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"Who is the rising alpha?" I had no
idea who it was.

"Me." Rane? He was the rising alpha? My
mouth opened in shock. I hadn't just mated a wolf, I mated the

"When do you become alpha?"

"Next week, when I turn 18."

"Oh." That was definitely not a long
time. I snuggle into Rane. All of this was unbelievable. I was
pregnant, I was mated to an alpha wolf, and now a rogue pack was
going to attack and I could possibly loose Rane...

I sure as hell wasn't going to let him
go easily though...

Chapter 17

After the announcement of the rogue
pack coming to attack around next week, everyone spread out. Jade
left to go cook cupcakes - the benefits to being a werewolf -
higher metabolism. Rane followed his mom - he loves cupcakes. Mr.
Moore went back to paperwork. Rane's sister came to me. I found out
her name was Mckenzie.

She and I sat on a plush white coach.
It was meant for about four people, so we had enough room to spread

McKenzie had asked if I had gone to the
doctor's yet, which I said no. I had just started thinking about it
but I really didn't want to go. I absolutely hated hospitals. I
didn't have a reason, I just didn't like the feeling of being in a
hospital. I haven't been to one in about four years, all thanks to
my complaining skills. I now realized that my "mom" probably didn't
care if I went or not anyway.

After I had told her no she started
pestering me into going. I knew that I should, to check on the
baby. After an hour of her pestering, eating cupcakes, Rane
pestering, eating pickles, Jade pestering, and worrying about
gaining too much weight - ha, I was already prego - I finally
agreed to go to the doctor's for an ultrasound.

They got me an appointment at a local
hospital this weekend.

It was now Monday morning. I had went
back home, much to Rane's disappointment. Shane was happy to see me
and he slept with me last night as his mom was being weird again
and had stayed up in her room.

I get up, stretching out my sore and
tired muscles. Shane is already out of the bed. I jump in the
shower and look down at the little bump there. It was just a slight
bump but if others were to see my belly, they would know that I was
expecting. It filled me with joy to see it.

I get dressed in black skinny jeans and
a hoodie. I didn't want everyone to know that I was pregnant yet.
It was still a shock to myself. My hair is actually straightened
and I have a bit of make up on

The beeping of a car has me looking up
from the cereal in the bowl before me. I walk out the door and see
Rane's car. He motions me over to the white Chevrolet Camaro. I
walk over to him, confused as to why he is here.

"Why are you at my house?" I ask him.
His face goes into a pout.

"Do you want me to leave?" I shake my
head no, of course I didn't. He smiles. "Well then hop in! I'm
going to take you out to breakfast." My eyebrows scrunch together
in confusion.

"Won't we be late for school?" he gives
me a dull look that says 'and I care... why?'. I nod and hop

When we get to a little café that was
just down the road, he turns to me. His left hand is out to me and
his right hand goes to his heart.

"Will you, Elaina Harper, be my, Rane
Moore's, girlfriend?" I smile and shake my head. Oh he is too much
sometimes. I look back at him and nod.

"Of course." My heart is over joyed. I
was Rane Moore's girlfriend! Well I was also his mate... He smiles
too, obviously happy.

"Well, why don't we get our first date
started then?" he hops out of the car and strolls over to my side.
He opens my door - such a gentleman. He also helps me out - wow,
who knew he was such a good guy?

"Lets go, Elaina. We have to do the
whole dating thing before you get too big to walk properly." and he
ruined it. I playfully slap his shoulder.

"You're to blame." he only

We make our way up the pavement, it was
quite slippery from the ice and snow. Me being me, I slip and fall.
At first, Rane is all worried but when he sees that I am fine, he
busts out laughing.

"Stop laughing and help me up,
asshole!" I yell at him and rub my butt - where I fell on it. "I
think I broke my butt..." I whine which makes him laugh louder. He
sticks out a hand and tries to pull me up. The ice is too slippery
and this time, we both fall. We both land with a groan.

Rane is also rubbing his bottom. "I
definitely broke my butt." I cry out. I laugh at Rane.

Rane laughs and then groans again. We
hang on to each other to get up, finally succeeding. An elder
couple is just walking into the café and they smile at us. I think
I hear "young love" muttered by them but I dismiss it. He was
laughing at me after I fell!

Getting to the door, he pushes it open
with a "ladies first." I feel his gaze on my butt and I frown. I'm
quite sure that 'ladies first' was created by men so they could see
our ass.

The café is not full, only a couple old
men with coffee and the elderly couple from earlier. We go and get
a seat in a booth near the back, sitting across from each other. An
older lady comes to take our order. Was this diner for old people
or something?

We order our food and drinks. While we
wait, Rane decides to just stare at me. I raise my brow
questioningly and he shrugs. "I like looking at you." he simply
states and continues looking. I decide to stare at him

Our food finally arrives and we talk
while we eat. I learned a lot. First date things, you know? What
his likes and dislikes were. Like how he likes to watch movies but
hates to read books were I love both. He also tells me about the
time he first broke his arm. He fell off of a tree trying to "save"
a cat. Since he was a werewolf the cat didn't like him and kept
trying to evade him. It was only broken for about ten minutes
before it healed itself. The cat didn't need saving as once he
fell, the thing jumped down and sauntered away.

When we're done, Rane pays the bill and
leaves a tip. We get to the school and I let out a tortured sigh. I
didn't like much attention and I knew that I would be getting a lot
being Rane's girlfriend and mate. It seems we weren't that late to
school and we had about five minutes before the late bell

As soon as we step out of the car,
everyone quiets. Rane puts his arm around my waist and we start to

"The weres will be able to smell that
we have mated - marking you as their Luna or Alpha female." I did
start to notice the slight turning of heads in a submissive manner,
directed to me. "Some might be able to tell you are pregnant but
most wont for another week or two."

I nod and look around, hating the
attention. I get glares from most of the girls (werewolf or not).
The only ones who aren't glaring are the ones I could tell had a
mate. Some girls winked at me and then continued to kiss their
mate. Most of the males winked at Rane or nodded their head in
recognition of me.

I didn't like it. I could practically
hear the angry and frustrated growls of the girl werewolves around
me. I sighed and leaned into Rane. It was going to be a long

Chapter 18

Saturday came fast enough. The week did
pass by in what felt like forever. The burning glares came from
everywhere, as did the curious glances from the pack members. It's
not every day that their future alpha mated to someone. They had no
warning what so ever so it was a shock - as Rane says, explaining
their behavior.

Today... I was going to die.

Well, not really. I had to go to the
hospital. I really hated hospitals. They smelt like old people and
sickness. Not that old people were bad... but they always seemed to
have this hospital smell to them, such as hospitals smell like old

I shook my head. I was definitely going
crazy. I hardly knew what I was going on about in my head.
Currently, I was sat in a blue semi-comfy chair. It had slight
padding which helped my butt little as it was starting to go numb.
I shifted in the seat, my discomfort building. I had been sitting
here for a while.

An older lady kept looking at me
curiously, probably wondering why I was here. My slight bulge was
covered in a big shirt along with sweatpants and a ponytail.
Morning sickness was terrible this morning. I hadn't bothered
dressing up in the slightest.

Rane had gotten up just a second ago to
use the bathroom, grumbling on about a cat. I have no idea, I
really don't know - who talks to themselves about cats?

There was a magazine in front of me,
sitting in my lap, still on page one. It held no interest for me. I
had always been more into books then magazines, anyway.

I looked around at the linoleum floor
and blue walls. There was small crack in the ceiling and a fly
buzzing around the lights above me. The buzzing was quite

The elevator dinged and I turned to
look as another girl came in. A slightly cold breeze blew in from
the elevator as the doors opened. The girl's dark brown hair waved
in the ponytail as she walked uncertainly up to the receptionist.
After talking a bit, the girl sat three seats down from

"Are you pregnant?" I asked bluntly.
The girl's head snapped over to mine and her dull green eyes looked
at me. She sighed after a while and visibly slumped in her

"Yup." she popped the 'p' at the end,
head nodding. I slung a hand in her direction.

"Elaina... and you?"

"Ember." her hand came to mine and she
shook it.

"How far along are you?" I wanted to
get to know this girl for whatever reason. I slung the magazine
onto the table that was behind me, not caring for it. It slid and
fell off the side. I shrug a shoulder and look back at

"I don't know for sure if I'm pregnant.
The test showed positive but I'm here to be sure. If I am... a

"I'm about 12 weeks..." I tell her,
trying to think back. I will have to get a calendar to be sure.
"You go to FCHS, right?" Ember nods.

"Who's the father?" I felt like an
interrogator for a crime... I saw her suck in a breath and then
look straight at me. I then noticed the dark circles around her
dull green eyes. She appears to be thinking but soon comes to her

"Slade... I think that's his name.
Slade something." I nod and think to the people in our school. I
know the names of pretty much everyone. Realization finally

"Nerd Boy?" a small smile appears on my
face. She nods and then laughs. She sighs when the laughter is over
and then looks up at me.

"Yeah... but Nerd Boy Isn't So Nerdy."
one of my eyebrows rise in wonder and curiosity. It's a look that
clearly states to explain. Ember opens her mouth to speak when Rane
comes back in. He sits with a sigh and an arm slings around my

He sniffs and immediately stiffens. His
head jerks over to Ember, eyes wide. I feel my eyebrows scrunch
together in confusion. I open my mouth to ask what was wrong when I
hear my name being called.

"Miss Harper." I looked up to find a
young nurse standing in the doorway. A big smile was upon her face
and I relaxed slightly.

"Bye, Ember. I hope to see you around."
I smiled to her. I really did hope to see her around.

"Bye." she gave a slight wave, her
green eyes twinkling just a little. It made her whole face
brighter, prettier. She even had a small smile on her

Rane stood up and helped me stand. He
was slightly distracted, still looking at Ember. I couldn't see
exactly what his face looked like. As we walked away, I asked him
about it. He looks back down at me as we enter the halls to go to
the room.

He sighs and shrugs a bit. "I don't
know... But I think she's pregnant." I give him a dull

"No dip, Sherlock. How did you guess
it?!" he frowns down at me. He puts a hand on the small of my back
as we walk.

"You didn't let me finish. What I
meant, is that I think the father is a werewolf."

"Oh." I nod my head. "Do you know who
exactly it is?" I knew who it is, she told me.

"Yeah. I think it's the rogue... Slade?
I'm not too sure what his name is. He keeps to himself, doesn't
cause any trouble so there isn't any reason to do too much of a
background check. I believe he is powerful, more so than my beta,
most likely. My father said he came here on peaceful terms but
that's all my father said about it." We finally make it to the
room. When we enter, there is already a doctor there.

"You are 12 weeks, correct?" he asks us
after telling me to sit on the table and Rane in a

"Correct." Rane answers for

"Well then I believe that we might be
able to tell the sex of the baby, if you like?" I gasp.

"I do!" I tell him.

"Well then lay back and we will see

Chapter 19

2.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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