster. She felt like the organ
was going to explode out of her chest. She knew that once his lips
touched hers, there was no going back. She needed this. She needed
to give into him completely, and allow all of her stress to be
washed away in lust. The edges of his lips grazed her skin, and she
gasped at feeling tiny shocks of electricity dance against her
mouth. She felt the muscles low in her abdomen clench with desire.
When his thumb brushed over her cheek, she felt her knees go weak.
She tried her best to remain steady and upright and not collapse
against him. It was her final moment of fleeting resistance before
his lips firmly captured hers.

The floodgates opened. Eva found her hands
encircling his neck and pulling him in deeper. She was no longer
capable of thinking. She felt the pressure of his tongue against
her bottom lip, beseeching her for entrance, and her lips parted in
consent. She felt his warmth plunge into her mouth, and allowed her
own tongue to dance with his. The kiss was so deep that she forgot
her own name as she allowed her body to melt against his. She felt
the hardness of him pressed against her, and did not even realize
that he had somehow lowered her to the sand. When she opened her
eyes, she found his knee nestled between her legs as he lay above
her on the beach. All the inhibitions of her real life were

“I want you,” she whispered, tugging
impatiently at his belt.

“Shhh,” Andreas said, grasping her wrists.
“Not here.”

“Then where?” she demanded. “Take me.”

“As you wish,” he said with a small chuckle.
He needed no more encouragement than this. He easily lifted her off
the ground into his strong arms and carried her away from the
exposed beach.

Eva was startled at the sudden feeling of
weightlessness, and she wrapped her arms around his neck for
support. She gazed at the outline of his chin against the moonlit
sky, feeling so dizzy with lust that it clouded her judgment more
than the alcohol had done earlier. She felt her body swaying
against him with every step he took, and she questioned whether she
had gone insane. How was it that a sensible girl like herself could
feel so overwhelmed by the urge to feel a man moving inside her? A
man she had just met? To make it worse, she could think of little
else. Her body screamed at her with insatiable need.

When Andreas leaned down to place a kiss on
her forehead, Eva sighed contentedly. She somehow felt safe in his
arms, and she knew the burning desire in her womb would soon be


Chapter Five


Waved crashed against rocks and sprayed
their salty liquid into the air. The sounds of the water were
drowned out by echoing laughter and moans of pleasure within the
cave. Eva had been gently placed on her back against the rocky
floor as Andreas moved to lie on top of her. His lips trailed
butterfly kisses along her neck and collarbone. His tongue darted
out as he licked at her breasts and skillfully untied the string of
her bikini.

She blushed slightly as the fabric was
pulled away, shuddering when the cool air breezed across her
nipples. “Be gentle,” she whispered softly, suddenly feeling shy.
Her eyes looked up at him, filled with excitement and longing.

“I would never hurt you,” he said sincerely.
His eyes drank in the sight of her perfectly-formed breasts as he
breathed in her sent. He kissed her tender skin, but avoided her
erect nipples as much as he could, despite yearning to suck on

BOOK: Just a Fling
13.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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