Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic) (13 page)

BOOK: Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Life felt right. Perfect even. Why was she so restless then?

She lifted the corner of the comforter and started to slip out of bed. An arm snaked out and wrapped around her waist, pulling her back under.

“Don’t even think about it
” Trey said.

“You can’t keep me in bed forever.”

Rylie let her fingers travel over the new scars on Trey’s chest. Each had a story to tell. The latest were from a suspect running from law enforcement. She focused cool energy down to her fingers stroking the fire embedded pain away. He sighed as she eased the negative energy from his aura. She ran her fingers through his chest hair.

“Are you sure you want to marry me?” she asked.

She felt him stiffen. “Second thoughts on spending the rest of your life with me?”

“No. I just don’t want you to tire of me.”

“You are an infuriating woman.”

“What if it doesn’t work out?” she asked. “I’ve just started working for you, too. Won’t that be spending too much time together?”

“If you’re trying to come up with excuses not to marry me, you’ll have to do better than that,” he said. “Hey, what is this really all about?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t want to screw up what we have together.”

“I’ll make sure we won’t screw things up.”

“How are you going to do that?” she asked.

“Haven’t you heard? If the woman ain’t happy
ain’t nobody happy.”

She kneeled in front of him, covering her breasts with the sheet. The corner of his mouth hitched as she pretended to be shy. Rylie reached down to smooth her hand over his thick cock. She was rewarded with a groan and his immediate response. She tugged on his hard cock.

“I’ll marry you on one condition.”

“What kind of condition?” He yanked the sheet playfully away and she let it fall around her hips. She sat on top of him and pulled him in close. He groaned as he entered her in
slow stroke.

“I don’t want a ring.”

“Okay. No ring.”

“I don’t want jewelry of any kind.”

“What am I supposed to buy you then on our anniversary or your birthday?” he asked.

“Chocolate or flowers or maybe a trip somewhere tropical.”

“I think I like that idea.”

Rylie smiled as they stopped talking and started to move.








Tatum Throne has a master’s degree in social work. She left the field of medical social work to be a stay at home mom and to pursue her dreams of writing romance. She has three rambunctious boys with her husband, AJ, two rowdy hamsters named Nibbler and CJ, and a rabbit named Coco.

When not writing, Tatum enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies, hiking, spending time with her family, watching romantic comedies, playing board games, and spreading awareness of Eosinophilic Disorders. Tatum is a member of RWA and lives with her family in a tiny suburb of Cincinnati.

Tatum loves to hear from her readers! E-mail Tatum: [email protected]

This is Tatum’s fourth book and the first in her Enslaved & Enticed series.



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