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Prologue: Elaina's

"You have to go." Layla kept telling me, over and over and I
couldn't get a word in.

"OKAY!" I finally yelled, getting her
attention. "I'll go," I mumbled the last part, sinking in my seat a

"Really?" She asked, shocked. Her dark
brown curls bounced next to her head as she turned to face me. Her
big green eyes looked me over in confusion.

"Yes, I'll go to Rane's party." I told
her, tucking in a piece of my blond hair behind my ear.

"Oh," was all she said. Her petite
frame turned back to facing in front of her, and her eyes raked
over the road again.

"Nothing to say?" I asked, astonished.
She was always talking. Her face turned to me for a second before
facing to the front again.

"I was kind of planning on pestering
you the rest of the ride but you gave in too quickly." A faint
blush appeared on her face as she admitted to pestering me. I
nodded and she smiled. "This will be so fun!" Now she was
practically hopping up and down in her seat.

I sighed. "I'll stay for an hour and if
it's boring, I'm leaving." She frowned but nodded anyway. She knew
that was the most she would get out of me.

"Fine but you’re wearing a dress." Okay
so maybe she will try and get more out of me. I open my mouth to
deny but she sends me a warning look to not say a word. She may
have a petite little body but she is really intimidating when she
wants to be. I shut my mouth.

"We'll just go straight to my house to
get ready." She concluded, while turning onto her road. Her house
was really big, but so were the others around it. I lived in a two
story condo with my mom and seven year old brother. It is kind of
weird for me to have a brother ten years younger but no one says
anything about it.

I don't know who my father is though.
Never met him.

"We're here!" Layla jumps out the door
and runs up to her door, leaving me to slowly get out. She was an
only child, much to her parents' dismay. They couldn't have another
child due to the problems of having Layla. They treated me like
their daughter anyway.

Making my way through the door, I walk
up the steps to Layla's room calling out a "hello" to see if anyone
else besides Layla was home.

I didn't get an answer. They must be
out somewhere.

I finally get to Layla's room and groan
when I see the huge mass of clothes on her bed.

"We'll never get through all of these."
I mutter while throwing my bag and flinging myself on the bed, on
top of all of the clothes.

"Nonsense!" Her reply was muffled by
the walls of clothes in her closet. "Now hurry up and get naked, we
don't have much time."

I groaned again but started to wiggle
out of my skinny jeans and big dark hoodie. My boots hit the floor
with a thump.

Sitting up, I saw Layla look at me with
a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Oh, great.

Three hours later, she had us in
matching dresses; mine a dark blue and hers a dark green. My long
blonde hair was curled and so were her long dark brown locks. My
caramel colored eyes popped out with the mascara and eyeliner she

"We look good." She concluded, handing
me a pair of black heels along with a set for herself.

"Lets go!" She walked
confidently out her door. As I walked down too, I had a bad feeling
about tonight. It wasn't really a
feeling but more of one that
stated 'this is going to change your life.'

Chapter 1: Elaina's

When we arrived at the party, I was a
bundle of nerves. I couldn't do it. Layla got out, yet I remained
frozen in my seat.

"Lets go, Elaina!" She whined and came
to my side to drag me out. "It's already ten, most everyone will
already be drunk by now. Don't worry about it." She knew me too
well. I didn't want anyone to see me like this, all dressed up and
not nerdy like.

While I was always the person in the
back, a nobody, Layla was the center of attention. She had the good
looks and charming personality while I had nothing. I was just
"that shy girl."

But now that I was in a dress and had
makeup on, I was sure to gain some attention. It may be from geeks
and nerds, but it was something.

Layla dragged me out finally and I
stood looking at the huge cabin like mansion. It was a really
pretty house, all the way back in the woods.

"Lets go." Layla says for about the
tenth time tonight. She drags me excitedly to the door. I don't see
anyone outside but I can hear a lot of people inside.

"Why are you so enthusiastic about this
party?" I ask aloud. Layla grins deviously at me.

"I'm going to seduce Jayden!" I groan.
She's liked Jayden for as long as we first became friends, and
we've been together since 5th grade. We are now seniors.

I open my mouth to say something about
it when the door swings open. I know who opened the door but I
don't look up. I know what I'll see.

I'll see soft black hair that falls
slightly in his eyes. I'll see the bluest eyes that I could drown

Against better judgment, I look up. I
nearly groan when I do. He wears a tight blue shirt which
highlights the sinfully delicious looking abs. He also wears dark
jeans that ride a little low and you can see the v that leads to...
well you know. I blush thinking about it.

Realizing that I'd been checking him
out and nearly drooling, I snap my head back up. I blush at his
cocky smirk.

"Hey, Rane!" Layla almost shouts from
the music being so loud coming from inside. She seems unfazed by
his looks. "This is my friend, Elaina." She sends me a sly smirk
over her shoulder, having seen my staring fest and then bolts
inside, leaving me alone with Rane.

I gulp as he looks at me. Without
Layla, he can see me clearly now. His eyes rake hungrily up and
down me. I admit to being self-conscious while he looked. I looked
to his face and stepped back slightly to his lust filled eyes. I
watch as they get darker. They flicker to my eyes then to my lips
before he seems to snap out of his daze.

"Ca-can I get you a dri-drink or
an-anything?" His husky voice sends shivers down my spine, the good
kind. I blush as I realized that he stuttered... because of

I just nod my head, unable to speak. He
grabs my hand and we both shiver at the tingles and shocks that
come with it. I gasp and was about to pull away when he holds on
tighter. He pulls me along until we reach the kitchen.

I can't help but notice the other
people around. Most are drunk. Couples grind against each other,
make out in corners, or go up into rooms to do god knows what. Some
people stagger around, trying to find something to do.

A tug on my hand brings me back to
Rane. We've finally reached the kitchen, having too had to push
through the crowd of people to get here. Rane easily got through
the crowd while I followed in his footsteps, literally.

He drops my hand to get some cups and
fill them with some concoction he's made. I instantly feel my hand
go cold, having lost his heat. I stare at him as he does whatever
to the drink in the cups.

He hands me one with a "here, drink it"
and then gets one for himself. I frown down at the drink. I have no
idea what's in it and he wants me to drink it? I narrow my eyes and
look at him and then my drink again.

He laughs, the sound makes me shiver.
He slides closer, thinking I'm cold. "It's fine. Just drink

After sniffing it and getting laughed
at, I sip it. I don't taste anything. Rane shakes his head, his
hair slides back and forth over his eyes.

"No, like this." He takes
the cup and gently tilts my chin up, my lips parting. I forget what
he's about to do as I enjoy the feel of his fingers on me. He
stares at my lips in obvious lust. He bites his own lip, nearly
killing me. They're just so damn

I shake my head mentally. Suddenly,
liquid goes down my throat and I nearly choke from the onslaught. I
cough as it all goes down, burning my throat all the

"Here have some more, it gets better."
Some guy says from beside me. I jump, not having known he was
there. Rane is on my other side, drinking his own drink. I nod and
take the drink, sipping it. I drink more when I realize that it
soothes my throat.

An hour and three drinks

Before I realize it, I'm drunk. I may
have only had four drinks but I was a light weight. Rane was still
next to me but we weren't in the kitchen. We had somehow made it to
a wall in the back of the house. We swayed lightly on our feet, he
got drunk after about 20 cups, and we watched the dancing people
around us.

"Wanna dance?" Rane slurred while
holding out his hand for me. I nodded and took it. We stumbled our
way onto the dance floor.

Rane got up behind me and I
dance in front of him. As I got bolder, mainly from being drunk, I
got closer to him. I was now grinding along him and I hear a
breathless moan come from behind me. Hearing his reaction, I pushed
harder into him. His breathing hitches and I feel the excitement
from his "little buddy" down
And let me tell you, it doesn't feel so

His hold on my hips tightens and he
grinds into me, furthering my own excitement. He suddenly swings me
around, his lips crashing down on mine.

I moan and my hands go to his hair,
pulling him down to me. His hands explore my waist and upper body.
I feel our feet begin to move but I don't question it.

We almost trip on the stairs but
somehow, amazingly, we make it up in one piece. Soon we're at a
door and Rane's pushing it open. I hear the slam of the door and
the click of the lock.

I am soon flung on the bed, with the
weight of Rane on top. I can't think anything past Rane's lips on
my neck...

Chapter 2: Elaina's

My head aches like it’s been
hit with a hammer. My bladder aches too and I feel like I'm about
to com-bust. Damn, I got to
My need to pee intensifies when weight is applied
just above my abdomen. I groan aloud, soft and light. I try and pry
my eyes open, the light from outside nearly blinds me.

There's a window across from
the bed and that confuses me.
Where am
I question myself in my head. The room
looks nothing like mine or even Layla's. It has cream colored
walls, white ceiling, white fluffy looking carpeting, and the
sheets on the bed I'm in are a dark brown. I frown and nearly pee
myself when the weight on my stomach moves.

I try rolling away but am held
immobile. I look down to find... a hand? I see that the hand leads
to an arm and the arm leads to a shoulder to a neck to a head
and... Wait! A head!

Oh shit.

I also notice that the head is of Rane.
Damn. Then I notice that I'm naked and he is too. Double

Did we... have sex? I freeze, my need
to pee momentarily gone. I lost my virginity... I feel the need to
cry. I swallow the lump in my throat. I hope he used

Shit, protection!
I didn't think I would be losing my virginity any
time soon, so I'm not on the pill.
being so silly, he's Rane. He's got girls always coming at him, he
would have used protection.
I reasoned with
myself. I felt a pang of... jealousy go through me at the thought
of him with so many other girls.

I forced away my train of thought. I would not get hung over
him. I shook my head and looked back at the situation at hand. I
had to get out of his grip and back to my house before mom
I had
to get home before mom wakes up! She would go crazy trying to find

Ever since Madella... Stop, just don't
think about that right now. Swallowing past the golf ball sized
lump in my throat, I tried sitting up. I was brought back down
harshly when my pee nearly exploded out of me when his arm
tightened around me.

11.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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