2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck (5 page)

BOOK: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck
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I stood there awkwardly, exposed and shivering in my wet skin. My robe was pooled on the floor right at Sam’s feet. If only I could rush past him and dive into it, then I could make a break for my room. Wishful thinking.

It took me a moment to realize Sam was wearing his robe as well.

“How did you know I was out here?” I asked.

Instead of letting me inside, Sam stepped out. He flicked a latch on the side of the door; one that I’d stupidly forgot about, that would prevent it from locking once closed. I backed up and peered over my shoulder at the tribe, hoping they hadn’t noticed this little exchange.

When I turned back to Sam he was grilling me with a direct stare. “I didn’t know you were out here.”

“You didn’t? Then what are you doing?” He raised an eyebrow and gave me a moment for it all to sink in. “Oh, shit! Were you coming out here to…fuck?”

He shrugged his shoulders but had the decency to blush a little. “To see this going on all day, and not be getting any…it’s torture,” he admitted.

And here I’d thought he was so prim and proper. He’d been as horny as me all the while.

“You look good, by the way,” he suddenly said, staring at my tits.

I shrugged. “Thanks.” A thought dawned on me. “Uh, Sam? I think you should lose that robe before the others notice it.”

He undid the belt and dropped the robe to the ground, then pushed it under some brush with his foot. There he stood in all his naked glory. He was incredible! His body was the equivalent to a Greek god.

“Holly, did you come out here to get fucked?”

“Maybe.” Our voices were low so the others wouldn’t hear us talking.

“Is this your first time?” he asked.


He smiled. “How was it?”

Except all I could think of was you.

“So, um, you don’t want to leave now, do you?”

Was it an invitation to stay?

I smiled back. “I think I could go again.”

“Would you mind—I mean, if you and me…”

I reached out and took his hand. “I’d love to.”

Sam led me over to the pond’s edge and lay me down. He leaned over and kissed me deeply, his one hand straying to my breast, the other playing with my clit. He kissed a trail down my body and fastened onto my nipple, suckling.

“Sam,” I whispered. “You’re not going to be gentle with me, are you?”

“Hell, no,” he promised.

Keeping his word, he spared me no mercy when he nestled down between my open legs and licked my pussy, pushing two fingers deep inside me. I gasped in delight as I felt a third slip in.

“Yes!” I hissed. My head thrashed back and forth on the grass while I thought of all sorts of tantalizing things we could do together. We had another two weeks on Geor and I intended to take full advantage.

Sam rolled me over suddenly and pulled my ass up into the air. “I’m going to fuck you now,” he growled low, so only I could hear. I couldn’t help but shudder.

The head of Sam’s impressive cock pressed against my pussy.
Ah, at last! At long last I was going to be fucked by him.

“I’m not dreaming, am I?” I asked in fear. No way did I want to wake up now and find myself with the pillow between my legs again.

“What do you think?” Sam asked, thrusting his cock deep inside of me. His strokes were slow and deliberate, making me bite my lip in desperation. When I felt a finger slip into my ass I groaned aloud.

“Like that?” he asked.

I nodded my head, not trusting myself to speak, fearing it would be to beg.

“Want my cock in your ass?” Deep thrusts accented his words.

“Yes,” I cried, no longer caring we were intruders here. “Please, Sam.”

When he slipped free of me I was bereft, but only for an instant. Soon he filled me again, this time in the ass. “This what you want?” he demanded. “You want my cock in your ass?”

“Yes! Yes, Sam! Please, it’s what I want,” I cried. He felt so damn good.

After several minutes we both reached our peak together, our cries of release mingling with those of the others around us.

Sam collapsed beside me and held me in his arms. “Damn, Holly. That was good.”

I smiled and stroked his cheek. The tribe continued to grunt and cry out in ecstasy and I remembered that several minutes ago I’d been a part of them. We weren’t so different, people of Earth and people of Geor. Once reduced to naked, horny men and women seeking pleasure, we were basically the same.

“Tomorrow night we can join the group if you like,” Sam said.

“I’d like that.” Why not get a little wild and crazy? Now that Sam and I had discovered each other, I didn’t mind sharing.

But not tonight.

Let the tribe have their orgy fun. I had everything I needed right here.

* * * *

Two weeks later our time in the observation station came to an end. I don’t know how Sam and I managed to do it, but we spent several hours every night outside with the inhabitants of Geor, engaging in mutual stimulating pastimes. And then we would go about our jobs throughout the day. No one was the wiser.

When the next shift beamed down, my crew gave them the tour and answered any questions they had. As we all entered the observation deck, the newcomers could clearly see what was going on outside. The lone male of the new crew chuckled and looked at Dex while the four females all discreetly diverted their gazes.

“They like this all the time?” the man asked to no one in particular.

“Always,” I answered with a smile.

On our way out I could hear the man say to Dex, “Damn, how am I gonna watch that all day and not go crazy?”

“You’ll get through it. We all did. You just have to find ways to deal. Right, Sam?” Dex said.

Sam startled when he heard his name. “Ah, yeah, right,” he agreed.

The others filed out, Sam and I leaving last.

Sam reached out and squeezed my hand. “Anxious to get back to Earth?”

I shrugged. “Yes and no,” I admitted.

Only time would tell if my next assignment would prove to be as tantalizing as this one. One thing was for sure though, now that I had Sam, I wasn’t about to let him go.


Juliet lives in Ontario, with her husband, two sons, and an array of pets.

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BOOK: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck
12.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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