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Skye wiggled then said, "Make me."

Soren chuckled, pulled her pants down and swatted her bare butt five more times. "Say it."

She shook her head and wiggled her bottom again then gasped when he swatted her several more times then slid his hand between her legs and pressed two fingers into her. He pumped them in and out then rubbed his thumb over her clit.

"Oh, Soren." Her voice was soft and breathy. She wiggled again.

He withdrew his fingers, swatted her three times then pushed three fingers into her, stretching her as he strummed her clit with his thumb. "Say it and I'll let you come."

"I promise that I will try to survive until you find me."

He scowled and lifted her until they were eye to eye before he linked his mind with hers. "You will not try…you will do it. Now say it."

She nodded. "I promise I will survive until you come for me," she thought, then added, "Can I come now?"

Soren laughed, pushed her pants down until they were twisted around her ankles then grasped her waist and lifted her above him until her knees rested on either side of his shoulders. He grinned up at her then licked her pussy.

Skye screeched with surprise. "What are you doing?"

"Having a snack." Soren licked her again then swirled his tongue around her clit. "Place your hands on the back of the chair and leave them there."

She complied and moaned with pleasure when his tongue slid between the lips of her pussy and into her. "Oh, Soren."

"Get rid of our pants."

She did and he lowered her until the head of his cock brushed against her pussy. He held her there for a moment then slowly lowered her, entering her inch by inch until he was all the way inside her. She pressed down onto him, wiggled and moaned again.

"Tor, I know what you're feeling." He read her thoughts and knew she was nearly frantic to come. He lifted and lowered her while her arousal and excitement grew, ramping up his own until his need to come matched hers. He pushed up into her, grasped her hips and rocked her back and forth, dragging her clit over the short hairs at the base of his cock. She screamed his name and shook with pleasure as she came. He held his own orgasm back as he tightened his hold on her and continued to thrust into her. She moaned, shivered and came again, throwing him into an explosive orgasm. He pressed into her and groaned her name.

Skye collapsed against him. "Oh, Soren. I love you so much."

He kissed the top of her head then settled her on his lap and wrapped his cloak around her. "You will rest now."

"I'm not tired."

"You will rest for fifteen micro-units. When the time is up you will teach me to throw dark krystal."

"You sure are bossy."

"I am a warrior."

"So am I."

Soren placed her hand in his then held them up, comparing them. His hand was twice the size of hers. "I am a powerful dark krystal warrior. You will obey me, little heart."

Skye snorted then laughed. "Okay, you win, for now." She snuggled against him then sighed with pleasure and contentment. "I've never felt this strong before. It feels amazing."

Her words sent a wave of satisfaction and contentment through him. Knowing she belonged to him and that only he could provide for her increased his need to protect her. He held her closer, made sure she was warm then thought, "Sleep now."

Skye laughed then yawned and a moment later she drifted off and began to dream about walking in a beautiful garden with him by her side.

Soren smiled. Since she'd placed him in her dream he knew he could talk to her without waking her. "What is this place?"

"I think it might be your home." She looked around. "You told me that the flowers on the gazebo were named 'Warrior's Delight' by your father in honor of your mother."

"When did I tell you this?"

"When you caught me in your dream the first time."

"You should have told me about this place."

"You don't remember your dreams?"

"Not always."

"Oh," she thought. "I'll tell you from now on."

"What else is here?"

Skye turned and pointed toward the house in the distance. "Do you recognize the house?"

"No." Soren took a step toward it then stopped. Something, maybe Skye's presence, held him back. He looked around the garden and realized the edges were hazy and he couldn’t see beyond them.

Skye picked up on his thoughts. "This is all I saw in your dream."

Feeling somehow threatened, Soren wrapped his arms around her, glanced around one last time and thought, "Wake up, Skye. You must teach me to use dark krystal now."

# # #

Skye picked up on his urgency and opened her eyes. "What is it?"

He placed his fingers over her lips while he looked around. "We are being hunted. Provide clothes for us then teach me to use dark krystal."

She called on the elements and a nano-unit later they were dressed. He slid her off his lap and steadied her, then moved away from her and held out his hands.

Skye conjured the deadly shards and Soren threw them to the other end of the small valley. They shattered and pieces of them scattered and disappeared among the glistening white shards, somehow sucking the light away from them and throwing the area into shadow.

Soren walked down to examine it then returned to Skye, picked her up and carried her to the side of the valley where the cliff rose several hundred meters above them. He placed her with her back against the rock wall then stood in front of her. "I want you to conjure a krystal shelter around yourself."

"I can't conjure krystal for you if we're separated by a krystal wall."

"Then make a shelter around yourself with as small an opening as possible but remain behind me."

Skye built a shelter with a roof and two full walls on either side of her. In front she formed a half wall. Soren nodded with approval then took up a position in front of her and held out his hands. "Begin."

She conjured the shards and he threw them at multiple targets across the valley floor. After thirty micro-units he stopped and turned to her. She dismantled her shelter and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her, slow and deep, tasting her and dueling with her tongue until she collapsed against him. He smiled against her lips then patted her bottom and stepped away.

"How do you feel, little one?"


"Good, because we're no longer alone."


He shook his head. "No, these warriors try to move silently."

Skye searched the area with her senses but didn’t pick up on anything. "It's not Berit. I'd sense his presence."

"Who else can you sense besides me and Berit?"

"You and Berit because you are closest to me and other conjurers or enchantresses. Whoever these warriors are they have a conjurer with them but she won't be able to sense my presence."

"Could an enchantress?"

"We'd sense each other at the same time although if she was being held against her will she'd probably try to hide her response to my presence from her captor."

"Can you communicate with another enchantress or conjurer?"

"No, I can only link with you now."

Her answer pleased him. It was another connection that only the two of them shared. He linked his mind with hers. "From now on no talking out loud."

"Very well," Skye thought.

"Stay behind me and follow my commands without hesitation."

"The same goes for you. Remember I've been fighting these type of battles for a long time."

He snorted and sent her an irritated frown. "We'll move to high ground and locate them before they find us.

"There's a path to the top of these bluffs at the far end of this valley but it's very steep and difficult to climb."

"We'll make it," he thought and led the way to the path she'd indicated. "Is this an animal trail?"


"Have you been to the top before?"

"Yes, once."

"Describe it to me."

"It's flat but covered with large groups of boulders we can use as cover or to build a shelter among if needed. The north end rises higher and has an ice cave. It's usually occupied by one of the larger predators."

Soren looked behind them, saw their prints in the snow and frowned.

Skye picked up on his thoughts. "I can do something about the nearest prints but not the ones farther away."

"That will be enough." Soren waited while she erased their prints then he began climbing the path. Every few steps he reached down, grabbed Skye's hands and pulled her up next to him. A thick layer of ice coated the path and the rocks making every step treacherous. Occasionally his foot slipped and he'd slide back a small distance before he caught himself. Halfway up the cliff he pulled her behind a large boulder and wrapped his cloak around her to warm her. "Rest for a couple micro-units."

She nodded. "I don't sense her getting closer to us."

Soren examined their back trail then the area around them noticing the colors of the rocks, ice and shadows. "Can you make our cloaks match our surroundings?"

Skye smiled and with a wave of her hand the cloth changed to a swirled combination of gray, whites and icy blues.

Soren ducked his head, kissed her lips and thought, "Ready?"


He turned, chose a path and led the way, repeating the pattern of taking a few steps then pulling her up next to him. Once they reached the top he stopped next to a large boulder and surveyed the area he could see.

Skye pointed toward an opening in several boulders. "That way leads towards the edge overlooking our shelter. Perhaps we'll see their ship from there."

Soren nodded and held out his hands. "Dark krystal."

She produced it then followed him from shadow to shadow through the boulders. After a few micro-units they reached a large clearing. Soren searched the area around them making sure they were on the highest peak and the enemy couldn't look down on them. "Stay close."


"Don't stop until we reach those boulders."

She grabbed his arm. "Wait! I sense a Krystali conjurer nearby. They must have followed our footprints to the valley."

"Can you tell how close she is?"

Skye concentrated for a moment then pointed behind them. "They've begun climbing behind us now."

"We must hurry and find a defensible position for the battle." He didn't wait for her consent. Instead he took off across the clearing with her moving one step behind him.

They were halfway across when a huge creature stood up on its hind legs and roared with rage before it dropped onto its six clawed paws and charged. Soren shoved Skye behind him and threw the dark krystal. It hit the creature in the shoulder and bounced off.

A nano-unit later a shelter formed around them and the creature crashed into it, and went to its knees. It shook its head, rose and batted at the shelter giving them a glimpse of six razor sharp claws.

"Krystal won't kill an animal," Skye said, breaking the silence. "We interrupted its feeding and it knows we're in here. Its presence will also tell our pursuers where we are."

The beast sniffed at the shelter and walked around it while rubbing it's armored sides against it and leaving behind streaks of it latest victim's blood. Its back was almost as tall as the shelter. It reared up, roared and placed its paws on the top and tried to heave itself up but slid down the slick surface.

"Lower the roof and make it flat. When the creature crawls on top, make an opening for me and I'll kill it with my sword."

"This creature's only vulnerable spot is on the top of its head and very small. Nearly impossible to reach even with a laser gun."

"Then I'll have to get above it. When I tell you to I want you to make an opening for me."


He pulled her into his arms and gave her a quick kiss. "No matter what happens stay here, or when I return you'll get a spanking you definitely won't enjoy."

"You wouldn't da—," her voice trailed off when she saw the fierce expression on his face. She planted her hands on her hips. "You keep forgetting I'm a warrior too."

"You are my mate first and then a warrior. You will obey me."

"If something happens to me you'll survive," she reminded him.

He grasped her by the shoulders and lifted her until they were eye to eye. "No, little one, I have come to care for you. From this moment on we live or die together."

She reached toward him and he allowed her to wrap her arms around his neck. "Oh, Soren, you are so much more than I ever hoped my mate would be. I love you so much."

He grunted, kissed her forehead, lowered her to her feet and linked their minds. "Do the warriors pursuing us have weapons other than the krystal?"

"Laser guns most likely."

He chuckled. "Good because they're about to meet our blood thirsty friend." He chuckled and sent her an image of what he wanted her to do.

She smiled, took his hand, and the shelter wall closest to the boulders they'd just traveled through expanded back in that direction. Little by little they moved closer to the boulders with the creature tracking them until they were ten meters away. Skye waited until the creature moved between them and the opening in the boulders then she conjured a shelter around the creature, trapping it inside. "As soon as I move very far away from this place the shelter will disappear and free it."

Her words surprised Soren. "How long before it's free to pursue us?"

"Maybe a micro-unit or so."

"So, when we're not at the cliff shelter it disappears and you recreate it when we return?"


"You need to tell me these things." Soren pulled her off-balance until she fell against his chest. He tugged on her braid, forcing her to tip her head back until their eyes met. Frowning, he thought, "From now on I'm staying in your mind until I know all your secrets. Now, can you tell me how many are pursuing us?"

"I can only sense the conjurer." She cocked her head to one side and thought for a moment. "Her life force feels strong. Perhaps she is with them willingly."

"Do you think it's Merykh?"

Skye shrugged. "I can't see him being kind enough to sustain a conjurer. Perhaps those pursuing us are not enemies."

BOOK: Soren's Bondmate
8.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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