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“Anxious to see my big dick?” he asked cheekily.

I’d requested my droid be fitted with a sense of humor.

“Yeah, I want to suck it.” I set aside my wine and reached for his cock. He stood with his feet braced apart and put his hands into my hair as I took him into my mouth. I marveled over the softness of his prick. He felt so damned real!

As I sucked him deeper into my throat, he began to rock back and forth as though he was really getting into it. He even groaned and gasped out my name a few times. After a few minutes I began to get anxious. I let him slip out of my mouth. “Did you bring the oil?” I asked.

“Yes, want me to get it?” he asked, already reaching for the basket.

“Hurry up.” I wiggled out of my short-shorts and took off my tank top. Then I knelt down on the towel and leaned forward on my elbows. I heard him uncap the oil and moments later I felt him rubbing at my ass.

“Use two fingers,” I told him. I was used to accommodating him, so I needed no gentle handling. Besides, I wanted him to take me soon. “Hard, okay?”

I felt his thick fingers slip easily into my ass, slick with the oil. I groaned with delight and anticipation. Soon, I could feel him slip in a third finger.

“Hurry!” I gasped, anxious for all of him. “Fuck me with your cock!”

He didn’t leave me waiting. Soon as his fingers slipped free, I was filled with another member, this one bigger and better. Hard was the command, and Dayton didn’t disappoint. He really let me have it. As much as I loved getting it, I have the unfortunate problem of coming way too fast. Sensing my release, Dayton hissed out the obligatory sweet words, grasping my hips, allowing me to ride out the wave.

He soon collapsed beside me, smiling and behaving as though we had shared the sensation together. And as much as I adored him, I knew it to be false.

The man I truly wanted was not here. I was alone.

Chapter 3

“Do you ever think all of this is wrong?” I asked Dree. We lay back on lounge chairs staring up at the three moons in the starry night sky. The cool air on the open patio off of my bedroom was a comfort to my tender reddened skin.

I felt her questioning glance as she turned to look at me. I met her gaze determinedly. Someone should question our behavior. Was no one accountable?

“We were brought here as guardians. It’s an honor to serve Aphrodite, and for that we are rewarded.”

I knew the drill. We’d all been given the same spiel when we arrived, zapped away from our planets without any choice in the matter. One moment I’d been swimming in the ocean, the next I was standing in a beautiful cave that served as Aphrodite’s temple. We were specially chosen from all over the galaxy for our great beauty to serve as guardians of the temple of Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess. Apparently, long ago, all of the ancient Gods ruled planet Earth but then had been driven away. They had fled Earth and each taken possession of their own tiny planet, too vain and fearful to ever share again. Earth had been a large, wonderful place for them to converge upon and rule the inhabitants. But in the end we had rebuked them and their controlling ways.

Aphrodite was as beautiful as legend proclaimed. She was also kind and generous as well. She adored us, her guardians. We wanted for nothing. In exchange for our servitude our every wish and desire was encouraged and met. All we really needed to do was keep the temple fire burning and make sure baskets of fresh fruits filled the temple room, along with fresh clear water from the Kaul Spring. Each house rotated the task every week, and since there were six houses, with approximately five to seven girls in each house, the work was quickly carried out each day, leaving the rest of the time for us.

Hence the need for man-toys.

I stared off toward the little blue planet I knew to be Earth, and sighed. “I’m bored,” I complained.

“How can you be bored?” Dree laughed. “Everything you could possibly want is practically handed to you on a silver platter. You want for nothing.”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” I said. “There’s no challenge, no drive or determination to succeed.”

“There’s also no hunger, sickness, disease or war either,” she reminded me. “Not to mention we stay young and beautiful forever.” Once a week we were each issued a drop of water from the Kaul Spring to stop the aging process.

“We also don’t fall in love, get married or have children.”

Her look turned curious. “You can do those things on Earth?” I’d forgotten her planet was mostly made up of men and Dree had served as a slave until she’d been brought here.

“Yes, that and so much more. We can go to school and get jobs, travel, shop, strive, compete, and generally just live.”

“Sounds like a lot of work.”

“It is, and I agree it can be hard sometimes. But other times…” I trailed off thinking about Dayton—the real Dayton. “Other times it can be so incredibly wonderful.”

“Are you missing your family? Is that what this is all about?”

About a week after I’d arrived, the women in the house had gathered round me and said we’d be like a family, after I’d confessed I was homesick. It was true, we were like a family. Well, more like a bunch of sorority sisters at college, but still…

“I didn’t have a family on Earth, remember?” Two years ago, just after I’d turned nineteen, both of my parents were tragically killed while on vacation. I had no siblings. “Maybe that’s why Aphrodite chose me.”

“One of the reasons perhaps. And the fact that you’re so beautiful.”

Dree, sensing my sadness, reached out and patted my hand in comfort.

“Thanks.” I got up and walked over to the edge of the balcony and looked down upon the endless green valleys and forests below. How stunning this world was. I liked to think this was how Earth had looked thousands of years ago, before the intrusion of mankind. “I think I’m gonna turn in now,” I said.

“Oh, Dayton time, is it?” she asked with a wink. “I think I’ll take a break from Tondre tonight. I’m still a little sore.” She stood up and rubbed at her backside.

We embraced warmly and then Dree left for her own room. I headed for the closet and opened the door. Dayton was leaning against the wall with his head down. I switched on the light and went into the little room. A little tap on the arm was enough to wake him up. His head lifted and his sightless stare soon lit up and focused on me.

He raised his hand and touched my face. “Lisia.”

I loved the sexy way he said my name, like he was licking his lips. Thanks to Aphrodite’s technology, the creation team was able to extract my memories of the real Dayton and make one that was practically his clone. He was Dayton, exactly like him. Well, except for the fact that he was a droid.

I unplugged Dayton from the outlet and removed the charging cord from his lower back, tossing it to the floor. We walked into the bedroom and he trailed me obediently to the bed. He waited in his tight black shorts while I stripped off my clothes and slipped beneath the silky sheets.

“What’ll it be tonight?” He grinned at me devilishly.

Like Dree, I was also a little sore from our romp at the beach today. “Why don’t you crawl in here beside me?” I suggested.

Quickly, he complied and soon I was wrapped in his warm embrace. He would stay warm for hours until his battery wore down. I could feel his erection pressing into my back, his steely thighs rested beneath mine.

“Can we just snuggle tonight?” I asked, needing to pretend, if only for a moment or two that we were a real couple.

Dayton kissed my brow. “Of course. Whatever you desire, my love.”

I fell asleep, wrapped in my lover’s arms, dreaming of a love that bloomed and flourished. In the morning, I awoke. Dayton, awaiting further command, had burned up his battery and shut down.

He was stone cold.

Chapter 4

Thanks to his back-up power reserve I was able to get Dayton all plugged in, otherwise I’d never have been able to move him, he’s
too heavy. Afterward, I went down to the kitchen and joined the other females. I took my seat beside Morra and listened to today’s itinerary. It was Moonday, and our week to tend the temple. After breakfast we’d all head down there together.

“Dree and I will tend the fire,” Morra instructed. “Calla and Anthia can get the fruit, if you want to get the water from the spring, Lisia?”

I shrugged. It didn’t really matter to me what I did. It wasn’t rocket science.

A cobblestone pathway led to the temple, which we followed at a leisurely pace. Once there we branched off and attended to our tasks. I fetched the golden chalice from the temple and went off to get the water. When I approached the spring I was surprised to find Aphrodite sitting at the bank in her beautiful white tunic, flowers in her long blonde hair, her fingers dipping distractedly into the water. When I’d first arrived on Ex I’d felt weird in the Goddess’ presence, awed and insignificant in her midst. But she’d drawn me out, encouraging me with her comforting presence and kind words. Now talking to her came easily and I welcomed our sporadic interactions.

“Welcome, Lisia,” Aphrodite said when she saw me. “’Tis your group’s turn at the temple?”

“Yes,” I responded. “You look lovely today.”

She patted her head with her dry hand absently. “Thank you, dear. As are you. So lovely. And yet…” she paused, gazing into my eyes. “So sad.”

I ducked my head, cautious of her all-knowing stare. Could she see the loneliness in my eyes?

“What is it, Lisia? Are you not happy?” Her voice was soft and sweet.

You can always leave…

Despite being ripped away from my world without a second thought, I knew I was free to return to Earth, it being the first option offered to me. I’d opted to hear what was behind door number two.

“I’m happy,” I responded, my voice sounding false even to my ears. “I just…I don’t know. I guess I’m kind of lonely.”

“Are you getting along well with the other girls?” she queried. “Is your droid working out okay?”

“Yes, and yes. Everything’s great. Really. I think I’m just a little blue today.” I shrugged. “It’ll pass.”

I bent over to dip the golden chalice into the spring and filled it to the brink. It wasn’t heavy but I used the full container as an excuse to return to the temple. “I best get back.”

She nodded once and smiled. I smiled back and turned away, anxious to be off. I suddenly felt self-conscious and ungrateful in her presence. Strange, but I could feel her eyes boring into my back as I left.

That afternoon, after the midday meal, I retired to my room telling the others I wanted to rest. We mostly did our own thing in the afternoon anyway, fooling around with our droids, or napping, so no one said anything to me.

I checked on Dayton to see how his charge was coming along. “How’re you doing?” I asked, tapping his arm and waking him.

He closed his eyes and I knew he was scanning himself. “I’m ready,” he said a moment later.

“Are you now?” I purred. Falling asleep in his arms last night had been heavenly. For the shortest while he’d felt real to me. Though now, I wasn’t in the mood for snuggling. I wanted him to take me quickly first, then slowly. “I’ll wait for you out on the patio.” I left him to unplug and prepare himself. When he finally stepped outside I was waiting impatiently.

“What took you so long?” I lay there naked, legs spread wide, waiting for him to beg for the pleasure of my body. The nerve of him to keep me waiting!

He stared hard at me, and despite the warm day, I suddenly felt a chill. I liked this little bit of defiance I was sensing in him, it made him feel more real to me.

“Get over here and kneel down,” I told him. I almost laughed over the way he raised an eyebrow and frowned at me. I’d never seen him do that before. It took forever for him to kneel down between my legs. I was desperate for him now. I lifted my hips, offering myself and he had the nerve to look aloof. “What?” I demanded, desperate for his mouth on me.

“What is it you wish?” he asked.

I swear he sounded sarcastic and was being obtuse on purpose.

I felt self-conscious suddenly. As though Dayton was no longer a mindless piece of well-crafted machinery, but a real man. And I was behaving like a sex-spoiled brat. “Is…is there something that
like this time, Dayton?” I asked.

He smirked.

“Well, is there?” I insisted.

“How about you get on your knees and suck my dick?” he said arrogantly.

Oh my Goddess! Had someone been messing around with my droid? What the hell had gotten into him? Not that I really minded. Come to think of it, I kind of enjoyed this fiery Dayton. I closed my legs and sat up. Dayton, seeing my intent, stood and backed up to lean his naked ass against the balcony railing. He stood there expectantly, giant cock standing at full alert waiting for my attention.

I’d never been so turned on!

Quickly I went over to him and got down on my knees. I reached out both hands to grab onto his giant organ and took his tip into my mouth.

“Gently,” he instructed.

Deeply I plunged down on him, wanting to take in as much of him as possible. I cuddled his ball sac in both my hands marveling over the wiry little hairs that felt so damn real. I reached one hand around his ass and pulled him to me, wanting more of him.

“That’s it,” he encouraged.

It was so strange. As if our roles had suddenly been reversed. Now I was the one on my knees, dancing to
tune. I didn’t care. I loved it.

“Now, lay back,” he instructed, pulling out of my mouth and directing me with his strong arms.

I began to rise to my feet so that I could return to the lounger, but Dayton stopped me. “No!” he said sharply. “Lay back on the cement. I want to take you on the floor.”

Why not?

I was game. Anything Dayton wanted at this moment, I was going to give to him. I felt the cold cement on my ass but only for a moment. Dayton lay down beside me and reached over to pull me on top of him. He guided his rock-hard cock inside of me, lowering me down slowly until I was completely full.

“Now, fuck me,” he instructed. “Hard!”

As he said this, a crazy thought flashed in my mind.

BOOK: 2-in-1: Planet sEX & Observation Deck
7.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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