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"Not all women are distractions, Jakar. You've never said
anything about the others." Adam started reading the papers he had to

"That's true. But none of the bimbos you dated before could
have occupied you for more than a week or so. Celeste will demand more from

Adam glanced up. "Do you know her, Jakar?"

The evasive look shooting through Jakar's eyes told Adam his
friend was about to lie to him. "Only what I found out about her while I
investigated her for you. I don't trust a woman who seems to have appeared out
of nowhere."

"Liar." Adam stopped Jakar's protest. "I don't
care, Jakar. Now, take these papers and get them filed. I'll deal with

"Fine." Jakar stalked out of the office.

Adam laughed. He knew Jakar hated it when Adam didn't take his
advice. He dialed Celeste's cell number from memory. Leaning back in his chair,
he waited to hear her sultry voice.


"Hey there, angel."

A shocked silence followed his greeting. Was she surprised that
he'd called?

"Hello, Montgomery. We need to finish the discussion we

"Started? We didn't even get to think about it." He
licked his lips.

"I've thought about our arrangement. Now we need to
talk." Celeste's voice held a hint of uncertainty.

"Are you sure about this, Celeste? I know what you're going
to ask for. You know what my price will be." He wanted her to be sure how
she felt about it. He didn't want any regrets.

She sighed. "I really have no choice, Adam. You're the only
one with the resources to help me. I'll pay your price without regret if this
helps me catch Tomas."

"My place or yours?"

"We'll meet somewhere neutral first."

"Sure. I own a restaurant on Woodward. It's a couple blocks
down from the Fox. I can pick you up."

"No, I'll meet you there about seven. It's going to be hard
driving downtown tonight. The Wings are playing at home again."

"At seven." Adam agreed and hung up. "Jakar,"
he called as he walked out of his office.

"No need to bellow, Montgomery. I'm right here." Jakar
came up to him.

"Make sure there are a dozen red roses and a bottle of
champagne chilling at my house around ten."

Adam could have sworn he heard Jakar hiss as the man turned to
glare at him. "You're bringing her home tonight."

Adam nodded. "She might as well start paying for my services
tonight. Don't worry, old man. She won't be staying around long after the
killer's caught." He reached out to pat Jakar's shoulder.

Jakar dodged his hand. "I'll have everything ready, but don't
expect me to like it."

"That's fine. You're not the one who's going to be fucking
her tonight." Adam walked out the door, missing Jakar's shiver of fear and

* * * *

Adam was glad he had a napkin. It was useful to wipe the drool
from his chin. He had never found a woman more attractive than he found

Her blonde hair was pulled up in a complex knot with tendrils of
curls lying on her neck and forehead. Her body was lovingly encased in a sky
blue silk sheath that matched her eyes, covering her to the neck in front but
plunging deep in the back, exposing her creamy skin to his heated gaze. As
tightly as the dress hugged her body, he knew she wasn't wearing anything
underneath. It was obvious Celeste had decided to get the payment over with.
Little did she know that it wasn't going to be a one-night payout.

"I've got all my guys out looking for witnesses. They'll
scour all the areas where the bodies were found and talk to the people who
won't say a word to the police. If he can be found by sheer manpower, we'll get
him." Adam sipped from his crystal wineglass.

Celeste's gaze slid over his face. He wondered if she saw the lust
burning in his eyes. He would have thought she would be nervous about the
upcoming change in their relationship, considering how hard she had fought it
before. But when he looked at her, he didn't see nervousness. He saw a rather
weary acceptance on her face as if she had always known this was going to

He leaned over and covered her hand with his. "You know what
my price is, Celeste. What made you decide to pay it?"

"As I said, I have no other choice. There is no one else who
can help me find Tomas. So, I'll use the best I have available to me. Being the
crime boss of Detroit, you have avenues open to you that I don't. Even though
you are a criminal and a ruthless businessman, I know when you give me your
word, you'll keep it."

"Honor among thieves then, Celeste."

She shrugged and looked away. "Honor among the fallen, I
think is a better term for it."

Puzzled by her cryptic statement, he filed it away to think on
later. "I want you to know that you will be my lover for the duration of
the case. This isn't a one night thing, Celeste. Until we put Tomas behind
bars, you're mine."

Again, Celeste didn't look surprised. "From the moment I met
you, I knew we couldn't have just one night together. Until the end of the
case, you are mine. I don't share either."

He acknowledged her right to make that demand as he stood and led
her outside to where a sleek black limo was waiting.

"Trying to make a good impression, Adam?" she asked as she
slid in.

"I don't want to be distracted by driving tonight. I want it
to be a memorable night. If we ended up dead, it would put a damper on the

"Ending up dead is the least of my worries," Celeste

Adam pulled her close. He didn't want to talk anymore. Pressing
his lips against hers, he nibbled gently. A quiet moan opened her mouth and
allowed his tongue in. Stroking in and out, he imitated the more intimate act.
He slid his hand down her shoulder to cup her full breast in his hand and
fondled her nipple roughly.

"Adam," Celeste begged. "Harder."

"Harder?" Adam took his hand away. "Unfasten the
dress, Celeste," he ordered.

She reached up and unclasped the button at her neck holding the
dress on. It fell down to her waist to reveal her tits. He stared. They were
beautiful. Lightly golden mounds tipped by dark mauve nipples. They would be a
handful. He reached out one finger and flicked one hard bud. She jumped. He
flicked it again. She jumped again.

"It's like there's an electric current running from your tits
to your cunt," he commented.

Celeste nodded. His face flushed. He felt sweat building on his
forehead. She was the most responsive woman he had ever had.

Pinching her nipple hard between his fingers, he twisted slightly.
Celeste threw her head back and cried out softly. The back of the limo smelled
like warm wet woman and aroused man.

"You said harder, Celeste." He took both breasts in his
hands. Kneading them firmly, he pulled and tugged at her nipples.

"More," she pleaded.

Adam licked his fingertips. When they were wet, he captured her
tits again. The feel of his damp warm fingers made her gasp. The harder he
pinched, the hotter she got. Suddenly, she threw back her head, arched her back
and screamed.

Shit! Adam had never had a woman climax just from his hands on her
tits. He gentled his touch to ease her. He felt the wetness of pre-cum warm the
head of his cock. He needed to get her back to his house so he could fuck her
for real instead of in his dreams.

"Was that good for you, darling?" Adam asked quietly
after a few minutes.

Celeste rolled her eyes at him. "You have to ask? I'm
embarrassed. I've never had that happen before." She blushed.

"Never?" Adam was slightly amazed. Then he sent her a
grin. "Obviously you just needed the right hands for the job." He
jumped slightly when Celeste's hand grazed the front of his pants.

She winked at him. "Maybe you should get us home. I don't
think once will be enough, especially since I can't wait to get this huge cock
inside me."

Hell! If she kept teasing him, he would never make it to his
place. Celeste's fingers skipped up and down the length of his dick.

"Spread your legs a little wider," Celeste demanded
while sucking on Adam's ear lobe.

He spread them. She slid her hand down and firmly gripped his
balls. He could feel his heart racing and knew she reveled in the power she had
over him.

"Suck in your stomach a little."

Adam did with a small moan. He knew what was next. She undid his
belt, unbuttoned his slacks and eased the zipper down over his raging hard on.
Celeste pushed the front of his briefs down until his cock sprang out. She
purred in appreciation. Prime male flesh, it was as smooth as velvet and as
hard as iron. The head was purple with the mad urge to fuck. Taking him roughly
in her hand, she started stroking. Sliding her other hand to his balls, she
fondled and squeezed him.

"You feel so good. I'm wet thinking about this wonderful cock
pounding into me. I want to feel your balls brushing my thighs. I can't wait to
feel your cum making me wet and sticky."

Slow and gentle, rough and fast, her hands played a tune on his
cock that had never been played before. Her voice and tongue in his ear. To
hell with control. Two hard pumps of her hand and he exploded.

Cum spurted out onto her hands and his pants and shirt. His hips
kept jerking as she softly soothed his heated flesh. He finally came back to
earth as the car slowed and made the turn into his driveway.

She fastened her dress as he stripped off his shirt. Wiping his
pants, he shook his head at her. "I look like a fucking eighteen year old
who just saw his first porn flick." Tossing her his shirt, he straightened
and fastened his pants again. "Wipe your hands. We're at my place. You and
I can't do anything about Tomas tonight. I've got my people working on it.
Tomorrow will be soon enough. Get ready to enjoy the rest of the night."


The limo stopped in front of Adam's house. The chauffeur opened
the door and Celeste stepped out. Her power was back to full strength from the
two climaxes they had enjoyed in the limo. She smiled to herself. It was going
to be a great night.

The front door swung open and a thin dark man with strange colored
eyes stood aside as they entered and studied Celeste.

"Bringing home heavenly bodies, Montgomery?" he asked in
a heavily accented voice.

"Yes. And she's mine, Jakar. Don't you or any of the others
forget it," Adam growled as he continued up the curved staircase. Celeste
turned and snarled at the man.

"How can we resist the light?" Jakar raked his stare
over Celeste's body and shut the door. Turning back to the retreating couple,
he said calmly, "Be wary of her, Montgomery. There is a darkness
surrounding Miss Young that is making me uneasy."

What the hell was a True Demon doing here? Celeste thought as she
followed Adam to his room. Detroit was in for even more problems if Jakar stuck
around. Adam wouldn't be an easy mark for the beast if Jakar wanted to take
possession of him. As an Enforcer, Celeste should have been concerned with the
fact that a True Demon was settled in Detroit. But she found she could only
deal with one problem at a time and Jakar wasn't the worst threat.

* * * *

Celeste suggested that Adam take a shower. Throwing his clothes on
the nearest chair, he headed for the bathroom. Celeste stripped and curled up
in his bed. She closed her eyes as she thought about the man whose very touch
caused her to go up in flames.

Adam Montgomery had grown up on the streets of Detroit where he
had learned about life the hard way and he still had the scars to prove it. Was
there a way she could reach him beyond the walls he'd built around his heart
and soul? She knew his feelings on relationships. She also knew he didn't
understand the seriousness of them becoming involved. As she waited for him to
get out of the shower, she fell asleep.

Celeste found herself standing over her own body. She watched as
her body writhed on the sheets and realized the sounds she was hearing were
really moans of pain. Thin red welts were appearing across her chest and
thighs. A handprint blossomed on her right cheek. Her legs were spreading apart
slowly, as if she were fighting the person in her dream. With a scream of
pleasure and pain, she arched her back, but only for a few seconds. Looking
down she was appalled to see small cuts appear on her breasts and bite marks on
her thighs. Crying out, Celeste's eyes popped open. She was struggling to fight
off her dream attacker. She gagged as a cut raced across her throat.

She turned to see the man leaning over her. It was Tomas. She had
somehow connected with him while he killed his latest victim. What could she learn
while the woman endured the last moments of her life? The room was dirty. It
had the feel of age and abandonment. There were some city sounds coming from
outside, but she could tell it wasn't a busy section of the city.

She didn't hear Jakar enter the room. She had been engrossed in
trying to find Tomas' hiding place. She noticed Adam standing just inside the
room with a towel hanging from his hand. Grabbing the forgotten towel in Adam's
hand, Jakar wrapped it around her throat.

BOOK: Fallen: Celeste
7.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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