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Griffin walked her backward and when they
reached the bed he laid her gently down. Their first time didn’t have to be
fast and hard, demanding and assertive. When he took her virginity he wanted to
make her cry out in ecstasy. The morning sun streamed through the windows and
bathed her body in a heavenly glow. “So beautiful.” He ran his finger up her
arm, over her chest, and stopped at the swell of her breasts. He watched in
rapt awe as the dusky peaks hardened under his gaze. Not being able to control
himself, but knowing he needed to be easy with her, Griffin dipped his head and
sucked on the turgid peak. Running his tongue over the tip had her arching her
back and thrusting her chest further for his touch. The scent of her arousal
surrounded them in a musky, sweet saturation. He let go of her nipple with a
resounding pop and latched onto her lips. Sucking her bottom lip into his mouth
had her moaning. The feel of her hands grabbing his biceps, and her nails
digging into his flesh, had him thrusting his hips forward.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and he
grunted out, “That’s it, Princess.” Warm, wet flesh greeted his erection as he
pumped against her. Breaking away from the sweetness of her mouth, Griffin
looked down at where his dick glided up and down her pussy. Her lips surrounded
his length, and her wetness created a sheen from her arousal. For several long,
agony-filled moments all he did was watch his cock slide up and down her pussy
cleft. The little sounds of pleasure that left her had him pushing his hips
faster and harder against her. The tip of his cock bumped against her engorged
clit. He needed her to come, wanted to watch her become unhinged beneath him.
Reaching up to pull one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger had her
bucking against him. A guttural groan left him and he knew that if he didn’t
get her off soon he might be the one letting go first. That wasn’t going to
happen, especially when he wanted to feel the walls of her pussy clenching
around his cock when he came.

Pulling and tweaking her nipples had her
thrashing her head back and forth and crying out in bliss as her orgasm finally
claimed her. Her hips lifted and swiveled against him, seeking more of what he
gave her. It was all too much, and he needed buried inside of her. Taking hold
of the root of his cock, Griffin placed the pre-cum slicked head at the
entrance of her body and pushed inside her. Her eyes widened and her breathing
became shallow. If not for the fact she lifted her pelvis up for more and
murmured that she needed him inside her, he might have been hesitant in
continuing. He certainly didn’t want to hurt her, at least not unless it also
brought about her ultimate pleasure.

He pushed in another inch, and another, until
he was half-sheathed inside of her and felt her hymen. Every muscle in his body
was strung taut as her wet tightness surrounded him. She was hotter than hell,
but he had never wanted to get burned as badly as he did at that moment.
Panting above her like he had just run a marathon, Griffin eased out of her
slowly. When just the head of his erection was poised at her entrance she
grabbed hold of his wrists anchored to her hips.

“I want it, please.” She arched her neck and

In one swift move he slammed into her, breaking through her innocence until he
bottomed out. A strangled noise left her and she dug her nails deeper into his
flesh. Tiny beads of blood welled from beneath her peach-colored fingertips,
and that sight alone had the animal inside him breaking free. He moved in and
out of her, needing her to come on him, around him, and scream out his name.
Sliding a hand up her belly and between her breasts until he came to her neck
had him working his hips faster and harder. He circled his hand around her
slender throat, but made sure to keep it loose. The sight was an aphrodisiac, a
collar of possession and had the world fading around him. She gripped the hand
that was wrapped around her throat but didn’t try to remove it. In fact, she
held it to her as she pleaded for more. Sweat dripped from his temple and
splashed along the creamy swell of her belly. Her breasts bounced wildly from
his pounding hips against hers.

“Fuck.” Griffin threw his head back and sunk
in and out of her three more times before he let his orgasm claim him. His cum
shot out of his balls, through his shaft, and bathed the exquisite scorching
inside of her pussy. Her cunt clenched rhythmically around his dick and he
continued to pump his hips with astounding speed, drawing out as much of their
pleasure as humanly possible.
it, Princess.” Swiveling his hips slightly, he bumped against the tight little
knot buried deeply inside of her. Her eyes widened and her lips parted as she climaxed
around him again. Griffin lifted his head and stared at the mirror lining the
wall to the left of the bed. Nikolas stood in the doorway, his heavy-lidded
gaze trained on Maylene. Sweat dripped into his eyes and blurred his vision. He
looked down at his wife once again. She was the picture of beauty as she rode
out her pleasure.

She opened her eyes and stared up at him as
if in a trance. Nikolas made a gruff noise from the doorway and she looked
behind Griffin to stare at his brother. There was no embarrassment, only a
heated look of rapture. Despite Griffin’s orgasm he was still hard, still ready
to give Maylene more. When he pulled out of her a sense of loss filled him, but
then he watched as she got on her knees and kept her focus on Nikolas. She
dropped her head, already comfortable with the role her brother wanted from
her. Nik closed the door behind him and walked to the edge of the bed. He could
have left, but Griffin was going to claim their little sub again, and again,
and again.





Chapter Five


The way Nikolas moved toward her, like an
animal about to
wasn’t lost on Maylene. He
moved with a sureness that rivaled any predator in the wilderness. Being with
Griffin for her first time had been raw and untamed, but he had taken her like
a man that couldn’t get enough. It had been everything she imagined losing her
virginity would be like, but the one thing missing had been Nikolas’s presence.
It was strange knowing that after only one day she wanted both brothers so
ferociously. They were so different in their own way, and she found she wanted
both of them with the same intensity.

Taking the display position, Maylene waited
for Nikolas to touch her. She kept her eyes closed. He ran his finger across
one breast then the other. He did this over and over again until all she wanted
to do was thrust her chest out and seek out more of his touch, but of course
she was a good sub and held her place until he gave her a direct order. His
hand cupped her chin and brought her head up.

“Look at me.” She opened her eyes, and
although his expression was fierce there was clear desire written on his face.
While he kept her stare she heard his zipper sliding down. Her heart pounded a
fierce tattoo behind her ribs.

Griffin moved behind her. He placed his big hands
on her shoulders and gently pushed her forward. She was sore, but her arousal
and excitement overshadowed it. On her hands and knees, her position caused the
heavy, thick length of Nikolas’s shaft to brush against her lips. She wanted to
taste him, but waiting for his command came first. His pleasure was her
pleasure. Griffin, however, did not need any preamble. He thrust into her from
behind and she closed her eyes and moaned. Maylene may have gotten off already,
but her body didn’t care. She wanted these two men more than she had ever
wanted anything before. Giving them pleasure gave her pleasure, and that in
itself aroused her beyond comprehension.

Nikolas ran the crown of his shaft along her
lips and murmured, “Open your mouth and take me inside.” Maylene did as he said
right away. The flavor of him brought back remembrance for their time together
last night. Fresh juices from her pussy mixed with Griffin’s cum and slipped
out of her. The sensation should have been uncomfortable, but it made her
arousal ignite once again.

She paid attention to the vein that ran the
underside of his thickness. The pulsing sensation had her humming around him
and taking him deeper. When the crown touched the back of her throat she swallowed.
A thrill of pleasure at the knowledge she pleasured him like he had done to her
washed through her.

“So good, sweetness.” He cupped her cheek in
his hand and groaned. He gripped her hair on each side of her head and started
fucking her mouth. A wave of warmth spread through her. Hands on her bottom
sent a thrill to her core, and when Griffin’s hands landed on her ass in a
resounding crack, she couldn’t stop the gasp of surprise that left her. Over
and over Griffin brought his palm on her bottom, alternating cheeks until the
blood rushed to the surface. The stings of pain lent way to warmth then the release
of endorphins. His teeth grazed her spine a second before he drove his cock
into her pussy.

With her mouth full of Nikolas’s shaft she
could do nothing but moan from the impact. They alternated fucking her mouth
and between her thighs. Griffin reached around and rubbed her clit back and
forth, quicker and quicker until her inner muscles clamped on the fullness
pounding into her. She milked Griffin until the warm, powerful jets of his
release filled her.

“Take me all the way to the back, pet.”
Nikolas tightened his hands in her hair until the twinge of the strands getting
tugged on traveled through her whole body. She wanted to,
to, please Master Nikolas.

Hollowing out her cheeks and renewing her
efforts, she called forth her training on pleasuring a man through oral. With
her eyes closed and the post euphoric bliss still coursing through her, Maylene
focused her lips and tongue on Nikolas’s hardness. Small bursts of salty fluid
bathed her tongue and she knew he was close. He continued to thrust in and out
of her, fucking her with abandon. With one final hard pump he buried himself
all the way until the heavy weight of his balls pressed against her chin. The
heavy jets of his cum pumped in the back of her throat and she greedily
swallowed it. Griffin continued slow, languish slides in and out of her pussy, and
keeping the ecstasy humming through her body.

There was just too much, and his climax was
just too powerful. His seed slipped from her mouth and down her chin, but he
either didn’t care or he liked it because his cock continued to make small
jerks inside of her. When Nikolas was spent he pulled free. For several long
moments he stared down at her and smeared his finger with his cum that coated
her chin and brought it back to her mouth. Maylene sucked the digit inside and
made sure she licked it clean. Griffin pulled out of her, but before she could
miss his presence he gripped her around the waist and pulled her onto the bed.
With her back to Griffin’s chest, Maylene watched as Nikolas disappeared into
the bathroom. Assuming he was going to leave like last night she closed her
eyes and focused on her other husband, but a few moments later the bed dipped.
She opened her eyes and watched as Nikolas took a warm rag and cleaned her
gently, first her mouth then between her thighs. He had been so dominating that
this softer side showed what a caring and considerate Dom he was. When he was
done he lay beside her and pushed the strands of damp hair from her face.

“Would you like to take a bath?” Nikolas’s
voice was soft.

“No, thank you, Sir.” She was so tired, and
the deep, even breathing from Griffin behind her further lulled her to sleep.
“I’m tired, Sir.” She smiled and blinked up at him.

“You’ll be sore in the morning. The warm
water will help to ease your muscles.”

She didn’t answer, or maybe she did but it
was too quiet for him to hear, but that was the last thing she was aware of
before her eyes became too heavy to keep open and the blanket of darkness swept
her away.


Maylene sat and watched in stunned awe as
Nikolas and Griffin sparred. When they asked her if she would like to watch she
was hesitant, because violence was not something she cared for. But as she sat
on the blue mat and stared the men she was starting to care for circle each
other, she found watching them quite arousing. They wore no shirts, just loose-fitting
workout shorts that hung to their knees. Her eyes were riveted to the tight,
muscular ridges of their abdomens, and the defined V that disappeared into
their shorts. Sweat glistened off their chests, and the overhead fluorescents
only amplified the bulging of their muscles and the tensing of their limbs.
Watching them go after each other, their moves precise and fluid, was like
watching a pair of lions about to do battle on the open ground of the Sahara.

They explained each move to her when they
finished, and even though it was interesting to discover one of their passions,
she was more focused on their heaving, muscular chests, and the raw
testosterone that poured from them in waves. First there were moves such as the
Triangle Choke, a lethal looking move that sent Nikolas to the ground in submission.
Then came the Guillotine, which had Griffin pinned below Nikolas. These were
followed by a Heel Hook, Ankle Lock, and Armbar. They explained those
techniques were successful over a century ago, but have since been replaced
with more lethal fighting moves. Maylene knew nothing of the sport, not when
she was trained to be far from violence. Even though the moves were outdated
and not practiced anymore, Griffin and Nikolas still used them. That was all right,
though, because watching them and their aggression sent heat through her. Watching
them had her pussy sensitive and wet, and her nipples rubbing abrasively
against her shirt.

BOOK: Dominating Their Virgin Sub
10.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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