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“Damn, she’s loving it,” Dex said.

Not trusting myself to speak, I could only nod my head in agreement. I had a feeling that tonight was going to be another long, restless one for me.

Chapter 2

That night I stripped off my uniform and crawled into bed naked. The climate-controlled environment inside the station was set at a comfortable level and I knew I’d be warm enough with just a single blanket. Besides, after what I’d seen today, I wanted no clothing to inhibit me.

I kept hearing Dex’s words in my mind over and over as I lay down and tried to sleep.
Have you ever thought of getting fucked like that woman out there? I bet you’d like it too.

One hand strayed to my breast while the other went between my legs to my clit. Dex was right, the men really
given it to Lana. I envied the women of this planet. There was no holding back once they decided to fuck a man. They yelled and screamed and thrashed about, loving every second of it. I couldn’t imagine acting like that—with such complete abandon.

There were six women in the group I observed, and nine men. Good odds. More than a few times I’d seen a woman getting fucked by several men. They’d always enjoyed the attention and the men didn’t seem to mind sharing. Other members of the tribe had gathered around to watch while Gregor fucked Lana in the ass. Then they’d gone off and embarked on the encounter with each other, delighted by the discovery of something new.

Having sex with several men at one time and getting it in the ass was something I’d thought about. The men on my crew were all hot and handsome. I’d seen each of them checking me out, staring at my well-shaped ass and high, firm tits. I knew what they were thinking. How could they not be thinking of fucking me after being surrounded by all the sex going on right outside their windows all day and night? Any female would look good to them right now. Alas, group sex with my co-workers could be dangerous to my career. Yet, the thought was still enticing.

Sex with the inhabitants of Geor could also prove to be stimulating.

I’d entertained the idea of sneaking out at night. If I stripped off all my clothes and messed up my hair I could pass for one of the females. Then I could enjoy a night of pleasure with no complications.

With my fingers on my pussy I finally drifted off to sleep.

Surprisingly, I dreamt of Sam. He was the biggest and cutest guy in my crew. I’d worked with him before and I was attracted to him. He was the strong, silent type, did his job well and I knew he had an intelligent mind, which I respected. He frequented the observation deck least of all, and when he did his eyes barely strayed to the large window and beyond. Mostly he just looked at me. In my dream, Sam and I made frantic love and then he held me in his strong arms.

It was sweet.

As I awoke and the vestiges of sleep still held me in their grip, the feel of Sam’s kiss and his warm skin against mine seemed so real. Before drifting off to sleep I’d been weighing the repercussions of fucking my entire crew. I’d been super horny. But after my dream of Sam, all I could think of was one man.

Being only twenty-five I was young and been given a lot of responsibility. I felt I had to prove myself. This project was important for my career. In the light of day, I knew I couldn’t risk my job by messing around while on duty. Sam would just have to wait.

I dressed quickly and headed past the common room into the cafeteria. Jamie and Bryan were sitting at one of the three round tables.

“Hey, Holly,” they both greeted me.

“Morning,” I said.

“Care to join us?” Jamie asked.

He was just as much a pervert as Dex. He was cute, but a touch too revealing for my liking. If I had to sit through another one of his sexual exploits I’d run screaming.

I grabbed a donut and a coffee and smiled politely. “No, thanks. Think I’ll get right at it this morning.”

Bryan snickered. “You’re not the only one,” he said as I passed the table.

I knew he was insinuating the behavior of the tribe. Dex had more than likely filled the others in on the butt fucking. Something told me I’d have more company than I could handle today.

Thankfully, the observation deck was vacant when I arrived. As expected, when I looked out the window, I could see Gregor and Tiny Tina going at it. Tina had the smallest tits, hence the nickname. Gregor was fucking her missionary style, which I hadn’t seen since my first day on the job. Tina’s legs were wide open and I could see her little bottom pushing up to meet Gregor’s enthusiastic thrusts.

I started to think about Sam again.

Barry, a large, dark-skinned native, strolled over and laid down his newest catch, Natty—for her tangled brown hair—on the grass right outside the observation window. I had an unencumbered view of him opening her legs and nestling himself down between them. He put his face to her pussy and began to lick. Natty’s head thrashed side-to-side on the grass in ecstasy.


Barry pushed two fingers deep into Natty’s pussy while still continuing to lave her with his tongue. I looked back at Gregor and Tina and saw he now had her turned around, her body bent forward, holding onto a tree for dear life as Gregor attempted to push his huge cock into her tiny ass. Tina seemed up for the task.

Everywhere I looked, the group was engaged in sex. My loins tightened and my nipples tingled as my body responded to the sights.

Sam chose that moment to walk in.

“Hey, Holly, are the natives restless this morn—” his question died on his lips as he saddled up beside me and peered out the big window and beyond. “Holy shit!”

“I know,” I agreed.

“Is he fucking her in the…”

“The ass? Yes. I’m surprised Dex hasn’t filled you in yet. It seems to be the tribe’s newest favorite pastime.” How embarrassing to have this going on now, especially after the dream I’d had about Sam. It didn’t help that my body was so turned on. I wanted Sam to rip off my clothes and fuck me right where I stood. I wanted him to open my legs and lick my clit, play with my tits, and push two or three fingers into my pussy. I’d even let him take my ass, that’s how horny I was. Why’d those other women out there get to enjoy fucking all day and night and I had to settle for dreams and my own hand?

Talk about unfair.

When I looked at Sam, he suddenly stared back at me with what appeared to be lust. Was he as turned on as I was? Maybe he wanted me as much as I wanted him, and not just because I was the only female on the crew?

“Holly?” he said my name like he was asking a question.

“Yeah?” My voice came out in a croak. Sam began to lean toward me and just as he got close enough for me to feel the heat of his body, the door pushed open and I heard Dex’s loud, obnoxious voice.

“How the fuck is everybody this morning? Ha! Get it?”

I did say he was an ass. Talk about crappy timing. For the first time since our arrival to Geor, Sam had really
me. He’d even been about to kiss me. I was sure he was. Then Dex had to barge in and ruin the moment. Would we ever get the chance again?

“Asshole,” I couldn’t help but curse.

Chapter 3

I was still pissed at Dex when I stripped off my uniform and climbed into bed that night. He really had his nerve.

After his arrival, Sam had scurried away, barely sparing me a glance. And when I’d seen him at lunch, he’d kept his head buried in reports and sat by himself.


Why couldn’t Sam and I be direct about our feelings like the people of Geor? Why did we have to dance around each other playing these games? I wanted him, and I was pretty sure he wanted me. I’d thought this morning that I couldn’t chance messing up my position here by becoming involved with Sam. Except it wouldn’t be like I was fooling around with Big Mouth Dex or Brag-A-Lot Jamie. Sam would keep things quiet and just between us, I was sure. Besides, after the hot glance and almost-kiss, all thoughts about waiting for Sam were off.

I knew what I wanted and I wanted Sam.

Consequences be damned.

Naked under the blanket, one hand strayed to my breast, the other between my legs. I closed my eyes and envisioned Sam’s lips on my pussy instead of my fingers. I stroked for several minutes, determined to get off and sate my lust.

Alas, it just wasn’t happening.

My body craved the real thing.

Instead of tossing and turning for an hour and falling into a lust-filled snooze, I climbed out of bed and put on my robe. Tonight, I decided to finally stop thinking about sneaking outside, and actually do it. When I stepped into the hallway, all was clear. The other end of the station was my destination, hence the robe. Quietly I went, exhaling a breath as I reached the furthest room, the one with the doorway to the outside.

I went in and shut the door behind me. Before I lost my nerve, I stalked over to the exit door and opened it a crack. Bodies rustling about, and little cries and grunts greeted my ears. The tribe was engaged in its nightly orgy.


No one out there should take exception to a small, lone, naked female wanting to join in. My extreme horniness outweighed any lingering doubts I harbored. Dropping my robe, I tousled my hair and then opened the door wider and snuck through.

As I approached the group I was relieved to see they barely paid notice to my presence. If anything, a couple of them reached out their hands to me in invitation to join them. They were in various positions on the grass, so I dropped down to my knees and waded in amongst the bodies. It didn’t take long to feel a groping hand on my breast and another on my ass. When a large finger slipped into my already moist pussy, I gasped in delight.

Gregor was before me, lying on his back. Tiny Tina was sucking his prick so I climbed over onto his chest and straddled him. Tina or Gregor didn’t mind the intrusion. I felt both of their hands on me at once. I looked back at Tina over my shoulder and noticed she was positioning Gregor’s huge cock towards my pussy. As I felt the tip of him push inside me, I sat down, thrusting him deep. His hips bucked and I braced my hands on his chest, holding on for a wild ride. Another male suddenly stepped before me and waved his cock before my face. I didn’t hesitate to reach out and take him into my mouth. Dividing the sensation of getting pleasure and giving it, made me slower to come, drawing out my release. Deeply I took the newcomer’s cock into my mouth while still riding upon Gregor’s, keeping my attention focused on balancing. I wasn’t about to fall to the wayside and lose out. Not tonight. If I could get away with this little stunt, I wouldn’t think twice about sneaking out on the nights to come. The only problem I had was keeping silent. Sure, I could cry out and grunt as the others did, but I couldn’t yell, “Fuck me! Hard!” or the gig would be up. The people of Geor didn’t speak in words, so I bit my lip and grunted like the rest of them.

Gregor stiffened suddenly and I knew he was about to come. I leaned forward and he slipped free of me. Reaching back, I worked him with my hand. The guy in my mouth suddenly tensed up, and I stroked him to completion as well. Moments later, I rolled free of Gregor and looked around for fresh meat.

I still hadn’t come and I was ready for my next conquest.

Duke was leaning against a tree, probably regaining his strength. I could see his hand stroking his prick and he was almost fully hard again. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I crawled over to him. I turned around and bent my elbows to the grass putting my butt high in the air. He took up my blatant invitation and reached for me. There was no fooling around with this one. He pushed two thick fingers right into my ass and began to work them back and forth. Wanting him so badly, I gritted my teeth and allowed the rough handing.
Fuck me! Fuck my ass!
My silent voice screamed. He seemed content to fuck me with his fingers. A third pushed in and I sighed in some relief, but I wanted his cock. Barry suddenly came up before me and pushed his giant dark-skinned prick into my face. I took him eagerly into my mouth. When I finally felt the guy behind me thrust his cock into my ass all I could think of was Sam. How I wished it were Sam fucking me right now, or Sam’s cock in my mouth. I shut my eyes tight and envisioned him, standing in front of me, naked and hard.

A scream tore from my throat as I came.

Barry’s cock slipped free and I reached for him with my hand. I let the guy behind me come in my ass. My thoughts of Sam didn’t fade away, they actually got stronger. Sated, I began to crawl back through the group and set off toward the pond. I slipped into the water and bathed my body. The water felt warm and comforting. Despite answering my lusty urges, I still felt unfulfilled for some reason. I think it had something to do with Sam. Or lack of Sam. It was him I desired.

Seeing the group take no notice of me, I climbed out of the pond and crept toward the doorway to the station. Though camouflaged, I knew exactly where to find it. Once there, I took one last lingering look behind me. Tomorrow night, I could come back out here again. If being with Sam wasn’t an option right now, I had to get off somehow. It sure beat pleasuring myself. I reached for the concealed latch to the door and lifted it.

Nothing happened.

The door should have sprung open at my touch but it hadn’t.

I tried it again. Nothing.

Holy shit! I’m locked outside. Naked.

Staying here until morning wasn’t an option. I doubt my crew would believe me if I told them I’d somehow innocently managed to get trapped outside. Especially since my robe was inside.

Damn it!

To my shock and relief, the door suddenly sprang open from the other side. I closed my eyes and prayed no one was standing there to catch me. If it were Dex, or Jamie or even Bryan, I’d probably have to fuck them just to buy their silence.

But no. When I opened my eyes I could see that it was much worse.

Witness to my naked shame was not one of the teasing perverts in my group.

It was Sam.

Chapter 4

“Holly? Shit, what are you doing out there?” Sam asked.

I had to think of an excuse fast. Something he would believe. “Ah, I don’t know. Sleepwalking?” Sure, pure genius.

BOOK: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck
7.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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