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The Virgin Auctions, 4




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The year is 2135, and young women are bid
upon at the Virgin Auctions, a citywide event that allows wealthy men to
purchase young brides for an exorbitant price. These females are prepped from a
tender age to be docile and submissive wives that will please their future
husbands. Once they are bought, they are at the mercy of their owners.




Chapter One


Her ass was a pretty shade of red, and the
thin lines from Nikolas’s cane covered the spongy mounds in an erotic display
of her submission. Griffin St. Michaels watched his brother bring the cane down
upon the bottom and the back of her thighs over and over again with a precision
that rivaled his own. Their sub for the evening was a buxom blonde with big
tits and a willowy frame. He heard his brother speak softly to their sub.

“How do you like my lashes, sub?” Sweat
covered Nikolas’s bare back, but still his twin was relentless in punishing the

“They feel good, Sir.”

“Do you wish to use your

“No, Sir. I want more.”

“Ask me for another ten lashes, girl.” Griffin
turned around and watched as Nikolas held the cane tightly in his hand and ran
the tip of it up and down her spine. The goose bumps that popped up along her
body were visible even from where Griffin sat, across the room.

“May I have another ten, Sir?” She thrust her
ass out for more.

“If you want them, tell me why you deserve
them.” Nikolas kept his voice low and steady.

“I disobeyed you, Sir. I was greedy for more
pleasure, Sir.” The sub didn’t dare lift her eyes, not unless she wanted to be
punished further.

As his brother punished her, Griffin rose and
moved to the bar in the corner of the dungeon. The name might have others
picturing chains hanging from the wall, the moldy smell of earth, and
unspeakable torture devices, but of course it held none of those things. He
poured himself a drink, and listened to the sound of bamboo hitting flesh. It
filled the room with an air of pleasure and pain. Nikolas was the kind of Dom
that derived pleasure from giving pain. He was a sadist in his own right, and
revealed it in every strike of his cane to the body of their submissive
plaything. Griffin, on the other hand, considered himself more of a sensual
sadist. Just the act of making a sub think he would physically punish her, or
forcing an orgasm from her, brought Griffin immense pleasure. It was almost as
good as the act of penetration itself.

Watching the sub’s ass blush as Nikolas caned
her was enough of a visual pleasure in its own right, but where Griffin would
have stopped to stroke their submissive into compliance, Nikolas would rather
cause pain to seek his end result. Griffin supposed both methods worked well
enough, and always their subs were consensual in their play, but Griffin wanted
more. He wanted what their older brother Kristoff had: a loving wife and
beautiful daughter. Kristoff knew that he and Nikolas enjoyed being Dominants
and having their females submissive. Although their brother didn’t live that
kind of lifestyle, he was accepting nonetheless.

Griffin scrubbed a hand over his face and
watched as Nikolas unhooked the female from her bounds and scooped her into his
arms. He laid her on the bed and covered her body with the thick throw. Her
face was relaxed and her small smile told of the pleasure his brother had given
her, despite the fact she had been punished. Nikolas may like to deliver pain
for his pleasure, but he also made sure their sub for the evening got just as
much pleasure out of it. In the end the females always enjoyed it.

After ensuring their sub was comfortable, Nikolas
came beside him and made himself a drink. Griffin had been thinking long and
hard on how to broach the subject with his brother, but whenever the
opportunity presented itself Griffin found the words lodged in his throat.
These repetitive scenes with nameless subs were starting to wear on Griffin. He
wanted something more substantial, more meaningful. He didn’t necessarily want
a 24/7 D/s relationship, but he did want a submissive that would give as well
as she took.

“Not feeling like participating again
tonight?” Sweat gleamed off of Nikolas’s chest, and he breathed out roughly. He
cut his eyes toward Griffin at the same time he brought his glass filled with
whiskey to his lips. Now might have been a good opportunity to talk to Nikolas
about attending the virgin auctions as potential buyers, what with his brother
sated, but with the sub still on the bed it probably wasn’t the right moment.
This conversation would just have to wait until she was gone, and hopefully
Griffin could grow a set of balls and bring it up.

“I just find it…unfulfilling.”

Nikolas furrowed his brow. “How so?” He
poured himself another shot of whiskey.

Griffin did the same, knowing he would need
it. Nikolas wasn’t the type of man to settle on something, females included. They
had always had dominant personalities, Nikolas more so. Being twins, albeit
fraternal, there was a certain bond between them. Being brothers and twins,
they had always tended to flock to the same places and desire the same women. Their
first time had been at one of Andre Patrowski’s parties. Andre, a business
partner of Kristoff, had a shadier background, what with the drugs, drinking,
and hordes of women at his disposal. Things had changed with Andre. At least
Griffin had assumed they had. It wasn’t until after Kristoff’s new wife,
Veronica, had almost been killed by his late wife’s former lover, did
everything finally come to the surface. That was a hard year to get through,
but Kristoff and Veronica were now deliriously happy, and Griffin wanted that
too. Of course he wanted to share a wife and submissive with his twin.

“I just...” Damn, was it really going to be
brought to light right here? The look Nikolas gave him told Griffin that Nik
wasn’t going to let this go. He looked at the sleeping sub and breathed out. He
supposed he might as well bring it up. “I want something more permanent.” For a
solid minute Nikolas didn’t do anything but stare back at him. It was a
calculating glare, and his twin was trying to see exactly what the hell Griffin

“Something more permanent?” Nik said slowly.
He finished off his whiskey and leaned against the wall. Arms crossed over his
chest, he stared at Griffin, clearly waiting for him to elaborate. The fact
that they lived together and shared everything should have made this all the easier
to bring up, but of course that wasn’t the case. Nik liked what he liked and
seldom steered from that mentality, but they were getting older now, and it was
time for them to settle down.
wanted a wife and a family. If Nik didn’t want those things, then…well, Griffin
didn’t want to think about that right now, not until he heard what his brother
thought about taking on a wife. They had always been a team, and not having Nik
is his life because he wanted to stay out of a monogamous relationship was a
little frightening.

Griffin could have just gotten a bride for
himself, and not worried about what his twin said, but that wasn’t how their
relationship worked. They had always shared women, and that wasn’t going to
change just because he wanted a wife.

“Yeah, I do. I want a virgin bride, Nikolas.”


Nikolas took his seat beside Griffin. The
large, enclosed wooden stage would soon hold virgin brides up for auction. The
highest bidder would get the pleasure of taking the female, or females, home as
his rightful property. When Griffin had broached the subject of wanting a wife,
it had taken Nikolas a moment to fully comprehend. Griffin had brought up valid
points, of course, but even at thirty-four years old Nikolas had never even
considered settling down. He had always been content in his life as a Master to
his submissives. The power exchange between him and a sub exhilarated him, and
sent a rush of pleasure through every part of his body. For years their life
had run like a well-oiled machine, but now Griffin wanted different things. He
may not want exactly what Griffin did, but they were brothers, twins, and a
team. If Griffin wanted a wife to share, then Nik would stand by his brother.
Griffin may watch him wield his cane, but he
seldom took part in the play anymore. At first, Nikolas had questioned his lack
of participation, but when it became apparent his twin was growing distant in dominating
their subs, Nik had backed off.

BOOK: Dominating Their Virgin Sub
4.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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