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Chapter 12



“Jennifer…” Andrei whispers, brushing his fingers against her cheek as he sits down beside her on the bed.


  He places the hot mug of coffee in his hand on the night table beside her as he leans down into her face, pressing a kiss against her cheek.


“Wake up, sleepy head.” He whispers, watching her stir before he gets up, walking over to the window to throw open the curtains, letting the sun light shine brightly through the glass and onto her face.


“No…” She moans, covering her eyes with the back of her hand as she turns onto her side.


“Yes…” He chuckles quietly, walking back over to her before sitting beside her once again, making her groan as the mattress sinks. “You gotta wake up, today’s the day.”


  She rolls back onto her back, opening her eyes slowly as Andrei comes into focus.


“Yeah, I remember.” She whispers, her stomach dropping into a pit as she sits up, crossing her legs under her.


  She sniffs, leaning forward to bury her face in the blanket as she sighs out deeply.


“Here, this will wake you up.” Andrei says, picking up the coffee from the bedside table before handing it to her.


“Coffee?” She whispers, clearing her throat. “Thank you…”


  She takes a sip, scrunching her face as the bitterness hits her tongue.


“Jesus, this is disgusting.” She gags as she takes another sip. “You’re a terrible coffee maker, you know that?”


“Job day special.” Andrei says, smirking as he watches her sip the hot beverage. “It’s tradition. Keeps you focused.”


“Yeah.” She gasps out. “I bet it does…”


“Come on.” He says, standing up and stretching before reaching his hand out to her. “You gotta get ready.”


  She takes another sip of the thick coffee before reaching out and grabbing his hand.


  He helps her to her feet, taking the mug from her and swallowing it down.


“Mmm.” He says, sighing out. “Nothing better.”


  Jennifer chuckles as she pulls her hair up in a messy bun on the top of her head before tying an elastic ponytail holder around it to keep it secure.


“Do you mind if I use your shower quick?” She asks, her breath shaking from nerves.


“Of course.” He says, as he walks over to the coffee maker on the desk before lifting up the pot and filling up the mug again. “Just don’t be too long, the guys are waiting for us downstairs.”


  She nods, walking past him before stepping into the bathroom at the front of the suite. She walks over the cold tiles, closing the door behind her as she steps up to the counter.


  Jennifer gazes into the mirror, leaning close to it as she looks at the heavy bags under her tired eyes.


  The night started out good, with her and Andrei falling asleep like logs as soon as they crawled into bed, but as the night went on her nerves caught up with her and made it next to impossible to get any sort of sleep.


  She sighs, resting her hand over her nervous stomach as she makes her way over to the shower. She steps into the porcelain tub, sitting down on the cold edge as she turns on the hot water, poking her finger under the pour as she feels it heat up before turning on a little bit of cold.


  She stands up, stepping backwards as she pulls the lever between the two taps, directing the flow of water to sprinkle out overhead before stepping under it and rinsing her body.


“Of course he only has hotel soap.” She chuckles to herself as she picks up the little, oatmeal filled bar from the tiny shelf to her left before rubbing along her skin, lathering it up.


  She closes her eyes as she turns to wash her face, careful not to soak her hair before rinsing her entire body. Jennifer washes the rest of the soapy residue off her finger tips before turning the shower off and stepping out from behind the curtain.


  Jennifer dries herself off with a towel from the rack before wrapping it around herself and stepping back outside, the humidity of the shower disappearing as she walks over to her pile of clothes.


“Did it help any?” Andrei asks, looking up at her from putting on his shoes. “Do you feel any better?”


“No.” She shakes her head, a soft, nervous smile gracing her lips. “Not even a little bit.”


“You know,” Andrei says, standing up and walking over to her as she pulls her shirt down over her chest. “You can stay here if you want. I’ll be back before you know it…”


“No.” She says again, sitting up straight as she runs her palm over her pulled back hair to smooth it out. “I want to watch him pay. I’ve come too far to back out now.”


Her stomach drops with the elevator as they make their way down to the lobby before turning down the hall.


“It shouldn’t be too long though, right?” She asks as they make their way over to the utility elevator. “We’ll be done by the evening?”


“We’ll be done whenever he wants it to be done.” Andrei says, clearing his throat as he watches her nervously step into the elevator. “We’ll do our best to be in and out though, I promise.”


  She nods, looking at the floor as they step out of the utility elevator and into the basement before walking down the dark hallway, her legs barely holding her as they reach the glowing light of the room from yesterday.


“Always waitin’ on you, Andrei!” She hears, barely audible as her eyes focus in on the metallic shine coming from the open black duffle bag on the table.


“We’re just robbing him, right?” She asks, interrupting their conversation. “Those guns, those are just for scare, right?”


“Of course, sweetheart.” One of the men say as they zip the bag up before pulling it off the table.


  Andrei walks over to her, placing his hand on her shoulder as she closes her eyes, trying to desperately swallow down the mud from this morning as it tries to come up.


“Last chance, Jennifer.” Andrei whispers to her, pressing his forehead against hers.


“I have to.” She says, pulling away from him as her legs tremble. “I


“Alright boys, let’s load it up!” Andrei says, turning back around to face the men as he waves his hand in the air.


  This is it.

Chapter 13



  She looks out of the black tinted windows of the van out into the lush yard of Brent Donaldson’s house, her skin crawling as she gazes up to the waving American flag as it flaps on its pole between the manicured cedar’s in front of the front porch.


“And you’re sure he has no kids or anything?” She asks, her heart beating in her ears. ‘No wife still in bed sleeping?”


“No, ma’am.” One of the men say as he shakes his head. “No kids. Maid not here until Thursday. Gardener just came yesterday. No wife to speak of, either, anymore from the looks of it. At least, no one came home last night while we were on lookout.”


“Yeah.” The other guy says. “The man seems to be downright hated in pretty much all areas of his life. The richest always are.”


“Are we ready?” Andrei asks, nodding as he looks everyone over before unzipping the duffle and pulling out the rifles one by one, distributing them to everyone.


  He places the gun on Jennifer’s lap, before pointing towards the barrel.


“This is the side you point with, okay?” He asks, holding back a laugh as she glares into his eyes.


“You’re not helping things, Andrei.” She says, shaking her head as she holds the gun in her shaking hands.


“Sorry.” He whispers, brushing his fingertips gently over her cheek. “You don’t need to know how to use it. It’s just so it doesn’t look like you’re vulnerable.”


  She nods her head, looking back out the window as she notices the car backed into the driveway with the dent on the bumper.


“Let’s go.” She whispers, her voice low and deep as anger begins to rise up throughout her body.


  Andrei flashes her a coy smirk as he opens the side door of the van before he and his men hop out.  He holds out his hand, helping her step out of the van before she follows them between the buses, down the path and through the side gate to the backyard of Brent Donaldson’s property.


“There he is…” The fatter one says as, looking through the glass of the back door into the kitchen as he watches the mayor’s son stir his coffee as he leans against his kitchen counter. “Perfect.”


  Jennifer gasps before biting her tongue as she hears the crashing bang of broken glass as one of the men smashes through the window, reaching through the door to unlock it and let everyone inside.


“GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!” They all shout together as they sprint up the back stairs.


“Who’s there?!” She hears, her stomach turning as they rush into the kitchen, surrounding Brent Donaldson as he drops his mug to the floor, sinking into the spilled coffee. “What’s going on!?”


“Where’s your safe?!” She hears Andrei shout as he walks closer to the man as he crawls across the floor. “Where’s your fucking safe?!”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” The man cries, the panic building in his voice as they close in on him. “I don’t have a safe, I don’t have a safe!”


“Where do you keep your fucking money?” Andrei asks, kneeling down to his level.


“Not here, not here!” The man begs. “It’s somewhere else! My wife took it all! I swear!”


“I’m going to ask you one last time.” Andrei says, pushing the barrel of the gun up against Brent’s temple. “Tell me. Where. It. Is.”


  Jennifer shakes as she watches the man’s face turn red, his chest heaving as he screams loudly.


“HELP ME!” He yells, scrambling to climb up the counter. “SOMEONE HELP ME!”


“Oh, for fuck sakes, will you shut the fuck up?!” Andrei says, standing up before the man as he tries to open the kitchen window above his sink. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”


  He grunts as he bashes the butt end of the gun into the back of Brent’s head before stepping back as the heavy man falls to the ground unconscious.


“Why do they always gotta squeal like that?”

Chapter 14



  Jennifer rests her chin on the seat as she stares at the towel covered lump behind her on the floor of the van before glancing out the window as the guys prop open the large glass door at the end of the utility hallway.


“We kidnapped someone.” She whispers to herself as she looks back towards them, watching Andrei split from the rest of the group as he walks around to the back of the van and opens the tailgate door.


“What a fat fuck.” Andrei says, pushing the towel off of him before grabbing him by the shoulder and pulling him out of the back of the van.


  Jennifer cringes as she hears the man’s body hit the pavement and she turns around, rubbing her hands over her face before she opens the side door of the van and steps outside.


“So what are we doing?” She asks, watching as the men pick up Brent’s body by the limbs and carry him over to the door. “This was not at all in the plan, Andrei.”


“Jennifer, sometimes plans change.” Andrei says, grunting as they heave him into the hall before dropping him on the ground in front of the utility elevator. “Don’t worry, we’ll get what we set out for, it’s just going to take a little longer this way.”


“I’m not worried about that!” She whispers forcefully. “We kidnapped someone! I don’t care about the money anymore. Let’s just take him back and pretend like this didn’t happen.”


“You’ve got a weird set of morals, Jennifer.” Andrei grunts again as they hoist him back up as the elevator doors open.


“Because I don’t want to kidnap someone?” She asks, the shock apparent in her voice as she follows them into the elevator.


“What did you think was going to happen when you asked the mafia for help?” He says, shaking his head. “Look, I didn’t want this to turn into extra work, but it did, if you still want what you came to us, the fuckin’ mob, for, then just please, let us do our jobs.”


  She bites her bottom lip, a frog swelling in her throat as she watches the elevator open into the dark basement.


  Jennifer follows the men down the hall, past the usual room and into a larger space with a tiled floor and old, rusted showerheads on the walls.


  She quietly watches as they pull a chair into the middle of the room before lifting him up on a count of three to set him inside of it.


“Jen.” Andrei says to her as he walks over to her in the doorway, holding a roll of silver duct tape as he tries to peel up the end. “If you want to go upstairs, I’ll be more than happy to give you the key. You don’t need to see this anyway…”


  Jennifer watches on as one of the men leans up against an old wooden workbench as Brent’s head slouches down into his chest.


“No.” She says shortly, finding her courage as she grabs the roll of duct tape from his hand and uses her nail to pick up the stuck edge. “I was the one who made you do this. I’m part of it.”


  He nods, smiling darkly at her before turning around and walking back over to Brent. Andrei pulls the duct tape off the roll before wrapping it around the chair and Brent’s wrist, securing it in place before doing his other hand, too and moving on to his legs against the legs of the chair.


“Andrei, you want this?” The fatter one asks as he turns off a tap, having filled a bucket with ice cold water before picking it up and walking it over to Andrei as he stands in front of the unconscious Brent.


“Yeah, dump it on.” He says, backing up to avoid getting wet. “We’ll see it that does it.”


  She watches as the man lifts the heavy bucket up above Brent’s head before pouring the freezing water over his body.


  He yelps as he comes back to consciousness before screaming as he tries to lift his hands to wipe his eyes, finding them taped down against the arms of the chair.


“Does shut the fuck up mean nothing to you!?” Andrei asks, bending over to look in Brent’s face as tears trail down the man’s face. “I don’t think you realize how important it is for you to just shut your fucking mouth right now, buddy.”


“What do you want from me?” The man says, coughing as he tries to calm himself.


“You almost killed my father, you monster!” Jennifer yells, her heart pounding in her ears as she walks closer to them.


  He turns his head toward her, looking at her with cold eyes.


“You kidnapped me,” He starts, spitting the water out of his mouth as I runs from his hair over his lips. “You kidnapped me and I’m the monster?”


“You left him for dead!” She screams, her voice cracking as she raises her hand up in the air before slapping him hard across the face.


“People will be looking for me!” He says, blood staining the corner of his lip. “You think no one is going to come looking when I don’t show up to my campaign office tomorrow?”


“Sure,” Andrei says, grabbing him by the hair and turning his head to face him. “But that just means we got a whole twenty four hours with you, doesn’t it? Let them look. No one will ever find you here.”


“What do you want from me?” Brent asks again, his voice quivering.


“I want you to pay for what you did to my dad.” Jennifer says, her chest heaving as anger overwhelms her.


“I will never…” He says, his eyes locking with hers.


“Oh, Mr. Donaldson.” Andrei says, cracking his knuckles. “I think in a little while, you’ll come to your senses and agree to make things right.”

BOOK: Revenge | A Steamy Mafia Bad Boy Romance
13.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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