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Authors: Caitlin Moran

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B.A.D (12 page)

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"What happens to Shane? He
has no parents." I also wanted to ask what happens to
but I

"Shane will be adopted be me and my
mate. You will most likely stay here, with Rane and his family." I
nod. It didn't sound too bad to me. Jason and Madella were still
talking in the corner.

"I am a part of B.A.D. I was
sent to protect you, a guardian.
guardian." Layla suddenly blurts
out. I look at her, stunned.
I had a

"Jason and I were a part of B.A.D
too. We ran and used the whole eloping thing as a cover up but we
were really just going to my dad..." I nod. I understood. If I
knew who my dad was, I would go to him too. "Linda... tried to keep
everything from me. She gave me a type of medicine to suppress my
witch and wolf side. Always lied to me if I started to have
symptoms anyway."

I suddenly understood what she had

Dear Elaina,

dearest sister, I have left, of my own desire I assure you. I
just couldn't stand living there anymore, with Mother. I couldn't
stand all of the lies, the deceit. If only you knew, you would feel
the same. I believe I knew too much in that house, about that
house. I wouldn't have been there long if I had stayed anyway... I
love you, Elaina. Watch out for Shane and watch out for yourself.
Watch out for who you trust. Layla is a good person and I trust her
to help you with the times to come. Be careful...



All of the lies, the deceit. Linda had
lied to Madella about who she was and somehow... she figured it all
out by herself. I'm pretty sure it was Jason though, I believe
they're mates.

I looked around. That they
weren't my real family, it didn't matter. They were there for me.
And as much as I want to know who my parents are, that's a feat for
later. I
find out though. I will find out who my parents are, why Linda
, and who
I am in all of this.


11.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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