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Authors: Janine A. Morris

Diva Diaries

BOOK: Diva Diaries
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Diva Diaries
Janine A. Morris
Kensington Publishing Corp.
All copyrighted material within is Attributor Protected.
Table of Contents
Title Page
1 - Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me
2 - About That Time
3 - Friend or Foe?
4 - Here We Go Again ...
5 - Prince Charming
6 - Rise and Shine
7 - What a Celebration
8 - Surprise Visit
9 - Mixing Business with Personal
10 - Guess Who?
11 - Why Try?
12 - Girls' Night
13 - Boy Toy
14 - Sexy Sisters Night
15 - Unfamiliar Territory
16 - The Morning After
17 - Let Me Work It
18 - Storytelling
19 - Something New
20 - Jordan's Jayon
21 - Femme Fatale
22 - This Can't Be Wife
23 - Go, Shorty—It's Your Birthday
24 - The Night Is Young
25 - Bedtime
26 - On the Scene
27 - Small World
28 - Decisions
29 - Perfect Timing
30 - Two Birds with One Stone
31 - The Freaks Come Out at Night
32 - Loose Lips
33 - It Hits the Fan
34 - Jekyll and Hyde
35 - Support Group
36 - Boiling Point
37 - Make Me Over
38 - Rebound
39 - Can't Fool a Friend
40 - Done in the Dark, Comes to Light
41 - In Retrospect
42 - On the Table
43 - It's Been Fun
44 - Déjà Vu
45 - Breath of Fresh Air
46 - Dear Jordan
47 - While Supplies Last
48 - All Alike
49 - Friends That Pray Together, Stay Together
50 - 1-800-Caught
51 - Up-Close and Personal
52 - Do Not Break Glass
53 - Fantasy World
54 - Two Wrongs Make Us Even
55 - Broken-Hearted
56 - Sisters Soiree
57 - Hello There
58 - Prisoner at Home
59 - Risky Business
60 - When All Else Fails
61 - Brown Sugar
62 - Eight Days Past Due
63 - Back to Business
64 - Beauty of Life
65 - Lordy Lordy Lourdes
66 - Too Late
67 - Divas' Downfall
68 - Two to Tango
69 - Love You for Life
70 - If Only
71 - She Surfaces
72 - Just Checking
73 - Oops
75 - Gold Digger
76 - Broken Vows
77 - Heart to Heart
78 - Off the Market
79 - Better Never Than Late
80 - No Place Like Home
81 - Don't Wait Up
82 - Sincerely, Ms. Moore
83 - Back to Reality
84 - Playing House
85 - Reality
86 - Guilt Trip
87 - Birds of a Feather Flock Together
88 - Wires Crossed
89 - Memories
90 - Emotional High
91 - Wake Up ... DREAM OVER
92 - Guilty Conscience
93 - Pot Calling the Kettle Black
94 - Hide and Seek
95 - Man's Job
96 - Too Much
97 - Trying to Tell Me Something
98 - Man Up
99 - Long Overdue
100 - Change of Plans
101 - Lean on Me
102 - Rock-a-Bye Baby
103 - Pain and Pleasure
104 - One Day
105 - Too Late
106 - Rise and Shine
107 - Worth a Shot
108 - For Life
109 - About That Time
110 - Second Chance
111 - Playtime
112 - Confessions
113 - All Hers
114 - It Was Fun
115 - It Takes Two
116 - Anything's Possible
117 - Karma
Copyright Page
I dedicate this first and foremost to my parents!
Mom, the source of my strength—you are truly a
phenomenal woman.
Dad, my backbone and inspiration, I will always be your
little girl.
My brother, who is my protector and friend.
My sister, my other half—it's automatic!
My nieces and nephews, Tylah, Leila and Hamilton.
My twin brother who may have left me in the flesh,
but whose spirit keeps me striving every day.
You are my angel.
My girlfriends Sytieya, Derica, Nicole, Rene and
Ebony—thanks for all the listening ...
And to Ahmad—my love and my best friend—“You Are
My Air.”
“Why can't your heart do what your mind tells it?”
First and foremost, I want to thank God. I thank you for allowing me to obtain my dreams, and for all your blessings. I thank you for loving me regardless of anything. I am so grateful for all that you do in my life.
I want to start by thanking Dafina Books for helping me make a dream come true. Karen Thomas and Nicole Bruce, thanks for all the patience through my annoying and stressful journey. Barbara Bennett, thanks for all the advice and inspiration with my law school journey. You have been an angel to me through all of this.
I must thank Frank Iemmiti for believing in me and my possibilities from the very start. Although I was still a college kid, you stuck with me, and gave me opportunities and allowed me to learn and grow hands on. I have so much to be thankful to you for. You're still one of the best people I've ever worked for or with, and I love you for all that you've done. Andrew Mosko, you too were there from the start, when these ladies were just a thought—smile. Thanks for your skills that helped bring the story to life, which helped it be what it is today.
I also want to thank my radio family. Envy, the People's choice, my real buddy, I love ya, and I wish you nothing but blessings. Ebro, for being my big brother in the business. Tracy Cloherty, thanks for being my friend and a mentor. Barry “Big” Mayo, John Dimick, Angie Mar, the Voice of New York, I respect you for being such a strong talented female. Enuff, thanks for always supporting me. Kay Slay—holding you down always. Shaila, thanks for never doubting me. Miss Info, thanks “little bit.” Fatman Scoop, love ya with your ignorant self. Funkmaster Flex, the Franchise, you're a big reason why I'm still in this game. Bugsy, all those hours of advice is more appreciated than you know. Mister Cee, Absolut, since Forest Hills '97. Jazzy, Dennis, Kulture, Bobby Konders, Jabba, Cocoa, La La, thanks Girl. Clue—“Queens run this, ask Russell Simmons.” Mega, Cipha—don't get me gassed. Raqiyah, Ralph McDaniels, Jonesy, Tay, Rod, Camilo, Julie Gustines, Kesha Monk, Lenny Green, keeping the ladies of the tri-state feeling sexy. Michael Baisden, thanks for the advice. Toya Beasley, you're an inspiration for black females, keep me in your prayers. Alex Cameron, a fellow author and marketing guru, thanks. Tricia Clarke, I can't thank you enough, many blessings to you and your fiancé. Ruben, the Bronx, Donyshia Benjamin, Patricia Robinson—a real Scorpio diva at her best. Nikki Smith, you know what it is, and thanks for everything. Gwynet Cowan and Randi Hatchel—my girls; and everyone else at Emmis ... thanks for everything and I love you.
I want to thank Alicia McFarlane and Lisa Grant, my friends and classmates. I don't know what I would do without you sometimes. We're going to get through this law school thing ladies—and well. Some people God put in your life for a reason, and I know you two are two of those people.
Ebony, thanks for being there all those years. “We got it going on ...” Tenille, happy to know there are still some “good girls” left, smile. Nelcida, you have a blessed inside and out. My girls Suky, Sister, Rene, and Munchkin, our ladies nights out are the highlights of my post college years. You were the inspiration and strength for this book. The power of friendship is amazing. When we just can't take it anymore, any spot in the city that can handle six loud emotional women is all we need, because we already have each other. “Miami here we come.”
Speedy Claxton, I love you, too, and thanks for everything, especially all the spontaneous nights out when I needed them most—just never forget—Cerebellum.
“Mommy” Meggett, thanks for the advice and input, and all the love you have showed me from day one.
Ahmad, saying thank you isn't enough. You already know that I love you and appreciate you for everything that you do. When I had to stay on my computer for days at a time, you made sure I had food and water ... and Pina Coladas (smile). When times got rough you made them easy. When I was feeling overwhelmed you reminded me I could do it. You are truly my joy. I am blessed to have you in my life. There isn't a thing that I wouldn't do for you, and I know you are here for me as you always have been. “This is like something from a fairy tale.”—“I'm in this for the long haul.” Edwyn, I love you with all my heart. B.F.F.
Last but surely not least, thanks to my family for tolerating me. Mommy for holding me down, and setting an example for me of what a black woman should be. Tasha for being my other half and a shoulder that I can always count on. I couldn't love you enough TT, and thanks for the creative jumps when I was fried; JR for allowing me to grow up knowing I was safe from harm, and always being there. Dad for allowing me to know what to expect from a real man, I love you, Pop. No matter how old I get, I'll always be daddy's little girl. To my entire 100+ Morris/Young family—thanks for the support. I love you all.
BOOK: Diva Diaries
7.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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