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When she called him a warrior small flashes of a glowing sword swept through his mind. "I remember a sword made of fire." His voice was quiet as if he spoke only to himself.

Skye picked up the handle and showed it to him. "This?"

He took it and his hand automatically squeezed the hilt. A flaming blade appeared. It made a crackling sound as he moved it through the air. He touched it to the krystal wall but nothing happened so he tapped the krystal knife and again nothing happened. When he touched it to one of his boots it disintegrated leaving behind a small pile of ashes. He stared at the pile for a few nano-units then loosened his hand on the hilt and the flaming blade disappeared. Without thinking he flipped and spun it in an intricate pattern between his hands then stopped with it in his left hand. He stared at it for a moment then raised his eyes to her. "I remember this sword. I don't remember using this in battle." He held up the krystal shards.

"We just mated last cycle so I haven't taught you how to cast it yet."

He reached for her, wanting, needing, her nearer. Instead he pulled her onto his lap. A move he immediately questioned although he had to admit that she felt familiar. "Show me your injuries."

Skye held up her hands showing him the scraped palms. "Only a few scrapes and a bruise on my hip."

He stripped the blanket away and tipped her away from him. She dug her fingers into his arm as she rolled onto her left hip. He stroked the large bruise on her hip. "You can't heal yourself?"

He sat her up and she tugged the blanket back into place. "Your injuries were severe. I chose to heal them first." Tears filled her eyes and her voice broke as she said, "You were dying. I wasn't sure I was strong enough to save you." She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her head on his chest.

He stroked his hand up and down her arm, comforting her. He didn't think it was in his nature to trust easily but something about her called to him. He kissed her forehead then slid his lips down her cheek to her neck where he nuzzled the silky skin beneath her ear. He spoke softly, "I can't remember my life. Or anything before I woke a few micro-units ago."

Skye soothed him by stroking her hands over his hair. "You had a severe head injury." She touched his temple. "Your memory will return with time."

He nodded then pulled away and looked at her. "I have a lot of questions. First, what is my name?"

# # #

Skye forced herself to remain calm. Warriors were powerful beings but his loss of memory might even the playing field and give her the time she needed to win him over.


She pulled her thoughts back to the moment and smiled. "Your name is Soren."

"What is this planet?"

"This is Tundra. It's located near my home planet, Krystali."

"You live here?"

"No, I'm hiding here because several warriors tried to abduct me. The worst one was a warrior named Merykh. After I rejected him he tried and failed several times."

"The tattoo on your face identifies you as an enchantress?"


"Merykh wanted to force you to mate with him so he'd gain your powers?" His voice was cold, deadly.

Skye nodded. "My brother, Berit, helped me leave Krystali and I've been here, alone, ever since."

"Do you know why I came here?" He stroked his finger over her soft cheek and felt his arousal grow as a blue mist began to glow on his body. The more he touched her the thicker and darker it became.


He waved his hand through the mist. "What is this?"

"I don't know. I think it is part of your mating fever."

Curious to see if she was right he kissed her then looked at the blue mist. It was thicker and a darker shade of blue. "Kiss my chest, Skye."

"Now?" she asked.

"Yes, now." He watched while she slid her lips over his chest. At first nothing happened but as she licked his nipple and his arousal spiked the mist thickened and darkened. The beat of his heart and the rhythm of his breaths increased and he tumbled her to the floor, slid between her legs and thrust into her. She moaned with pleasure and held on as he withdrew then pushed back into her. His flesh grew hotter while hers grew colder the more he touched her. He groaned and pressed himself against her in an effort to cool himself. She pushed her hips up, encouraging him to continue making love to her. He didn't disappoint her.

"Yes, oh yes." Skye countered his thrusts and held him against her.

He pulled her hips against his and rocked into her. "Tor, it feels good to be inside you." He nuzzled her neck then rested his forehead against her shoulder as he rocked against her, slowly building and stretching out their pleasure until they struggled for each breath. He slid his hand down and stroked her fingers over her clit as his orgasm began. She tightened around his cock and moaned his name as she came. Her pleasure triggered his own and he tightened his arms around her, almost crushing her as he came. He drew in a deep breath and she tightened around him again and shivered and moaned with pleasure. The rush of pleasure he got from knowing he'd pleasured her drew another small orgasm from him. He nuzzled her neck then looked at her and she blushed and hid her face against his chest. He chuckled. "Is it always like this between us?"

She nodded but didn't raise her head or speak.

He hugged her, then released her and sat up. "You said you made this shelter to hide us? Where do you usually live?"

"In a bigger shelter in the side of that mountain." She pointed to a sheer cliff in the distance.

"We'll go there." He stood and offered her his hand.

# # #

Skye kept her eyes on him while he stood before her in all his naked glory. Every molecule in her body reacted and went into meltdown as he grasped her hand and pulled her up. She enjoyed the view as she rose, ogling his legs then his groin where his cock held center stage. Her mouth went dry when she ran her eyes over the hills and valleys of his rippling abs then up to his chest and neck. Finally she tipped her head back, looked at his gorgeous face and sighed. His lips curved up in a sexy grin before he leaned down and kissed her. She rose onto her tiptoes and laid her hands on his bare shoulders. Before she could deepen the kiss he patted her bottom. "Later, little heart."

She hid her face against his chest and held onto him. "Oh, Soren, you are my true love. Always."

He held her for a moment then released her. "We need to get dressed and return to your home."

Skye brushed her hands over his shoulders and down his arms. She couldn't stop touching him. Didn't want to stop in case she woke to find this was all just a dream.

Soren's belly growled and he grinned. "I'm suddenly very hungry so I hope there's food at your home." He turned away to search for his clothes.

"I had to destroy your clothes before I could heal you," Skye said. "I'll make you more."

A nano-unit later he was dressed in black boots, pants and vest. Surprised, he turned back to Skye and saw that she was dressed in a matching outfit. He smiled. "This will be very convenient in an emergency."

She laughed. "Yes, it will."

He examined her, his eyes going from the top of her head to her feet then back up. "You should wear only gowns."

"I can't run in a gown."

His eyes narrowed and he frowned. "Why would you need to run from our home?"

"I have to be able to get away from our enemies."

"Tell me who these enemies are and I'll kill them," Soren said.

Skye smiled. "We'll battle them together."

Soren frowned. "You won't be involved in any battles. Females stay home and they wear gowns."

Skye matched his frown. She was powerful in her own right and wasn't used to anyone, not even Berit, bossing her around. "There's much you don't know about my world. I'm not the kind of female to remain at home while others fight for my freedom." When he began to interrupt her she held up her hand, stopping him. "I'm willing to compromise to please you." She smiled to soften her words. "When we're at home I'll wear a gown to please you but when we travel or are fighting I'll dress like this."

Soren frowned but after a moment he nodded. "You will teach me what I need to know then I'll decide."

Skye laughed. She couldn’t help it. She was one of the most powerful and sought after enchantresses on Krystali and yet he acted as if he was in charge of her. She'd have to set him straight now, before they went any further. "Soren, on Krystali a warrior and his enchantress are equal partners. She provides him with her powers and in return he cherishes and loves her. The more he loves her the more powerful she becomes which in turn makes him more powerful. This is the only way a mating can exist on Krystali." She made her voice final.

He shook his head. "Such an arrangement does not feel natural to me."

"We're both used to making decisions for ourselves. We'll learn to make them together from now on."

"I am the warrior. I make the decisions."

She laughed again. "Why would you want to be burdened with such things as what I wear? Will you waste your time telling me what to eat or who to talk to or where to go? I'm a warrior in my own right and can decide these things for myself." She pointed at him. "You need to save your energy for the important things, like keeping us alive. There are many battles ahead of us. I have only you to protect me." She waited to see what he'd do now.

After a couple nano-units he nodded. "We'll see, but know this—when it comes to your safety I'm in charge. Always."

"Yes, I agree as it is part of cherishing me which will increase my power and yours." She patted his arm. "See we've already come to our first agreement and now it is time to eat." She sat down, smiled up at him and patted the space across from her. "You need nutrition to heal completely."

He sat down and she called on the elements, conjuring a woven basket of fruit, bread and cheese. It appeared between them and Soren picked up a small round fruit and sniffed it.

"Would you like something to drink?" she asked.

"Water." When a krystal tankard appeared in front of him he sniffed it then took a sip and nodded.

Skye tore off a chunk of bread and handed it to him. He used the knife she'd made to cut several slices of cheese from the block and offered one to her. She took it then held one of the small pink grape-like fruits to his lips. He bit into it.

"Good?" she asked.


"This is the only planet where this fruit grows so I'm able to conjure it here."

"You can only conjure things that exist where you are?" Soren asked as he took a bite of bread and cheese.

"Yes. I can conjure almost anything but I can't create technical items like a starship or a communication devise."

"Then, I'll dive down to the ship and see if there is anything I can salvage," Soren said but Skye was already shaking her head.

"Even if you could survive the temperature of the water, which you can't, the monsters that live in the lake would devour you."

"You've seen these creatures?"

"Yes. They can be seen through the ice if it is thin enough but of course that's dangerous as they can break through it and catch you."

"What other dangers are there on Tundra?"

"Several large land predators and one venomous snake. They're easy to avoid."

They finished eating and Skye produced gloves and two darks cloaks with hoods. As soon as they had them on she said, "We always wear these types of cloaks. Common weapons and white krystal can't penetrate the cloth and the hood hides our faces from the enemy. I created a sheath for your sword on the back or yours."

"I'll carry it for now."

She nodded, pleased with his answer. He was a cautious warrior and apparently believed in being prepared to battle. With a wave of her hand the shelter disappeared and the cold wind hit them. Soren turned his back to it and pulled her into his chest to protect her. She pulled the edges of her hood together then looked up at him. "Hold the edges of your hood together to protect your eyes from the wind."

He nodded but never looked her way as he was busy surveying their surroundings.

She turned and began the trek home. He followed her staying so close that they nearly shared the same space. Every now and then she glanced at him and smiled. He acknowledged her with a solemn nod while his eyes searched the valley for any sign of movement. When she reached the crevice in the rocks she pointed it out to him. "You won't be able to squeeze through it so we'll have to go around it."

The change in route added time and distance to the journey but once they reached the cliff she conjured a doorway and waited until he followed her inside before sealing it. Immediately the warmer air reached them and she sighed with relief even as her cheeks began to warm up and tingle.



Chapter Three


Soren shrugged the cloak from his shoulders and handed it to Skye. She took it and hung it next to hers on a decorative wooden hook then led him up the rock stairway. At the top she stepped aside, giving him a clear view of the room.

The inner walls were rock while the clear kyrstal of the outer wall gave a panoramic view of the range of mountains on the other side of the valley.

He walked around, pausing to run his hand over the top of one of the large chairs arranged in the center of the room and separated by a small square table. He picked up a colorful shell, examined it then set it down before he moved to the large bed along the far wall and ran his hand over the white fur covering. For a moment he paused and stared at his hand.

"A memory?" Skye asked.

"Maybe, I'm not sure." He glanced at her then moved toward a door in the corner.

"The bathing chamber is through there."

Soren swung the door open and glanced into the smaller chamber before he moved back to the chairs and sat down. He laid the fire sword on the table then stretched his legs out and crossed them at the ankles before he crossed his arms over his chest. "Tell me why we mated if we only met last cycle."

Skye settled in the other chair and produced another basket of food and two tankards of juice. She looked into his eyes. "You carry a mating fever that is, or rather was, killing you. I too was dying due to the need for a mate. The only way to save us was to claim you. So I did."

BOOK: Soren's Bondmate
7.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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