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Ryan was still asleep on his back, his arm outstretched. That's why her pillow was hard. She'd been sleeping on his chest. Her breath hitched as she sat there watching him. He was a beautiful man, but in the light of day, it was time for her to go. Her heart grew heavy. Maybe one day she'd find a man who understood her job.

After slipping from the bed, she picked up a towel they'd left on the floor last night and wrapped it around her body. She turned and stopped. On the night stand was a box shaped like a baby carriage, and it held what was left of the condoms. She put her hand over her mouth before a giggle escaped and, after retrieving her discarded clothes, tiptoed into the other room to dress. Muscles protested with each step, but she didn't regret one second of last night.

She jumped at the loud ring tone of her cell phone. After scooping her purse from the table, she found her cell and answered it. “Hello.” She listened. “Yes, okay. I'll be there in thirty minutes.”

Damn, so much for sneaking to her room for a little sleep. She had a baby to deliver. She slipped on her dress and fastened it.
Where are my shoes
? Glancing around, she saw them by the doorway to the bedroom. As she walked, she realized she didn't have on any panties.

She wasn't going back into the bedroom for them though. If she did, she'd want to crawl back in bed with Ryan. With a sigh, she picked up her shoes, turned and left the room. At least she had the memories of last night.

The ringing of the hotel phone startled Ryan awake. Grabbing the receiver, he said, “This better be good.” His breath caught in his throat. “Yes, of course. Tell her I'll be right there.” He dropped the receiver back into the cradle and faced Sabrina. This wasn't the way he planned to wake her.

She wasn't there. “Sabrina?” he called her name, but he knew she was gone. She'd left without a good-bye kiss. Part of him was angry, another part resigned. It was just a fling, a one-night stand. But, he’d wanted it to be so much more.

Now was not the time to deal with this though. His sister needed him. Later, he'd find Sabrina and explore the fledgling connection to her that was way deeper than sex.

On the way out he'd stop at the front desk and ask about Sabrina and…shit, he didn't even know her last name. She'd been at the wedding last night, so there had to be a guest list somewhere. Later, he promised himself.

~ * ~

Hoping he wasn’t too late, Ryan strode into the hospital room “Sorry, I'm late. I'm…” He stopped short when he saw Sabrina standing next to his sister. He blinked to make sure she didn't disappear. She didn't, and joy flooded him.

“Oh, my God. You're married.” Sabrina's words were like a slap in the face.


“But...” She glanced from his sister to him and back again, a slight pink tingeing her cheeks.

He found her blush endearing. “Regina is my twin sister. I'm her labor coach since her husband is out of town.”

“And you two know each other, how?” asked Regina between pants.

“Never mind, brat.” Ryan crossed to the bed. “How's the little one?”

“Fine.” Sabrina took a step back from the bed. “I'm Doctor Orin, Regina's OBGYN.” A professional mask slid into place. He would accept that for now. Later was a different matter.

“Doctor Orin.” Ryan strode around the bed and held out his hand. Sabrina's hand trembled in his. Leaning close, he whispered, “I wouldn't have made love to you if I was married.”

When a monitored started beeping, she pulled back. “Let's deliver this baby.”

Forty-five minutes later, Sabrina leaned against the wall outside her patient's room. Max Sinclair was in the capable hands of his mother, father—who arrived in time to see his child born—and uncle. The six pound, four ounce baby boy had red hair like his father, blue eyes like his mother, and his uncle's killer smile.

Closing her eyes, she sighed.

“That's a big sigh, doctor.”

She jumped at Ryan's voice in her ear. His breath brushed her cheek. “I left mom and dad to bond with their son. You and I need to talk.” He grasped her elbow.

“Ryan…” He placed his fingers against her lips. Heat exploded in her veins. She almost parted her lips to suck his finger into her mouth.

“In private.” He opened the maintenance room door. The automatic overhead lights flipped on. He tugged her inside before closing the door. “I woke up and you were gone.”

“Your sister was in labor and they called me.”

“Why didn't you wake me before you left?”

“I couldn't.” Sabrina hugged herself and looked at the floor. She’d never expected to see him again, even though she'd been tempted to go back to the hotel later and find him.

“Why?” His warm fingers touched her chin, lifting it until their gazes met.

“It wasn't supposed to happen this way.” She stepped back, breaking their contact. “One night. One night of anonymous sex.”

“But it was more than that.”

She shook her head. “It can't be.”

“Yes, it can.” This time when she retreated, he followed, until her back was against the wall. “I want more.”

“It won't work, Ryan. Babies don't keep office hours. I'm always on call. You'll resent my job after a while.”

“Give us a chance, Sabrina.”


He claimed her lips and all thoughts fled. She wound her arms around his neck and his arms encircled her waist.

“Oh, excuse us.”

Sabrina opened her eyes to see one of the nurses and an orderly at the door. Breaking the kiss, she glared at the pair. “Shut the door,” she ordered before returning Ryan's kiss. His kisses were addictive, and she wanted more of them. Her heart was bursting with joy at him finding her here.

Ryan lifted his head and gave her a sexy grin. “I take it you're willing to give us a try.”

“Yes. Oh, yes.” And she would. She drew his head down to resume their kiss. She loved his kisses, loved…





Two years later, Michael Ryan Caine was born.






Eric Montgomery entered the mini-suite that had been set aside for him. Now that his best friend Mark was married, he needed a place to stay—didn't want to get in the way of Mark and his new bride, Lisa, and he had no place to go until his new house was ready. After setting his duffle bag on the floor, he walked straight to the mini bar. He needed a drink. He'd spent the last four days playing best man and being tormented by the maid of honor, Marina.

Sweet, sexy, redheaded Marina, the woman who had squeezed his cock on the dance floor then sashayed away from him as if nothing important happened. His dick still throbbed. The wedding was over and Marina had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

He pulled out a small bottle of whiskey and twisted the cap. Damn, there was no ice. He grabbed the bucket, slipped out of the room and headed down the hall to the machine. One stiff drink, then he'd hit the shower, jack off and fall into bed.

With the bucket filled, he returned to his room. He kicked off his shoes and poured himself the whiskey. The alcohol burned its way down to his stomach, but it was good. He needed it to take the edge off. Of course, if he'd been able to find Marina, she'd be beneath him taking the edge off right now.

Yeah right.
Mark had warned him away from her, since she was Lisa's best friend.
Why did I make that promise before I met Marina last year

The last four days had been hell, and Marina hadn't helped. He'd barely held himself in check through her constant flirting with him. The only break he'd had was when he made a trip to his favorite adult store early that morning. It hadn't been much of a break. All he could think of was using the toys he purchased on Marina. Once Mark came back from his honeymoon, Eric would break the news, Marina was no longer off limits.

He snagged his duffle bag on the way to the bedroom. The drapes were open, allowing the waning afternoon light into the room. He stopped in the doorway. Something wasn't right. There was a woman in his bed. A very naked woman who had one hand between her legs while her other hand played with her breasts.

What the hell
? Had Mark given him the wrong room key? He turned to leave.

“Oh, Eric.”

He froze. He knew that breathless voice. He spun and studied the woman on the bed. Her eyes were closed. She had no idea he was in the room. This could get very interesting. He just had to play it right.

Marina Landers thrust her fingers into her pussy, wishing it was Eric's hard cock filling her instead. When she’d felt him up on the dance floor, she almost orgasmed right there. The man had one impressive piece of equipment. Why had Lisa made her promise to stay away from the best man?

The last four days, she couldn't help but flirt with Eric. He'd done his best to ignore her and she hadn't liked it. It had been that way for the last year—every occasion they happened to be at together, he kept his distance.

She wanted him desperately. Something heavy hit the floor. She stilled, letting her fingers slide from her pussy. Before her eyes could adjust to the dim lighting, a hand covered her mouth.

“Easy, Marina.”

She knew that husky, sexy as sin, voice. Her struggles ceased.

“I'm not going to hurt you. I just don't want you screaming and disturbing the neighbors.”

She waited until Eric removed his hand. “What the hell are you doing here?” She sat up and at the same time reached for the sheet to cover her nude body. Who was she kidding? Hadn't she just wanted him there?
Oh God, how much did he see

“You're in my room.” He sat down behind her, his hands cupping her shoulders. While the touch should have soothed her jangled nerves, instead it made her shiver with anticipation.

His heat was already warming her chilled skin. She fought against leaning into him. “Your room?” This couldn't be his room. Lisa had given her the key. She shook her head. “It doesn't matter. Get out.” He couldn't stay here. If he did, she'd be begging him to fuck her within minutes.


His rough palm cupping her chin cut off her next words. He tilted her head to the side. She watched in a daze as he lowered his mouth to hers.

Every nerve sprang to life. His tongue invaded her mouth and instead of pulling away, she kissed him back.
After all, a girl can only resist so much temptation
. Her arms lifted to entwine themselves, as best as she could, around his neck.

He kissed better in person than in her fantasies. And her fantasies about Eric were anything but tame. The last few being darn right on the kinkier side, with Eric tying her up and having his way with her. Her pussy moistened.

Eric's tongue dueled with hers, both of them fighting for domination. Her skin tingled. How would it feel to be in his bed for one night? No one had to know. He trailed his fingers over her bare breast and pinched her nipple. She gasped into his mouth as pleasure shot straight to her wet pussy.

She broke the kiss. “Eric...” She paused, trying to find the right words. She wanted to make sure he wasn't just playing with her, as she had done to him on the dance floor.

“Beautiful, Marina.” His breath brushed her cheek. “Nice, perky nipples.” His fingers toyed with the right one, then the left. She fought to remain still and not push her breasts into his palms.

Wait a second
. She glanced down. The sheet had fallen to her waist.
Not good
. She wasn't sure she was ready for this yet, no matter how much she fantasized about it. She reached for the cover, but he captured her hand. “No, Marina.”

“This isn't…” Her voice trailed off when his palm slid down her stomach, inching closer to her pussy.

“Your skin is so soft.” He nibbled at her neck. “I want to play with you.”

“Play?” The word came out with a squeak. She'd heard rumors about Eric liking his sex on the rough side, not that she minded. Hell, it turned her on more.

“Yes.” He took her lips in a hard, fast kiss. “I want you, Marina. I want to tie you up on this bed and play with your body any way I want, until you scream with pleasure. Then I'm going to fuck you until can't move.”

Liquid heat spread through her veins with each word. Her heart beat erratically while she toyed with his thick dark hair. Excitement tingled up her spine, but a part of her held back.

“I see apprehension in those wonderful, deep green eyes of yours.” His lips touched her temple.

“This can only be for tonight.” From her talks with Lisa, Eric didn't do commitment. She'd never been tied up before and she didn't know if she could commit to it more than once, but she trusted Eric. She'd gotten to know him over the last year. He wouldn't hurt her.

“Agreed.” He slipped out from behind her and crossed the room, where he picked up a bag. “Good thing I went shopping this morning.” He dropped the duffle bag at the foot of the bed.

She frowned.
? Her eyes widened as he began pulling odd-shaped packages out of the bag and her breath caught in her throat.
What did I agree to
? Excitement slid up her spine.

“Do you know what a safeword is?” He opened a package with cuffs and rope in it.

“Yes,” she whispered.
Oh, man. Hadn't she just been thinking about him tying her up
? Her heart rate sped up and her juices trickled down her thigh.

He threaded the D-links on the cuffs through the rope as she sat on the mattress still partly covered by the sheet. “Your safeword is purple.” He dropped to the floor, and the bed frame rattled, then he stood up and threw one end of the rope over the top of the mattress, before walking around the bed, to tie it off underneath the opposite side of the bed frame.

He adjusted the cuffs, and then tightened the rope. “Scoot into the middle of the bed and lay down.” A shiver of pleasure slid through her veins as she followed his orders, and in minutes he had her cuffed.

She fought the urge to squirm, but Eric grinned at her. “Go ahead, fight, struggle, squirm. The only thing that will make me stop is your safeword.”

He went back to the duffle. More packages were ripped open. She raised her head, but couldn't see what he was doing. She let her head drop back on the mattress. Things hit the mattress, but she had no idea what they were. Her pussy muscles tightened and her ass clenched with need.

Eric stood at the end of the bed. “What shall I do first?” His eyes were alight with mischief. “Let's get you warmed up.” He walked to the head of the bed and slipped a blindfold over her eyes.

She squeaked.
Oh my
. She hadn’t expected to be blindfolded. Her breathing grew more erratic as she waited. Nothing happened. She concentrated on hearing anything but her rapid heartbeat in her ears. Finally, the mattress at her feet dipped.

Eric knelt between Marina’s outstretched legs, picked up the vibrator and slid a condom onto it, all while keeping his gaze on her. She was breathing deeply, no doubt trying to slow her breathing down. He leaned closer to her pussy, inhaling her musky scent. God, she smelled good.

Her nipples were erect, like little erasers. He'd love to be able to clamp them and watch her body react, but he didn't have any with him.
. He'd figure it out. He climbed up the mattress.

Marina jumped a little when his finger touched her pussy and her stomach sucked in as she took a deep breath. He tested her pussy. She was wet, very wet. Without saying a word, he poised the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy, and inserted the tip.

“Oh.” She flexed her hips a bit; he’d made sure she had little slack in the rope. He thrust more of the vibrator into her, watching her face.

Her forehead scrunched up, but she didn't look to be in pain. “Is it too big?”

She shook her head.

He slapped her pussy with his free hand and she let out a cry of surprise. “You will talk to me, Marina. Keep silent and you will be punished.” He pressed another inch into her. “Is it too much?”

“No.” She jerked in the cuffs. “More please.”

He didn't chastise her for asking for more as he would have done with a normal sub. As a Dominant it was his job to decide if a sub got more or not, but for tonight, he'd let his rules slide, including how she would address him. He would retain control, but take her requests under advisement.

“Since you asked so nicely.” He withdrew the vibrator, and then pushed it all the way in. Her mouth fell open, but no sound came out. Her pussy clenched around the toy as he twisted it. Unclenched only to clench again. She had strong muscles there. Good, she would need them. Leaving the vibrator in place, he grabbed the bullet.

His cock hardened at the sight of the pleasure on her face. He couldn't wait to see her come apart in his embrace.

Hot tendrils of delight flowed through Marina's veins. She couldn't see Eric, and he was being very quiet, but she could feel he was up to something. She jumped when something round and cold touched her clit. She squirmed with excitement. “Wh—” Before she could ask him what he was doing, a vibrator came to life.

Pure pleasure shot up her spine. Her pussy squeezed down hard on the toy. What was it about his vibrator? The ones she'd used before always felt plastic, but this one felt real. As if she had a real cock in her.

Until Eric, she’d never allowed a lover to use a toy on her. He turned the vibrator up and her pussy constricted even more.

“You're gushing. You like my toy.” He twisted it.

Her hips arched but, damn, she was tied too tight. She couldn't force more of it into her. Her breathing hitched. She was at his mercy, and it didn't bother her one bit. Flutters teased her tummy. It was too soon. She never came this easily.

“Time for more.”

He wasn't asking her, but telling her. She took a deep breath, only to lose it when the mysterious toy teased her clit. Her pussy and her clit pulsed, but it was so good. So sensual.

“What is that?” she asked, curling her fingers into her palms.

“Just a little something to tease your clit.” He thrust the vibrator into her pussy, harder and faster. With each stroke, with each tease of her clit, the flutters grew.

She wiggled her hips, what little bit she could, and her muscles constricted. She was going to lose it, and soon. He turned the vibrator up, the humming growing louder and the round, metal toy pressed down on her clit.

She cried out as her orgasm took over. Her body twisted and turned within the bonds while her pussy kept tightening, reaching for more.

“That's it. Come for me, Marina.” Eric's soft words floated over the sensual haze enveloping her. She collapsed against the mattress, taking big gulps of air. “Beautiful,” he said.

The toy was removed from her clit only to be replaced by his mouth. “Eric, no!” she yelled, but it didn't stop him. His tongue played with her clit as he fucked her with the vibrator. The flutters were already starting once more only harder this time. “No…Eric…I ca…” Her breath rushed out when her second climax rolled through her body.

Eric couldn't help himself. He was grinning when she came apart in his arms a second time. Sensitive little thing, but it was a good thing. His cock was straining in his pants.

BOOK: Unexpected
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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