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Chris, you are the hero all others are compared to. Mom, you are
my definition of survivor. Dad, you've always been on my case about sending my
stories to someone. Jody, you've taught me how to live life with courage. Jenn,
you encouraged me and pushed me to finish it. Then you gave me advice on what
to do with it once I got it done. Thanks. To Char and Tina, your input helped
bring Celeste and Adam to life. Shelby and all the ladies on RRR, your laughter
and comfort have always brightened my day. Even though I can't list you all,
you are all in my thoughts.

Thanks to all of you and this one is dedicated to you.


Celeste stared at the skyline of Detroit. She was bone-tired. When
was the torment going to end? She didn't expect an answer since God had turned
His back on her a long, long time ago. The moment she had chosen to forsake
Heaven and rebel against Him, she'd condemned herself to living without His
touch in her life.

Just once, she thought, leaning her head against the window, she'd
like to know there was someone out there thinking about her. Tapping her
forehead against the glass, she grimaced, knowing it would never happen.

She brought her thoughts back to the problem facing her. For two
weeks, a cunning hunter had stalked the city of Detroit preying on young women.
The third body had been found twenty-four hours ago and while the police had
searched for clues, none had been found. They were now desperate to find
something that would reveal who the killer was. Celeste knew who had committed
the crimes. Tomas was the reason she had moved to Detroit ten years ago.

At that time she had tried to connect with him, but the fallen
angel had become wary down through the centuries and had learned ways to hide
from humans and Enforcers alike. Now, he was finally beginning his game, a game
she hoped to stop before he killed too many.

Stalking into the office, one of her best agents growled,
"It's like he fucking vanished, Celeste. Not one damn clue." Al Risen
slumped in his chair and glared at her. He had joined Celeste's investigation
and security company seven years ago. The company had become known for getting
the impossible done and keeping order in the Motor City with his expertise.

"Of course he vanished." She didn't turn to look at him.
"We have a serial killer on our hands."

Al groaned. "Do we have to deal with him?"

"You don't. I will."

"Hell, Montgomery has been trying to fuck you for months now.
You're playing right into his fantasies, Celeste. How do we know he isn't
committing these murders?"

"Why would he, Al? So I would have to beg for help?"
Celeste laughed. "He doesn't want me that badly."

Al snorted in disbelief. "Honey, he would do anything to have
you. Trust me. I've seen it in his eyes."

Celeste had met Adam Montgomery at the Mayor's office several
months ago. Before even walking into the office she had smelled the musky scent
of leather, power and man. Her skin had flushed and she had felt her pussy grow
wet. Then she saw him standing by the desk.

Adam was taller than she was. Broad shouldered and lean-hipped,
his skin was tanned from hours spent in the sun. His unusual light green eyes
focused on her. His lips were thin and slightly cruel. His light brown hair,
streaked with golden highlights, barely brushed his shoulders. He wore his
three-piece dark blue suit like he had been raised with money instead of on the
streets as rumored.

Her thighs had clenched and the throbbing in her clit increased as
her jeans rubbed against it. She tried to stay calm, but she couldn't control
her body's reaction. Her breasts grew heavy and her nipples tightened to little
pebbles. Celeste had never been this aroused, not even after an hour of
foreplay and Adam had known it. She had seen his own arousal flare in his eyes.
The instant attraction scared her.

He had asked her out that day and she had turned him down. No
matter how many times he had asked since, she had said no. There was a danger
in lusting after him. It would be suicide to love him. Celeste feared if she
were to share his bed, she would lose her heart and she couldn't afford to lose
any more of it.

Celeste put the memory away when Al cleared his throat. She said
softly, "I've already set up a meeting."

"I'll go with you."

Celeste shook her head. "I have to go alone, Al. There have
been three women killed. I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to catch
him." Celeste pulled her coat on and walked from the office.

"Even play the whore for a demon," Al whispered into the

As Celeste walked to her car, she reviewed all the information she
had found on Adam Montgomery. It didn't hurt to know everything she could about
the man who was going to be her partner on this case.

Adam Montgomery was the leader of the Demons, a gang that owned the
Detroit streets. The Demons knew everything happening in the city, crime
related or not, and they had a hand in almost every crime. Celeste had heard
the rumors that there were some things Adam wouldn't allow in his city.

Some crimes were too
terrible for even the leader of the Demons to contemplate.

Adam controlled most of Detroit by virtue of the fear that the
Demons inspired. Unfortunately—or maybe fortunately—Adam didn't know the extent
of the evil lurking in the shadows of the city. She did know the evil and it
scared her.

* * * *

Adam stared at the tall blonde waiting for him at the bar. Damn,
she was gorgeous. At almost six feet tall, she was still a few inches shorter
than he was. She curved in all the right places with a great set of tits and a
long pair of legs. Her dark blonde hair was long, reaching the middle of her
back in subtle waves. She had a heart-stopping face with full lips and a strong
nose. She rarely smiled or even laughed and she wore a "don't mess with
me" attitude like armor.

There was something about Celeste Young that made Adam think of
diamonds. She was tough but brilliant and her facets gleamed brightly in the
dull world she occupied. Looking deep into her eyes, Adam could see there was
an icy fire burning deep in her. Whether it was righteous anger or plain
madness, he didn't want to know.

Every day for a month after he'd first met her, he had called her
for a date. He wasn't used to being turned down. Usually if a woman said no, he
would back off and move on to the next but there was something about Celeste
that haunted him. She was never far from his thoughts.

When he realized his fascination with the leggy blonde wasn't
going away, he had Jakar, his assistant, look into her past. Oddly enough, she
didn't seem to exist before ten years ago when she showed up in Detroit. Her
business had opened up one day in an office building downtown. Before that day,
Jakar couldn't find anything. His right hand man thought he was an idiot to
chase after a woman who didn't want him but the mystery surrounding her drew him
like a moth to a flame. Finally tired of getting turned down, he told her to
call him when she was ready.

He knew why she had finally called him. While he was excited to be
getting a taste of Celeste Young, he was raging about the killer. How could he
have gotten into the city without one of Adam's employees knowing about it? He
had already sent his men out looking for him. He was willing to help Celeste
find the killer, but he wondered if she was willing to pay the price he would

His cock stood at painful attention and he grinned. This spawn of
the devil was going to get a taste of heaven tonight.

"Celeste," he murmured in her ear as he came up behind
her. She was tall, but he still had to bend his neck to nuzzle her soft skin.
"Even in a smoky bar, you manage to smell good." He pressed closer to
her, grinding his erection against her jean-covered ass.

He knew she was trying as hard as she could to stop her body from
relaxing. She rubbed herself hard against him.

He groaned softly. "Careful, baby. I'm riding a thin line
right now."

"Don't call me baby. That's what you call a petite blonde
chewing bubble gum. I'm not the cheerleader type." Celeste smiled. He
could tell she was pleased to see how she affected him.

"Thank God for that, Celeste. I don't want to clean gum off
my cock."

Celeste laughed. "What makes you think my mouth will be
getting anywhere near your cock?"

"Just call it a hunch." Adam backed off and grabbed her
arm. "Let's get out of here. This isn't a safe place for you." He
noticed the stares they were getting.

She turned on Adam. "I can take care of myself, Adam. I don't
need some macho man protecting me. Besides, I have a friend." She tenderly
stroked the 9 mm Glock she had strapped to her side.

Adam's cock twitched. The only thought in his head at the moment
was that he hoped she'd caress him just as gently when it was his turn.

"Are we clear, Adam?" Her smirk told him she knew what
she was doing to him.

He snapped out of his daydream as a bottle broke behind them.
"Celeste, the only reason you're still standing and not spread out on the
bar is because you're with me. Every person in this bar knows what will happen
if they mess with what's mine."

"You're pretty possessive for a man who hasn't even fucked me

"After I do, you won't want another man," Adam promised.

"And you won't want another woman." Celeste sauntered
out of the bar.

"I'm betting on that, Celeste," Adam whispered under his
breath as he followed her swaying hips out.

* * * *

"Where are we going?" Celeste asked as Adam started his

"Somewhere we can talk." Adam stared out the window. He
couldn't look at her or he'd drive them off the road. Her white t-shirt was
tight enough for him to know she wasn't wearing a bra; her nipples were pebbled
against the cotton material. Surrendering to the urge, he reached over and
caught her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Squeezing and pulling
on it, he listened to her gasp in surprise then moan in delight. His cock was
growing. Good thing he was wearing loose pants or he would have burst the
zipper by now. The sound of Handel's Hallelujah chorus interrupted the moment.

BOOK: Fallen: Celeste
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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