Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic) (8 page)

BOOK: Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Tasha lifted a shoulder and let it drop seductively. “I can’t help it. He’s fun to look at.”

Rylie handed Tasha the mugs
put back onto the display. “Stop looking at him.”

“You at least need to find out who this girl is. Look they’re leaving. Let’s follow them.” Tasha yanked her up by the crook of the arm. “Come on now.”

“No way.”

“Come on, they’re going out the side door. We need to hurry.” Tasha dragged her out the door.

Nighttime had settled in the city. Rylie really wanted to know who the girl with Trey was. “This isn’t going to end well.”

“Who cares? At least you’ll know who the chick is,” Tasha said.

Trey and the girl were walking down the sidewalk toward his Escalade. They weren’t holding hands, but they were so close their arms were brushing. Jealousy spun though her body. “We need to take your car.”

Tasha jumped behind the wheel of her Prius
and Rylie got into the passenger side. They waited and watched the Escalade’s lights flip on. Then they were following them through the hills of Mt. Adam’s and out through Eden Park. They crossed over Gilbert Avenue and hit the highway, heading away from the city. Rylie knew even before he hit his exit that they were heading back to his house.

“Where do you think they’re going?” Tasha asked.

“To his house.”

Tasha gave her a look, but Rylie didn’t respond. “Don’t turn here. That’s his driveway. Pull down the next road. We can walk over.”

Tasha found a spot on the street to park the car, and they hopped out fast. By the time they hiked through the woods that edged up against Trey’s house,
Trey and the woman
were already inside.

“Still want to do this?” Tasha asked quietly.

She met Tasha’s worried gaze. “Yes. I do. I have to know.”

They came out of the woods at the back of his house. Floor-to-ceiling windows gave Rylie a perfect view of Trey and the woman in his living room. A few seconds later Trey left the room and came back with several other people. They moved out onto a gallery where they were in deep discussion.

“Who are these people? They look like military,” Tasha asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s get closer so we can hear what they’re saying.”

The forest was really dark. They moved toward the gallery.

Rylie couldn’t see where she was stepping. She took a small step and cringed as her foot snapped a branch. Tasha grabbed her arm. They both looked toward the gallery where there was now a fire pit going. The man standing beside Trey came to the edge of the railing, looking out at the woods. He was fierce and deadly, like a wolf. He jumped over the rail, landing like a trained professional. He sprinted toward the woods. Trey followed, scanning the tree line.

“We’re fucked,” Tasha gasped.

“Don’t move. They don’t know where the sound came from,” Rylie whispered.

Tasha’s fingers dug into her arm. They were hidden behind an old oak.

“Where did you hear it?” Trey asked.

“One o’clock.”

Their gazes swung t
oward the oak Rylie and Tasha were hiding behind

“We are so fucked,” Tasha groaned.


They both ducked behind the tree, causing them to lose sight of Trey and his friend.

“You can stay. I’m not. I’m going to run back to the car.”

“Tasha, wait.”

It was too late. She took off running. Rylie had no choice but to follow. She quickly lost sight of Tasha in the woods. The clouds moved aside. Moonlight filtered through the trees, illuminating the pathway.

Somewhere deep in the forest, Tasha screamed. Rylie screeched when strong arms came around her waist, lifting her from the ground. She was flipped and pinned on her back.

Trey’s hard face was inches from hers and it suddenly softened.


“Uh. Hi.”

“Let go of me!” Tasha screamed.

Rylie didn’t have to see to know Tasha was being pinned in some way. “You might want to call off your man.”

Trey whistled. “Wolf! It’s okay. I know them.” His gaze moved over her face. “Explain.”

Rylie worried her lip. Trey continued to hold her in the most sensual and inappropriate way. He smelled so good, so right. Their legs twined, her pussy was so open and vulnerable to his touch. He was a wanted distraction. He made her forget about the nightmare called the last six months of her life.

“I saw you at the coffee shop. I thought you were seeing someone else.” She sniffed and looked down. “I wanted to know who my competition was.”

“This isn’t a game, Rylie. I could’ve hurt you.”

His face came closer. His lips were a mere inch away. The darkness made his eyes dilate. Her mouth watered at the thought of kissing his lips and taking what he had to offer. “I shouldn’t have.”

“But you did.”

He pressed his knee between her thighs and spread her leg out. He slipped his right knee in and sent her other leg out to the side. Rylie gasped at the sudden pressure of his cock. “Don’t be angry with me.”

He licked his way over her neck. “I’m frustrated with you. I made a promise never to get involved with the women I protect. I’ve broken all the rules with you.”


“I’m tired of breaking the rules.”

She smoothed her hands over his shoulders to his jaw, drawing him closer. “I’m a strong woman, Trey. You don’t need to keep me out anymore. I can handle this.”

“Okay, we do it your way,” Trey said.

They stopped talking and were listening to Tasha and Wolf’s argument escalate.

“Maybe they should get a room,” Trey murmured.

“Tasha might bite him.”

“Wolf would probably enjoy the challenge.”

Trey helped her up.

They worked their way out of the forest and into the light shining from his house. They headed for the stone gallery. Tasha was glaring at Wolf as though he might bite her and she might like it rough. There were five other men on the gallery and the woman.

“This is the archeologist I was just telling you about, Rylie Sawyer,” Trey said.

No one was quick with introductions and Trey didn’t offer. In fact, everyone was looking at Trey as though he’d lost his mind. Papers were being shuffled away and photos were, too, not before Rylie saw one of the pendant though.

“You’re the group that searches for cursed objects, aren’t you?” Rylie asked.

Wolf rubbed his thumb over his chin and walked closer. His shaved head and tattoos on his neck gave him a hard appearance.

“How do you know about us?” Wolf asked.

“I’ve heard rumors over the years,” Rylie said. “You guys operate like a secret society.”

“Rylie’s the archeologist that found the site in Jordan. She’s good at finding things,” Trey said. “She’ll be useful to all of us.”

Whoa. Rylie’s gaze flew to Trey. Their gazes locked. There was hesitation in his. Was he making her a part of his team? “If I’m in, I’m in all the way.”

“You’re in,” Trey said.

“Where’s the pendant?” Rylie asked.

“I have it locked away in the safe. It’s going to be destroyed,” the woman who was with Trey in the coffee shop said. “I’m Poppy. I take care of that. Welcome to the club.”

Rylie was shocked when the rest of the team began to introduce themselves. Trey took over the introductions.

“Durant’s our man that deals with international. Evers gets us in and out of places quietly. Wolf deals with intelligence.”

Tasha snorted.

“Pride chases down leads. James and Parker are in logistics.”

“How does this work?” Rylie asked.

Trey leaned back on the stone railing, putting his hands deep into his pockets. He was in work mode. “We get a lead on a cursed object and we track it down.”

Poppy handed a file over to Rylie. “A lot of what we do is monitoring of the globe for unusual deaths that can’t be explained.”

Rylie flipped through the file and hesitated when she saw the news clipping of her sister and brother-in-law’s deaths. The next page had information regarding the dig site in Jordan. There was a write up of her in the paper.

“We save lives,” Evers added.

“Rylie will be able to help us find the rest of the collection,” Trey said. “I’ll fill her in later.”

There were more pieces related to the pendant. She felt sick inside and need
to sit down.

“Meeting adjourned?” Poppy asked. “I have to get to work on the deconstruction of the pendant.”

“Same time. Same place,” Trey said. “Call me if you have problems
too, okay?”

“I will,” Poppy said.

Everyone left except Wolf.

“See Tasha to her car,” Trey said.

Tasha started to protest. “No way. I don’t need you to walk me there.”

Wolf smiled and it looked absolutely devilish. Did Tasha know what he was? There was a deadly werewolf living beneath that human exterior. Rylie wasn’t so sure about sending her off with him.
She’ll be safe with him.
The thought whispered through her head, and she instantly knew it was from Trey.

“It’ll be okay. I’ll call you tomorrow,” Rylie said.

“After you, sweets,” Wolf said.

“Don’t touch me again!” Tasha said.

Wolf looked Tasha up and down. “Don’t worry, I won’t. I don’t think I’m your type.”

Tasha groaned and turned with Wolf following her out. Rylie looked at Trey when they were finally alone. There were secrets in his eyes. She could see it in the way he was looking at her. Was she ready to trust him completely without knowing everything?

Yes, she was.

Chapter Thirteen


“You have a leaf in your hair.” Trey pulled it from her hair and twirled it between his fingers.

He released the leaf from his fingers and let it fall to the stone gallery. She let the sexual tension she was feeling spiral through her belly and down to her pussy. Her thong was attached by a thin piece of cotton string that she wanted him to rip away.

“You’ll stay the night.”

“Will I?”


Rylie hadn’t planned on staying overnight, but she knew she didn’t want to leave with so much sexual tension vibrating between them. Rylie nervously let her fingers dance over her cargo pants only to find that her cell phone was gone.

“What’s wrong?” Trey asked.

“I lost my cell phone in the woods.”

Trey had his in hand before she could say another word. “What’s the number?”

She rattled it off as they headed toward the woods together. The ringing started a few yards off from the tree she’d been hiding behind. Trey went into the woods and came out with her cell phone.


“No problem.”

She slipped it into the pocket of her cargo pants. He turned to head back toward the gallery, but he stopped when he realized she wasn’t following him.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.


There were lots of trees surrounding his house. Moonlight rained down on both of them. Their eyes locked across the distance. Rylie felt her heart race as they rushed toward each other. Trey drew her in close, kissing her passionately.

Large oak trees were scattered around the backyard. Trey backed her up against the tree and kissed his way over her neck. His hand flipped open the button on her pants and the zipper went south so fast she had no time to think about what was coming next. No, Rylie wasn’t thinking at all. Sensations poured through her body, making her feel wildly alive. He broke away, to kneel down on one knee in front of her. With gentle hands, he lifted up one of her legs and removed her shoe and then the other. While on his knees, he worked her pants off, leaving her thong on. His rough hands smoothed up over her thighs.

Rylie edged her legs wider, pulling Trey up as she did. Trey’s fingers found her pussy ready and willing to go the distance. He edged a finger in and rubbed the pad of his thumb over her clitoris, twirling and flicking it until she moaned his name. Off in the distance, she heard Tasha arguing with Wolf.

Trey’s lips pressed against her ear. “We’re going to do this fast and hard.”

She groaned as she fumbled for the zipper on his jeans and was relieved she found it. She unzipped him and flicked open the button on his jeans. She yanked down his boxers and locked her hand around his cock. She stroked him base to head, making him quake. He pulled her thong aside in a masculine rush that made the cotton start to tear.

Rylie centered his cockhead
and Trey growled a low animalistic sound of sexual approval. His big hand grabbed her ass, giving it a hungry shake as he plunged in fast. He swallowed her cry of pleasure with his mouth over hers, kissing her passionately. His tongue invaded her mouth, probing and dueling as he thrust in and out with his cock.

Rylie felt claimed and wild. Sex outside wasn’t something she did before Trey. The scent of dried leaves and an earthy texture of late summer permeated the forest.

Rylie’s orgasm came on fast, snapping her clit to attention. She dug her nails into his ass as he pounded her harder. She squeezed her legs around him completely, taking him deeper inside. Trey’s cock kicked out, flexing to steel as he came. He pulled out, sliding his cock over her belly.

Trey ran his hands through her hair in complete frustration. She wanted more, too. Her nipples tingled from unleashed desire. They wanted to be enticed and flicked around for a long time.

“You’re mine now. I tried to keep away from you. Now, I know I can’t.”

Rylie ran her hands through Trey’s hair as she remembered the feel of his big cock in her hands. She wanted more of him. She wanted to see his sex as she took him into her mouth. What was she doing with this man?

This complicated man needed her in a way no man ever had
Men didn’t want Rylie for the long-term. Most couldn’t get past her tomboy attitude and appearance. Trey made her feel like a sexy, wanted woman again
and that frightened her greatly.

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