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Somebody’s been messing with my droid!

Chapter 5

“As you wish,” I acquiesced. I’d play along. In fact, this was the most fun I’d had with Dayton since I got him. That
been fun though; watching the man who’d scorned me on Earth suddenly sprawled out begging for my attention. Oh, payback had been a definite bitch.

Too bad he hadn’t been the real Dayton.

I rode up and down on Dayton’s thick, rock-hard cock with abandon, tossing my head back and reaching back to grip my own ass in my hands, thrusting my big tits out in front of me.

Dayton’s hands reached up to cup my melons, pinching mercilessly at my rosy pink nipples.

“Yeah, fuck me, baby!” he hissed, repeating words I’d said to him on several occasions.

Sensing I was getting too close to completion, I slowed my pace, making Dayton groan in uncharacteristic dismay.

“What’s the matter, babe?”

I laughed at the anguish I saw in his face. Wow! Someone had done a real number on him. I wondered how and when whoever it was had found a moment to sneak into my room, slip Dayton out unnoticed, and taken him to the factory house for a tweaking? It’s not like it was the first time someone had done it. Many a night we girls would sit around the common room fireplace telling tales. I’d heard a story about how Morra had sent back Calla’s droid, turning him into a Dom. Calla had run screaming from her rooms when her droid had come at her with a whip and some rope. Oh, how we’d laughed at that one.

They weren’t gonna make me the butt of their jokes.

Suddenly Dayton rolled us over, putting him on top. Before I could issue any commands he abruptly stopped pounding into me. He pulled out and then got to his feet. He walked toward the bed and before he had a chance to lie down, I was up and rushing after him.

Damn the girls and their jokes! I wanted to fuck!

I got up on the bed beside Dayton and climbed on top of him. I slipped his cock back inside of me and I was off riding like a cowgirl again.

“Yeah, baby. That’s how I like it,” he ground out.

He felt so damn good! Better than all the other times for some reason. It must have been because I was so turned on. Maybe the girls’ messing with my droid would be a good thing.

Quick as a flash, he turned me over, reversing our positions. Him being on top and holding all the power, me, pinned beneath him. He stroked me for several minutes, slowly, driving me to the brink and then slowing even more, controlling my pleasure.

Damn him!

Then he was backing up on his knees, flipping me over and pulling my ass up. I felt him lean over to the bedside table and I said a silent prayer to the Goddess that he was grabbing the butt oil.

I let out a cry of delight when I felt his greasy finger slip easily into my ass. It soon was joined by a second finger. Then a third.

“Beg me to fuck you,” Dayton demanded, pumping his long hard fingers into my ass. His other hand reached up to play with my clit.

“What?” I gasped. “Just fuck me with your cock! Do it now!”

How long was he gonna make me wait?

“Beg me,” he repeated.

“All right! All right, you asshole. I beg you to fuck me! I beg you.”

As soon as I said it, Dayton complied. I felt his fingers slip away and in their place was my prize. A huge, generous cock pushed into my ass. He began to pump.

I gasped over the excellent sensation. Just half a dozen strokes of that giant dick was all it took for me to ride the waves of ecstasy.

“Yes!” I screamed. “Yes!”

I think I was too far gone to notice that Dayton didn’t tell me that he loved me in that moment. However, when he suddenly pulled free and spilled his release all over my ass—that I noticed.

“What the hell?” I yelped. No droid, no matter how tweaked he was, was able to cum like that!

Dayton collapsed beside me and when I heard him chuckling, I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Dayton?” I whispered.

He turned and looked at me. “Miss me, doll?” he asked, then winked.

* * * *

Later that night I stood with Dayton and the other girls inside Aphrodite’s temple. The zapper machine that had brought me here months ago was swirling and humming once more.

“Are you sure you want to leave?” Dree asked me for the hundredth time.

“She has chosen,” Aphrodite reminded her. “You are all free to go whenever you wish.”

“Why can’t
just go?” Morra asked petulantly, pointing an accusing finger at Dayton.


“You don’t know what could happen on Earth! You don’t even know if things will work out with him!” Calla said, not understanding my decision to leave with Dayton.

“Not knowing—that’s the point,” I said. I’d had enough predictability to last a lifetime. I don’t know how or why she’d done it, but Aphrodite had figured out my sadness and brought the focus of my desire here to planet Ex to be with me.

It hadn’t been the girls messing with me after all.

Dayton, after he’d settled down, had explained the entire thing to me. I’d been so embarrassed at first. But when he’d kissed me sweetly and told me how flattered he was that I’d gone so far as to have a droid created based on him, I’d felt better.

Dayton actually turned out to be a great guy. I’d misread his signals on Earth, he’d assured me. He actually was interested in me. Imagine that.

I hugged each of the girls and then Aphrodite last. “You will return to the exact moment you were taken,” she told me. “No one will know you were gone, except, of course, you two.”

Dayton took my hand in his and smiled at me the way I’d always dreamed he would. “Ready?” he asked.

I took one last look around before I answered.




Juliet Cardin

Chapter 1

“What’s she doing now?” Dex asked, leaning on the counter before the viewing deck to peer out at the world beyond.

“You’re such a pervert. Holy shit, how many times are you going to come in here to spy on them?” It was my job to keep an eye on the inhabitants of this planet and I took my duties seriously, unlike other members of my crew. Secure as we were, ensconced inside a mountain, hidden away from sight for surveillance purposes, it was up to us to
, not gape and judge, or in Dex’s case, get off. What an ass.

Dex shrugged, his eyes still glued to the buxom beauty trouncing around outside, unaware of our presence. “I’m not spying. I’m watching.”

“You mean leering.”

“Whatever. It sure beats what I’m stuck doing at my end.”

“Soil samples and weather analysis not exciting enough for you?” Truth be told, I did get the sweet end of the workload. Being the only woman on a crew of five, I’d been assigned probably the best position here. All I had to do was study and log the behavior patterns of the inhabitants of Geor; the newest planet Earth had discovered and wished to analyze. Dex, Sam, Jamie and Bryan were all assigned various other duties.

We were aware this was a primitive planet when we’d beamed down here to our station seven days ago. Much to my embarrassment, and the guys’ delight, we’d gotten many a glimpse at just how primitive. People here were the equivalent to early man on Earth, although their bodies were more modern like ours. They had fire, lived in caves, and their weapons and tools were simple and archaic. So was their clothing: mostly animal pelts fashioned into tunics, barely concealing anything. Actions were uninhibited when it came to expressing their needs and wants. If angry, feet were stomped or chests were thumped, or they might slap or push each other. If hungry, they ate with gusto. And if they were in the mood for sex, they did it whenever, or wherever they wished, no partner in particular. Anyone would do. Males would mate with females, or other males. Females would too. Group sex was their favorite pastime.

Needless to say, I got a lot of company here at the observation deck. Crew members had little round windows in their bedrooms, but the view in here was bigger and better. I must admit, when I was alone and watching a male mount a female and listening to their cries of delight, I did get a little turned on myself.

“Oh, watch, watch! They’re doing it again.” Dex leaned even closer to the glass, which was ingeniously crafted to appear identical to the rocky mountain face from the outside.

“Why don’t you get out of here and let me get some work done?” I demanded. Nonetheless, my eyes strayed to the window and the scene beyond.

A glistening pond, formed at the base of a natural waterfall, was the focal point of the camp. Lush, fruit-filled trees provided shade and substance. The surrounding mountains gave the tribe a safe and protected area to reside in. Natural caves were formed in the rocky inclines offering shelter if the need arose.

Alas, it wasn’t the beautiful landscape that got my attention.

The tribe I studied consisted of approximately fifteen men and women. I’d given nicknames to most of them. The biggest and lustiest fellow I called Gregor. He seemed to spread his sexual favors out evenly amongst the others. Now, he had hold of the half-naked Lana. She was petite and blonde with enormous tits that she had trouble keeping covered. She was Dex’s favorite.

Lana had been down on her hands and knees before the pond filling up a vessel and Gregor had caught her unawares. He’d knelt down behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist. He used his other hand to lift up the back of her tunic. Lana was struggling ferociously.

The females, I’ve noticed, fight and wrestle with the males when they’re caught. At first I was concerned, until I realized this was all a coy game to them. If anything, the females liked getting fucked more than the men.

Lana dropped her container and tried to turn her body around, but Gregor held her tight. From my and Dex’s vantage point, we could see Gregor’s engorged cock tenting his tunic.

“Oh, he’s really gonna give it to her,” Dex said with delight. He actually licked his lips in anticipation.

I tried to play it cool, even going so far as to pull out my notepad and pen, ready to jot down my thoughts on the encounter. But I could feel my nipples pucker and strain against my uniform. My breath came out in little pants when I saw Gregor slip a playful finger into Lana’s pussy.

“Damn,” Dex said.

My eyes strayed downward and I could see the outline of his hardened cock against his tight pants.

“I’m so horny right now.”

“Thanks for sharing.” I admit, at night alone in my bed, after watching the inhabitants going at it all day, I got antsy as well. I’d had dreams of me somehow ending up on the other side of the glass and finding myself at the mercy of Gregor. He’d fuck me with abandon, and I would struggle and fight, all the while wanting him to dominate me. Then another tribe member would come up before me, pushing his hard cock at my face, and I’d take him into my mouth, deep into my throat while Gregor screwed me from behind.

Just like in my dream, another man—Duke, I’d named this one—came up to Lana and turned her enough so she could take his cock into her mouth. Through the speakers we heard Gregor’s anxious grunts. He had two fingers in Lana’s pussy now and she was squirming around seemingly desperate for more.

“Nail her, buddy,” Dex said. “She wants it baaad!”

As though hearing Dex’s words, Gregor finally removed his fingers and thrust his cock into Lana’s pussy. He thumped her excitedly while she moaned as best she could with a mouth full of Duke’s cock.

“Two more weeks till I can get me some of that,” Dex said.

Our shift here was three weeks long. Then another crew would be beamed down and we would be beamed up into a ship that would take us back to Earth.

Dex liked to brag that he had three or four women back home all vying for his attention. Each of the other guys here also had an array of women back home as well, or so they said. I dated, but there was no one special. It was kind of hard to form relationships with civilians considering we were always getting shipped off somewhere. Fraternizing with our co-workers wasn’t banned, but it could get awkward if things went awry, so most of us avoided it.

“Holly, have you ever done more than one guy at a time?” Dex suddenly asked.

“What? That’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think?” My cheeks flamed with embarrassment considering I’d just been thinking the same thing. I’d never had two men, but judging by the well-sated people of Geor, it looked like a lot of fun.

“Come on. Don’t get all worked up. I’m just making friendly conversation.”

I gave him a dirty look and turned my attention back to my notepad.

“Have you ever thought of getting fucked like that woman out there?” His voice was low and sexy as though extending an invitation. “Look how much she likes it. I bet you’d like it too.”

I knew Dex was trying to get a rise out of me. My crew wasn’t above a little cajoling and sexual innuendos now and then to liven things up. I’d dished out more than my share. A sharp retort was on the tip of my tongue, and yet, when my eyes again strayed to the window and saw that another male—this one I’d named Bruno—had lumbered over and joined the trio, I swallowed my retort. The newcomer managed to wiggle his way beneath the thrashing Lana and then pulled her down onto his cock as soon as Gregor withdrew his. Lana still sucked on Duke’s prick—he’d moved a little to allow room for Bruno’s head to lean back onto the grass. As I watched, mesmerized, I saw that Gregor hadn’t quite finished with his little cupcake. He saw her ass bent up into the air, an enticement to him, and he accepted. He first pushed one finger into her ass, and soon another joined it.

“Is he gonna…” I couldn’t finish my question. Sure the men had cuddled and kissed each other, however I’d never seen any of them fuck each other in the ass before. They’d not fucked the women like that either, as far as I’d seen, but it appeared Gregor was up to the challenge.

“Oh man. I’m gonna blow my wad in my pants,” Dex groaned.

We both watched as Gregor slowly pushed his cock deep inside Lana’s ass. Unhinged by desire, she took no exception to the new sensation, distracted as she was by the other cock in her pussy and the one in her mouth.

BOOK: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck
11.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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