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Chapter 3



  Jennifer steps inside, letting out a deep breath as her mouth gapes open as she takes in her surroundings.


  She walks over to the crisp white and beige linen bed, gently brushing her fingers over the soft sheets before gasping as she watches Andrei pull back the curtains of window wall to reveal the city lights.


“Oh, wow…” She whispers, walking up to the window to gaze down at the twinkling lights below her. “I can’t even believe this.”


“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Andrei asks as he walks away.


“It’s amazing!” She says, looking again around the room, watching Andrei walk over to a champagne colored, smooth marble tub in the corner of the room.


  She smiles, stepping out of her shoes before walking over to him as he fills it with hot water before turning on the bubbling jets.


“I’ve never been in a hotel room with a hot tub before…” She giggles as she dips her hand into the steaming water.


“It’s pretty great.”  He smirks. “Sometimes they’ll even have a TV right in view where you can just sit back and watch some porn while jerking one off…”


“Oh, my God.” She blushes, covering her mouth as she giggles.


“Hey, it’s not a bad time, don’t knock it till you try it…” He says, unbuttoning the jacket of his suit before laying it over the back of a desk chair.


“Are you going to join me, or am I going to have to turn the TV over this way?” He asks, smirking at her as he unbuttons the buttons on his shirt.


  Jennifer blushes as she watches Andrei slide his shirt over his wide, muscle capped shoulders and down his arms before he tosses it to the side. She looks away as she sees him go for his belt before turning around and reaching behind her to pull down the zipper on her little black dress.


  She lets out a shaking breath as she watches Andrei’s reflection in the window as he lowers himself into the bubbling tub slowly, the water splashing over this abs and narrow waist.


  She looks away shyly as she pushes the straps of her dress down her shoulders before gasping as she hears a loud
come from behind her.


  She turns, letting out a nervous giggle as she watches Andrei pour deeply coloured wine into two crystal glasses.


“Are you coming?” He whispers to her, holding out a cup for her as she begins to walk over, holding her dress up with her arm across her chest.


“Don’t peak.” She whispers wagging her finger as Andrei places his glass on the edge of the marble tub before bringing his hand up to cover his eyes.


  She lets her dress fall to the floor before hooking her fingers inside the elastic waist band of her thong and pulling it down her thighs before stepping out of it and leaving it inside of her dress.


  Jennifer nervously steps over the thick marble edge of the tub before quickly sitting in the hot water.


  She sighs, her face flushing as she leans back against one of the jets.


“For you.” Andrei says, smirking it her as he hands her a glass of deep red wine.


  She nods shyly as she takes a sip of the tart wine before sinking down into the hot bubbling water as she swallows.


  Jennifer giggles at Andrei as she watches him gulp his down before placing the glass back on the stone edge and swallowing before coughing slightly and smiling at her.


“Big fan of wine?” She whispers, as he takes the glass from her hand and places it beside his.


“No.” He whispers to her as he pulls her closer to him. “I just wanted it out of the way…”


  She melts into his arms as he pulls her onto his lap, straddling his legs, and places a soft kiss on her collar bone before trailing his lips down her chest to her breasts.


  Jennifer rubs the palms of her hands up and down his tan, muscular arms as Andrei gently flicks his tongue over her stiffening pink nipples.


  She lets out a shaking breath as she feels his cock twinge against the inside of her thigh as it stiffen and she reaches under his chin to pull his face back up to hers before pressing her lips against his.


  He wraps his arms around the small of her back as he gently drags the tip of his tongue over her lips, coaxing them apart before exploring her mouth. Andrei sinks his hands deeper into the bubbling water as he drags the palms against her plump skin before pulling apart her buttocks and sinking his fingers down to her sensitive sex.


“Oh…” She whispers, moaning as she feels Andrei’s finger spread her delicate lips apart before pressing the tip of his finger inside of her entrance.


  She leans further into him as Andrei places his lips over her neck before kissing upward and nibbling at the lobe of her ear.


“Come on…” He whispers to her huskily as he reaches over to the basket beside the tub for a towel. “Let’s go and get a bit more comfortable.


  She nods her head as she slides away from him as she watches him get out of the tub and quickly hide his stiffness with a towel before picking up another and motioning it towards her.


“Get out.” He whispers, biting his bottom lip as he watches the water run off her body as she stands.


  He wraps her in a towel, using the palms of his hands to rub away the water before getting to his knees before her.


  Andrei wipes the towel over her thighs, sinking the plush fabric between her legs before tossing it away.


  He places a kiss against her thigh as Jennifer closer her eyes, gently grasping his shoulder as she feels the tip of his finger sink between her pussy lips, rubbing back and forth over her entrance as his hot breath tickles her pink sex.


  She lets out a soft moan as she feels the tip of his tongue lick between her slit and up to her clit before he kisses again on her bikini line.


  She watches from under hooded lids as Andrei gets back up to his feet, letting the towel fall from his waist before he walks her over to the bed and gently pushes her down onto the soft sheets.


  He kneels down again in front of her before spreading her legs apart and grabbing her by the waist before pulling her closer to the edge of the bed to meet his face.


“Mmm.” He moans, rubbing the outside of her thighs as he rests her legs on top of his shoulders.


  She closes her eyes, gripping the sheet below her as she feels Andrei’s hot breath tickle her before he presses his hot tongue against her sex, spreading her lips open before lapping at her wetness.


“Andrei…” She whispers, brushing her fingers through his hair as she feels his tongue lick up and swirl over her aching clit before his lips wrap around her bead and he sucks it into his mouth.


  She gasps as she feels the tip of one of his fingers sink inside of her, dipping in and out of her slick before he adds another, spreading her open as he sucks on her clit.


  She bucks her hips as he sinks his fingers in further, whimpering as he slowly pumps them in and out.


“Oh… please…” She moans as she feels her body heat up under Andrei’s skilled tongue before the quiver of ecstasy over comes her.


“I want you…” She whispers to him as he licks over her dripping entrance.


  He nods his head, smiling seductively as he watches Jennifer roll onto her stomach and crawl up the length of the bed before lazily falling to her side and rolling back onto her back.


  She spreads her legs, biting her bottom lip as she watches Andrei crawl up to meet her.


  Jennifer lays back, her chest heaving as Andrei pulls her hips up onto his lap before threading the thick, silky head of his meat up and down between her lips before resting it on her entrance.


  She gasps as he sinks his cock inside of her, stretching her sex open as he goes deeper and deeper.


  She wraps her arms around his shoulders as he crawls on top of her, his hips pushing her legs apart further as she feels his stomach press against hers.


“Andrei…” She moans as he rocks his hips back and forth, dragging his thickness back and forth inside of her as he quietly moans into her shoulder.


  Jennifer lets her head sink into the sheets, resting her one hand on the back of his shoulder and the other gripping his hair as their bodies move together.


  She gasps, holding his closer as she feels him swell inside of her, before rubbing her hand up and down his back as he grunts deeply into her shoulder.


  She watches his chest heave as he lays on his back beside her before he reaches out to her and pulls her closer to him.


“Wanna get back in the tub?” He asks, his voice deep and gritty. “I could use another glass of wine…” 

Chapter 4



  Jennifer moans into her pillow as she rolls over to the morning sun shining brightly through the large windows into Andrei’s suite.


  She stretches her toes as she pulls the duvet up past her chin before yawning into the warm blankets.


“Good morning.” Andrei whispers into her ear as he wraps his arms around her waist before pulling her closer.


  She rolls back over rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she smiles softly at him before leaning her head on his chest.


“Good morning.” She whispers back to him, letting her eyes fall closed again.


  Andrei chuckles, closing his eyes too as he buries his nose in her hair.


“How did you sleep?” He asks, rubbing the palm of his hand over her naked waist under the covers.


  She giggles, sitting up and pulling the blanket up with her to cover her bare chest.


“I gotta say.” She starts. “I haven’t slept that good in a long, long time.”


“Really?” He asks, leaning on his elbow and resting his head on his fist. “See, I would have thought you slept that good every night. A girl like you? She


“Well, you’d think so…” Jennifer snorts as she turns away from him, letting her feet fall off the side of the bed and the cover fall from her chest down to her waist.


  She stretches her arms out into the air, basking in the warm glow of the sun on her naked skin before relaxing her arms back down and turning to Andrei.


  She smirks as he reaches out to her, rubbing his fingers over the small of her back as he lays his head back down on the pillow.


“Are you going to get up?” She whispers to him, laughing out as he pulls her back down onto the bed.


“No, let’s not get out of bed today…” He whispers back to her, cupping the palm of his hand over one of her naked breasts.


“What would we do instead?” She asks coyly, biting her bottom lip as she feels Andrei’s gentle finger tips pinch her perky nipple.


“I’m sure we could think of something…” He whispers to her before sitting up and bending over to place a soft kiss on her forehead.


“You know what I think?” She smiles, scrunching up her nose as his stubble tickles her forehead. “I think we should go for breakfast… and then see where the rest of the day takes us.”


“Mmm.” Andrei moans, his lips upturning in a smirk. “Yeah, I could see myself eating breakfast.”


“Yeah…” Jennifer sighs out. “And then I guess, if we come back here… then we come back here…”


  He lets out a short chuckle as he sits back up before stepping off the bed.


“Oh, we’ll be comin’ back here.” He says, walking over to the empty tub and bending down to pick up his boxers.


  Jennifer blushes as she turns her head to watch him put them on before sitting up and looking away quickly.


  She gets up off the bed and scurries over to her fallen dress, pausing momentarily to gaze over Andrei’s braid shoulders, her eyes trailing down to his thin, tapered waist before she quickly snaps out of it and steps into the dress, pulling it up and lifting the straps over her shoulders just as he begins to turn back around.


“Let’s not get breakfast here, though.” He says to her as he slips his arms through his shirt before buttoning up the buttons and reaching for his jacket. “For such a ritzy place, they absolutely fail at a good home cooked breakfast.”


“Oh, you’ve eaten here before?” She asks, blushing as she slips on her panties in front of him.


“Well, I try not to. But yeah.” He smirks as he lazily threads his fingers through his hair. “My boss owns the hotel, so he likes to keep it, uh…
sales central
. I spend a lot of time here. You’d think he has his retarded sister cooking in the back though, Jesus Christ.”


“Andrei!” She gasps, bringing her hand up to her mouth to try and cover her giggle.


“But it’s true! It’s horrible!” He exclaims, throwing his hands in the air as he walks back over to the bed before sitting down and slipping on his shoes.


“That bad, huh?” She asks as she slips on her heels before walking back over to the bed and sitting beside Andrei.


  Jennifer wraps her arms around his shoulders before pressing her forehead against his.


“Just awful.” He whispers in reply before pressing his lips against hers in a soft kiss.


“I know of a good place though, don’t worry.” He says, smirking as he stands up before holding his hand out her.


  She grips it, letting him help her off the bed and walks with him, hand in hand over to the door.


  Jennifer leans against the wall, watching Andrei tap his foot as they wait for the elevator before she follows him inside.


“I just want to let you know that I absolutely never do this…” She says to him as she watches him press the button to the lobby. “I just thought it was about time I take some chances.”


“And did it pay off?” He asks, stepping in front of her and pushing her against the wall before leaning in and pressing his lips against her neck.


  She giggles, squirming under him as she rests her hands on his hips before sliding her fingers down the back waist of his pants and seductively digging them into his flesh.


“I’m still deciding…” She winks as the elevator dings and the door opens in front of them.


  They walk out into the lobby, Jennifer quickly wrapping up her hair into a messy bun before she’s startled as she hears whistles and calls coming from in front of them.


“Hey, Andrei!” One of the men says, wearing a similar black suit to Andrei and a thin, dark tie. “Who’s the girl?”


“Yeah, you get some last night, Andrei? Must be nice!” Another one says, laughing as he looks at a third man.


“Oh, fuck off.” He says, flipping the bird to the men as Jennifer blushes while they walk past.


“Well, that was rude!” She whispers under her breath as the walk out the large lobby doors. “Who do those guys think they are?!”


“Don’t worry about those guys. Fucking knuckle heads.” He says as he waves to the valet.


“You know them?” She asks, watching as the young valet drives up to them and gets out of Andrei’s car before rushing to hand him the keys.


“Pff, I wish I could tell ya I didn’t.” He says, reaching into his coat pocket before handing the valet his tip.


  He walks around the front of his car before opening up the driver’s side door and unlocking the rest of Jennifer.


  She opens the door, slipping in the passenger’s seat before closing the door behind her.


“I’m guessing they’re salesmen, too?” Jennifer asks as she watches Andrei start the car.


“Yeah. Unfortunately, I do have to work with those guys.” He smirks as he puts the car in forward and drives out from under the roof.


“Oh, please, I have a nagging feeling you’re just as much of a pig as them.” She giggles, flipping open the overhead mirror.


  She sighs as she wipes the smudged makeup from under her eyes before reaching down between her seat and the dashboard to open the glove box in search of a napkin.


“You open a lot of boxes without asking first?” Andrei asks, raising his eyebrow as he tries to keep his eyes on the road.


“I was looking for a napkin… sorry…” She says, pausing as she notices the pile of phones, before closing the glove box again.


“In here.” He says, smirking as he taps the center console before lifting his arm up so she can open it and pull out a napkin.


  She wipes the paper cloth under her eyes as she watches Andrei pull into a parking lot before parking in front of a small diner.


“Got a lot of phones there…” She says, crumpling the napkin into the palm of her hand as she reaches to undo her seat belt.


“Make a lot of calls to a lot of different people, I guess.” He says.


“For sales?” She asks, nodding her head sarcastically before noticing a sliver metal flash as Andrei unbuckles his seat belt before reaching for the door. “And I guess salesmen also carry guns, too, right?” She asks, opening her door to step out of the car.


“Lots of weirdos out there.” He says, winking at her as he steps out of the car. “All wise salesmen carry guns, didn’t you know that? It’s a dangerous job!”

BOOK: Revenge | A Steamy Mafia Bad Boy Romance
8.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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