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This is cruel and wrong, Tomas.

So was banishing us from Heaven, love. Here on earth, we are gods.

You are playing at being Him, choosing life or death for your

It has never been that simple, Celeste.

"Celeste?" Adam touched her arm. She was staring out the
window. What was she thinking? Adam wanted to wrap his arms tightly around her.
His body thought it was a good idea. No matter how strong she seemed on the
outside, there was a fragile peace held inside her soul. He longed to get close
and see if it would calm his heart.

All of his life, Adam had fought to survive. He had stayed away
from using drugs because he saw how it ruined lives, but being the hypocrite he
admittedly was, he'd sold them. It was the only way to make a living. Slowly,
he had made his way through the ranks of the criminal underworld. Then he was
recruited into the Demons. When he became their leader, he turned the gang into
a business. Soon, he had everything he wanted—money, power and respect. Who
cared if the only reason he had any of it was because people feared him? It was
better to have them fear him than to have any of them as friends.

Then Celeste had strolled into the mayor's office. His cock had
taken notice right away of her firm tits and luscious ass. His mind had found
an equal in the quickness of her wit and intelligence. His heart had fallen in
love with all of those things plus the gentleness of spirit hidden beneath the
hard shell she presented to the world.

"Celeste?" He tried again.

She jerked and looked at him. "What?"

"Where did you go?"

"What are you talking about?"

"One moment you were here. The next you're staring like a
zombie out the window."

"I was thinking about something." Celeste pulled out
onto Woodward Ave. She was heading towards the river.

Adam's phone rang. "Montgomery."

"There was a hockey game last night." Jakar said.


"The woman was seen at the game."

"Holy shit. Don't tell me one of the Red Wings is a serial
killer." Adam was appalled.

"No. He picks them up at the games. The last victim's friends
reported her missing this morning. They saw her leave with a tall man who might
have been blonde."

"Any other description?"

"That's all our contact could tell us right now. There didn't
seem to be any kind of argument or anything. Nothing to draw attention to them.
But no one can give a good description of him."

"Damn! Keep our guys out looking. Someone had to have seen
something." Adam hung up. He looked at Celeste. "He's picking them up
at Joe Louis Arena. Weren't the other ones found the day after a hockey game as

"So far the deaths correspond with the hockey games. She was
probably drunk and wasn't worried about going with him. That he didn't seem
scary or strange is probably what she would say if she wasn't dead."

"None of them seem strange until you're tied up and being
hacked to death."

Celeste headed towards the rink. She nodded. "If all the
killers, rapists and molesters of the world looked like they truly were inside,
no one would ever be fooled."

Adam sank into silence.

* * * *

They stood outside the arena. Celeste looked around, trying to
find a trace of the killer. Her attention was divided between Adam and Tomas.
Adam kept her nipples at attention. Her skin felt hot and itchy. She wanted
him. She couldn't go an hour without remembering his mouth on hers, his body
pressed against hers and his cock ramming into her pussy.

There was no one around. Celeste grabbed Adam's arm and pulled him
into a hidden corner. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him

"Celeste, wait." Adam pulled away slightly.
"Someone might see us."

"I know. That's part of the fun. So what if we're seen? You
don't want anyone to see your bare ass?"

"Darling, we can do this without my getting naked." Adam

He ground his hips into hers. She moaned as she felt her shirt
being ripped open. Adam pushed her bra up as he continued to thrust his
jean-covered cock against her. His rough hands took her breasts captive. He
squeezed and massaged them. His fingers plucked her nipples, making them hard.

He bit her neck gently. Working his way down to her tits, he
covered her right nipple with his mouth. He slid his hands down her smooth
stomach to the snap on her jeans. Celeste arched her back as his teeth began to
nip her.

Celeste shocked him when she pushed him away. Forcing him to lean
back against the wall, she smiled at him. Her lips trailed down his neck.
Pushing up his shirt, she rubbed her hands over his well-muscled chest. His
small nipples stiffened as she flicked them with her fingernails. He groaned
softly. Delighted with his response, Celeste laughed. Kneeling, she met his
eyes as she unsnapped his jeans.

Adam's green eyes were glowing with passion and something else.
Celeste wasn't sure she wanted to find out what that something else was. How
foolish she was to have gotten involved with him. She broke contact and turned
her eyes to the cock in front of her.

She sucked his cock into her warm moist mouth. Licking his shaft
like the most favorite of lollipops, she nibbled from the tip to the base,
including little tastes of his balls. With each suck, his hips began to move
more quickly. Threading his fingers in her silky hair, he began thrusting in

Celeste tilted her gaze up to see his face. His head was braced
against the cement wall and his lips were pulled back in a grimace. If she
didn't know better, she would have thought he was in pain. But by the speed of
his hips, she knew it was only a matter of time before she sucked him dry.

She built the pressure until Adam couldn't contain a deep groan.
With a deep thrust, his hot cum spurted into her mouth. She swallowed until he
was done. One last jerk of his hips and he pulled his cock from her mouth.
Sinking down to his knees, he faced her.

"Why did we come here, Celeste? There are more comfortable
places for us to fuck." Adam asked her.

Celeste reached out with her senses. There was a trace of Tomas
here. He had grabbed the women right outside Joe Louis. The women hadn't
protested or argued and no one remembered seeing a couple fighting. Tomas must
have used a little magic to convince them to go with him.

When the fallen went over to madness, their eyes became black
holes sucking all light and color into them. Tomas couldn't hide who and what
he was from mortals unless he used some of his power to disguise his intention.
Like all fallen, he was incredibly handsome and could act normal to achieve his
goal, but using power left traces for Celeste to follow. She could only hope
she was able to find Tomas before he killed again.

"What are you doing?"

"Tomas was here." Celeste stood up, fixed her shirt and
buttoned her jeans up. She gestured for Adam to stand up. Moving to the
sidewalk, she looked south.

"We know that. He picks them up at games."

"No, he picked the last one up at this entrance." She
circled slowly, like a bloodhound looking for a scent.

"How do you know?" Adam sounded skeptical.

"I can feel him. Your climax helped me grab a trace of him.
He took her and headed south."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Celeste glanced at him for a moment. Shrugging, she faced south
again. "I can't build my power in the normal way."

"The normal way?"

"I can't pray to Him for help. Why would He want to help me?
So I get my power in other ways."

Adam frowned. "What other ways?"

"Usually from sex. I harness it until I need it."

"Right." Adam didn't sound convinced.

"Well, there are less pleasurable ways to gather power, but I
choose to do it without harming the other person. Angels aren't supposed to
cause harm, unless they're fallen."

"If I accept that you're a fallen angel, then I have to
accept the fact that you will never need me."

Celeste frowned at him. "Never need you? I need you to help
me find Tomas."

"No, you don't. I'm sure you can trace him no matter what
happens to me. You can use any man as long as he's willing to have sex with
you." Bitterness filled his voice.

"You're right, I don't need you specifically, but since I
pant after you like a bitch in heat, I might as well enjoy myself. It was the
orgasm you gave me in the limo that allowed me to connect with Tomas for the
first time the other night. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see where he

"That's why you brought me here. We'll have a little fun,
I'll get a blowjob, you'll get some power and we'll find Tomas." Adam
stalked out of the alley. He turned back when he realized that she wasn't
following him. "Aren't you coming? Haven't you figured out where he is?
That way you won't have to touch or deal with me anymore."

"What the hell is your problem? I thought you were the one
who always wanted no strings attached. You never wanted to get involved in a
real relationship with anyone." Celeste was puzzled. What had happened in
Adam's mind to make him start acting like a spoiled brat? He was getting
mind-blowing sex with someone who wasn't going to stick around afterwards.
Wasn't that every man's dream?

She couldn't believe he was so angry. She was offering what he had
always said he wanted—sex without attachments. Was he upset because he knew he
wasn't going to be the one walking away? She knew there was power in being the
one to make the decision to end it. He would have no control over the way the
relationship would go. Having always been in charge of his life ever since he ran
away from his foster home, she knew Adam wouldn't deal well with her making the
decision to end it.

Celeste caught up to him but didn't say anything to him. She slid
into her car. He stood outside and stared down at her.

"Are you coming with me?"

"Where are you going?"

Celeste shrugged. "I'm driving around for a little bit. I
have a slight trace on him, but I need to be closer to get a better

"You mean the blowjob didn't do the trick?" He said

Celeste quirked an eyebrow at him. "Are we going to be bitchy
about this whole thing? I can't tell you I'm sorry. You would know I was lying
to you. I need the power sex can give me. I am sorry if you don't understand
how it works. I can't explain it to you."

"Can't or won't?"

"Both. You're human. You have no right and no need to hear
about the power the fallen have." Celeste started the car.

"Why not?"

"The workings of angels, even fallen angels, are far above
the minds of men. There are places you don't want to go, Adam." Celeste's
voice was quiet as she stared out the windshield of the car.

Adam laughed harshly. "What can you do to me that any human

Celeste's eyes filled with tears and a bitter knowledge.
"I've seen the loss of Heaven, Adam. I've seen what it can do to angels
and humans alike. I've heard the screams of those who have lost their souls.
I've watched them slowly understand and accept their banishment, not from
Heaven, which is bad enough, but from the very presence of Him." Tears
seeped down Celeste's face. "I can take you to the place, Adam. I can show
you Hell. There is no rest for the wicked or the weary, Adam. I've figured that
out on my own."

Adam felt his anger weaken. There was an emptiness shining in
Celeste's eyes. A sorrow hung heavy in her heart. How could an angel live
outside the presence of God without going mad? He was afraid to look too
closely at her soul. He found he held a hope in his heart that she would
somehow see her way to staying with him. Could an angel who would always wish
for Heaven and the presence of God be happy with a mortal?

His heart grew heavy. Celeste Young had lived for centuries
longing for the one thing she would never have again. Did he have what it took
to fill that emptiness in her heart? Did he want to try filling it?

He shook his head. "I'll catch a cab back to my house,
Celeste. I can't deal with this right now and I need to check the rest of my
businesses. If I'm not visible, there are others who will try to take over and
they aren't men I would want running my city."

"And you are?" Celeste asked.

"Yes, I am. There are things I won't do, just as there are a
lot of things that happen I am willing to allow. As long as the city doesn't
burn and the dead don't start walking, I'm doing my job. There is a balance
that must be kept."

"Jakar did say he was here to help you do that. True Demons
fear unbalance."

"True Demons? What rabbit hole have I fallen down? I can't
believe this. Not only have I slept with a fallen angel, my right hand man is a
fucking demon." Adam shook his head in disbelief. Angels and demons
weren't part of his normal daily routine.

BOOK: Fallen: Celeste
6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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