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I almost groaned. Key word
"almost". I do
plan on waking him up
It would be too embarrassing. I huffed thinking of
a plan.

I looked down to see his very tan
muscular back. He lay on his stomach, one arm slung over me, and
his face turned to face me. His breathing told me that he was still
in deep sleep.

Seeing as his other hand -the one not
touching my stomach- was under him, I slowly took the tip of my
nail and drug it down his neck to his back, swirling it in

And just like I thought, he pulled his
hand up to scratch the itch he had just gotten from the sensation.
Taking the chance, I jumped out of the bed.

I grabbed my dress and flung it on
carelessly, not caring for my missing undergarments. I just had to
get away.

I looked back to the bed and it sent a
shoot of pain to my chest. Rane's hand searched the bed where I had
been. His face was filled with hurt and pain. It was like I had
caused him physical pain by leaving. When he whimpered and his hand
stopped, I nearly ran back to his bed.

Note the word

Thinking he was going to wake up, I
ran. I bolted down the stairs, trying to find Layla. After looking
in every room only to find other people waking up with killer
hangovers and trash, I looked outside. Her car was gone too. I

Great, just what I

I turn from the window just when the
need to pee suddenly came back. Full force.

I run -again with the running today- to
the nearest bathroom. After nearly peeing out my insides, I come
back out.

I walk back to the door, preparing to
walk back home.


Oh, Shit.

Chapter 3: Elaina's

My stomach was full of knots. I slowly
turned around to see him. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My
insides trembled.

"Ja-Jason?" I stuttered. My feet slowly
started to back away from the guy in front of me. Of course when I
backed away, he stepped closer. His face showed slight panic. His
light brown hair was disheveled and his brown eyes

"Elaina, listen to me. It's-" He
started but didn't get to continue.

"Stop!" I yell at him putting my hand
out. "Do-don't come any closer." I feel the fear on my face and he
must see it. He takes a step back but a look of urgency crosses his
face once again.

"It's not safe here." He says it so
quietly, I barely hear the words. He says them like he's talking to
a child, slow and reassuringly. I freeze when I do. Footsteps sound
upstairs and he panics slightly. I don't listen to his

"I know what you did, Jason. Don't feed
me any of your shit." I tell him, trying for confidence, yet my
voice cracks and wavers.

Confusion crosses his face before
realization dawns over. I know he knows what I am talking about. He
shakes his head. "No, Elaina that's not what happened-" I cut him
off, again.

"You’re lying!" I almost yell but
instead just whisper yell it. There were people starting to wake up
and I didn't want them knowing all of my business. The footsteps
grow louder and this time Jason starts to walk to me.

I panic, not knowing what he was going
to do. I turn around and run as fast as I can.

"No- wait! Elaina!" I hear him yell.
"It's not saf-" The door to the house blocked whatever he was going
to say as I made it out of there. I don't know what happened to him
yet I didn't care, not after what he had done.

I started to walk along the gravel road
that led to the road. I sighed; it would be a long walk. The sharp
pains on my feet made me realize that I was shoeless. My shoulders

Great... What a lovely day
it has been.
(Note the sarcasm.)
Realizing I had sex with Rane, running into Jason,
and now this.

The chill wind had me shivering and
wrapping my arms around myself. Summer had just ended and it was
now cold. I looked around my surroundings. The sun was coming up
over the trees and the leaves were turning all sorts of colors for
the season. It was a pretty sight, with the green grass that shines
wherever the sun touches, dew on leaves from the early morning, and
the occasional glimpse of an animal.

I listen to the sounds of
nature as I walk. Seeing as it's a straight road, I close my eyes
as I walk. I breathe in the heavenly scent of nature. I listen
closely to all of the sounds, birds tittering, grasshoppers
ing, and tires on
wait. Tires on gravel?

My eyes snap open and my head swings to
see behind me. A car is approaching. It must be from one of the
kids that woke up. I step over to the side of the road, into the
grass which feels amazing after the harsh rocks, and let whoever it
is pass.

The car, instead of passing, slows down
next to me and the window opens.

"Elaina! Get in the car!" I hear
someone shout from inside it. I look through the window to see
Jayden at the wheel.

I hesitate. The chilly breeze makes me
shudder and I nod. Jumping into the passenger seat, I notice it's
only him in the car.

I can't help but wonder if Layla
succeeded at seducing him. He makes the car go faster and I tell
him my directions.

"I know where you live." He tells me as
I start telling him. My eyebrows scrunch together in

"You do? How?"
How in the hell did he get my address?
He looks to me, opens and closes his mouth a few
times making him look like a fish, before shrugging.

I'm still a little worried and confused
as to why one of the most popular guys in school, right below Rane,
knew my address- nonetheless taking me home! I hope he doesn't like
me romantically because I don't see him that way.

First, he is soooo Layla's for she has
definitely called dibs on the guy. And let me tell you, no one
wants to get on Layla's bad side. Sweet and charming one day then
as venomous as a snake the next, ready to bite your effing head

Second, he's cute and all
but not my type. He has short blond hair and blue-ish green eyes. I
can see what Layla sees in him. He was very fit but...
he's not Rane.
A little
voice in my head says.
Shut it!

Pushing out the thoughts of what
happened last night until I was alone at my house; I focused on the
greenery flying by out my window. I just notice that we were now on
the road. I must have zoned out for a while.

"Soo..." Jayden trails out. I turn to
look at him, one eyebrow raised in confusion. He glances to the
road and then to me and then back.


"CanIhaveLayla'snumber?" He says all
out in a rush. A faint blush covers his cheeks and I giggle. I
heard exactly what he said. It was good to know that Layla's little
crush isn't one sided. I smile.

"Yeah I'll give it to you." He lets out
a big breath of relief.

"Thank god... She kind of
left in a hurry this morning." He has the same pained expression
Rane had when I left him.
"I mean, maybe I didn't please her well enough.
Maybe I should have used the d-"

"Okay!" I yell to get him to shut the
hell up. I loved Layla like a sister and I definitely didn't want
to hear about this from the guy she did it with. I would probably
hear the details from her anyway but getting it from the guy was...

I almost think back to see
if I remember what happened to myself last night. Note the word
". I don't
want to think about those things while with someone. I might cry
from the fact I wasn't a virgin or do something equally

We pull into my driveway and I almost
jump out but remember to give him the number.

I run up to my door as I hear his car
leave. Opening the door, I remember my mom. My eyes widen and I
bolt for the stairs.

"ELLIE!" I hear a voice yell to me just
before I am attacked and flung to the ground. I groan with a seven
year old sitting on me. He may be seven, but damn was he

"Hey Shane. Now can you please get off
of me?" His little head bobs, dirty blond hair swinging across his
forehead. He jumps to his feet, holding a tiny hand out for me. I
smile and take it yet scream when his hand comes in contact with

I jerk my hand back and grimace in
disgust at the sticky blue paint that was now my hand. He holds his
hand up to reveal a broken little packet that used to be full of
the blue substance. His blue-ish grey eyes twinkle in amusement. He
grins mischievously and winks.

Oh it's on, buddy!
I yell in my head before reaching my blue stained
hand to him. His eyes widen and he runs. I run after

Now we're on a full out mission to get
each other. I'm running with the blue junk on my hand, Shane
running not wanting to get stuff on himself while screeching like a

"MOMMA!" He screams and flings himself
into the woman that is now standing in the doorway. I freeze and
look at her. Her blond hair is disheveled in a bun on the top of
her head and her brown eyes are dull. She has looked like this for
a while. Layla doesn't like my mom that much; she says she creeps
her out.

"Elaina?" Her face shows confusion and
anger. "Where have you been... and what the HELL ARE YOU
WEARING!?!" She's basically screaming at the end and Shane runs up
the stairs, scared.

My face hardens. "Not like it matters
to you." My mother and have been on the outs for a couple of days.
I had started to notice small changes with her and when I asked
about it, she dismissed it with a wave of her hand. She would grow
distant sometimes and be off somewhere in her head, she got angry
easier, and when she would smack Shane on the hand, it would be
harder than usual. It scared me.

I just turned around and went up to my
room. I didn't want to start a screaming war with her today; I had
enough on my plate.

"Don't you walk away from me?" She
yelled while following after me. I ran into my room and locked the
door. She pounded on it for a little while before giving a short
scream and a huff. Something was definitely wrong with her. I heard
the door slam and then decided to check on Shane.

Unlocking my door, I crept to his room.
I pushed open his door to see him in his corner, crying. I

"Come on, Shane. Lets get you ready for
a nap." I lifted him into my arms. After helping start his bath,
feeding him, and doing all those things, I tucked him in. "Get some
rest," I whispered with a kiss on his forehead. I stayed to watch
him fall asleep then went to my own room.

I went to my closet and pulled a
floorboard up. I picked up the picture and lightly traced the plain
brown frame. My head hit the back of the closet as I sit there,
looking at the beautiful girl next to me in the picture.

Madella... You're supposed
to be here. Helping me...

Sighing, I close my eyes and thought of
the last day I saw her.

Chapter 4: Elaina's

The picture sat in my hands, light in
weight. A lone tear ran down my face. Madella was my older sister.
She was older by two years.

I look at her laughing gray-blue eyes
in the picture. Her eyes remind me of Shane's, they must get their
eye color from our father's side. We sit side by side, me seven and
her nine. I remember the day...

"Girls, girls!" I hear the
deep baritone voice of our babysitter say. Our babysitter was the
nicest person in the world- at least to all of the kids she
babysat. She always gave cookies to us right before we went home.
She told us it was a secret that she gave us cookies; she didn't
want the parents to find out how all of their kids were so hyped

Today she only babysits my
sister and I. Mother was at the hospital giving birth to her last
child. I don't know who the father was but when I first saw the
baby, with the same gray-blue eyes as Madella, I knew it was the
same man who had gave momma Madella and I. We stay with Mrs.
Springs, our babysitter, for the next three days as Mother is in
the hospital.

I see her gray hair sway
softly against her back as she approaches us. We look at her to see
her with a camera and a plate of cookies.

"Stay right there! I will
bring the goodies to you," she finally makes it to us as she says
these things. Setting the plate on the dock, she snaps a picture of
us with her camera. I can see it now, the water lapping at our
feet, the trees of in the distance, and the ducks in the background
who glide over the water with their soft feather covered

The picture was a reminder of a great
memory. My sister’s dark brown hair is in a braid down her back
while mine is stuck up in pigtails. Our eyes dance in amusement and
we smile real big, having just sung a song about ponies and
macaroni on heads. Mrs. Springs gave us cookies and we had a great
time with her that week.

3.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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