Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic) (7 page)

BOOK: Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic)

She laughed, picking up the phone. “You’re going to be late.”

“I don’t fucking care.”

“I know you do.”

He teased her skirt higher just as his house phone started to blow up
too. She laughed, tossing her blonde hair back.

“For the love of fuck,” he groaned.

“Want me to answer it for you?” she teased.

He glowered. “Only if you want the person on the other end hearing you scream my name as you come.”

Her laughter sobered as he inched her skirt up to sit just below her pussy lips. Trey leaned forward to nuzzle her slit through her cotton skirt. She arched back onto the bed, letting her legs go wide as he inhaled her sweet scent. He flipped up her skirt edge to see nothing but golden blonde hair trimmed short over her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Fuck me, woman.”

His cock punched out hitting the edge of the bed through the break in the towel. His balls tightened up as he held back his spunk from shooting out his cockhead and spraying the bedsheets. Trey licked out his tongue and flicked her cherry wildly, rolling his tongue around the sweet bud. Her legs fell wide, and her hands grabbed at his head. He licked her slit, diving in to taste her cream. Her cries of pleasure echoed through the house. He could feel the tension of sexual need coiling through her body. It wouldn’t be long before she broke apart. He grabbed her ass, holding her tight.


He pulled away. “I know baby. Come for me.”


His tongue rammed in and out, making her orgasm explode around his tongue. He groaned, sending vibrations over her clitoris and vulva.

The cell phone shouted again
interrupting the moment. She flipped it open and handed it to him.


He was breathing hard. His heartbeat was knocking his fully loaded cock like a base drum. Tice was on the other end. He had to go. “I’m on my way.”

He hung up, and reluctantly lowered Rylie’s skirt. “I have to go, babe.”

She scooted to the end of the bed and kissed him passionately, flicking her tongue into his mouth. Her blonde hair was a hot mess around her head and he loved it. Trey needed sex, but he wouldn’t be getting any tonight.

Chapter Eleven


They were standing next to her car saying good
bye. Time was slipping away. Rylie couldn’t let go of him. She kissed him again and they took it deep and fast. Reluctantly, she pulled away. “Call me, okay?”

“I will,” he said.

She tried to open her car door and he shut it, pinning her to it from behind. The heat of his breath caressed her sensitized skin as his lips brushed her shoulder.

“I can’t let you go like this. I need to have you. I’ll be distracted in the field if I don’t.”

He pressed up against her backside. She felt every inch of his searing heat pulsating from his hard, muscled body. She gasped as the throbbing edge of his cock pressed between the crack of her ass. She’d purposely worn a skirt to tease him and it was working too well.

He used his leg to spread her bare legs wider.


“It’s not safe for you to be near me when I’m like this.”

She wiggled her ass temptingly. “Why not?”

“I’ve had a bad day at work. I don’t want to be gentle with you.” He groaned as his lips coasted along the curve of her ear. He used his hand to brush her short hair aside. “I want to fuck you right here. Right now.”

His hands skimmed up her sides. The wind blew her short hair over her face as his hands traveled back down to her hips. They didn’t stop there. His big hands moved down to the curve of her ass and squeezed.

“Don’t move, Rylie Sawyer.”

He pulled away and the loss of his heat was shocking to her body. She started to turn but was stopped with a firm hand on the back of her neck. “Trey.”

“Don’t. Move. Understand?”

She was too frightened he wouldn’t touch her again if she disobeyed his commands. She didn’t dare nod.

“I won’t,” she said.

“Good. I like it when my woman listens to what I want.”

His words were seductively thrilling. She could hear the smile in his voice. She shivered as cool air blew up her skirt. She liked it when he ordered her around. Trey was the reason why she wasn’t wearing any silk over her thatch. She didn’t want him to have control over their loving with fabric again. She sensed Trey going down to his haunches. His hands smoothed down over her legs and down around her ankles. The heels she wore gave her an extra three inches and popped out her ass at the right angle for penetration.

Trey’s hands slid back up her legs, taking the edge of her blue-and-red
flowered skirt up as he did. Cold air slapped her in the ass, causing her to suck in a harsh breath of nighttime air. She heard Trey’s breath catch, too.

, woman.”

He yanked her ass up, exposing her wet pussy to his view. Darkness engulfed them, making it nearly impossible to see into the surrounding forest. Trey nuzzled her pussy and licked her from her clit to her core. She groaned and wiggled closer. Trey’s fingers gripped her hips.

“Don’t move,” he warned.

She was breathing hard, as though she’d been sprinting for yards. He licked again, flicking his tongue in erotic circles that had her pussy wetting for more. She unconsciously moved her hips. Trey pulled away, and her eyes flashed open at the realization of what she’d done. She moved.

Trey stood up behind her. “I warned you not to move. You’ll have to be punished now.”

She moaned at the possibility of having him take further control. He rubbed her ass, squeezing and playing with her round flesh. His sensual touch had her spreading her legs in supplication. He squeezed and released her ass, and then came back with a firm slap to her cheek. The spank had her eyes flashing open. She looked over her shoulder. Her gaze locked with Trey’s.

“I told you not to move. Eyes forward.”

There was a hint of playfulness in his voice but she knew there was a very fine line between his patience and her getting fucked. She obeyed, and she was rewarded with another sexual spank that had her clitoris throbbing for more. Tension radiated through her body as she waited. Every one of her nerves was primed in aroused expectation. Trey rubbed her ass, pinched, and paused. She expected and wanted another slap that would send her clitoris into hot spasms. Trey scraped his fingers up her ass and back down, then he gave her another playful swat with both hands.


His hands curled up over her breasts, finding the silk dip of her blouse. His fingers fisted the silk, ripping it down the front. Buttons snapped off, hitting the side of her car like ammunition fire. They landed on the pavement by her feet. He pulled her blouse down over her shoulders. His hands caressed her breasts, and she arched back when he kissed her neck. A shiver ran down her spine as his tongue licked over her collarbone. He pinched her nipples through the lace of her bra.

“I know you want it baby. Say it. Tell
you want my thick cock spreading you wide.”

She groaned. “Oh, yes.”

“No. Say

“I want your cock.”

He placed her hands on the edge of her car. “Bend forward.”

Trey lifted her hips, pushing her legs wider with his knees. She heard the sound of his belt being unclasped, the zipper on his pants go down, and the heavy grunt that came with a man adjusting his engorged sex for loving. She wanted to see what he had to offer and the fact that she couldn’t was driving her wild. He rubbed the throbbing head of his cock up and down her pussy. He thumped the head over the crack of her ass, making her feel wildly sexual. She heard the rip of foil and knew he was capping his cock.

He centered the head of his cock at her core. “Hold still while I enter you. I don’t want to hurt you the first time.”

“I want to be hurt by you.”

He sucked in a harsh breath. “Not the first time.”

Her core muscles squeezed, pulling him further into her body. Trey’s hands gripped her hips and pushed. She was so tight, and he was so big. Bigger than she’d ever had before.

“You okay?” he asked.

She knew there was a lot more to come. “Yes.”

He rubbed her ass cheeks and then he gripped her hips again. He pulled out and pushed in, going further this time. Rylie was getting impatient for more. She bucked her hips back. A smiled crossed her lips when he groaned and lost what little control he was holding on to. He thrust his cock deep into her pussy, not stopping until his balls bounced up against her clitoris. Rylie gasped at the sudden move.

She reached between her legs and stroked his balls. She shuddered when she realized how big his balls were. They were huge.


His fingers tightened into her hips, trying to still her movement. She clenched her core muscles, milking his cock. “Something wrong?”

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Rylie Sawyer.”

“I like things dangerous.”

“Your pussy,” he said.

“What about it?” she asked.

He groaned. “You’re not like any other woman I’ve known.”

Rylie knew exactly what he was talking about. When she was aroused, she focused her energy to her pussy. She was gifted at increasing a man’s pleasure by sending vibrations through her pussy.

He stopped talking and started taking her fast. Rylie was feeling owned and completely wild as his cock thrust in and out. Trey’s hand reached around to play with her clit. He thrummed it up and down. Rylie felt the sweet building tension of her orgasm coming home. Rylie reached between her legs to tangle her fingers with his. Wetness slipped over her fingers and his as they moved together. Her orgasm shot through her body, making her arch back into his arms.

Trey’s hand clamped down on her mound as his cock slipped between their entwined fingers. He took her harder as his sex tightened. She knew he was close. He pounded into her, lifting her ass higher and taking her to the tips of her toes. At the last second, he pulled his throbbing sex from her pussy and she heard the snap of the condom coming off. He rubbed his cock up against her ass. He groaned as he came, shooting across her ass and back. He held her tight for several beats. Rylie was shocked that they’d taken it so far, so fast.

Trey pulled away, smoothing her skirt down around her hips. She turned to catch a glimpse of his sex, but was disappointed to see that he’d pushed the still-hard muscle into his pants.

It irked her to know she still hadn’t gotten a chance to see it. She leaned back against the car and smiled at Trey. He came in, kissing her passionately and running his fingers through her hair. He pulled a breath away.

“I think I like you stalking me home.”

“So do I,” she said. “You better go.”

They kissed again, taking it slow and deep. Trey reluctantly pulled away. “I’ll call you.”

Disappointment flashed hot through her body. It was harder than she thought to let him go after they just made love. She attempted to fix her blouse, but knew it was a trophy of their lovemaking. That thought brought her up short. There was no love involved in what happened between them. They’d screwed. They fucked good and hard.

She tied her blouse up under her breasts and adjusted the material. Trey’s cell phone exploded again. He gave her another kiss.

“Thanks for the wonderful night, Rylie.”

He turned away, reaching for his ringing cell phone. Rylie felt lost as she turned toward her car. She was tempted to follow him, but knew she couldn’t. It was about time she truly started to trust Trey. She grinned. He earned it.

Chapter Twelve


He was seeing someone else.

Everything in the coffee shop came into sharp focus, slapping her in the ass. It was crowded, but not crowded enough for Rylie to miss Trey sitting in the corner with a stunning brunette with long locks. They were leaning into each other as though they knew each other intimately. She laughed at something he said, throwing her head back as she did.

“Hello, Rylie?” Tasha gave Rylie a little shake of her arm to get her attention. “Someone you know?”

Tasha was her best friend and archeologist she worked with at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Rylie couldn’t keep the truth from her.

“Yeah, I do.”

“Who are they?” Tasha asked.

“You know that FBI guy I told you about? That’s him.”

Tasha gasped. “That’s him. He’s a big one.”

“Don’t say it. I know exactly how and what he is.”

She could see the interest in Tasha’s gaze as it moved head to toe over Trey. He was the kind of man that women took notice of when they walked by.

“Who’s the girl?” Tasha asked.

“Don’t know. Don’t care,” Rylie said.

“Of course you care. Do you think he’s with her?”

“I’m sure he is. I can’t even compete with a woman like that.”

Their coffees appeared on the counter before them. Rylie took hers and turned away from the counter to stir in sugar and creamer. Tasha set her coffee beside
, popping off the lid. Rylie put the lid back on her coffee. She wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

Rylie stared at Trey’s reflection in the window. The woman slid her hand across the table. Rylie couldn’t see where it ended up, but she was certain it landed in Trey’s hand. “Let’s get out of here before he sees me.”

“Not just yet. Let’s go say hello.”

“Whoa. I don’t think so.”

Rylie reached out and grabbed Tasha’s arm, bumping into a stand of coffee mugs. Several tipped and crashed to the floor with a clatter. Rylie ducked behind the stand before Trey could see her.

“Please tell me he’s not looking this way.”

Tasha sipped her coffee with a grin. “Oh, they are.”

“Fuck.” Rylie looked up at Tasha who was smiling sheepishly. “Don’t go eye fucking him.”

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