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Once they reached the next set of boulders they stopped and Soren hid them in a small crevice where the shadows were deep. "Stay here and close off this opening with a krystal wall. I'm going to check the other side to see if the ship is there," he thought.

Skye grabbed his arm. "No. If some of the warriors have gone to get Merykh and we can take the ship you won't have time to come back for us."

Soren sighed. "I sort of planned on killing all of them. Especially Merykh."

"Raina, how much krystal did you make for Merykh?"

"Over a hundred shards. He armed all of his men with it."

"Okay, let's go but next time I kill Merykh." While they'd crossed the clearing he'd seen a place where he could climb to the top and see what was on the other side. He glanced around then taking a chance he began to climb. Once at the top he crept toward the edge of the boulders, looked over and grinned.

Six warriors stood outside the ship. A large dark-haired one frowned while he spoke on a communicator. Finally he snapped his fingers to catch the attention of four warriors. They moved to him with disgruntled looks on their faces while he spoke to them and pointed at the opening in the boulders. They shook their heads but hurried toward the opening when the leader aimed a laser gun at them. He laughed then began yelling at the fifth warrior as he walked toward the ship.

Soren took the opportunity while they were distracted to move to the darkest part of the boulder and slide down to the ground. He bent his knees, quieting his landing, then stood and waited until the warrior disappeared into the ship. As soon as the guard was alone Soren threw one of the shards of dark kyrstal. It hit the warrior mid-chest, killing him instantly. Before he hit the ground Soren ran toward the ship and caught him and eased him to the ground. He let him go and moved to the doorway of the ship and looked around the edge of the frame.

It was a typical smugglers transporter with a cockpit in the front, a food preparation and eating area through a door directly in front of him and living and bathing quarters in the back. He heard a sound from the back and smiled.
Nothing like getting caught with your pants down

He entered the ship and moved to the back, testing each step before he put his entire weight down. He glanced through another open door. The back was one large dorm area with housing for maybe fifty people. A door at the far end was closed and Soren figured that's where his next victim was located. Hearing a sound behind him he turned with one arm up, prepared to throw the white krystal he held. Instead he saw Skye and Raina. Skye held her finger to her lips then smiled before she turned back to the door and closed it. She spun the lock until it engaged. A nano-unit later she and Raina disappeared into the dining area.

Soren returned to the task at hand. Once he reached the bathing chamber he waited for a moment then eased the door open, looked around and slipped into the room. He eased the door closed and waited while he watched the three closed doors to his left. Finally he heard a click and the middle door swung open. The dark haired warrior looked up, growled with rage and began to raise his hand. Soren saw the shard of white krystal he held and threw his first. The warrior grabbed his chest and cursed as he fell to the floor. Soren made sure he was dead then checked the rest of the ship for other warriors before he grabbed the warrior's body and dragged him to the door. He opened it and shoved him out then secured the door again.

He sat down in the pilots chair, familiarized himself with the controls and fired up the engine. He was just lifting off when he saw the four warriors and Merykh enter the clearing. He turned the ship toward them and fired the laser cannon. The blast hit the ground in front of them and several of them, including Merykh, flew through the air and crashed into the boulders behind them. Soren fired again but didn't wait to see the results as he flew off, heading for space.

"Skye, get up here," he thought.

"I'm here," Skye said as she sat down next to him with Kenril in her arms. Raina took the seat behind Skye with Melodia in her arms.

"Do you know how to get us to Krystali?" he asked.

"Yes, of course." Skye smiled, bounced Kenril and patted his diaper covered bottom.

"How long will it take us?"

"Two to three units," Skye said.

"Can you try to contact your brother on the communicator?"

Raina sat forward, waking Melodia. "I can hardly wait to speak to Jerret," she said then burst into tears.

Skye rushed to her and hugged her. "It will be okay, Raina. Here let me take her and you try to contact Jerret."

"Are you sure? You need to talk to Berit too," Raina said.

"They're probably together and besides I have Soren to sustain me. You need Jerret now."

Raina nodded, handed the crying baby to Skye and began trying to contact her mate.

Melodia's cries woke Kenril and he began to cry too. Skye sat down and tried to calm the babies by rocking them in her arms. Soren turned on the auto pilot, waited to make sure it worked properly, then stood up and disappeared into the back of the ship. A few micro-units later he returned with an armload of blankets. He lowered the fourth chair until it laid flat then padded it with the blankets before he took Kenril from Skye, rocked him until he stopped crying then laid him down. Skye smiled and handed him a sleeping Melodia. He laid her down then covered both babies with a light blanket and tucked in the sides.

"You're going to be a good father," Skye said as he sat down.

Soren pulled her onto his lap and laid his hand on her belly. "Are you trying to tell me something, little heart?"

Skye laughed and ran her finger over his lips. "No, at least not yet."

Soren tipped his head to one side and looked at her with a thoughtful expression on his face. "For some reason I think you should be pregnant already. We've been together over a moon phase."

"Krystali females control when they become pregnant." Skye smiled when she felt Soren's cock harden and press into her hip.

He chuckled. "The thought of impregnating you makes me hard." He placed his lips against her ear, nibbled it and caused a wave of goose bumps to cover Skye's shoulders and arms. "I'll make sure you enjoy accepting my seed."

Skye shook her head. "It's tradition that the father isn't told until four moon phases after conception."

"Let's start a new tradition. One where the father knows when the babies are conceived."

Skye laughed. "No. The reason we wait so long is to lessen the time our warriors worry about our safety. We've found that warriors can be very unreasonable and difficult to deal with when their mate is pregnant."

"I worry about you anyway."

"But not as much as you would if you knew I was pregnant. Admit that this is the truth."

He reluctantly nodded. "I wish to be a father. Don't keep me waiting too long, little heart."

Skye looked into his eyes. "I won't. I promise."

The sound of Raina laughing and talking excitedly drew their attention to her. She smiled and pointed to the monitor. "Jerret and Berit are on the communicator. They want to talk to you Skye."

Skye began to get up but Soren held her in place while he reached over and activated the monitor closest to them. It lit up and Jerret and Berit appeared.

"Berit, it's so good to see you," Skye said.

"What's going on, Skye? Who's the male? Are you being held against your will?" Berit asked.

Soren snorted. Skye glanced at him, laughed, and turned back to the monitor. "This is my mate, Soren. I'll tell you how we met when we reach you. Where should we meet?"

"We're at your favorite hiding place," Berit said. "We hiked in. Our friends are camped fifty kilometers to our north."

"Okay, we'll see you in five units."

"Stay safe," Berit said.

"We will," Skye said then disconnected before she turned to Soren. "They're at a cave I used to play in when I was a child. The enemy is camped ten kilometers to the south."

Soren smiled. "So the code is the reverse of the direction you're told and you divide the number he gives by the number of letters in the last word?"


"So we'll be arriving in one unit," Soren said.

"Yes," Skye said. "Now, where were we?" She smiled, kissed him, and wiggled her hip against his groin. "I remember."

Soren patted her hip. "Be good. I don't want to meet your brother with a hard on."



Chapter Seven


Soren landed the transporter in the area Skye indicated and several dozen warriors appeared and surrounded it.

"It's my brother, Jerret and their warriors," Skye said.

A tall blonde warrior stopped in front of the transporter, moved into a warrior's stance with his arms crossed over his chest and stared at Soren with the same bright teal eyes as Skye's.

"That's my brother," Skye said pointing and waving at the warrior through the window of the transporter.

"He looks friendly," Soren said while Berit stared and frowned at him.

Soren sat back, grinned at Berit and tugged Skye's head back until her lips were beneath his.

"What are you doing?" She wiggled, trying to get up.

"Getting this pissing contest with your brother out of the way," Soren said before he kissed her, passionately. She struggled for a moment then collapsed against him and kissed him back.

Heavy footsteps pounded toward them and a large hand landed on Soren's shoulder and pulled him away from Skye.

"Get away from my sister," Berit said, his voice angry.

"Please don't piss on my brother," Skye said.

"What?" Berit yelled and turned toward Soren.

Soren threw his head back and laughed until Berit roared with rage and swung at him. He caught Berit's fist and shoved him back before he stood, set Skye down behind him then attacked his new brother.

"Don't ever do that again when Skye's near me," he said as he planted his fist in Berit's abdomen, bending him over with the force of the blow.

Berit fought back, circling and jabbing and landing a blow with every chance he got. "I don't approve your mating so you can keep your damn hands off my sister."

Fists flew, striking flesh and drawing grunts and groans from the two warriors. Little by little they moved out of the transporter where the other warriors formed a circle around them.

Soren landed several blows in a row and Berit stumbled back then caught himself and charged toward him. Soren stepped aside at the last moment but Berit followed his move and tackled him to the ground where he landed on top and got in two punches before Soren managed to grab hold of him and roll them until he was on top. Soren pulled his fist back but was stopped from hitting Berit when Skye ordered several of the other warriors to intervene. "We've got company," she said. "They might have seen the ship landing."

Soren jumped to his feet then extended a hand to Berit and pulled him up when he took it.

"How many?" Soren asked.

The warrior looked toward Berit before he answered.

"Answer the question," Berit said.

"At least a hundred Crimeryns."

Berit asked, "How long until they reach us?"

"Their scouts will reach us in twenty micro-units."

"Any enchantresses?" Soren asked

"Two conjurers but no enchantresses," Skye said.

"Any ships?" Soren asked.

"No," the warrior said.

Soren glanced at the opening to the cave, nodded and walked back toward the ship.

"Where are you going?" Berit asked.

"I'm going to move the ship into the cave."

Berit laughed. "That isn't possible. Besides Skye can conceal it."

"No, it will give them something to hide behind," Soren said over his shoulder. "Just get everyone out of the way." He disappeared into the ship and a few nano-units later the engines fired up. It rose off the ground and hovered there waiting until the area was clear then slid into the cave.

Skye smiled when Berit cursed and asked, "Where'd this male come from?"

"He crashed on Tundra."

"Are you sure he's your mate?"

Skye laughed. "Yes, I'm sure." She patted Berit's arm. "He's a worthy warrior."

Berit frowned. "What's this about pissing on me?"

Skye laughed. "He says a lot of strange things but my favorite is 'oh em gee.' He says it when I tell him something surprising or amazing. He knows a female who says these things although he doesn't remember who she is."

Berit pulled her closer to him. "Perhaps this female is his mate."

"You know he couldn't have mated with me if he already had a mate. Please try to accept him, Berit."

"I will for your sake but what do you mean when you say that's all he remembers?"

"He was injured in the crash and only remembers a few things but I think his memory will come back eventually."

Berit grabbed her arm. "Tell me you haven't done something dangerous. If he has no memory how did you ask him to be your mate?"

Skye focused on the opening to the cave. "When I asked him he hadn't lost his memory. It was only after he slept and woke that his memory was gone."

"So, you got his consent before you claimed him?"

"He said he wanted me," Skye said then turned away and smiled at Soren when he appeared in the cave opening.

"You're lying to me." Berit tugged on her arm.

"It's a long story. We'll talk about it later." She pushed his hand away then hurried over to Soren. He took her hand and led her back to Berit.

"Skye told me you fight in a triangular configuration," Soren said.

"Yes, usually, but this cycle we only have Skye and Raina so we fight in a line," Berit said.

Soren pointed to the high cliff that towered over the cave entrance. "We need to take the high ground. It will give us the advantage."

Berit nodded and turned to Skye. "Can you do it?"

"Yes. I can make handholds so we can climb and then Raina and I will make a tunnel-like shelter for us." She pointed to several places high up on the cliff face. "That should be the center point. One end should be there," she pointed to a small rocky ledge to her right, "and the other there." She pointed to a dark layer of rock to her left.

BOOK: Soren's Bondmate
5.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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