With Liberty and Justice for Some (34 page)

BOOK: With Liberty and Justice for Some
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domestic eavesdropping and

Iran-Contra and

torture and

WikiLeaks release of cables of


criminal justice spending

prison sentences and

state secrets

State Sponsors of Terrorism List

Stengel, Rick

Stephanopoulos, George

Stern, Vivien

Stettner, Andrew

Steward, Martha

Stiglitz, Joseph

Stored Communications Act

Strigl, Dennis

Sullivan, Andrew

Summers, Larry

Sunlight Foundation

Swanson, David





Taguba, Antonio

Taibbi, Matt

Talking Points Memo (Web site)

Talvi, Silja J. A.

Tammany Hall

Tavakoli, Janet

Taylor, Charles

Teapot Dome scandal

telecom companies

campaign contributions and

costs of lawsuits and

lobbying and

media and

revolving door and

retroactive immunity and

warrantless eavesdropping and

Tenet, George

terHorst, Jerald

terror, “war on,”


Thomas Nast

Thoughts on Government

“Thoughts on Sentencing” (Klein)

three-strikes laws

Tilden, Samuel


Time to Heal, A

Tonry, Michael

“too-big-to-fail” problem


Bush and

Bush and Cheney admit to ordering

CIA inspector general’s report on

Democrats’ complicity in

international law and

media and

Nuremberg principles and

Obama fails to investigate Bush-era

OLC memos on

powerless prosecuted for

public opinion and

Total Information Awareness

Treasury Department

Tribe, Laurence

Tseytlin, Misha

Turley, Jonathan

Tweed, William “Boss,”



UBS bailout



United Auto Workers

United Nations

Day to Support Torture Victims

Security Council

U.S. attorney firings

U.S. Congress

Bush-era crimes and

drug war and

financial industry and

Iran-Contra and

Iraqgate and

oversight powers of

Teapot Dome and

Teddy Roosevelt and

telecom immunity and

warrantless eavesdropping and

Watergate and

U.S. Constitution

U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee

U.S. Navy

U.S. News & World Report

U.S. Senate

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee

Church Committee

Convention Against Torture and

financial elites and

telecom immunity and

Foreign Relations committee

Homeland Security Committee

Intelligence Committee

Judiciary committee

U.S. Sentencing Commission

U.S. Supreme Court

Warren Court

United States v. Reynolds

USA Today



Vail Daily

Van Heuvelen, Robert

van Praag, Lucas



Vietnam War


foreclosures and

prison sentencing and

Virginia Supreme Court




Walker, Vaughn

Wallach, Evan

Wall Street Journal

Walsh, Lawrence

Walsh, Thomas

Walton, Reggie

war crimes tribunals

warrantless eavesdropping

Democrats complicity

Obama and

retroactive immunity for telecoms and

Washington, George

Washington Post

Washington Times


Watergate scandal

Webb, Jim

Webster, William

Weekly Standard

Weill, Sanford I.

Weinberger, Caspar

Iran-Contra and

pardon of

Wells Fargo

Western Union

Wheeler, Marcy



Wilkerson, Lawrence

Wilson, Genarlow


Wiretap Act

Wolfowitz, Paul

Wood, Diane

Woodward, Bob

Woolsey, James

World Bank

World Justice Project (WJP)

World War II





Yoo, John

York, Byron

“You’re (Probably) a Federal Criminal” (Kozinski and Tseytlin)



Zelikow, Philip

Zubaydah, Abu

About the Author

Glenn Greenwald is the author of the
New York Times
How Would a Patriot Act?
A Tragic Legacy
. Proclaimed one of the “25 Most Influential Political Commentators” by
The Atlantic
, Greenwald is a former constitutional law and civil rights attorney and a contributing writer at
. He lives in Brazil and New York City.



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In the course of this book, I hold certain government officials and corporations responsible for committing crimes. These assertions constitute my opinions based on the facts that I set forth in the text.

BOOK: With Liberty and Justice for Some
7.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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