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Marie Tuhart


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.



Originally published in HOOKED UP AT THE WEDDING anthology





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Unexpected Gift

Most men can't handle Sabrina Orin’s job as a doctor since the hours can be 24/7, but she still has needs. What better way to satisfy them than to hook up with a hot guest at a wedding?


Ryan Caine never expected to find a woman at the wedding he’d want to hook up with, and when Sabrina agrees to go to his room with him, he finds he doesn't want to let her go, but she's gone when he wakes in the morning. What’s a man to do?


Unexpected Surprise

Eric Montgomery has had the hots for his best friend’s fiancée’s maid of honor for months. When he finds her in his hotel room and his bed, he thinks the gods are granting him a gift.


Close proximity to the sexy best man has left Marina Landers desperate for release, and when Eric appears in her hotel bedroom, she seizes the opportunity to find out if the rumors about his domineering ways are true.


They have a wild night of kinky sex, both thinking when morning arrives, they'll go their separate ways, but things don't go quite as planned.


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Sabrina Orin tapped her foot to the music, a wide grin on her face as Ryan sauntered across the room.
All mine.

When the day started, she hadn't expected to find a man like Ryan at the wedding. She figured she'd attend the ceremony, make a brief appearance at the reception then claim a work emergency. After all, she was a doctor and babies did things on their own time tables. But, the second she saw Ryan, she'd fallen into no-holds-barred lust.

Her gaze never left him as he strode to her. His raven hair gleamed in the lights and then he flashed her a quick sexy smile that warmed her blood. He reached for her hand, pulled her to her feet and out onto the dance floor. Her heart fluttered with excitement. No words were needed—their bodies were talking for them.

Strong arms encircled her waist, pulling her against his hard aroused form. How did a woman proposition a man she just met? It wasn't like she had a lot of experience with hooking up for a no strings attached night. She sighed.

“That's a deep sigh, Sabrina.” He gathered her closer, his lips brushed against her ear.

She shivered at his warm breath. “The band is preparing for the last dance.” She didn't want the evening to end.

“I see. Well, since we've danced, shook hands with the bride and groom, ate rubber chicken and had a piece of cake, I think it's time for
to make plans.”

“Us? Plans?” The breathless words escaped her lips. Fissions of awareness danced up her spine as their hips brushed together.

“I want to continue what we started out on the patio.”

A tremor of anticipation shimmered through her. Over an hour ago, they'd strolled out onto the patio, where they kissed, and kissed and kissed, like teenagers in the backseat of a Mustang. If they hadn't been interrupted, there would have been more than kissing involved.

“Your room or mine?” she asked, amazed at her own boldness, but it was something they both wanted. They were consenting adults. And her body craved his.

“Mine.” He swept her from the dance floor, giving her a minute to grab her light sweater and purse before guiding her to the elevators.

Sabrina took a deep breath. She could do this. She could have a one night stand and enjoy it. Couldn't she?

Ryan Caine fought the urge to tap his foot against the tile floor as they waited for the elevator. Finding Sabrina at the wedding had been nothing more than dumb luck. Lust coursed through him, but there was more. When they’d talked over dinner, he’d found she had a good sense of humor, loved disaster movies and could talk about any subject.

When he'd kissed her out on the patio, he fully expected her to either slap him or storm off. She'd done neither. Instead, she kissed him back until they were both breathless. Now, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her again, strip the dress from her body and worship her all night long.

The elevator finally arrived with a ding. Keeping his arm around her waist, he escorted her in. The scent of roses and sunshine filled the small enclosure and his cock jumped. Their gazes met. He’d been aroused since he saw Sabrina gliding across the room in a sea green dress that molded to her slim body, but it was the way her deep, dark blue eyes gazed at him, that kept him hard.

They had all night. It might be only one night, but he'd make the most of it. When they arrived at his room, he held open the door for her and released a pent up breath as she slid past him. He'd figured she might change her mind, but she hadn't. If she had, he would have let her go, no matter if it would have meant a really long and cold shower. He wasn't into force.

After letting the door slide shut, he turned the bolt and then faced her. God, she was beautiful, from the top of her blonde head to the tips of her painted green toenails. She set her purse and sweater down on the small table near the door, all the while holding his gaze.

“Well?” She spread her arms wide.

Ryan grinned at her boldness, crossed over to her and swept her into his arms. Lips met lips. His tongue thrust into her mouth to duel with hers. He wanted her naked beneath him. Then, maybe after he sated both of them, she would tell him a fantasy or two.

Gripping her waist, he lifted her and strode into the bedroom. Tonight she was his.

As Ryan carried her, Sabrina kicked off her shoes and entwined her arms around his neck.
Lord, this man can kiss
. Her pussy pulsed with need. She wanted more. She wanted his hard cock in her.

The soft carpet tickled her toes as he lowered her to the floor next to the bed. She slid her fingers over his collarbone, down his arm and to his waist. She wedged her hand between their bodies, her palm cupping his erect cock, and squeezed with her fingers.

Ryan broke the kiss. “Impatient are we?” There was laughter in his voice.

“You don't know the half of it.” She swept her hands up his chest and shoved his jacket off, then tugged his shirt from his pants. With a hard jerk, buttons popped and flew across the room.

His chest hair tickled her palms while she stroked him, enjoying his muscles flexing beneath her touch as she pushed off his shirt. Then her fingers went to his belt and loosened it before lowering his zipper.

“Someone is overdressed.” Her gaze clashed with his as his fingers brushed her neck. The clasp on her halter top dress gave way and the silky material slithered down her body to land at her feet. Ryan groaned and Sabrina glanced at his face. “It's a damn good thing I didn't know the only thing you had on under that dress was a thong.”

A thrill of excitement shot through her. She'd never worn a thong before tonight because she'd thought they'd be uncomfortable, but his words made her feel sexy and her apprehension at wearing it disappeared. “Oh, why is that?” Her fingers slipped past the elastic on his underwear and teased the smooth head of his cock.

“Because we never would have left the patio. I would have lifted you onto the railing, ripped your underwear right off and thrust into you.” His fingers trailed down the front of her underwear. She lifted her hips into his touch.
. She wanted him to touch her there, to thrust his fingers into her pussy, to make her come.

“What's stopping you now?” Where were these words coming from? She was usually shy in the bedroom. But there was something about Ryan that allowed her to be bold. She slipped her hand farther down and cradled his balls.

“Ah, Sabrina.” His lips captured hers in a hot, hard kiss before he broke apart from her once again. He removed her hand from his balls, then leaned down, lifted her into his arms and tossed her onto the bed.

She giggled as she bounced on the mattress, but her laughter trailed away as he toed off his shoes, and then stripped out of his trousers and underwear. “Impressive.” It was the only word she could think of. Work of art might be better. Though her fingers had traced his muscles earlier, now she could see how buff the man was. Hard all over, from his six pack abs to his cock. Her pussy moistened.

Ryan bent over and took his socks off, giving her a good look at his nice round ass, before joining her on the bed. He crawled between her legs. “Time for this to go.” He hooked his fingers on either side of the thong. She raised her hips. He pulled the fabric from her and tossed it across the room.

“Perfection.” Trying not to wiggle in embarrassment, she closed her eyes at the soft spoken words. “I have to taste.” Before her brain could process his words, his mouth was on her pussy.

At every nerve ending, molten heat exploded along with a million tingles. He parted her pussy lips with his fingers and his tongue dived in. Her mouth fell open to protest—no man had ever done this to her before—but no words came out.

The sweet taste of female exploded in Ryan’s mouth. Sabrina’s body quivered beneath his hands. He lifted his head, looking up at her face. Her mouth was open and her breathing heavy, and she was so damn beautiful. “You taste like cotton candy, one of my favorite foods.”

“Ryan,” she said his name in a breathless voice.

His dick shook with need and want, but he would make sure she was ready for him. Pleasure was the name of the game. “You're so wet.” His fingers teased her pussy, not dipping in too far, but enough to test her readiness. Her breathing turned shallow. Her hips shifted restlessly. He figured it wouldn't take much to make her orgasm.

“Come for me, my Sabrina.” He plunged two fingers into her wet core as he covered her clit with his mouth.

She cried out, her hands grasping his head, fingers digging into his skull while he pleasured her. Her hips rose and fell in time with his fingers, until her pussy tightened around them. It was time. He flicked her clit over and over with his tongue.

Her body shook, then stiffened. Her pussy clamped his fingers. Tangling her hands in his hair, she cried out his name, but he continued to stroke her until she went limp, her hands falling to her sides. After a last lingering lick, Ryan raised his head.

Her nipples stood at attention, her eyes were shut, and her breathing was still shallow, but a shy smile curved her lips. Crawling his way up her body, he found one pink bud and took it deep into his mouth while his hand closed over her other breast.

“Yes, suck my nipples.” Her hands found his shoulders, nails scraping against his skin.

His cock pulsed. He had to fuck her, and soon, or he'd lose it. Releasing the one nipple, he used his lips to toy with the other one, before leaning over her and taking her mouth in a long hard kiss.

Her fingers slipped to his waist, then to his cock. She stroked him root to tip and he groaned into the kiss. Her touch was pure heaven and pure hell. Breaking the kiss, he leaned over to the nightstand.

“Condom,” he said, opening the drawer. Thank God the box was open. He yanked one out. The box, shaped like a baby carriage, was a joke gift from his sister. She’d given it to him at her baby shower yesterday. He laughed when he’d seen it, but now he was glad he'd kept them in the drawer.

“Let me.” Sabrina took the foil packet from him, ripped it open and slid the condom over his hard length. The second she released him, he was at her entrance.

Sabrina held Ryan's gaze as he penetrated her, stretching her. Her eyelids wanted to close, but she wouldn't let them. She wanted to see his face as he fucked her. She wanted to see him fly apart as she had done. He reared back and thrust. A gasp left her lips. Not only was he big, but the ribbed condom itself was teasing her sensitive pussy.

“Sabrina?” He stilled.

It took her a minute to get her breath back. “Did you realize those are textured condoms?”

“Shall I—” he started to pull out.

“—No.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, her body quivering with need. “Please. Take me. Now.”

He thrust back into her, pulled out, and then thrust back in. Sabrina moved with him. God, he was big. But, he felt so good. Her pussy clamped around him, wanting to keep him inside her, but she knew it wasn't possible. She traced his spine with her fingers as he continued to love her, the ribbed condom teasing every nerve ending in her pussy. Her stomach tightened.

No. She didn't want to climax yet. “So damn good. So manly.” He'd already given her one orgasm with his fingers and mouth. She shouldn’t be ready to have another one so quickly, but she was. “I want you.” Her muscles clenched. “Fuck me. Hard. Fast.”

His brown eyes darkened at her words. Then he grinned.

He took her mouth and did as she asked. Thrust for thrust, her hips met his. She couldn't seem to get enough air but didn't want to stop kissing him. Loving him. His hands were at her back, lifting her, impaling her, her clit grinding against his pelvis.

Sabrina screamed into his mouth as her climax took over. He shifted his hips. “That's it. Come for me, sweetheart. Come for me again.”

She shook her head. She’d already had two, so very unusual for her. There was no way she could come again. Then his fingers slipped between their bodies and found her clit. He flicked the nub and she cried out in pleasure, her hips bucking against his before she orgasmed once more.

And Ryan followed her. His cock swelled within her and he spilled his seed. Satisfaction swept through her as their bodies rocked against each other until the tremors subsided. Ryan gently laid them down on their sides, still connected.

How long they stayed that way she had no idea, but she didn't want to let Ryan go when he slipped from her pussy. Never had she climaxed so much with a man. He traced a path down her cheek with his fingers, before pushing her hair away.

“Shower? Then we can start round two.”

Her eyes widened. “Round two?” She’d expected him to ask her to leave. After all, this was just a quick hook up after the wedding, but she was happy he asked her to stay.

He climbed out of bed. “And three and four.” He swept her into his arms and carried her into the bathroom. “I'm nowhere near done with you, my fair Sabrina.” He set her down before reaching in the shower and turning on the water. “How do you feel about sex in the shower?”

“I've never tried it, but sounds like fun.”

~ * ~

Sabrina rolled over and groaned. Why did her muscles hurt? And why was her pillow so hard? She woke in an instant and pushed her hair out of her face as she sat up.

BOOK: Unexpected
4.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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