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Soren nodded. "I'll talk to the Edyn leaders and see how many warriors they're each willing to take. The number will depend on how many cloaks their enchantresses and conjurers can make for them."

"Our warriors will need time to get used to the idea of what the females can do as well as time to learn to protect themselves from the krystal," Rolf said.

"Skye, after we eat will you show my warriors how you conjure kyrstal?" Soren asked through their mind link.

"I'll try but I my powers may not work here," she thought.

"See if you can give me a small shard of white krystal." He held his hand open between them, palm up.

She called on the elements and the shard appeared. "I wonder if it's because we're in orbit around Krystali. Do you think I could still do it if we were farther away or on Zarronia?"

"Let's find out." He turned to Rolf. "Who's in charge of the bridge?"

"Lief Ivanson."

Soren activated the communication devise on his shoulder. "Leif, take us out of orbit and beyond the two moons and smaller planet."

"Yes, Commander," Lief said. A few micro-units later he hailed Soren. "Commander, we're in position."

Soren held out his hand again and Skye conjured another shard.

"Lief, take us through the wormhole then wait just outside it."

A few micro-units later Lief let them know they'd passed through it. Soren held out his hand and Skye called on the elements. Two shards appeared on his palm one white and one dark.

"I guess this means my powers are a part of me no matter where I am." She waved her hand and they disappeared.

Soren addressed the warriors, "In thirty micro-units my mate and I will be in the gymnasium demonstrating how krystal is conjured and used on Krystali. Any warrior who intends to join the fight should attend." He turned to Rolf. "Has anyone notified my family that I'm alive?"

"No," Rolf said. "Once through the wormhole all communications are blocked. We're working on a way around it."

Soren contacted Lief and told him to hold the position until further notice. He stood and pulled Skye up next to him. "Before we return to Krystali I need to contact my family." He led her to a small room and took a seat at the desk before pulling her onto his lap. A moment later he activated the communication devise. The monitor lit up and the older warrior from their dreams appeared.

His face paled before his eyes glistened with tears. "Lia," he roared. "Get in here."

A petite female with long red hair appeared by his side. "Whatever it is I didn’t do it," she said before she glanced at the monitor. The moment she saw Soren she collapsed on the male's lap and burst into tears.

"Are they your parents?"

"Yes. Valan and Lia."

"They aren't happy to see you?" Skye asked, puzzled by their behavior.

Before he could answer another male appeared. He was a replica of Soren but with the silvery gray eyes of the older warrior. "Thank Tor. I told everyone you were still alive. I felt it."

Soren laughed. "Thorn, it's good to see you brother."

"Not as good as it is to see you. Mother's grieving has nearly driven Father insane." He leaned closer to the monitor. "Rolf found you?"

"Yes. Thanks for sending him."

"I didn't send him. He insisted on searching for you. He thought knowing what had happened to you would comfort Mother. I would have come for you myself but Daria's pregnant again and traveling makes us sick."

Soren laughed. "That will teach you."

Thorn grimaced and rubbed his stomach. Soren laughed and asked, "How are the boys and Rose?"

"Dane and Dev have grown so much you won't recognize them and Rose is walking. She gets into everything," Thorn glanced at Skye. "I can't help but notice you have a female sitting on your lap."

Soren ran his hand down Skye's hair. "This is Skye. My mate."

There was a loud screech and Thorn was shoved away from the monitor. Lia took his place. "Your mate? You found a mate?" She turned to Valan. "He found a mate." She collapsed against him and burst into tears again.

Valan patted her shoulder and grinned at the monitor. "Soren. Thank Tor you're still alive and we've found you." He glanced at Skye. "I can't tell you how wonderful it is to meet you, Skye."

Skye smiled. "I too am pleased to meet the parents of my mate."

Valan smiled. "When will you return to Zarronia?"

Lia sat up and dried her tears on the pink cloth Valan handed her before she asked, "Yes, when will you return?"

Soren explained the situation on Krystali to them. "As soon as things are settled here. It may be six to eight moon phases."

Thorn appeared again. "You'll miss my daughter's birth."

"Another daughter?" Soren laughed. "Sounds like Daria is evening the odds."

Thorn laughed. "I never thought of it that way but you may be right."

Soren smiled. "I'll contact you again when I can."

"Stay safe, son," Valan said.

Lia touched the monitor. "Thank you, Skye, for saving our son's life."

"He saved my life as well, Lia." Skye smiled. "I can't wait to meet you and walk in your beautiful garden with you."

"Soren told you about my garden?" Valan asked.

Skye smiled. "No, we dreamt about it."

"You dreamt about it? Together?" another voice asked before the monitor was turned and an older male with graying hair appeared.

Soren chuckled. "Hello, grandfather. Skye, this is my grandfather, Eirik."

"Knew you were alive, boy. Had a bet with Borg and now I've won."

Another older male appeared. "First time I've ever been glad to lose a bet."

"It's good to see you again, Borg," Soren said. "I hope you didn't lose too much to my grandfather."

Borg laughed. "Just a Zylian pod."

Soren laughed. "How many times has that pod been passed between the two of you?"

Borg laughed. "Too many times to keep count." He looked to the side. "Your parents want to speak to you. I'll see you when you return to Zarronia."

Lia appeared and smiled. "Take care of yourselves and come home soon."

Soren bid them goodbye and the monitor went dark. He kissed Skye then let Leif know to return them to Krystali.



Chapter Seventeen


Skye produced another dark shard and Soren cast it at the target at the far end of the gym. It struck and shattered into hundreds of razor sharp pieces that exploded into the air around the target. Piece after piece flew from his hands so rapidly that before the previous one hit its target another was on its way behind it.

The Zarronian warriors watched in silence, their strong arms crossed over their massive chests. Finally a warrior named Sven stepped forward. "You said many of the females on Krystali are healers. Is your mate a healer?"

"Yes," Soren said. "She can heal wounds from both white and dark krystal."

"I wish to feel these wounds," Sven said.

"White krystal can wound or kill depending on where it strikes but dark krystal will kill every time no matter where it hits. Only an enchantress, like Skye, can heal it and even then only if she reaches you in within four or five micro-units."

"I want to experience them both," Sven said and moved to the far end of the room. Skye produced a shard of white kyrstal and Soren threw it, hitting him on the upper arm.

Sven stiffened then grabbed his arm. "It continues moving once it enters you."

Skye hurried to him and brushed his hand away then placed her hand above the wound. Slowly the shard appeared then fell to the floor. Blood flowed from the wound until she stopped it and a micro-unit later the wound healed, leaving behind a small scar.

"I can remove the scar if you like," she said.

Sven shook his head. "No, this scar I'll keep."

"Dark kyrstal is much worse and very painful," she warned him.

He nodded and held his arms out to his sides, indicating he was still willing to be a target. Skye nodded and returned to Soren's side. She conjured the dark krystal, he bounced it on the palm of his hand twice then threw it.

The shard hit Sven on his other arm just above the elbow. This time he gritted his teeth together but still let out a muffled howl of pain while he grabbed his arm. "It burns and cuts threw flesh worse than a fire sword." He staggered and fell against the wall then slowly slid down to the floor.

Skye ran to him and hovered her hands over the wound while she called on the elements. Slowly, little by little the end of the shard appeared. She grasped it and pulled it out then cast it aside. As soon as she'd healed the wound several warriors moved forward and helped Sven to his feet.

"That shit is really bad." Sven shook his arm before looking at Skye. "Does the cloak protect a warrior from it?"

"It does from the white krystal but not the dark."

"Then make mine an extra-large," he said with a chuckle. "Believe me I'll never forget to wear it."

The warriors gathered around him and asked questions before several more stepped forward and demanded to feel it for themselves.

Soren beckoned Skye back to his side and held out his hand. She conjured white krystal shards and he threw them, one after the other. When she would have gone to the warriors to heal them he held her back.

"Give them a micro-unit to describe the sensation to the other warriors."

Skye waited while the warriors held out their arms and showed the wounds to their companions. One of the other warriors reached out and grabbed the end of a piece of krystal that poked out of a wound.

"No," Skye yelled, but not in time to stop him. The moment his fingers touched the shard it hooked into his flesh, broke off and began digging in deeper. He pulled back and shook his hand in an effort to dislodge it. She ran forward, grabbed his hand and concentrated on the cut. The shard, smaller than a thorn, slowly began to back out until it dropped to the floor. The warrior shook his hand, flinging droplets of blood over the floor and the skirt of Skye's dress.

She ignored the stains and began working on healing the other warriors. When she healed the last one Soren asked if anyone wanted to experience the dark krystal.

"No," one warrior said. "We'll take Sven's word for it."

Soren smiled and pulled Skye close. "At sun rising we'll begin shuttling warriors to Krystali."

# # #

Skye removed the golden gown and held it up to the light. Tiny droplets of dried blood marred the skirt. She ran a finger over one and tried to use her powers to lift it away but the stain remained.

Soren reached over her shoulder and placed his hand over hers. "I'll have it cleaned for you." He tugged on it and she let it slide through her fingers.

"It's so soft. What kind of material is it?"

He pulled it over the satiny smoothness of her bare shoulder. "Lanterian silk."

She held onto the hem for a nano-unit then released it. "I've never worn anything so soft before."

"From now on all your gowns will be made from Lanterian silk." Soren tossed the gown on the bathroom counter, took her by the shoulders and turned her around. She looked up and their eyes met. His burned with desire.

Skye slid into his arms as easily as the silk had slid through her fingers. He closed them around her and lifted her until her feet left the floor. His lips came down on hers as he carried her to the bed, lowered her onto it and came down over her.

His hands stroked over her body from her shoulders to her feet and back up. He touched every luscious inch of her as if he couldn't get enough of the feel of her in his arms. His touch drew a sigh of pleasure from her that disappeared into his mouth as he kissed her.

She touched him, her fingers trailing over the hardening muscles of his body. She linked her mind with his. "Oh, Soren, I love your taste. Your touch."

He stroked her tongue, sucked it into his mouth and encouraged her to kiss him back. "I love being in your mind and feeling your response to my touch."

Skye chased his tongue, captured it and held it hostage for a moment before she swiped her tongue along his bottom lip then sucked on it.

He palmed her breast. Her nipple hardened. She moaned and he slid his lips to her breast, sucked the bud into his mouth and swirled his tongue over it.

Skye threaded her fingers into the long hair at his nape and held him against her breast. He continued to suckle and lick until it was swollen and red before he moved to the other one and kissed it. She stilled, waiting for the stroke of his tongue then sighed when it came.

"Oh, yes." She hooked one long, slender leg over his bare hip and drew him tighter against her.

Soren grasped her knee and lifted her leg as he slid down her body, leaving behind a line of kisses from the center of her chest to her mound. "Breathe, little heart," he thought just before he kissed her clit.

She jerked, shivered and pressed her hips toward him, wanting more. Hoping for more.

He wrapped his hands around her upper thighs and held her legs apart then licked her from the bottom of her opening to her clit. She couldn’t speak. She couldn't think. She squirmed and drew in a deep breath but his name caught in her throat when he slid his tongue into her.

"That's it. Just feel," he thought.

Skye wrapped her legs around the back of his legs and ran her hand over his head. She touched as much of him as she could reach. He was hard and hot against her body.

He planted a kiss over the center of her pussy then licked up one side and down the other before stroking his tongue up the center to her clit. He stiffened his tongue and stroked her clit again and again.

"Oh, yes. Soren."

He tongued her for a few moments then moved back up her body and kissed her. She tasted herself on his tongue and felt him smile against her lips. "You taste sweet, little heart. I'm addicted to you."

She wiggled until he rolled over and she was on top. "I’m addicted to the taste of you too." She smiled, leaned down, and kissed him. He tried to capture her tongue but she sat up, shook her head then leaned down and kissed him again. "You're such a miracle to me."

Skye stayed in his mind while she kissed a trail over his face and neck, across his rolling abs, and down to his cock. She licked her way around the large head before taking it into her mouth and sucking it. Her lips down the shaft as far as she could then back up.

BOOK: Soren's Bondmate
7.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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