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When I rolled, I must have hit
something because a beeping sound filled the room and a nurse came
rushing in.

"Oh, good! You're awake!" her brown
hair swung in its ponytail as she smiled down at me. I nod and was
about to say something but it came out more as a croak. "Oh, right!
Here, have some water." she says this as she hands me a cool glass
full of water.

I drink as she helps the cup to my dry
and chapped lips. When the water hits my tongue, I gulp greedily. I
hadn't realized how thirsty I was until now.

"Whoa, there. Slow down or it won't
feel too good." She takes the cup from my mouth and I slowly drink
it for the next two minutes. I clear my throat and try to talk

"Thank you." it comes out a little
raspy but I continue anyway. "How long have I been

"Three days," she says this
as if it was no big deal. Three days! So many things could have
happened since then. I start thinking about Shane and if he missed
me, if mom came to the hospital to see me, or if anyone from school
was worried-namely Rane. I mentally shake my head.
Now why would someone like Rane be thinking if I
was okay? He wouldn't be.

I just nod and was about to ask some
more questions to see if I was alright when another person came in.
His black hair was in contrast against the white of his lab looking
coat. He came closer and I noticed the gray around his

"Hi. I am Dr. Smith. I see that you are
awake- which is good. I came to tell you how your health is." I
sigh. I hope to get good news.

"Good, I hope?" I look into his kind
light brown eyes. This time, he sighs.

"Good and bad." Bad? I hope not too
bad. Before my thoughts could make up bad things that I could have,
he started to talk. "The baby is fine, fortunately-" I interrupt
him as I realize what he said.

"Wait- what
?!?" I don't think I
heard him correctly. I get into a sitting position and look at the
man in front of me. His face is set in shock.

"You didn't know?" as I shake my head
he says, "Well you are one month pregnant, my dear.
Congratulations." My head spins at the news. "Now in the fire you
nearly lost he/she but he/she is one strong baby and

I don't really hear anything after
that. I was pregnant... and Rane was the father.

Damn, can my life get any
more weird? Next thing you know, werewolves will be real. Oh wait-
they are.

Chapter 9

I didn't tell anyone. Rane didn't know,
but neither did my mom or Shane. I couldn't bring myself to tell
anyone. It's eating me alive.

Rane had been watching me a lot since I
came from the hospital. He even came up and asked if I was okay
with a concerned and worried look on his face. He seemed sincere
and I believed him. I told him I was fine, a lie of course
considering I was pregnant. I avoided him some more.

It's been a month since I left the
hospital. I am now about 10 weeks and 6 days pregnant (yes I have
been counting). I woke up this morning with the intention of
telling Rane, but now that I am walking up the steps to Falneama
(Fall-nee-ay-ma) Creek High School, I suddenly have absolutely no

It has all just drained out of me like
someone pulled the drain plug and it all swept right out of me. I
see Rane as I go through the door and into the halls. He leans on
the lockers, surrounded by his friends. They all are jocks and good
looking. They're like a group of the hottest guys and girls.
Muscles, flat stomachs- yeah that kind of thing.

I slowly walk past them and bite my
lip. I know I have to tell him but I won't just walk straight up
into their little group. They would definitely embarrass me in
front of the whole school. I will just have to wait and see if I
can find him alone.

My pen taps the edge of the
desk- a
tit tat tit
sound- and my right leg bounces up and down. I haven't been
able to get a hold of Rane yet today and I'm already in third, the
teacher lady droning on and on. My paper sits blank and untouched
in front of me, without an answer circled.

The bell rings and I run up to the
front, slamming the paper onto Mrs. Finter's desk. She looks up a
bit startled but I'm already out the door. I have a sudden burst of
courage as I see Rane. I use it to my advantage.

I don't care that I bump into some of
the popular people on my way to them. I barely see the surprise and
relief plastered onto their faces. I don't much care for the
protesting "Hey"s or "Watch it, Bitch"s form the group

I just grab Rane's hand and pull him
into an empty classroom. Surprise along with glee coats his
handsome face.

"I-I have to tell you
s-something," my stuttering side makes and appearance along with my
sudden nerves. He nods and seems to put on a serious face even when
I sense the glee still hidden, just beyond the wall he tried
putting up.
Why is he so damn happy for me
to talk to him? He can have anyone, so why me?

"Well... It's kind of hard to say," I
continue on with a slightly shaking hand through my hair. I start
to pace, back and forth, back and forth. He slowly sinks into a
nearby chair. His hand also runs through his own hair, creating a
sexy mess of black. He looks to me with a nervous face.

"Look, just say it. It's only me and
you in her-" I cut him off as he is trying to say

"I'm pregnant." I put it bluntly with a
sigh, deciding to just get it over with. I still have my mom to
tell. Great. Note the sarcasm, I'm dreading the moment I have to. I
was facing away from him but now I turn around back to

I'm surprised by what I see. A small
smile creeps along his lips.

"Are you.. happy?" I had to know what
was going on in that head of his. I see a twinkle appear in his
eyes as he looks up to me from the chair he sits in. It makes his
whole face change and he seems even hotter while he's happy. I
decide I want to make him happy more often.

"Well.. yeah! I mean, I got my mat- I
mean, no... but this will all be okay. I will help out in any way."
he stops his sentence as he says it and I don't know what he was
going to say. Mat- what? I will figure it out, sooner or

He gets up from the chair he's sitting
in and I sag onto a nearby desk. I was already looking into
adoption, not at all expecting him to want to help me out. I mean,
don't in all the books and movies the guys leave the girls for

I knew I couldn't raise a child alone,
but now he wants to help- what do I do? Abortion was out of the
picture altogether. I just wasn't the type of person to be able to
do that and be able to live my life -happily- knowing that I did. I
couldn't really explain it, I just couldn't do that to an innocent
life inside me.

"Oh." was all I could say.
My eyes were a little wide with the realization that my life was a
little cliché. Haha. I almost giggled at the insanity of it.
Me, the nobody got pregnant with the school's
golden boy and he was STAYING with me through it all. Damn, now
there's the cliché.

I shake my head and look back up to the
man now standing in front of me. I can't help but think of what my
mom said about my so called "Dad". I still remember.

"He left us. He impregnated
me with Madella then he left. He didn't even care for us. I guess
he didn't really leave, I kicked him out. But don't worry, it was
for a good reason. He did cheat after all."

I was afraid that's what Rane would do.
He had me pregnant, made me believe he loved me, and then he would
cheat on me with somebody better than me. I can't really blame him.
I definitely wasn't anyone special. That this would be just a game
to him and I was the target, he would be the cat and I would be the
mouse, unknowingly falling into his death trap.

I look into his sincere eyes and I
can't take it. I can't take the concern, the sincerity, and the
love that are portrayed in his eyes. They speak for themselves and
even if the say what he tells me is true, I run.

I run from the care he gives. I ignore
when he calls my name and just keep going.

I run straight home. My mom is sitting
on the couch when I do and I decide to just tell her now. I might
as well.

I sit on the chair opposite her's and
say, "I'm pregnant."

A slow sadistic smile spreads across
her face. My face goes into confusion. Why is she

She laughs, it's high and cold. "Good.
It doesn't matter to me."

"Why?" It hurts that she doesn't

"Why, dear," her face is
cold and hard as she leans closer to me. The brown in her eyes, I
notice, is darker than mine.
are not my child."

Chapter 10

I sat, stunned, at my mother's
confession. A smug smile was on her face.

"Now I don't have to
pretend! I have waited so
for this!" she sighs after saying it. My chest
hurts painfully and she laughs. She is just so
about it all. That's what hurts
the most. All these years and she never really liked me. I have so
many questions now.

"I told you he cheated on me. That's
how you came to be." she adds with a flip of her blond hair that I
had thought I had inherited from her. I was so wrong. She was only
Shane's and Madella's mom, nothing to me. She was a stranger, a
stranger in my own home.

"But... How? I mean, what happened?
Whose are father? Why did he cheat? Why-" she laughs and I am cut
off by the way it rings in my ears. It's cold and vile, holding
absolutely no warmth.

"Get your answers from your father."
she stands and starts to walk away

"I don't even know who he
is! Where is he?
is h-" she cuts off my endless questioning once

"He's closer than you think, and you,
my dear, will see him soon." with that said, she walks off, up the
steps and into her room. I hear her laugh just as she closes the
door. I still sit in my chair, not having the strength to get up
and do something. I don't even know what I would do.

My phone rings in my pocket and I jump.
I take it out of my pocket and answer in a daze.


"Hi. It's... Rane." I hear
the masculine voice say in the phone.
even his voice sends shivers to me over the phone.
I finally realize that I was talking on the phone
with... Rane.
How the hell did he get my

"Oh. Ummm.... How did you get my
number?" I probably sound like a choking cat.

"I-I.... uhhhh.. Well I was-
like- um- Layla." It's cute that he was stuttering.
Oh. Layla. I should have known.
I nod but then see how stupid that is because he
can't see me.

"Oh. Okay, yeah."
Wow, Elaina, great reply.
I shake my head and try to get a hold of myself. Soon I'd be
stuttering like Rane was. "Soooo..." I didn't know what to

"Sooooo..." he says the same thing as
me and I laugh.

"You called?" I remind the poor guy, he
seemed as lost as I was for words.

"Oh. That's right, I did." I giggle.
"Well... I was wondering- it's stupid- but maybe, sometime, we
could... you know... go out?"

My heart stops. Did the incredibly
handsome, popular, macho man Rane just ask little Mrs. Nobody out?
I was ecstatic. Then I realized it was probably because I was his
baby momma. The one he accidently knocked up and now he has to play
goodie two shoes for his momma.

His mom was thought to be
very strict with her kids. She had the life anyone would envy. The
big mansion home, big family, and the loving husband. If you ever
saw the couple, you would think they were soul mates.
But soul mates aren't real... are they?

"Elaina?" I shiver as he says my name
but am brought back to reality.

"Oh, yeah. I... I would love

"Okay." he paused. "Yeah, I’ll pick you up at six tomorrow."
Excitement leaks out of his voice. I grin stupidly down at the
electronic device in my hands, my own excitement

"I'll let you go now, I guess. I have
to.. plan." he adds.
"Okay, yeah. Bye!" The phone clicks off and I sit in the lumpy old
chair until I get reminded of the news my mo-Linda gave me.
I wonder again who my father is. I may never know. For now, instead
of dwelling on it, I walk up the steps sluggishly. I make it to my
room and throw myself on my bed, exhausted. My window only shows
darkness, telling me it's later than I thought.

My eyes drifted closed and I was almost
asleep when I heard a light knock on the door.

"Come in!" The door slowly opened to
reveal Shane. He was standing there in his Spiderman pajamas with
his little bear tight by his side.

"Can I sleep with you?" I nodded my
head and he ran and did a little dive onto my bed and under my
covers. His blond hair spreads across the pillow and he visibly
wilts when he finds a comfortable position.

6.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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