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Maylene opened her eyes and the smile she gave
him melted his heart. She opened her arms for him to come to her and he would
not deny her. He’d never deny her, not unless she was a bad girl. The thought
had him growing hard. Settling on the other side of her, Griffin brushed away
the strands of hair that fell across her forehead. Kissing her seemed like the
appropriate thing to do at the moment, but he also admitted to himself it was
because he was selfish for a taste of her. With her back to Nikolas he knew
that what he wanted to experience with her would push her to the brink of her
sexual experience. Griffin would make sure she enjoyed it just as much as they
would. When he looked at his brother, a silent communication that passed
between them. Nik knew what Griffin wanted, and what they wanted was Maylene at
the same time.

“You trust us, Princess?”

She didn’t make him wait for a response.
“Yes, always.” He kissed her once more before turning her so she faced Nikolas.
His brother immediately kissed her. The gentle slope of her waist drew him in
and he let his fingers trail along her smooth expanse of flesh. The flare of
her hips led way to the generous mounds of her ass and he massaged the globes.
“Do you know what we want to do to you, Princess?” She thrust her ass back in
silent confirmation, but he wanted her to say the words. “Tell us, Maylene.”

“Yes, I know what you both want, and I want
to be the one to give it to you.” Nik groaned and took her mouth again.

Grabbing the lube from the bedside drawer,
Griffin found his thoughts running wild. His cock became unbearably hard at the
images that flashed in his mind. Nik already placed her on top of him, and the
sight of her pussy spread and on full display had him moving quicker. He
gripped her chin and turned her face until she looked at him. For several long
seconds he didn’t speak, just searched her face. All he saw was unadulterated
lust and undying submission. He dragged his tongue along her lips then kissed
her once. The leather restraints were attached to the headboard, and when she
noticed them her lids dropped and her cheeks turned a lovely shade of pink.
After securing her wrists together then to the headboard, he looked at the
sight before him. The new position had her arms raised at the level of her
head. Her back was arched and her breasts thrust out. Nik took that opportunity
to suck her nipples into his mouth.

“You taste so sweet, pet.”
While Nikolas lavished attention to her front,
Griffin moved in position behind her. Despite Nik’s focus on her tits, he
guided his cock to her pussy. Griffin placed his hands on her shoulders and
eased her down onto Nikolas. Soft sounds escaped her and he took her chin once
more and swallowed the sounds of pleasure that left her. She broke the kiss and
sucked in a great lungful of air as Nik gripped her waist and started lifting
her up and down on his shaft. Lube in hand, Griffin spread her cheeks and let
the clear fluid slip down the crease. He did the same on his cock and used his
palm to rub the liquid up and down his dick. Taking hold of each cheek he
spread them wide then rubbed his thumb across the puckered hole. The sight of
him pressing the digit into her, working the lube into her ass was erotic as
hell. He let Nikolas work her on his dick a few more times then he stilled
their movements and moved into place. Gripping the root of his shaft he placed
the tip at her anus and slowly started to push in. “Bear down, Princess.” The
words came out muffled and hoarse. She was tight, hot and wet. Sweat beaded
along his temples as he worked himself inside of her. Inch by slow inch he
filled her until every part of his erection was buried in the tight confines of
her ass. He took a minute just to feel her muscles tighten around him then he
moved. In and out, slow and steady. After several long minutes of him
stretching her he pushed all the way in again. Nikolas took that as his cue to

“That’s it, pet. Squeeze that pussy around my
dick.” Nikolas’s words sent her into a frenzy of small, broken noises. Griffin
started to move as well, and they worked in tandem. When he pushed in Nikolas
pulled out. Their movements were synchronized and precise.

“That’s it, Princess. God, that is
it.” Griffin reached around and
cupped her breasts. The mounds were soft and her nipples were rock hard as they
rubbed along his palm.

She threw her head back and cried out her orgasm. Griffin ran his teeth down
the side of her throat and latched his mouth around her pulse point. They
fucked her harder and his balls tightened up as his climax claimed him. He
pumped his cum in her ass, feeling the pleasure climb higher when she clenched
around him. Nik let out a guttural groan of his own and their three voices mixed
as one.

Griffin pulled out of her and let his
forehead rest on her moist back. For several long moments no one moved, just
stayed in position until they could all breathe easy. He moved away and went to
the bathroom to clean up. When he returned with a wet rag to clean Maylene, she
was no longer bound and now sprawled across Nikolas’s chest. His brother rubbed
her back and the words he spoke were low and intimate. He never thought he’d
see the day when Nikolas let every part of him be claimed by one woman. His brother’s
eyes were closed and a smile played across his face. Pure contentment
surrounded them and snaked out to ensnare Griffin as well. Just looking at his
brother and the protective cocoon he held around Maylene told Griffin his
brother was lost for their girl. If he didn’t already love their little sub, he
was headed that way.

He cleaned her up and they situated her
between them. This is what he had been dreaming of when it came to a wife and
sub to share with his brother. Griffin let his eyes close as elation coursed
through him. Everything was finally how it should be.






One year later, Christmas day


The scent of cinnamon and the sound of
Christmas carols filled the mansion when they stepped into the vestibule.
Griffin and Nikolas flanked her and she was thankful they added an extra
buffer, not only to the wintery weather, but to also ease her nerves that
seemed to be frazzled. Nikolas helped her out of her jacket and leaned in to
steal a kiss.

He whispered against her mouth, “Have I
mentioned how gorgeous you look?” Leave it to Nikolas to make her blush here,
at his brother and sister-in-law’s house. Griffin took her hand and brought it
to his mouth for a soft kiss. Maylene was so very thankful to have these two
men in her life. They gave her strength, but were also understanding and supportive
in every single aspect of her life. She wasn’t just their submissive. She was
also their wife, partner, and soon to be the mother of their children.

As if they read her mind, they both placed a
hand on her slightly swollen belly. She was four months pregnant but already
had a sizeable bump due to the fact she carried twins. When the physician told
her there were two inside her she nearly fainted on the spot, but then she
found out it was a little boy and girl and tears of joy had sprung forth. Their
rhythmic rubbing of her belly had become a common occurrence as of late, but
that was fine with her. Her heart swelled as they each kissed the top of her

“Yow he! Yow he!” The little girl with bright
blonde ringlets came bounding down the hall at full speed. She kept chanting
that strange phrase over and over again, but her smile was wide and the
happiness poured out of her.

“Faith St. Michaels. You come here right
now.” The motherly voice that followed after the little girl was none other
than Veronica, Kristoff’s wife. The woman was the epitome of beauty and grace.
Her long blonde hair was coiled high atop her head and the baby bump she
sported showed prominently through her sapphire-colored gown.

Faith ran up to Nikolas and he scooped her up
for a big hug. Griffin took the rambunctious toddler next and showered her with
kisses. Maylene had met their brother and his wife a handful of times since they
purchased her at the auction. Maylene had never been one to be comfortable in
the presence of others, but Veronica made it impossible not to relax.

“Oh my, you look so pretty, Maylene.”
Veronica embraced her and they both giggled when their baby bumps touched.

“You don’t have much longer, right?”

Veronica sighed heavily but her smile was
evident. “One more month, thank goodness. They already estimate this little guy
to weigh close to nine pounds.” She patted her belly and her smile grew. Kristoff
came out of the study and stepped behind his wife. Griffin and Nikolas’s older
brother was large and intimidating, just like them, but she knew he was a
gentle giant. He wrapped his arms around Veronica and rubbed her stomach.

“Aunt MayMay.” Little hands tugged at her
gown and she dropped to her knees.

“What is it, sweetheart?” She smoothed her
hand down Faith’s ringlets.

“Baby.” The little girl pointed to Maylene’s
belly and grinned wide.

“That’s right, pumpkin. But there are
babies in my tummy.” She held up two
fingers and the little girl’s eyes grew wide.

“Daddy, daddy!” Faith ran up to her father
and he scooped the little thing into his big arms.

“Yes, my precious girl?” He kissed her on the
nose and she giggled.

“MayMay has two babies in her

“That’s right, and mommy has one.” Faith
reached for her mother and Maylene was struck by the love between them. It was
so thick it wrapped around everyone like a warm blanket. Kristoff came up to
her and pulled her into an embrace. “We are so happy you’re here.”

“And I’m happy to be here. Thank you for
sharing your home with us.”

He pulled back and smiled in response to her.

“You’re always welcome. Our home is your home.”
Kristoff gave her one more, light squeeze and pulled away.

She took a step back as the men embraced in
the way guys usually did: loud pats on the back and testosterone-filled handshakes.
Kristoff led them into the elaborately decorated dining room. Wreaths of fresh
pine filled the room and holly was sprinkled throughout. The table looked like
an artist had come by and personally created a masterpiece for the holiday

She took her seat between her two men and let
herself smile. They both had a hand on her body, which seemed to be the norm,
but she certainly wasn’t complaining. Nikolas took her hand and placed it on
his lap and Griffin wrapped his arm around her shoulder and played with the
ends of her hair. This certainly wasn’t how she expected her life to turn out.
She may have hoped it would, but she had always expected the worst and prayed
for the best. That was all one could do when being auctioned off, but she
certainly had lucked out with Griffin and Nikolas. She looked at Griffin, her
gentle, soft husband. He was always so careful with her, even more so now that
she was pregnant with the twins. Then there was Nikolas. He was engaged in a
conversation with Kristoff so she let herself enjoy the view. He was hard and
dominating the majority of the time, but when he was soft with her, it made her
feel on top of the world. The laughter and love that filled the room was near
to bursting. She had a family again, one that looked at her as something more
than property bought in the virgin auctions. Tears threatened to spill, but she
refused to let them fall, even if they were ones of happiness.

Griffin whispered in her ear, “I love you,
Princess.” She turned and smiled at him.

“I love you too, my little pet.” She squeezed
Nikolas’s hand and sighed.

Yes, they were hers and she was most
definitely theirs.


The End




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BOOK: Dominating Their Virgin Sub
2.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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