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"Doc is downstairs. Go get him. She needs medical care."

Stunned, Adam stood still. He was staring at the wounds covering
her body.

"Montgomery, go." Jakar's harsh voice jolted Adam out of
his trance. Together, Jakar and Celeste watched Adam race from the room. Jakar
stared down at Celeste. His amber eyes gleamed in the lamplight. "Miss
Young, it seems you have bewitched my boss. Is it a good or a bad thing? I
don't know." His hand flexed on the towel. "It would be so easy to
get rid of you while you are weak. Montgomery can't afford a distraction right

Celeste's eyes narrowed. She slid back into her body. Jakar found
himself flung across the room and slammed against the wall. He stood pinned to
the wall. Celeste's gaze never left his.

Don't ever think I'll be weak enough for you to kill me. What is a
True Demon doing here?

Jakar didn't struggle. He watched as the cuts slowly healed and
the welts disappeared.
What is one of the Enforcers doing in Detroit fucking
my life up?

I am here for the killer, Jakar. Not to mess with you or your
life. I wouldn't think you could manipulate Adam Montgomery.

I'm not doing anything to him. He's too strong. He's already
achieving a goal we've been working towards.
Jakar was smug.

Goal? What were you trying to achieve?

Someone, whether good, evil or a mix of both, had to bring this
city under control. You know what happens when there is no balance.

Celeste did know what happened when there wasn't balance in the
world. The Host was sent down to restore it any way necessary. There were no
boundaries set, no rules made. The Host would be brutal and thorough. Death to
all until nature was right again.

Will you tell him what you are?

She studied Jakar with narrowed eyes.
I will if he asks. But
will he believe me?

Jakar shrugged.

She sat up in the middle of Adam's bed. She pulled a red silk
sheet up to her waist. Taking her eyes off Jakar, she turned towards the door.
Jakar relaxed and moved closer to her. He may have been a True Demon, but
Celeste was an Enforcer with more power in her fingertips than he had in his
entire body.

* * * *

Adam burst into the room followed by Doc. When he had left,
Celeste had been covered with welts and bleeding from a slash to the throat.
There she sat, her wounds healed. Jakar was sitting warily at the end of the

"Where's the woman, Montgomery?" Doc growled. He was
holding a black medical bag in his hand.

"She's on the bed, Doc. Guess she isn't as badly hurt as I
thought." Adam was puzzled. He stared at Celeste who gave him a slow smile.

"We'll be heading back to bed, Doc. Montgomery will sort it
out." Jakar started to pull Doc from the room. Stopping, he bowed slightly
to Celeste before he left.

Adam was amazed. Had he imagined everything? He could have sworn
Celeste's throat was slashed. He scrubbed his hand over his face. Celeste
watched him with a strange look in her eye.

Adam was even more impressive naked. His chest was smooth, his
stomach and abs rock hard and ripped. His waist tapered to lean hips and long
legs. His cock swelled from the thatch of hair at his groin. It was long and
throbbing and the head was blunt. Longing for his cock overwhelmed her and her
pussy clenched. The longer she stared at him, the bigger he got. She licked her

She waved him to the side of the bed. As he moved closer, she
climbed to her hands and knees and prowled forward. He caught a glimpse of a
tattoo on her back, but before he could ask her about it, her hand caught hold
of his semi-erect dick. She stroked it once with her hand. As their eyes
connected, she bent her head and ran her tongue from the base of his shaft to
the head. He groaned. She purred.

Eagerly, Celeste gobbled up Adam's long thick shaft. She sucked
the drops of pre-cum from the slit in the blunt head while she grabbed his
balls and rolled them roughly in her hand. Soon, he fisted his hand in her hair
and was hammering his cock into her mouth.

Her mouth felt like he imagined her cunt would. Hot and moist. As
he retreated, she tightened her lips around him and sucked hard. When he thrust
back in, she relaxed her throat and took him all in. Throwing back his head,
his moans and hoarse cries filled the room. Adam felt her fingers slide down to
the smooth piece of skin right behind his balls. With a few deft touches, he
exploded, spewing hot cum into her throat.

She sucked him dry. When his hips had stopped jerking, she slipped
her mouth away. Smiling, Celeste helped him climb into bed. He lay on his back
as his breathing slowed. Curling up beside him, she ran her fingers up and down
his chest.

His hands started to roam as his cock hardened again. Celeste
skipped her thumb over the ruddy head and laughed.

"You still have some life."

"Wait and see."

Adam rolled her onto her back, then kissed and licked his way down
from her ears to her breasts. Pinching one nipple, he took the other deep into
his mouth. He sucked and bit until she couldn't stay still. She cried out as he
moved his mouth to the other one. He continued to ply the wet nipple with his fingers.
He could feel her orgasm building. He left her breasts right before she came.

Running his tongue down to her belly button, he was surprised to
encounter a butterfly shaped jewel piercing it. He circled the jewel with his
tongue, distracting her as his fingers made their way up her thighs.

"Spread your legs, darling," he ordered softly. He rose
to his knees and stared down at her pussy. It was clean-shaven except for a
small patch of light gold curls. Using his fingers, he gently parted her wet lips
to see the hard little button they hid. He leaned down and breathed deep. She
smelled wonderful. While he looked at her, she became drenched with the
glistening juices from her pussy.

"Celeste, you're beautiful. Your cunt's all wet and hot. Your
clit is begging me to taste it. You've tasted me, darling. Now it's my

Celeste pushed herself up on her elbows to watch him stretch out
on his stomach. She gave a little cry as his tongue took one long swipe from
her ass to the top of her cunt. He settled in to feast on her hard clit with
teeth, tongue and lips. Flicking with his tongue and taking quick little nips,
he sent small shocks of pain and pleasure racing through her.

She was so wet her cream drenched his mouth. He slid a finger into
her clinging pussy. Starting a slow pace, he slid one, then two fingers in and

The combination of his tongue stroking her clit and his fingers
thrusting in and out of her pussy lit a fire in her. Celeste's hips were
bucking in rhythm to Adam's fingers. She pleaded with him to finish it. He

Adam bathed his thumb in her cream. Then he bore down on her clit
with his mouth, her pussy with his fingers, and her ass with his thumb. When
his thumb breached her barrier and sank into her tight hole, she screamed and
grabbed his hair. Pressing his head to her lifted pussy, she came hard.

Before the waves slowed, Adam pulled away. He draped her thighs
over his forearms and thrust hard into her. Her contractions drove him into his
own mind-shattering climax, his hot cum flooding her womb in spurts. He threw
back his head and yelled.

"Great distraction, Celeste," Adam commented after he
caught his breath.

Celeste rose up on her side to look down at him as he lay beside
her. "What makes you think I was trying to distract you? I thought you
would enjoy it."

"I did enjoy it. Hell, I think I lost my mind there at the
end. But did you think the sex would make me forget about what happened
tonight?" Adam scrubbed his hands over his face. "What the hell did
happen, Celeste?"

Celeste sighed. Pushing her hair from her face, she climbed out of
bed. Adam watched her wander over to the large window and pull the curtains
open. The moonlight pouring in highlighted the tattoo he had noticed earlier.
An angel holding aloft a flaming sword marked her lower back. He joined her at
the window and lightly touched her skin above the tattoo.

"What does the angel represent?" Adam asked quietly.

"It is the Archangel Mika'il."

"He's the warrior angel, right?" Adam didn't know much
about angels.

"Yes. He guards my back for me. He also reminds me I can't go

"Back where?"

"Home." Celeste turned to face Adam. The moonlight
bathed her body in silver.

He gently touched the vicious cross-shaped scar marring her left
breast. "Why didn't I notice this before?"

She laughed. "You had your mind on other things." She
stared over his shoulder into the dark. Her thoughts were far away.

"What happened earlier, Celeste? What kind of dream was

Her eyes refocused on him. "It wasn't a dream, Adam.
Somewhere tonight Tomas left us another body."

Adam looked puzzled. "Are you telling me you're

"I'm linked with him, Adam."

"If you know who he is, why don't you go and get him?"

Shaking her head, Celeste turned back to the window. "I know
who he is, but his whereabouts are unclear to me. I'm only linked to him
because we are brethren."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's a long story. Centuries old and hidden from


"Couldn't this wait? I'm sure we could find something better
to do with our mouths."

"No, this can't wait, Celeste. Who are you?" Staring at
the woman he had just had the most incredible sex of his life with, Adam sat
down on the edge of the bed.

She laughed softly. "It's a long story that started before
humans were even created. He made us to adore and worship Him. Free will wasn't
really in our vocabulary."

"Us? Our?"


"So you're telling me you're an angel? I fucked an
angel?" Adam was incredulous. How could such a beautiful, seemingly
intelligent woman believe she was an angel? Who would have thought she was

There was sadness in Celeste's laugh. "At one time, I was an
angel. I was happy. Then seeds of discontent were sown. He had created humans.
He loved you. I became jealous and when Lucifer rose up in rebellion against
Him, I was swept up. By the time the dust cleared, I was banished from Heaven
and forced to endure life on earth."

Adam heard despair tinge Celeste's voice. "What are

"I'm one of the fallen. Those angels banished with Lucifer
for our rebellion. That's why I have the tattoo. It's to remind me that like
Adam and Eve, I too am barred from my Garden of Eden."

"What about the scar?"

"There are some of us who have repented. We would love to go
home if we were ever allowed to. Because of that and because we hunt down those
of our brethren who prey on humans, we are branded with a cross. Our brethren
call it the mark of Cain."

"Cain? Didn't Cain murder his brother?"

"That is what they think we are doing. We are choosing to
serve out our banishment in a less evil way. We are known as the

"But isn't sex
against the rules or something?"

"Maybe if I was
a true angel, Adam. I already live under His anger, what more can He do to

Adam was having a
hard time with the thought of her being any kind of angel.

"Why don't we
rest now? Things will be different in the morning." Her voice was

Adam found himself
laying back and falling asleep even though he wanted to talk. "Why will it
be different?"

"Because I won't
be here," was what he heard as he drifted to sleep.

* * * *

Meanwhile in Reno,

William Bradford was startled awake as his covers were jerked off
and the cold air rushed over his body.

"Damn!" William shot straight up.

"Watch your mouth, Enforcer." The harsh voice warned him
the intruder in his room wasn't a person he wanted to mess with.

Climbing out of bed, he pulled on the faded jeans he had thrown on
the chair the night before. He ran his hand through his hair as he stalked past
his night visitor. He didn't really want to talk to Mika'il. The self-righteous
prick really got on his nerves.

Mika'il watched the dark-haired fallen prowl into the living room.
He followed leisurely behind him.

"What are you doing here?" William asked. He stood at
the window, looking out over the lights of Reno.

"If you had been paying attention to your dreams, you would
know why I'm here," Mika'il complained.

"I'm no longer one of yours, sir. The dreams would have
driven me insane long ago if I paid any attention to them." William was
respectful. Even though he didn't like the angel, he knew it wouldn't pay to
make him mad.

BOOK: Fallen: Celeste
9.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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