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Unfamiliar Territory
hrasey stepped inside of his house, and instantly she felt awkward. She knew that this was not a good idea; even through the disoriented judgment caused by her alcohol intake, she still could sense the wrong in her actions. If she was to go through with this, it would be the end of all that she knew—her fidelity, her vows to Keith, and her innocence. Keith was the only man Chrasey had ever been with; he was all she knew sexually, and lately she didn't know much of that. She knew she had no business being there, and she knew she should be ashamed of herself for even coming to his house. She also knew that she wouldn't have been there if Keith had been a better husband to her, and catered to her needs and wants more. She knew that Keith never paid her a bit of attention, and took advantage of his belief that Chrasey would never stray. She also felt that Keith, too, was getting pleasure from outside of the marriage, while he just let her suffer in silence. With mixed emotions about her presence in Trevor's house, for some reason she just went with the flow.
He took her by her hand and walked her around his house. He had a nice home, especially for a bachelor pad. The living room was painted dark gray with black leather furniture. His carpet was both gray and black, with a beautiful silver coffee table right in the middle of the floor. Of course hanging from his plasma television were the wires to his PlayStation 2, like most men. He had expensive-looking paintings on his living room walls and professional pictures in frames on the mantel of himself, his parents, and his daughter. His dining room was spotless with a nice dining set. Displayed in his china cabinet, along with wedding souvenirs, were his daughter's memorabilia. The kitchen was also well kept, excluding some dishes in the sink.
The kitchen seemed to be his temporary destination—once inside, he pulled a bottle of champagne from the minibar that he had well stocked and took two flute glasses from the cabinet. As he set the glasses down and opened the champagne, no words were exchanged. Chrasey's discomfort must have been obvious, because he asked, “Are you OK?”
“I'm fine,” she replied.
“Listen, Chrasey, I understand if you aren't. If you want to stay and just sit and talk, I promise you we can do just that, and if you want to go, I will take you home right now. I am perfectly fine with whatever you want to do.”
It was clear all over Chrasey's face how comforting she found Trevor's words.
“Thank you, Trevor, but I'm fine ... this is a little fast for me, and I'm not one hundred percent cool, but I can hang for a bit. Besides, I'm not rushing home to someone.”
He handed Chrasey her glass of champagne. “Well, there is no pressure and no expectations on my part. As much as I would love to make sweet love to you tonight, we can take this whole thing as slow as possible.”
Chrasey just sipped on her Moët.
Trevor walked out of the kitchen and toward upstairs, with Chrasey behind him, to continue the rest of the house tour. There were two guest bedrooms furnished and decorated. The bathroom was a typical man's bathroom with nothing in it but a shaver and some toiletries. That was the one room with no scheme or interior design. Along the tour, Chrasey made comments and gave compliments on his well-kept house. She was also sure to tell him, “You forgot about the bathroom.”
“That's the guest bathroom—my bathroom is a little better-looking.”
“Well, why you have your stuff all over the guest bathroom?”
“So that I don't mess up mine as fast,” he replied.
They both laughed as they walked down the hall to the room that he had strategically waited for last.
“Here it is, my master bedroom.”
Chrasey looked around the room and was pleased to see that it was also just as clean and maintained. He had a king-size bed, and two nightstands, one on each side. A 42-inch television, with another game system sitting below it along with a DVD player. On the wall was a huge portrait of him and his daughter.
“She is a beautiful little girl,” Chrasey said.
“Thanks—that's Daddy's angel face.”
“It really sucks you and her mom couldn't work it out for her sake.”
“Yeah, I guess ... but we were young and we just outgrew one another. Trust me, we tried—sometimes it's just nothing you can do.”
Chrasey didn't comment, because she knew exactly what he meant. She felt that way from time to time with Keith—they also had outgrown each other. The difference was she was married with two kids, and it wasn't that easy to just walk away.
He picked up the remote and started to flick through channels. Chrasey sat on the foot of the bed looking at the television as well, both pretending that they were eagerly anticipating a good program to watch. It was damn near 3:00 in the morning, and they both knew what they were there in his bedroom for. Still, they wanted the motions to get everybody a little more comfortable.
He eventually landed on HBO, where
Four Brothers
was playing.
“You saw this before?” he asked.
“Good, me neither, and it just started like ten minutes ago ...”
Trevor kicked off his shoes and pushed back to the middle of his king-size bed. He patted the area beside him, telling Chrasey to do the same, and she did. She lay next to him with her head resting on his chest, propped up to see the television. About five minutes into the show, way before either of them could have possibly grasped what was going on with the movie so far, Trevor started to caress Chrasey's thigh. He slowly made circles up and down her thigh as far he could reach. It was sending chills through Chrasey's body, and it wasn't long before her slight squirming made it obvious that he was making her hot. Trevor knew that Chrasey's body was yearning for him. Just with that slight touch, she was ready for more. He began to raise his hand further up underneath her shirt until he felt her breasts. He began to slowly touch them as well; all the while they both pretended to still be focused on Andre Benjamin and Tyrese Gibson's attempt to find their mother's killer in the movie.
After a few strokes, Chrasey placed her hand beneath his shirt and started to rub his stomach. The more turned on she got, the lower her hand went. In less than three minutes, her hand was inside his pants and his hands were all over her body. Once she placed her hand on his manhood, he turned her over and began to kiss her. He moved too fast for her to even see what size tool he was working with, but she knew she would probably find out sooner than later. His kiss wasn't as slow and soft anymore—he kissed her with passion and aggression. It was obvious that his hormones were raging, and although he wanted to let Chrasey go at her pace, he was ready to take over.
While he kissed her mouth, her neck, and made his way down to her breast, he started to remove her skirt. He kept his mouth on her nipples as he took off her skirt with his hand down below. She helped him as she was trying to remove his pants. At this point both of their hormones were raging, and poor old Andre Benjamin wasn't getting an ounce of attention.
Both of them had taken off their clothes, all except Trevor's boxers and Chrasey's panties. Upon the sight of their half-naked bodies, Trevor decided to slow down to make the night more memorable for Chrasey, keeping in mind this was emotional for her, even though she had gotten caught up in the moment. He slowly kissed her stomach and continued all the way, going very slow until he made it to her place of privacy. As he pulled her beige panties out of the way, he looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and she was enjoying every minute. He continued below, and slowly began moving his tongue back and forth on her clitoral area.
Chrasey was squirming and moaning like she had never been eaten out before. This turned Trevor on even more—he felt like he was outdoing any sex she had ever had with Keith, and he wanted to make it that much better. He began to do all types of tricks with his tongue to heighten the sensation for Chrasey, and once he realized it was working, he grew more excited at her moans. He couldn't take any more. He climbed on top of her and started to kiss her neck as he put on the condom he pulled out of the nightstand drawer and positioned himself. He found where he needed to be and with one slow, gentle movement, entered her. Chrasey could feel what felt to be about ten inches full, inside of her. He completely engulfed her walls, and her body welcomed him.
For the next ten minutes he slowly made love to her, making sure he watched her body movements to prolong her pleasure. When she didn't seem obviously pleasured, he asked, “Are you all right, baby?”
“I'm fine,” she replied with a tone assuring him.
Once he knew that she was still into it, and hadn't drifted into guilty land, he continued trying to own her body. He slowly but vigorously stroked her, and simultaneously kissed her neck, and caressed her breasts and as much of her ass as he could reach. About ten minutes later, Chrasey let out a moan that if decoded said, “job well done.”
After her body stopped convulsing, Trevor lay down beside her and held her in his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder and they lay in silence. He just rubbed her arms and they both waited to regain control of their breathing.
“Are you OK, Chrase?” he asked, once a few minutes of silence had gone by.
“I'm feeling fine—thanks for asking.”
“My pleasure.”
“How are
?” Chrasey asked.
“I'm fine as well, just happy that you're good.”
That was Trevor's way of saying,
I know I didn't finish off but I just want tonight to be all for you
. As long as she was sexually satisfied, he was happy. That was the sweetest thing, which was just what Chrasey needed. Had they continued, she would have had too much time to think while she waited for him to come. Then she wasn't sure if she liked the idea of him walking away unsatisfied.
“You sure you don't want to continue? I don't want to be selfish.”
“Trust me, I'm just fine. I would have come any second if you didn't finish—then I would have felt bad. You can make it up to me next time.”
Next time?
she thought to herself. Wow, he already has plans for the next time. What does he think, that I am going to be his mistress? After she thought about it, after that sex session, she would be a fool not to. They lay there cuddling for a bit longer, until they were both fast asleep.
About an hour later she woke up, and saw the time. She knew that she should have been home long ago and she must have completely lost her mind. She had to be on her way to work in a few hours. She looked for her shirt that was somewhere on the side of the bed, and she picked it up. As she pulled it over her head, she still couldn't believe that she was sitting on the edge of Trevor's bed, half-naked. All the thoughts racing through her head weren't even making sense to her. All she knew was she had changed her life forever.
Just as she pulled her skirt on, she felt Trevor moving in the bed. He had still been asleep as she was getting herself dressed.
“Where are you sneaking off to?” he groaned as he looked at the clock.
He sat up and she felt his arms embrace her from behind and his lips touched her neck.
“Trevor, I have to get home.”
“I was hoping you would stay the night with me.”
“I can't. I have to get home. And the night is gone—it's the morning time.”
“OK, I will take you. I don't want you to take a cab this time of night.”
It was 4:45 A.M. on a weeknight, and Chrasey felt a guilt she had never felt before in her life. It wasn't just her husband who was probably pissed off and possibly worried sick, but her children, whom she hadn't prepared for school the next day. Here she was in some guy's bedroom—a man she hardly knew.
Her friends didn't even know she was there. At around 1:30 A.M., while they were all still at the club, Chrasey had walked over to the table that she and her girlfriends were stationed at and told them that she was going to get something to eat with Trevor. Of course, Jordan advised her otherwise, and once Chrasey made it clear that it was too late, she had already said she would go, Jordan warned her and told her she'd better be careful with this guy. Dakota told her to be careful and have fun, and Lexia cheered her on, telling her at least she was lucky to leave with a man instead of, and unlike, the three women she came in with. She knew when she walked out that she and Trevor may end up having something to eat, but they weren't going to a restaurant.
She had two missed calls on her cell phone, one from Jordan's house at 2:30 A.M., and one from Dakota's cell phone at about 2:00 A.M. She wasn't trying to call anyone back this time of morning; besides, she knew she couldn't face anyone. On the car ride home, Trevor and Chrasey shared the most uncomfortable silence. He knew that because she was heading home, what she had done was probably making her feel guilty. He reached over and touched Chrasey's leg, and just lightly caressed it as if to say, it's going to be OK. The touch made the emotions surface even more, and her eyes began to tear. The rest of the ride, Chrasey cried silently to herself and Trevor didn't even notice.
BOOK: Diva Diaries
13.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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