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“Are you cold?” The Master to her left, the
one with the perfectly combed hair, said. There was a note of concern etched
into his masculine face and something akin to hope flared in her chest. These
men could be the husbands she had always dreamed of: kind and caring, gentle
and attentive. They could be the perfect
she had
always imagined in her life. Maybe it wasn’t too farfetched that they would
cherish her and a relationship between them would blossom.

“No, Sir.”

“Griffin. You may call me Griffin.” His eyes
were kind as he regarded her. Maylene found herself smiling up at him.

“Thank you, Griffin.” She tensed when she
felt the other man place his big, heavy hand on her thigh.

“Look at me, Maylene.” Mouth gone suddenly
dry, Maylene turned and looked at him. He was harder than Griffin, especially
when he stared at her with his too-knowing eyes. Was she going to experience
both worlds—cruelty and affection? It wasn’t hard to imagine when Griffin
looked at her like a fragile piece of porcelain, and this Master looked at her
like he wanted to devour her. It was strange, but that realization didn’t
frighten her like it should.

His hand continued to run up and down her
leg, pushing the material to the side inch by inch until her naked thigh was
revealed. She was lost in his azure gaze, and when she licked her lips and
watched as his eyes tracked the movement, Maylene felt carnal desire pour off
him like a tidal wave.

“Sir?” The force it took her to breathe
caused her breasts to rise and fall rapidly against her robe.

“You may call me Nikolas…when I give you
permission.” He slipped his hand between her thighs and smoothed the pads of
his big fingers along her skin. “My brother may be lenient, but you’ll find I
expect your complete obedience.” And there was the Dom she expected to marry.
“Now open for me, pet.” The fact that he moved fast wasn’t lost on her, but he
was her husband now and had the right to her body whenever he pleased. If
Maylene was honest, excitement barreled through her at the fact he clearly
wanted her so much he couldn’t wait until they got to his home to have her.

Disobeying him was not an option, not only
because she was trained not to, but because
didn’t want to. A thrill of anticipation flooded through her as she slowly
parted her thighs. He smoothed his hand higher up, until he brushed along her
bare folds. Having a shaved, perfectly smooth mound was a requirement of all
virgin brides. Would her husbands want her to continue to shave it bare, to
keep it soft for their touch? Did it really matter, when his thick finger
parted her folds and brushed along her clit? Maylene was forced to breathe in
and out of her mouth to get enough air into her lungs.

“So receptive.” Griffin’s voice caressed the
shell of her ear and Maylene found her eyes closing as if they had a mind of
their own. He curled his fingers around the lapel of her robe and slowly pulled
it down, revealing her shoulder. His lips found her skin and he slowly dragged
them up and down, eliciting a moan from her. This certainly wasn’t the
submission she imagined, but Maylene reminded herself she had only been in
their company mere minutes. For all she knew, their real dominance would begin
behind closed doors. Would they require a complete D/s relationship, one where
she was to be their sexual slave at all times? Or did they only want her
submission in the bedroom? It was too hard to think about that right now,
especially when Nikolas continued to caress her with expert fingers. Until then,
she would absorb their soft touches and murmured words.

During the rest of the drive they continued
to touch her. Nikolas didn’t penetrate her, just teased her labia and clit
until she wasn’t above begging him for more. Griffin kissed the skin of her
shoulder, and dragged his lips and tongue up the side of her neck to her pulse
that beat frantically below her ear. Griffin skimmed his tongue and lips all
the way to her collarbone, licking and nipping the delicate bone until she
writhed between them. By the time they pulled up to the incredible estate, her
limbs were like pudding and she was soaked between her thighs. The silk that
covered her breasts scraped along her turgid nipples, making them even harder until
she had to bite her lip to stem off her whimper. The driver opened the door and
she followed Nikolas out. For a moment, Maylene could do nothing but stare at
the three-story brick estate. It was impressive and reeked of wealth. A heavy
palm on her lower back urged her forward and she looked over her shoulder at
Griffin. The soft smile he gave her had some of her hesitance waning.

Once she stepped inside, the marble beneath
her feet sent a flash of coolness up her body. When several servants dressed in
black and white hustled into the grand foyer, Maylene was acutely aware of her
nudity underneath the thin material of her robe.

“This is the Madam of the estate. She is
called Maylene.” Griffin’s voice was warm and comforting and wrapped around her
like a warm blanket.


She looked at Nikolas.

will take
you to freshen up.” A petite brunette stepped forward. She didn’t smile, didn’t
really even acknowledge Maylene. “When you’re finished she will show you to the
gardens, where we will dine.” Nikolas’s voice was a complete contrast to
Griffin’s—cool, calm, and distant. The brothers disappeared down a long hallway,
Maylene was whisked away to the second level.




Chapter Three


Griffin watched as the sun descended past the
thick bank of trees that surrounded their property. The estate had been owned
by their parents, and when they passed seven years earlier, he and Nikolas had
taken over the property. Kristoff had chosen to live closer to the city,
whereas they stayed thirty miles from him in their hometown of Hawkson.

“You seem happy.” Nikolas came to stand
beside him and handed a glass of scotch over. Dinner was being set on the patio
table, and the outer lights were now being turned on. The glow from the
artificial lighting coupled with the setting sun made for an enticing view.
Griffin took a drink and went back to watching the sun sink low in the sky.

“Yeah, I am.” When he had seen Maylene walk
out on the stage, he had known she was the one he wanted. Everything inside of
him had snapped to attention. The arousal had been instant, but it had been so
much more than that. Of course it wasn’t just about the sexual attraction, but
something deeper. Love at first sight wasn’t something he had ever believed in,
and he wasn’t sure if that was what he had felt when he first saw her, but
there was definitely a connection. The fact she was so receptive to their touch
turned a switch on inside of him. The smell of her, like warm apples and vanilla
ice cream, had his dick so fucking hard he couldn’t stand it. But he wouldn’t
approach her tonight. He wanted to get to know her, to ease her into what he
and Nikolas enjoyed. She was trained as a submissive, and he knew that, so the
dynamics of their relationship would have to be built.

Griffin turned and watched Nikolas down his
drink. “I know you felt something when you saw her. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t
have been the first to place the bid.” Nikolas didn’t look at him, but by the
way he shifted on his feet, Griffin knew his twin had indeed felt something for
their fiery little sub.

“Yeah, well, I think my attraction is a bit
different than yours, brother.” Nikolas turned and looked at him. “You could
easily fall in love with her, but I am not in the relationship for that.”
Griffin shook his head and felt his anger rise.

“Why does everything have to be about domination
with you?” They stared at each other for a suspended moment. “Don’t you feel
empty, Nik, like you’re missing something in your life?”

He shook his head. “No, Griffin. I had all
the company I could handle and was never empty.” Nikolas grinned but it didn’t
quite reach his eyes. “I agreed to share a wife with you because you’re my
brother and I love you. I want you to be happy. But Griffin,” he took a deep
breath, “I like what I like and there is no changing that. There is no denying
she’s beautiful and her submissive side calls out to me, but I meant what I
said.” Nikolas’s eyes were hard and determined. “I never wanted a wife, but…”
He looked toward the open doorway and Griffin followed his gaze. Maylene stood
in the doorway. She wore a dark green sundress, one that brought out the hazel
in her eyes and the redness in her hair. When Griffin looked back at his
brother, there was clear desire reflected in his eyes. “A permanent sub holds
quite the fascination.” Nikolas murmured, but it sounded like he was speaking
to himself. “Having a female submit to me 24/7 makes me harder than hell. I can
train her the way I want, teach her what pleases me.” Nikolas looked at Griffin
and said, “I can make her scream my name over and over again.”

The Dom in Griffin couldn’t deny that his brother’s
words painted a beautiful picture. Even now he could imagine Maylene on her
knees before him, the sound of his singletail cracking beside her naked body.
She would cry out for more, her arousal tainted with the anticipation of his
whip striking her ass and thighs. Of course he wouldn’t touch her, not in the
way she thought. Maylene would be anticipating the kiss of his leather, but he
derived his pleasure from the psychological aspect of it. The knowledge that
she thought she would feel pain by his hand had Griffin soaring high from the
power exchange. His brother might be a sadist, but he had seen the fire behind
Nikolas’s eyes as he held Maylene’s cheek and looked into her eyes. There had
been curiosity and another emotion Griffin had never seen displayed on
Nikolas’s face before. His twin might act like he wanted nothing more than a
permanent submissive, but Griffin had faith he would grow to care for Maylene
on a much deeper level, one that wasn’t strictly about finding his own release.


Maylene was led to an ornately decorated room
on the second level by Griffin after dinner. French doors graced the wall
across from the Victorian-style bed. Colored dressings in light pinks and cream
covered the bed and windows.

“This will be your room for the time being.”
Griffin’s deep voice sounded behind her and she spun to face him. Surprise
flared inside of her at his words. His body was big and imposing and blocked
everything behind him. Her instincts kicked in and she sank to her knees before
him. The need to please him was strong and she knew what tonight was about.
They had purchased a wife, and on the first night they always consummated the
marriage. Maylene was prepared, and found herself wanting it more than she ever
thought. True, she had just met Griffin, but there was something about him that
calmed her and called out to her in the same breath. His brother, on the other
hand, reached out to her submissive side. The Dom in him was like a steady beat
that pulsed through her. The dual sensations each man caused within her
combined in perfect harmony.

Hands gripped her upper arms and lifted her
to her feet. “No, Maylene … not tonight.” A beat of silence passed and still
she continued to stare at his perfectly shined black loafers. “Look at me.” She
lifted her head and stared his eyes. He smoothed his hand down her hair, over
the side of her face, and skimmed his index finger along her lips. “Tell me
about you, Princess. Tell me about your family, about what you dream of.” His
gaze was on her mouth and he continued to brush the digit back and forth over
her bottom lip. His words were spoken, soft and melodic, as if his actions
hypnotized. She didn’t want to talk about family, didn’t want to discuss her
hopes and dreams. She had spent the better part of her life amongst other
females just like her. Their only goal was being perfect in every way for their
future husbands. Any dreams she may have had existed no longer. They were the
fantasies of a young girl, now a wife.

“I…” She looked down, but Griffin was
insistent that she keep his gaze, as he lifted her chin up with his forefinger.
Before she could utter a word his lips were on hers and his tongue was licking
at the seam of her mouth. The taste of him filled her taste buds—spicy and
tangy, heated and intoxicating. His groan went right through her and throbbed
in the junction between her legs. Wetness coated her to embarrassing proportions
as her arousal climbed to a fever pitch. She wanted to please him, to make him feel
good. His pleasure was ultimately her pleasure. He wasn’t like Nikolas in the
clear dominance that poured from him, so she felt a little more courageous going
after what she wanted, but first she wanted his approval.

opened her eyes and found his eyes already open. He watched her intently and she
felt bared to him, body and soul.
Pressing closer to him, she hoped her boldness
didn’t anger him, but the feel of his hardness pressed against her stomach told
her he wanted more, too. But why wasn’t he acting on his desires? Surely he
didn’t truly mean he wanted to wait. Never had she heard of a husband not
taking their bride the first night. Maybe she didn’t please him as much as she
thought. Male arousal didn’t necessarily mean anything but a physical response.
She dropped to her knees and looked up at him. Hands going to the button of his
slacks, she started to undo it. Needing to make him happy was of utmost
importance, but when his hands stopped her, disappointment slammed into her.
“Do I not please you, Sir?”

BOOK: Dominating Their Virgin Sub
6.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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