Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic) (6 page)

BOOK: Stolen Moment [Enslaved & Enticed] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Another orgasm ripped through her body.

His cell phone ringing brought their interaction to a physical halt. He pulled his mouth away to answer, but he didn’t let go.

“Masters.” He paused, listening. “Okay, I’m on my way.”

Their eyes held as he stood before her. He buttoned her jeans. “I want you to go home. I want you to go back to the life that’s waiting for you.”

There was nothing left for her to go back to.

He was letting her go. Relief and disappointment poured through her body. They walked back through the tunnels together. Trey walked her over to her car parked on Elm. She opened the door and got into her car. He leaned a hand on the top of the door.

“Do you trust me, Rylie?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Good. I want you to trust me. Everything is going to be okay. I’ll be in touch with you.”

“You’re going to explain everything to me.”

He brushed the back of his fingers over her cheek. “I will.”

He closed the door. Trey stepped back onto the sidewalk and waited until she started the car to leave. It was then that he turned and headed down the street to his black Escalade. She was tempted to swing around the block and follow him, but she knew he’d be gone by the time she got back around.

Chapter Nine


Despite the coolness of the day, Rylie’s hands were sweating on the steering wheel. She was across the street in a plaza watching the high-tech security entrance to the FBI field office. The new building was a cement monster with at least ten floors. The monster had barbed wire twirled around the top of the fence.

A guard patrolled the grounds with a mean-looking German Shepherd. Her heart was hammering as her gaze moved over the guard on the phone in the reinforced guard post.

She’d gone into the sandwich shop and bought a lemonade an hour ago. She sipped as she waited for Trey’s car to pass through the gate on his way home. Rylie wanted answers from him. There were secrets he was keeping. She tried to tell herself that was why she was stalking him, but she knew there was more to it than that.

All Rylie could think about was how Trey left her sexually frustrated the night before. Rylie needed the act of physical penetration, with a throbbing cock, to feel sexually satisfied. Most days, Rylie considered herself to be fiercely independent. It burned just a little too much to acknowledge that she needed Trey for release.

It’d been so long, too long. She imagined riding rough with Trey’s balls pressed in tight. She wanted to know the shape and feel of his cock pounding her sex.

Rylie shuddered as she took a deep breath, causing her sensitized nipples to rub her silk bra.

Rylie sat up a little when she saw an Escalade head for the gate.

It was the same one Trey was driving the night before. It came to
stop at the gate.

It was him.

Twilight was on the horizon as Trey turned right onto the street. She followed at a safe distance. She wasn’t familiar with this part of Indian Hill. The roads twisted and wound their way around like a maze. Twenty minutes later, the brake lights flashed red as he made a sudden right turn down another road. Old thick oaks lined the roadway. Rylie followed. The road led to a lone house. It was then she realized her mistake.

Fuck me.

It wasn’t a road. It was his driveway.

Trey parked his SUV in front of his house and slammed the door shut. He came straight for her car like a man that knew what he wanted and knew how to get it fast and hard. Rylie didn’t consider herself an easy girl, but she wanted to be one.

His intense gaze was like hard flicks to her nipples. Trey didn’t look happy at all. Something was wrong. It had her eyes flashing and her pussy fluttering. Her nipples instantly tightened into tight, hard buds that wanted to be played with roughly. His dark dress slacks accented what she knew to be true of the man. He had heavily muscled thighs. The sleeves of his long dress shirt were rolled up exposing strong forearms. The weapon in his shoulder holster reminded her how he used his authority to get what he wanted.

He looked as though he was ready to fight her for what he wanted. He looked absolutely predatory.

Rylie was uncertain about getting out of her car, but she did. She wasn’t easily intimidated, but she couldn’t ignore how off-balance Trey made her feel. Something was up and it had nothing to do with her.

“What are you doing here, Rylie?”

She wasn’t sure how to respond to the heat in his voice. “I wanted to see you. We need to talk.”

He glance
back at his house. “I don’t have much time.”

A sinking feeling gripped her legs and started pulling her under. It was then she suspected he was married and that inside his house there was a woman with a bro
d of children with his dark hair waiting. “Oh my god. You’re married.”

Trey cursed as she stepped away. “I’m not married. There’s someplace I need to be.”

Jealousy spiraled through her body. She wondered where he was going tonight and hated how she wouldn’t be with him. She whirled toward the car.

“I suppose I should go then.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” he said. “Not when you’re angry with me like this.”

Chapter Ten


Amusement radiated through her riled, wide eyes. She smiled at the sweet endearment but continued to dance away from him. Trey liked it when she smiled. He also liked the chase. “I’m not angry with you.”

“Don’t run away from me,” Trey said. “There’s no one else. There’s only you and me, babe.”

“I’m not running from you.”

A surge of desire to protect her from everything had him pursuing her around her car. That had him also rechecking his plan for bringing her into the know of what he did in addition to his day job.

He reached out and tried to grab her, but she dodged his hold. Trey jumped across the hood of her car, sliding on his knees to the other side. She squealed as he reached out and snagged her around her waist. He couldn’t deny how his heart was racing for this woman. He closed his eyes, inhaling the sweet scent of her skin.

The night seemed to close in on them, causing Trey to tighten his hold on her when she meant to pull away from him. He suddenly felt as though he was losing her. He was second guessing every move he made that brought them closer together. He didn’t want to scare her or push her away with his sexual moods. He turned her toward the car. Trey caressed her cheek, tilting her chin up. The pad of his thumb rubbed heat over her lips.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.

She looked away and pain slashed through his body. Rylie didn’t trust anyone easily. Was it the pain of the last year that caused her to feel this way about love? There was sadness in her eyes that had nothing to do with them.

“I do. I just don’t feel like I know you very well. You have this wall around you.” She shook her head. “It’s like you know me, but you won’t let me in to know you.”

He didn’t let people into his life easily. He couldn’t risk the chance that someone he loved would get hurt by the company he kept. She knew him well. It was true that he was overly cautious where it came to the people he brought into his life and loved. Sometimes protection could be seen as distance.

“I’m trying to protect you, babe.”

Heat flashed through her eyes, reminding Trey that she didn’t need or want his protection. She snorted derisively.

“Maybe we should cool it until you’re ready to let me in.”

“Is that what you want?” he asked.

He could see that it wasn’t what she wanted, but she talked herself into a corner because she was upset.

“I don’t know what I want from you, Trey.”

She really was trying to push him away. “I know you wanted me enough to follow me home from work.”

She blushed to her blonde roots, and Trey’s mind immediately went south to her pussy. He wondered if she was a natural blonde. He made a mental note to find out soon.

“I think you satisfied my curiosity for the evening. I don’t want to keep you from your work.”

“Don’t over think what’s happen
between us, babe.”

“I won’t. I’m not,” she said.

He kissed her gently. He could feel her ability to read him caressing his aura. “That’s good. So, do you really want in, babe?”

“Yes, but it gives me headaches when I try.”

He could hear the frustration in her voice. “Pain means you’re pushing too hard with your energy. You need to dial it down. Think of it like easing off the clutch on a stick shift.”


“Give it a try. Easy now.”

Trey lowered his guard and felt a blast of cool energy envelop his body. The power of it nearly sent him to his knees. Rylie entwined their energy, probing deeper until their souls were exposed to each other. Memories of his childhood growing up in Oregon flipped through their linked minds. Like photographs taken with a high resolution camera. Rylie paused on the painful ones before moving on.

Trey felt his cock punch against his pants. Her ability to align their energy always aroused the fuck out of him. He needed to get control of this situation before they went too far, too fast. Rylie really had no control or idea of how powerful her ability was. She could strip his mind clean without meaning to. Trey pushed against her energy until she was outside again. The line that held them tethered snapped. Rylie gasped as though she was startled awake. Trey brushed his fingers through her hair.

“You okay?” he asked.

She blinked several times. “Yeah. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’re getting stronger. I can teach you ways to control it.”

Relief fluttered through her gaze.

She teased her arms around his waist. Trey was enjoying how good she felt against his body. So much so that he didn’t want to let her go. He wanted to spend more time with her. He reached for his phone and dialed as he held her. His gaze held Rylie’s in a possessive embrace. He was going to take her to bed. Right now.

“Hey, Tice. I’m going to be a few minutes late.” He paused. “No give me about an hour.”

He hung up the phone. “Don’t change your plans for me.”

“Maybe I want to,” he said. “Come inside with me. I want to show you something.”

Trey headed to the front door, unlocking it and flipping on the lights. He gave her a moment to look around
Their gazes locked, and she smiled. He headed for the stairs just off the foyer. The corner of his mouth hitched as happiness spread through his body. It was so unexpected that he wanted to hold onto the feeling for as long as he could. They headed upstairs. It was the first time he’d brought a woman home in three years. That thought had him taking pause. He hadn’t slept with a woman since he started watching Rylie.

“What?” she asked.

“I like your smile.”


He went through his bedroom to the telescope up against the windows. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Rylie’s gaze swing to his king size bed. A rush of desire flood
through his body, making his cock flex tight. A drip of pre
cum wept from the tip of his cockhead. Trey resisted the urge to take her by focusing on what she was seeing. He had rushed in making the covers that morning by just tossing them into place without making it neat. Trey’s heart hammered as their gazes locked. He turned away
opening the French doors that led to the balcony. The antique brass telescope was heavy as he moved it outside. He leaned down to
telescope and worked the mirrors, brining Venus into focus.

“I like astronomy. I spend most of my time studying the stars. Take a look.”

She brushed her fingers over the long, thick end of the telescope as she leaned in close. Trey’s gaze dropped to her rosy, soft lips and saw them part. “What planet is this?”

“Venus.” Trey edged in close behind her. “It’s called the evening star for being the most visible at night.”

“This is amazing. I love it!”

“If I’m not studying astronomy, I’m studying maps.”

“I saw some of your collection in the living room. How long have you been collecting maps?”
he asked without taking her gaze away from the stars. Trey could see the flutter of her heart racing beneath the curve of her ear. He skimmed his hand up over her arm and saw the pulse in her neck jump more. He brushed his lips over the nape, kissing lightly. “Ten years.”

She shivered. “How many do you have?”

“Around fifteen,” he said.

“What drew you to your work with finding cursed objects?” she asked.

“It found me five years ago by accident.” Trey let his hands slid
up over her shoulders. “I had cases that didn’t make sense until I started piecing together common denominators. Those things turned out to be objects.”

Their eyes met. “So you’re backed by the FBI?”

“No. The bureau likes to close things that don’t make sense. I saw a need and filled it.”

“I should thank you for stopping me from stealing the pendant.”

He grinned. “I’m glad I did
too, babe.” He gave her a kiss. “I’m going to change. I spent half my day in the field.”

“Take your time.”

Trey went to his closet and disarmed. He locked his gun away before pulling
a change of clothes. He tossed his cell phone, badge, and keys onto the bed as he passed by and went to the shower. Hot water sprayed down from the shower head. He adjust
it to cool himself off. He showered fast, ignoring the pounding base of his dick as he did. He toweled off and wrapped the towel around his hips. He looked around. His clothes were gone.

He opened up the door to see Rylie sitting on the bed with her legs crossed and her hands propped back. She’d kicked her heels off, but was otherwise dressed. The standing invitation in her eyes had him walking across the room. He kneeled down in front of her, spreading her long legs wide. His cell phone rang, echoing up from where he tossed it onto the bed.

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