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Boy Toy
revor had called almost every day that week, and he had met Chrasey for lunch once. Every morning she put a little extra effort into her clothes and makeup, never knowing when she might see him.
The last time he called her at work, when she answered her phone, the first thing he said was, “I'm downstairs with lunch and I am waiting for you.”
After Chrasey was sure he wasn't pulling her leg, she went downstairs to find Trevor parked in his car. When she walked around to the passenger side to get inside, she noticed a picnic basket in the backseat. Trevor had packed some sandwiches and snacks. Chrasey couldn't believe it, but she tried not to act too excited. She had been married to Keith for eight years and he had never done something so sweet.
They pulled over and parked by a pond close to Chrasey's job. They unpacked the picnic basket and ate their lunch and talked. They talked about Chrasey's marriage, Trevor's daughter's mother, work, life, and ambitions. By the time Chrasey had to head back to work, they had talked about almost everything they needed for a detailed introductory class about one another. All the while they talked, Chrasey was enjoying the lunch that was so well put together. Trevor had sliced some fruit in little Tupperware containers, he had all the condiments in the cute mini Heinz jars, and he even had rolled-up napkins with the utensils inside. It wasn't just a basket thrown together; Trevor really put time into their lunch together. Chrasey couldn't recall the last time Keith put effort into anything pertaining to her.
Trevor drove Chrasey back to work and assured her he would be in touch. Ten minutes later, Chrasey was sitting at her computer when her cell phone rang. It was Trevor. “Just checking on you,” he said.
Chrasey was floating on cloud nine. She wasn't that easy to take there, but at a time like this when her marriage was depressing her daily, Trevor was just what the psychologist ordered.
Through their talks she could tell he wasn't just trying to be a player. He rarely made flirtatious or sexual comments, and he really seemed to want to get to know her. He let her talk about Keith, never putting him down or comparing him. He actually advised Chrasey not to read too much into his actions and explained that it's hard for men to open up. Most men would try to say how bad a husband Keith had been to win points and make it seem as if they were so much better at tending to a woman's needs. Not Trevor—he made it clear that all men had issues just like women do, but men aren't trained to express themselves. He advised that it's best to just be patient to make things work. So even though Trevor didn't seem to be trying to disrespect Keith's wife, he was closer to her than any other man had gotten in a long time.
Chrasey walked in the house and Keith was sitting on the couch watching TV as usual. She walked in, gave a brief hello, and headed toward the dining room. She didn't bother to bend over and give Keith a kiss, because she knew he wouldn't acknowledge it or care either way. She was fed up with giving so much effort to the marriage and getting nothing back, so she had decided that until he could at least hold a decent conversation with her, she wouldn't keep trying to be a perfect, perky wife.
She walked upstairs to see what her children were doing. When she got to their bedroom door, they were both in their room playing a video game. She stood in the doorway.
“What are you two doing? Your homework better be done,” she said.
“Not yet—Daddy said we could play a game first,” Quinton said.
“It is almost 8:00—get your butts up right now and start your homework,” Chrasey said as she went to turn the TV off.
Ignoring their whiny complaints, Chrasey walked straight downstairs to Keith. “Why didn't you have them start their homework when you brought them home from school?”
“I told them they could play a game first,” Keith defended.
“So not only in addition to cooking dinner and giving them a bath and getting them ready for bed, I also have to get their homework done? You couldn't at least do that?”
“Chrasey, please. I don't want to hear all of this. If you don't want to bathe them, don't, and if you don't want to help with their homework, don't.”
“Keith, they're kids—one of us has to do it.”
“Well, go do it instead of wasting more time.”
“I can't believe you, Keith. What is happening to you?”
“What's happening to me is my wife keeps nagging me—I'm trying to watch the game.”
“I'm surprised you still call me your wife—you damn sure don't treat me that way,” she said as she went to walk away.
“What's that supposed to mean?”
Shocked that he even responded or was bothered by the comment, she quickly replied, “You don't. You treat me like the maid for your kids.”
“Chrasey, please. They're your kids, too, and you're their mom—that's a part of your role.”
“There are no roles, Keith. I have to work just like you, so you can help with the kids just like me.”
“All right, Chrasey. Whatever. Next time I won't let them play a game.”
She just walked away. He didn't even get it. This was far from about a game. Chrasey knew that on most nights he was great with the kids, and when she wasn't there he did a great job of getting things done before she got home. It wasn't that she wanted to make a big deal about this one night that he didn't get them ready for bed. It was just that his teamwork in their marriage overall was terrible, and what made it harder to deal with was she knew the old Keith and she hadn't yet adjusted to the new one. He used to be so sweet, bringing home flowers every payday, attentive, helping with any and everything. These days, it's like he couldn't care less. She couldn't even remember the last time he brought flowers home.
Sexy Sisters Night
very Thursday the Mirage Club on Fifty-sixth and Third hosts Sexy Sisters Night, and rumor had it that it was always jumping. Dakota, Jordan, and Chrasey had been planning to get together and go for months. They all had separate reasons for wanting to go. Jordan and Chrasey weren't the club type, but Mirage was known for being an entertainment industry hot spot, and Jordan was slacking in her networking. Dakota also had a few clients that told her she should stop by and she wanted to make it so she could at least say she'd been, and Chrasey just desperately needed a night out. Their busy schedules always got in the way, but since they promised to take Lexia for a night on the town, it was a perfect opportunity.
Once inside, they all figured out just why the night was called Sexy Sisters—the ladies walking around were absolutely gorgeous. It looked as if the promoters had paid every supermodel in the tri-state area to attend. Of course, there were your average-looking and normal good-looking females walking around as well, but the majority of these girls were flawless; and of course that meant that there were enough men to start another million-man march. The spot was definitely hot, and the place was filled to capacity, especially crowded for a work night. There were model chicks dancing on some of the tabletops in skimpy outfits, and the waiters and waitresses were dressed in similar skimpy outfits. It wasn't hard to tell that the club was selling and promoting sex, and the women were four new consumers.
After about three minutes of standing back admiring the crowd and soaking up the vibe, Dakota suggested a trip to the bar. Once Lexia's low-cut shirt gained the bartender's attention, Dakota ordered an apple martini for her and a hypnotiq for Lexia. Chrasey then ordered her favorite, a Mudslide, and Jordan an Amaretto Sour. Feeling that successful, independent feeling from knowing that they didn't have to wait for no man to buy their drinks, they went along about their business. As they sipped on their drinks, they glided along, looking for a place to settle. Other than Lexia's completely “come get me” outfit, the ladies looked stylish, classy, and sexy themselves, giving fair competition for all of the sexy singles.
As they turned to walk away from one dimly lit area of the club, they peeked inside one cornered section. As they realized there were no seats, they turned to walk away when Chrasey felt a hand on her arm. As she turned around, standing behind her was Trevor.
“Hey there, stranger,” he said.
“Hi, Trevor,” she replied with almost too much obvious excitement.
“It looks like I'm going to have to become a stalker just to get your attention,” Trevor said playfully.
“No, I was meaning to call you. It's just that I have been so busy.”
“Yeah, yeah, I bet. You found time to come here.” Right about then, Jordan nudged Chrasey to get her attention.
“Oh, I'm sorry. Trevor, these are my girlfriends Jordan, Dakota, and Lexia. Ladies, this is my friend Trevor.”
After a round of handshakes and nice to meet yous, Chrasey gave Trevor a little hug good-bye, the normal call-me routine, and walked away.
After walking to a few more of the seated areas, they finally found a table and sat down to finish their drinks and talk. As soon as everyone was situated, Dakota yelled out over the music, “You didn't mention that Trevor guy was fine.”
“He's OK,” Chrasey said. “Besides, it's nothing like that.”
“It didn't look like nothing,” said Jordan.
“Well, I hope it's something, as young and fine as he is,” said Dakota.
By the time everyone's opinion had been stated in regard to what Chrasey should be doing with Trevor, drinks were low and the special music guest was due to come out in another twenty minutes or so. Jordan had agreed she would stay until the performance was over, so she was excited to hear that announcement. She was enjoying herself, but she had to get home to her family; she was feeling guilty that she found time to do this and she hadn't had a spontaneous night of fun with Omar in months. But hearing the special guest was New Edition made her feel like it was that much more worth it—she loved them.
Lexia volunteered to go get seconds on the drinks. Everyone except Jordan asked that Lexia bring them a second round. No more than ten seconds after she walked away, Dakota began to vent.
“I am so frustrated—I want my place back,” Dakota said.
“ 'Kota, you said she was welcome,” Chrasey said, jumping to her defense.
“I know, but things are going so well with me and Tony and we can't even be free with her around. She is always walking around in skimpy clothes, and she is always on the phone with some friend of hers from back home. This girl calls at least every day, if not twice a day. It is driving me crazy,” Dakota replied.
“That's what you get, Miss. She can stay with me—I don't mind,” Jordan teased.
“It's not that I don't want her there, but I have like two or three more weeks to go. And to be honest, I just want a break. You know how I am. I moved out from our suite in college because I needed my privacy, and I love you guys.”
“Well, it's not that much longer ... besides, you need to be watching her around Tony and not her phone calls,” Chrasey warned.
Before Dakota could put her drink down and respond, Trevor was approaching the table.
“Sorry to interrupt you ladies,” he said to all the eyes that were on him. “I came to see if I could possibly have this dance,” he said, looking at Chrasey.
Feeling the pressure from the six eyes watching to see her next move, she thought fast and quick.
“Actually, I don't like rap that much,” she responded. As if she was being given a moral test by Jordan and some other force, before Trevor could reply, the song changed to Sean Paul's “Give Me the Light.”
“Well, that's your jam,” shouted Dakota as she pulled her up toward Trevor.
Wishing she could kill Dakota and the DJ behind the turntables, she stood up. Trevor smiled and took her hand in his and started toward the dance floor. She followed close behind Trevor, and took advantage of the opportunity to tastefully take a glimpse of his firm butt.
As soon as they hit the dance floor, Chrasey realized she did really want to be out there. It was probably her guilty conscience by the name of Jordan making her feel like it was a naughty thing to do. She knew she felt deprived of the opportunity to be up close and desired by a man, and she was more than happy to be up close and up against this young and sexy, fine specimen. She noticed a few younger and sexier girls checking him out on the way to the floor, and that made her feel that much more special. As soon as they were positioned on the dance floor, he started winding and grinding up against her. Refusing to let him down, she winded and grinded right back, showing him what she was working with. As she rose to the occasion, so did he.
As the next song came on, Lexia was just returning to her seat.
“What took you so long?” Jordan asked.
“The bar was busy,” she responded.
“Who was that girl you were talking to?”
“Just someone I was chatting with while I waited,” she replied. Without waiting for a response, she continued, “And I see Chrasey is out there getting her groove back.”
As they all watched Chrasey and Trevor tear up the dance floor like they were teenagers, they couldn't believe it was Chrasey. Chrasey couldn't believe it was Chrasey. She was so into the moment, it was as if it was just the two of them in the room. She had no fears about what if one of Keith's friends saw her, what was Jordan thinking of her, nothing. All that mattered during their dirty dancing was the two of them, and she was feeling damn good. She knew she was feeling him when she answered yes when he whispered in her ear,
“Will you come home with me tonight?”
BOOK: Diva Diaries
13.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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