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Adam stared out into the darkness of the city below him. For
hours, he had prowled his house, trying to find some peace from the questions
plaguing him. There were no answers to be found. Damn, women could screw up a
man's life. He had loved his mother and she had left him, betraying his tender
heart and now all of this with Celeste. The shadows closed in around him and he
leaned his forehead against the cool glass.

"What do you see when you look out there?" Celeste's
voice came from the darkness of his bed.

Adam whirled around to find her curled up in the middle of the
mattress, her blue eyes fixed on his naked body. "How the hell did you get
in here? I know for a fact that Jakar would never have let you in."

"Who said I needed Jakar to let me in? He would never try to
stop me." Celeste shrugged. "Your friend fears me, Adam."

"He should, shouldn't he? If he got in your way, you would
destroy him without a thought. He's nothing to you."

"That's true. Jakar doesn't mean anything to me. But he means
something to you. That is why I wouldn't hurt him, even if he asked me to. By
destroying him, I would destroy a piece of you and I would never intentionally
hurt you."

Adam turned away to study the shadows again. "You can't hurt
me unless I let you. What makes you think you have that much power over

"Maybe I don't. Maybe all we have is great sex, Adam. If
that's the truth, then why can't we enjoy what we have and not look to the
end?" Celeste started to slide from the bed.

Adam held his hand up to stop her. Shaking his head, he growled
angrily. "Do I look like an idiot, Celeste? If you truly are what you say
you are, you can make me do whatever you want. A being with the power you have
can control anyone."

Again, Celeste shrugged. "That's true. I could make you climb
into bed with me. I could make you fuck me until we both can barely move. But
when free will is taken, there is no joy in the choice."

"You want me to choose to fuck you. You want me to choose to
betray myself." Adam laughed harshly. "What choice is there in

"None, I guess." Celeste tucked her legs under her. She
slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off. She wore no wear a bra. Her
breasts were full and ripe and she cupped them with her hands. She could see
Adam's face in the window, but she noticed that his eyes weren't focused on her
image in the glass. They were focused on something beyond her in the shadows
outside the window.

"What do you see when you look in the shadows, Adam?"
Her voice was compelling. She wanted to know what haunted his soul.

"I see my father." Adam watched the scene unravel before
him. "I was only seven when my father killed my mother. I stood in the corner
of the kitchen and watched while he beat her. One particularly vicious blow
caused Mom to fall and on the way down, she hit her head on the edge of the
table. We both just stood there for a few minutes, waiting for her to stand up
again. When Dad looked at me, I ran and hid in my room with the door locked.
Dad could have gotten in if he wanted to, but I never saw him again.”

"Three days later, the police broke into the house and took
me away. There was blood in the kitchen, but Mom was missing. I waited for
months, thinking there had been a mistake. I didn't believe Mom would abandon
me to strangers. Then one night, I realized she wasn't ever coming back. I
learned the truth about love. Mom had loved Dad so much she would never have
thought about leaving him. She betrayed me for my father and that's when I
learned love only leads to betrayal."

Tears were welling in Celeste's eyes. She could see what had
happened being played out in the shadows of Adam's mind. No wonder he has to be
in control, she thought. As a child, he had never been able to save himself. He
had no choice but to live in the hell his family made for him. Then as he
grieved for a mother not worthy of his heart, he had been shipped from one
foster family to the next.

She slid out of the bed and went to him. He stiffened as her arms
wrapped around his waist. He was startled to feel her wet cheeks rest against
his back.

"Don't waste your tears on me, Celeste. There are thousands
of people out in the world who have had worse lives than me. I've managed to
overcome my beginnings. That's all that's important."

"But you can't forget your past. You live with those memories
every day."

"Those memories are what made me what I am. I would never get
rid of them because they tell me I can only trust myself. Everyone is out to
get something." He stopped Celeste's protest. "Yes, Celeste.
Everyone, even you, will try to get something from me."

Celeste couldn't deny that. She had used him for the power she
needed to stop Tomas. That didn't mean she didn't care for him. In fact,
Celeste knew she was in danger of falling in love with him. Oh hell, she
thought to herself, I might as well admit I already do love him. My heart is
going to be bleeding after this one leaves me.

She pressed her soft lips to his warm back. She turned him to face
her. Reaching up, she held his face in her hands and gently whispered a kiss
across his lips. Pressing her lips to his chest over his heart, she felt it
pound with a heavy beat. She wrapped his body in her arms and tried to comfort

Adam pushed her away. He stalked to the bed and sat down.
"Why won't you leave? I really don't want you here."

"Ah, sometimes we don't get what we want." The rest of
Celeste's clothes faded away. She parted Adam's legs and knelt between them.
She was going to make this loving slow and gentle to ease the pain hiding
inside of Adam's heart. She knew part of it was her nature. As a used-to-be
angel, she didn't like to see anyone suffer. But Celeste knew that wasn't the
entire reason why she needed to feel Adam inside her that night. She knew she
loved him. He had managed to break the protective layer around her heart, and because
of that, she would do anything to make him happy.

She slid her hands up his thighs. Cupping his balls gently, she
squeezed them as she stroked his cock with her other hand.

He leaned back on his elbows. A quiet part of Adam's mind told him
not to allow her to do this to him. He knew Celeste was slowly taking over more
and more of his soul. The more time they spent together, the more it was going
to hurt when she chose to leave him. He groaned softly as her full lips circled
his cock and slid down his length. "Don't do this, Celeste."

"Don't think, Adam. Forget everything else for a while. Focus
on me and what I'm doing." Her voice was soft and smooth.

"What you're doing is driving me crazy." He moaned.

She laughed. He could feel her smile wrap around his cock. Her
mouth felt like warm silk massaging his aching dick. He tried to keep a
distance between them. He tried to remember she was doing this out of pity.
Celeste didn't really love him. Then the slow, hard suction of her mouth seemed
to suck all the thoughts from his head. It didn't matter whether she was doing
this because she loved him or pitied him. He was just going to enjoy it.

He tangled his hands in her hair and thrust his hips up. He wanted
to take control and fuck her mouth hard and fast. Celeste was surprisingly
strong. She pushed his hips back to the bed and slowed her movements.

His protest got stuck in his throat as her mouth slid from his
cock and licked his balls. She made her way up his body, teasing him with
gentle bites, wet kisses and teasing licks.

Each move Celeste made was deliberate. She helped Adam lie back on
the bed then she made her way down from his forehead to his feet, taking nips
and sucks along the way. She took control of the lovemaking. He started to
reach for her. She pushed his hands to the bed and shook her head.

"No touching. Let me do the work this time, Adam," her
voice whispered seductively in the dark.

He didn't protest as she straddled his hips. Taking him into her
hand, she lowered herself onto him. He couldn't keep from moaning as her moist
heat enveloped his cock. Adam had never had a lover be so gentle. Usually, he
was only interested in fucking the woman and leaving as soon as possible. The
silken slide of his cock in and out of her pussy started a pressure building in
his head. He longed to grab her hips and start plunging into her, but he
savored giving up control to the beautiful woman riding him.

Celeste arched her back, pushing her breasts out. Cupping them
with her hands, she stroked and tweaked her nipples. Leaning forward, she
gripped his shoulders and pushed her nipple into his mouth. He latched on and
sucked hard. Throwing her head back, she gave a little cry. Adam used his teeth
and his tongue to drive her higher.

He couldn't seem to get deep enough inside her. She wasn't going
down far enough. Finally, his self-control broke and he grabbed her hips with
his hands. Leaving bruises where his fingers gripped her, he slammed her down
on him. The time for gentleness was over, he needed to come and he wanted her
to be right there with him when he did.

He yelled as the pressure exploded in his head. He faintly heard
Celeste scream as she came. As his muscles relaxed and he slid willingly into
sleep, he heard Celeste whisper, "Goodbye."

* * * *

Celeste opened her apartment door with a sigh. It had been a long
twenty-four hours. She should have been relaxed after the lovemaking session
with Adam, but she just felt discouraged and sad. By the Power, her heart was a
fickle thing. No matter how many times she had told herself she wouldn't fall
in love, here she was again. Caught up in the middle of a heartbreak without
any way of saving herself.

"Look what the cat dragged in," a warm voice spoke up
from the living room.

Celeste looked up to see William standing in the middle of the
room, his arms crossed over his chest. She moved slowly towards him. Holding
open his arms, he pulled her to him and she rested her forehead against his
thick chest. He made soothing sounds in his throat as he stroked her hair.

William felt moisture seep through his shirt to his skin. He
pulled back from Celeste and found her blue eyes filling with tears. "Come
now, Celeste. What's this? I haven't seen you cry since we realized we weren't
going back to Heaven. What's happened?"

"Nothing. I'm tired. I need to go take a shower."
Celeste wiped the tears from her cheeks and started to walk towards her
bedroom. With a puzzled frown she turned back to him. "What are you doing

"I had a visit from our friendly pain in the ass. He said you
might need my help with a problem." William walked to her and tipped her
chin up with his finger. He whispered a gentle kiss on her cheek. "I see
that Mika'il was right. You do need my help. You are more than just tired, my
angel. You are heartsick. Want to tell me what's wrong?"

Celeste shook her head. "No. It doesn't matter in the grand
scheme of things. I'll get over it. Let me take a shower and sleep for a little
while. Then we can start looking for Tomas."

"So it is Tomas. I was wondering when the slippery son-of-a-bitch
was going to show his face again." Grimacing, William pushed Celeste down
the hall. "Go and clean up. When you get out of the shower, you can bring
me up to date and then take a nap."

"What will you do while I'm napping?" Celeste asked

"I'll be doing
what I do best. I'll start gathering information."

Celeste didn't argue. She went into the bathroom and shut the
door. There had been few moments in her life when she could let down her guard,
but with William here, she could relax. He could take care of himself. Climbing
under the hot water, she allowed the moist heat to surround her.

William waited until he heard the shower start then he headed to
the kitchen. He had visited Celeste several times over the years she had lived
in Detroit and he was as familiar with her apartment as he was with his. He was
humming softly to himself when the phone rang.


A tense silence came
over the line. "Who is this?"

"Depends on who you were calling and who's asking the
question." William continued to make breakfast.

"I need to talk to Celeste now." There was an order
buried in the word.

William could feel the anger start to build in the man on the
other end of the line. "She's busy at the moment. Can I take a

"Who the hell are you?" There was an unsure tone in the
man's voice.

"I'm William. I'm a good friend of Celeste's." He could
almost hear the caller grinding his teeth.

"Tell her Adam called." Adam slammed down the phone.

William hung up and shrugged. Boy, was that guy tense. He
continued to make breakfast while waiting for Celeste to get out of the shower.
Twenty minutes later, the door opened and Celeste came out. Her black nightie
barely reached her thighs. He gestured to the table where a plate full of eggs
and toast sat. She smiled and picked up a piece of bacon.

"If I was so inclined, Celeste, you would find me hard
pressed to keep my hands off you." William grinned at her.

BOOK: Fallen: Celeste
5.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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