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Mixing Business with Personal
t was Monday afternoon, and Dakota was in the middle of a business call when her assistant's voice came over the intercom, announcing, “There is a Tony here to see you.”
Dakota had called Tony twice that Saturday night and once on Sunday, to no avail. She wasn't sure if it was revenge or he was just simply up to his regular tricks, but she did know her heart was almost jumping out of her chest, knowing he was standing right in the lobby about ten feet from her office door.
“Send him in,” she responded.
As she hurried to conclude her phone call, she quickly applied some Mac Lip Gloss, fluffed her hair, sat up straight, and prepared for his knock on her door.
Tony stepped inside her office without saying a word. He closed the door behind him and his sexy six-four frame was in Dakota's direct line of sight for her to admire.
“Hey there, stranger,” she said.
“Hey, 'Kota.”
“What brings you up here? I thought maybe you were locked up again.”
“Aren't we funny, little Miss Business Breakfasts at Home ...” he said, giving her an mmm-hmm look. “I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by.”
Always ready for toe-to-toe combat, Dakota struck right back. “Maybe if you would make yourself more available, I would put pleasure before business.”
“Yeah, well, looks like you do a good job of that without me.”
“Tony, let's not turn the tables. You were the one missing all weekend—where were you?”
“When? After your business meeting at home in your robe?”
“Tony! ...” Dakota said, losing her cool for a minute. “I have been calling you since Saturday night.”
“The nerve of you, D. So, after you were done with your ‘business,' you didn't like that I had ‘business' to attend to.”
“Oh, you think you're funny, don't you, Tony? Let's not forget you were m.i.a. Friday night when I was waiting on you, then you were m.i.a Saturday night and Sunday when I was looking for you ... but I guess that's not my business.”
“I was hanging out with some friends at Justin's on Saturday night, and last night I went to a club,” Tony said, seeming to just want to get back to business, at least the business he had came to Dakota's office to tend to.
By this time Dakota had made her way from behind her desk to lean on the front of her desk, positioned directly in front of Tony.
“Sounds like you had yourself a bunch of fun this weekend,” she said.
“Well, we can't all work so hard until we have sleepovers.”
Dakota knew Tony. He wasn't mad at her, he was jealous. He wasn't comfortable with what happened on Saturday. He would never be the type to admit jealousy of no man or over no woman, but he sure wasn't good at hiding it, either. His jealousy was turning her on, since she was usually the one feeling that way and she was loving one of the few times she'd gotten the best of him. At that point she no longer wanted to talk about it; she was ready to move on to something else.
“Tony, are you going to let that go?” she said as she reached out to hold his hand.
“There is nothing to hold on to. Business is business, right?” Tony said in a semi-sarcastic tone.
“Exactly, and pleasure is pleasure.”
Familiar with Dakota's “I want some” voice, he decided to let bygones be bygones and see what she had in mind. “Let's say you make it up to me,” he said.
Now he was talking something Dakota wanted to hear. Feeling her hormones go wild, she said, “And how would you like for me to do that?”
“Well, let's mix a little business with pleasure,” he replied as he moved closer to her.
Not being able to resist it anymore, she didn't bother to respond, Dakota just leaned in toward Tony and kissed his lips. Tony, not hesitating to indulge, took his hand and placed it on her neck and kissed her back deeply enough to awaken every sense in her body.
Five seconds later, before either of them thought twice, Dakota reached over and locked her office door. Tony was grabbing at her dress straps, trying to pull them down, and Dakota was grabbing at his zipper trying to pull it down. Eventually they slowed down enough to get some of their clothes off. Tony was rock hard, and his eleven-and-a-half inch tool was looking to get to work. Dakota always grew with excitement at the sight of it. It was the best she had ever had—it had a great track record at keeping her satisfied.
After she pushed some things off her desk to make room, she sat back on it and pulled up her dress eagerly, waiting for Tony to plant his feet and align himself with her area of entry. After a few seconds of repositioning himself right, Dakota felt his head poking her in her pleasure zone. She dropped her head back in anticipation. Then she felt the thrust. She let out a loud moan, almost forgetting she was at work. Tony covered her mouth and began to drive in and out of her. As Dakota took the pleasurable pain, she tried to keep from making too much noise. She felt her wet walls welcoming his every movement inside of her. She felt his penis pulsating with excitement, which only made her more animated. She felt herself beginning to climax, and she grabbed on to his waist for dear life. After her body convulsed and she let out a silent moan, her body began to relax. Still, Tony wasn't done yet. He was, as usual, impressed with himself for pleasing her, but he was just as eager to bust his nut. He lifted Dakota up with one arm, and bent her body over her desk. Excited about what was to come, Dakota spread her legs with anticipation. She waited for the feeling of its head to rub up against her lower lips in search of entry. That was one of the best feelings in the world to Dakota, that feeling of expectation. Then, as she grabbed the edge of her desk for support, she felt him enter from behind slowly. Another amazing feeling went through her body. She could feel every inch slowly enter her from behind. He pulled back out just as slow as he had entered, and then back in. After about the third thrust, he started to pound harder and faster. She could feel his balls banging up against her. Just as he started to speed up with excitement, she felt his grip getting tighter on her hips. The fast pumps turned into one long one. He pushed inside of her real hard as if he was trying to reach her ovaries, as his body slightly shook with pleasure. The shaking stopped and Tony just leaned over onto Dakota's back.
Their hot and sweaty bodies were sprawled over Dakota's oak-wood desk. For a few moments they stayed like that in silence, breathing heavily. They eventually got up, and started to regain their composure after their kinky office quickie. Dakota started to giggle, realizing that it was quite humorous that they had just treated her office like it was a short-stay motel room. They got straight to business, with no foreplay whatsoever. Dakota looked at the mess she had just made—the guest chairs were out of place, and the top of her desk was cleared. The floor was covered with everything from papers and books to a stapler and paper clips. They spent a few more seconds reveling in their joy before they spoke to each other, officially ending the moment.
As Dakota fixed her dress and undergarments, she said “Mmm, mmm, mmm. That's what keeps me here, dealing with your ass.”
“Yeah, and that's what keeps me coming.”
Both humored by their compliments, they knew it was the sex that they shared that kept them entwined in their drama-filled relationship.
“I see you're no joke at work, because you wasted no time getting down to business.”
“Please, you were putting down the pipe. I was just trying to hang.”
“Later on, when you get home, I'll stop by for some more. I know how you hate having to keep quiet.”
Laughing, she said, “Just don't keep me waiting again like the other night.”
“I'll be there. I couldn't really get at you the way I wanted to just now, but that was a great appetizer to the main course.”
Just as equally satisfied, Dakota said, “Well, I'm happy to hear that. Anytime.”
As they both laughed and got themselves back together, they both had a happy glow about them. It could have been the good sex, or it could have been that they were both relieved that they were out of the hot water they had gotten themselves into over the weekend. But regardless of what it was, they were feeling good, and neither of them was thinking about all the drama from the weekend.
Guess Who?
t around 6:00 o'clock, Jordan had called Omar and told him she would be late getting home again, approximately 10:00 P.M. She could sense the frustration in his voice. He didn't say much, but she could tell his lack of response meant he had more to say. All he really said was, “Well, try to get home as early as possible, because you know Jason is going to want to wait up for you.”
Jordan hadn't spent much time with her son lately, and he had started this phase of whining and crying if she wasn't there at night. Even though Jordan hated not always being there for Jason at night, she knew that Omar felt the same way but just couldn't express it quite as immaturely as Jason did. It was rough for Jordan. Her family and career had put her between a rock and a hard place, and she was constantly trying to squeeze them both in.
As soon as Jordan hung up with Omar, she started to feel guilty. She was always working late, and although she knew it was a problem, she didn't know what to do about it. She decided, at least for the moment, she would resolve it. She decided to wrap up and head home early after all. She figured for once her work could wait, and she would surprise Omar. Besides, she was feeling real good; she'd had a smooth day in court with no real drama. She and Jayon were very professional, and there was no real awkwardness between them. Jordan and Jayon had been friends long enough to shake off just about everything, and once again they had.
After their terrible lunch on Saturday, Jordan and Omar managed to have a wonderful weekend. Omar finally put the negativity behind them and allowed them to have an enjoyable evening. They got a couple-massage at the Peninsula, and spent the evening at home watching movies and making love. They continued the fun on Sunday with breakfast in bed, and going to the science museum, one of Omar's favorite places. Then they went to dinner at The View in Manhattan, which happened to be a beautiful place. The rest of their weekend was just pure bliss. So when she heard Omar sounding upset, it gave her the urge to get home and keep their good thing going.
She pulled up in the driveway and noticed another car was parked there as well. She didn't think much of it until she walked by the car and noticed an open makeup kit in the passenger seat. Immediately, Jordan's inner spy surfaced. Her mind started wondering as she walked toward her doorway.
Oh, he thought I was working late so he thought he was slick, trying to put on that deprived-husband act ... I can't believe him ... I know he does not have some woman in the house with my child ...
she thought to herself.
Her mind couldn't complete her thoughts quickly enough to even know what was what. All she knew was she had a lot more pep in her step as she fumbled to get her house key in the keyhole.
Immediately en route to find Omar, Jordan walked straight toward the living room, where she heard the TV on. The room was empty. As she went to walk out, she noticed a purple blazer and a pink-and-purple purse sitting on the couch. She picked up the remote to turn the television off, and immediately heard a female giggling. She threw the remote down and began to walk toward the back of the house where she heard the voices. By this time her blood pressure was sky-high and butterflies were taking over her stomach.
She hot-stepped through the dining room, and as she approached the kitchen door she saw Omar standing across the kitchen table from some woman. The woman had blond hair and was dressed like she was one of those stank girls in the new Juvenile Video. The two of them must have been real deep into their conversation because neither of them noticed Jordan standing in the doorway. Omar was standing with his back to her, so Jordan couldn't get a clear look at the woman's face. All she was able to get a glimpse of was the blond weave halfway down her back.
Jordan just stood there waiting to see their reaction, when they saw her. The two of them continued talking and laughing when, a few seconds later, Omar walked toward the refrigerator, and then Jordan and this woman were looking directly at one another.
“Jordan—oh my God,” the girl screamed.
“Hey. What are you doing home so early?” Omar said in a calm voice as he closed the refrigerator door.
Jordan could have been on
America's Funniest Home Videos
, for all she knew—she had no clue what was going on. Omar's sense of calmness threw her off, and the woman's response surely wasn't what she expected, but she was way too riled up to be able to compute anything quickly enough.
“Wasn't expecting me, huh?” Jordan said, giving him a look that could kill. Before Jordan could register his response—or anything else, for that matter—the girl jumped up and ran toward her, opening her arms to hug Jordan.
“Lexia?” Jordan said.
“Yes—look at you, looking like Mrs. Cochran,” Lexia replied as she grabbed Jordan in her arms.
The two of them hugged for about a minute as they rambled all sorts of silly jokes to each other. Lexia definitely hadn't changed a bit. She was a grown-ass woman, still looking like she was auditioning for the sequel to the Players Club. She was only five-four, 115 pounds soaking wet—she was borderline skinny. She still wore a bleached-blond weave, with the bleached eyebrows to match. She was light brown, with hazel contacts. She had on a short miniskirt with a pink tank top and pink pumps. Her makeup was actually well applied, but was still more than the average female would wear on a regular day.
Omar had noticed Jordan's initial reaction and knew exactly where her mind had been. “I will leave you two to catch up,” he said as he walked out of the kitchen.
Full of shame for what she was thinking, but yet full of relief, Jordan said, “Where is Jason?”
“Upstairs in his room,” Omar said as he continued on his way out of the kitchen.
“Lexia, come take a seat in the living room. I will call Dakota to let her know you're here, but I want to run upstairs and see my baby first,” Jordan said.
Lexia followed Jordan back into the living room and took a seat on the couch. Omar had already gone upstairs, and Jordan was a few moments behind him. When she reached the top of the stairs, she noticed Omar in the bedroom. She walked in and immediately put her arms around him.
“I'm home so early because I wanted to continue where we left off last night,” she said.
“Yeah, or was it to catch me doing something?”
“Of course not, baby. Why would I even think that?” she said. Once she realized he wasn't responding to her nonsense, she continued, “I'm not going to lie—when I did get home and saw a woman was here, I didn't know what was going on. But that has nothing to do with why I am home. I'm sure you understand ... I didn't even know she was coming in today.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Omar said as he walked away from Jordan's embrace.
“Omar, let's be serious. I'm sorry I acted that way when I came in, but I'm home early because I wanted to spend some time with you and Jason.”
“Well, go tend to your company and we will be waiting for you.”
At that moment, Jason came to the doorway. “Mom-myyyy. . .” he shouted as he ran toward her.
Jordan picked him up. “Hey, baby. How's my little man?”
Like most kids, he answered that question with the details about what happened in school, how he scored eight points in basketball, and how he finished his homework. And after she gave him that “Mommy's so proud of you” line, she placed him back on the floor and told him, “Mommy has company downstairs—one of my old college friends is in town. So go play your PlayStation and I will be up before you're ready for bed.”
“OK, Mommy,” he said as he ran out of the room, back to his own.
Jordan sat next to Omar on the bed and kissed his cheek. “Baby, I am going to let her follow me to 'Kota's house, and I won't be gone long. When I get back, it's going to be me, you, and that massage oil,” Jordan said.
“OK, that sounds like a deal,” Omar said in a fake-excited voice.
Jordan could tell Omar was holding back what he really wanted to say. He just said that to get her out of the room. She knew that trick when she saw it, but not wanting to increase the negative aura that seemed to surround their marriage, she just went with it and headed downstairs.
BOOK: Diva Diaries
12.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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