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He slid off the mattress and undressed while Marina calmed down from her last climax. The other toys would have to wait for later. Just that tiny taste of her had his cock pulsing. He wanted to be inside her. He wanted her, his way.

He undid the restraints before going into the bathroom and getting a warm washcloth and a towel. When he returned, Marina hadn't moved. He lifted her right arm and began to bath her. Wiping the sweat from her chest, he played with her nipples, loving the small sounds she made when he pinched them.

When he was done drying her, he gazed at her face. She looked so serene. “No sleeping,” he whispered in her ear.

“Who's sleeping? I'm in heaven.”

Eric laughed. He put the towel and washcloth back in the bathroom and gathered all the pillows he could find in the room. “You came without permission.”
“What?” Her hand started for the blindfold.

“Don't,” he snapped and was pleased when her arm halted mid-air then fell back to her side. Excitement dashed through his veins. With a little bit of training, she would be the perfect submissive. “Get on your knees and face the headboard.”

She immediately obeyed. Laying the pillows on the bed in front of her, he stacked four of them, leaving the fifth one for her head. “Lie down on your stomach, but keep the pillows under you.”

She settled on the pillows as he held them in place. All the while, she never said a word. Her cheeks were pink. Such an obedient sub. Might she be willing to extend their fun beyond one night? They could have lots of fun in his playroom.

He pushed the thought away. First, he had to get her through tonight. Make her want more. Then they could discuss a future. “I'll leave your hands free, but you're not to remove the blindfold.”

Shifting her knees apart, he put her ankles back into the restraints and tightened them.
Yes, that is good
. He crawled onto the mattress, and then rubbed his palms over her soft ass. “Nice ass.” He pulled back and brought his hand down on her right cheek.

Marina cried out, not in pain, but in surprise. Eric was spanking her! She hadn't been spanked since she was a little girl, and then never like this. Heat radiated out from her ass, and pleasure filled her veins.

She never knew spanking could be so darn erotic. Then he stopped. What did he have planned next? She listened, but all she could hear was her own ragged breathing.

“Pretty, pink ass.” He ran his hands over her bottom and she shivered. The head of his cock nudged her entrance. He didn't give her a chance to take a breath, instead wrapping his arms around her hips and thrusting forward into her pussy while pulling her back.

“Eric!” she cried out, fighting to keep breathing. She clenched around his cock.

“Fuck,” he said. “You feel so damn good. Hot, wet, and tight.” He backed out and thrust in over, and over, until he was buried to the hilt.

Marina couldn't believe the amazing amounts of pleasure flowing through her body. While his cock was stretching her pussy, it didn't hurt. Instead, all her nerve endings jerked alive.

His fingers slipped over her stomach. She wasn't going to last long. Her clit was already pulsing, her pussy clamping around his hard cock. He rotated his hips and Marina curled her fingers into her palms. Then he touched her clit.

“Please, Master, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast.” She didn't know where the words came from, but she needed him. Now.

Her words made Eric's dominant side take notice. She'd called him Master. He pulled back and slammed into her. Again and again. All the while, she kept calling him Master and begging him to fuck her harder and faster. And he gave her what she wanted. Hell, he wanted it. He couldn't be gentle with her, not even this first time.

“I'm going to come,” she cried out.

“You will not come.” He pinched her nipple before returning to her clit, building the tension. Flesh slapped flesh. Her pussy gripped him so hard it was difficult to move. Her clit was hard and pulsing beneath his fingers.

Pleasure swept through him. Pleasure that he could do this to her, make her quiver beneath him. Pleasure at knowing she was submissive to his Dominant.

“Master, please.”

“Permission granted. Come for me.” He pinched her clit as he thrust hard into her.

Marina screamed, her pussy tightening then convulsing around his cock. He withdrew once more and slammed back into her before giving into his release, his hips still flexing even as he climaxed.

He continued to play with her clit. She climaxed one more time and his hips jerked against hers. After the last spasms died away, he collapsed on top of her, his cock still inside her pussy.

After a few minutes, he rolled away and stood. He didn't want to leave her warmth, but he rose. Going into the bathroom, he disposed of the condom and grabbed a clean washcloth and towel. Back in the bedroom, he released the restraints and bathed Marina.

When he finished, he took her lips in a hard kiss. And she kissed him right back. They were both breathing hard when they broke apart.

He pushed her onto her back while reaching for another condom. Maybe before morning they'd get to the other toys he had.

~ * ~

Marina woke slowly, every muscle in her body aching. A smile played around her lips. Of course they were aching; she and Eric had one wild night of sex. Opening her eyes, she turned her head and gazed at him.

How could she think one night would be enough? Eric had brought out a side of her she hadn't realized was even there. A sexual submissive side. And she loved it.

Eric was one hell of a Dominant, and she wished they could have more than this one night. Rolling over, she slipped out of bed, biting back a groan when her leg muscles protested.

A giggle bubbled up when she saw the floor littered with condom wrappers and toys. Eric hadn't cared last night where the stuff ended up after he played with her, so anxious he was to make love to her all over again. .

A quick shower, then she'd dress. Maybe call room service, see if she and Eric could work something out, and, of course, find out how he ended up in her room last night.

Eric rolled over with a groan when someone knocked on the door. Sitting up, he realized Marina wasn't in bed with him, but the shower was running. The knock sounded louder. He'd get rid of whoever it was and join her.

After wrapping the sheet around his waist, he stomped over to the door and yanked it open. “What the he—” He stopped mid-sentence when he saw it was Mark and Lisa.

“Good morning,” Mark said, pushing past him and into the room.

“Mark, this isn't a good time.” He ran his fingers through his hair, but before he could say more, Marina breezed out of the bathroom in a towel.

“Eric, have you seen my suitcase?” She glanced up and stopped dead. “Mark. Lisa.” All the color drained from her face.

“I knew I was right,” said Lisa.

“Yeah, you were,” said Mark.

“Right about what?” Eric shook his head. What was going on?

“Right about you two. I knew if we got you both together in a room, Mother Nature would take over.”

“You…” Marina sputtered. “Lisa Angelia, you set me up.”

“Yes, I did.”

Eric had heard enough, he opened the door and propelled Lisa and Mark out. “Go on your honeymoon.” Then he slammed the door in their smiling faces.

“I guess we know how I ended up in this room.” This wasn't how he’d planned the morning after. He’d intended to join Marina in the shower, and convince her to give them a chance.

“Lisa booked the rooms. She gave me my room key.”

“And Mark gave me mine.” Eric faced Marina. She didn't look upset. “Interfering idiots.”

“Wonderful idiots.” She dropped the towel and padded over to him. “Would you be willing to take this beyond last night, Master?” She started to fall to her knees.

Eric caught her by the arms. “My submissive doesn't kneel. Unless she’s sucking my cock.”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“Later.” Eric stripped off the sheet, picked Marina up into his arms and strode toward the bed. “First, I want my submissive where she belongs. Under me.”

“Always, Master.”

“Always and forever.” Eric kissed her.





A year later, they walked down the aisle and their honeymoon was spent at a special club, just for Dominants and their submissives.



Marie Tuhart can't remember a time when she didn't have a book in her hands. She began writing at 19, and after several years decided to get serious about publishing.  Marie loves to spend time in bookstores and traveling.






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BOOK: Unexpected
2.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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