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Liquid Fire


The street had no light upon it save for the two sets of headlights approaching from the opposite sides. As they neared each other they slowed and came to a stop under a small, ghost gum tree. The rumbling of the engines died as the owners flicked the key from the ignitions. From either car a single person stepped out, and they met in the gap they had left between both bonnets.

“Is it done?” one said, clearly a female.
Her heels tapped on the bitumen as she approached the other.

“Yes it is. Why else would I be here?” responded her male counterpart.
His footsteps were unheard.

“Good, how did you do it?”
enquired the woman.

“Made it look like he did it. He was there only two hours ago.
Tied her up like a little pig; she didn’t even squeal when she saw it was me.”

“Excellent, now it’s time we made ourselves vanish.
You aren’t to contact me unless it is an emergency. Understood? Nobody is to know we have outside contact.”

Of course I do. But now do I get my reward?” asked the male gripping his companion tightly around the waist.

“You’ll have me all in due time, just be patient,” she said coldly, trying to break free.

“Fine. But she’s dead I can guarantee you that,” the male said.

“Very good, we’ll have to see how this little episode plays out,” she stated, finishing the conversation and sliding back into her car. The male watched her leave before getting back into his vehicle, disappearing into the night.
The only thing that lingered of their conversation was the faint rumbling of the engines in the distance.

Chapter 1
- Sam

It was
dark, yet there was still light as candles flickered away in the room. I looked down my naked body, glistening in sweat, to find my precious baby girl Kate nibbling away on the tip of my cock. Her little brunette head made slight movements as she continued to adjust herself, finding the points that I loved the most. She took me deep within her mouth, and all I could do was shiver and release a huge sigh from between my lips.

Kate raised her head off me gently, letting me feel every inch slip past h
er teeth. I shuddered even more; she look up, her blue eyes gazing into my green ones. She grinned at me in the way that I absolutely loved. I couldn’t help but grin back.

“Do you like that?” she asked before sliding her mouth back over me again. My only possible response was to groan once again.

Kate continued moving her mouth up and down me until she was satisfied. I had gone soft. The sex had been amazing, blowing my mind. She collapsed down onto the bed beside me and sighed, snuggling into my neck. I could smell me all over her, and she had loved everything. She couldn’t say no to me.

“Babe, what are we going to have for dinner?” I asked her, staring up at the ceiling still panting.

“Hmm, is my baby still hungry? Didn’t you eat enough?” she whispered. Kate grabbed my hand violently and pulled it towards her. My fingertips brushed over her wetness. She groaned, but smiled. She loved it.

“Come on
, Kate, I’ve got eat,” I complained.

“Turn on the stove.
I’ll be out there in a minute,” she said gingerly rising from the bed.

I couldn’t resist
; but I had to slap her ass which resulted in a pleasurable squeal and a naughty grin in my direction. Kate always liked putting something on, but I preferred to walk around naked, not caring who saw me.

True to her word Kate
, had joined me after slipping into a pair of lace white panties and a simple white nightdress that barely made it to her thighs. I felt myself getting hard again and Kate noticed as well. “Not yet, mister, we need food,” she said.

Kate was an excellent cook and preferred to do all the cooking between us even though there was nothing wrong what dishes I made. It saved me from having to do it, but I still helped out.
She stood over the pan, stirring what appeared to be the beginnings of a beef stroganoff. Kate knew it was my favorite. All I could do now was massage her shoulders while she cooked.



We sat down in the same reclining chair in front of the TV, bowls in hand. The house was quiet save for the sounds of
, a show we’re both into. Her parents had gone away for the weekend, like they often do.  We used each opportunity we got to our full advantage. We eat in silence, eyes glued to the TV, content with being close to each other for now. As soon as the episode finished I used the multipurpose remote to turn the TV off and went to Kate’s iPod.

I was fortunate since she seemed to currently be working through Michael
Bublè’s albums. As soon as the first beat hit Kate’s eyes lit up, and she got up off me.

Pulling me with her
, she began to sway her hips in time with the slow music which meant I had to join her. We didn’t need to talk, we did enough of that and knew each other better than we knew ourselves. For a time we stood there on the spot gently swaying, her arms around my shoulders and my hands on her waist.

The tempo changed, and had
switched to a faster song now. I looked down at Kate, and she looked up at me - even though there wasn’t much difference as we were both just on either side of six foot. We both smiled; I lifted her up. I could feel her breasts on my face through the fabric of her dress. My cock immediately stiffened as I felt her erect nipples.

“Do you think we should sit down?” she
asked me right in my ear. It was low and seductive, which sent more chills down my spine.

“Fuck that,” I said to her breasts. I wasn’t sure if she had heard me.

My next step was forward to the bare wall that was next to the recliner. Kate could see where I was going, and she knew what was coming. A small groan escaped her lips. She loved being fucked up against the wall. I felt my hands hit the wall, and Kate joined them.

I lowered her to the ground
, slipping of the straps of her dress down her arms, watching it slide to the ground. She now stood naked, except for her panties that I could see were already wet. Kate bit her lip and wiggled her hips at me, but I was already attacking her neck and breasts sucking away at both. Whenever I didn’t have my mouth around one, my free hand was cupped around Kate’s generously sized tit, pulling and pinching at the nipple.

Like any loving girlfriend,
Kate returned pleasure to me. She grabbed my cock forcefully, making me groan back at her. She stopped briefly, bringing her hand up to her mouth in order to wet it, before grabbing me again. This time I was prepared. Kate had her way with my cock in her hand while I had her chest in my grip until she thought it was time to go further.

I surprised her this time
by pushing her back, spinning her around so her hands found the wall. I ducked low, ripping those annoying panties off in a single movement leaving them around her ankles just to annoy her. She spread her legs for me so I could get in underneath her.  I could see her wetness leaking down her thighs.

The only thing I could do was enter her slowly with two fingers first, pushing them in as deep as they could go. Kate tensed around them
, instantly soaking my fingers. I felt like making her cum early as she stood over me; I wanted her exhausted before we went back to school tomorrow. Plunging my fingers in and out a few times was enough to get her moaning. It was time to change my approach. I stopped once I had reached in again.

“Baby, what are you
do… ohhh,” moaned Kate. I looked up and her eyes were closed, lips drawn tight in pleasure. By having my fingers go side to side inside her, it caused a reaction that I didn’t understand. Kate always found it hard to explain. She just said it was amazing.

Kate came all over my fingers and I stood
up to make her taste herself. She sucked my fingers like they were my cock. It felt good.

“Baby,” she said breathlessly. “I need your
dick in me, now.”

I kissed her lips twice, managing to taste some of her cum that I loved. I’d eat her out next time though; I’d already done enough of it an hour ago. Pressing her hard against the wall, I wrapped my left arm around her tits
, holding her body close to mine as I used my hand to guide into her from behind. Kate went crazy when I took her from behind in any position.

I began with a slow, steady rhythm
, pushing upwards, and Kate moaned with each thrust. My lips continually found her neck and lips while my hand on her breasts alternated between them and her clit. Our breaths became shorter as I increased the speed. Kate begged me to let her turn around so she could stare into my eyes. I hoisted her up to my waist, pausing only long enough to let her wrap her arms around my neck and legs around me.

Each time she came, Kate would whisper
“Liquid Fire” into my ear. It was our code word to let each other know. Even though we didn’t need words, we believed it set us apart and was something unique about our relationship. Kate continued to build herself to each new climax rapidly; I didn’t know how she was able to cum that much. I imagined it was a girl thing.

Kate knew that I took my time to build up and happily stayed on me until I was ready.
She knew by my ragged, short breaths and groans that I was building. She let herself down from me and knelt, waiting patiently for me while I furiously made myself build the final step. Kate opened her mouth just as I came. All but a few drops of what she called liquid fire went onto her outstretched tongue, and I loved watching her swallow. Running her tongue around her lips to make sure she got it all, Kate signaled for me to pull her up, by outstretching her arms.

I went the extra mile and lifted her basically into a fireman’s carry on my shoulders. She was light enough and I was easily able to carry her back into her bedroom.

My parents expected me home by nine and it was twenty to. It was an easy fifteen minute drive. I dressed quickly and Kate stared up dreamily at my body of tight muscles and tanned skin.

“Will you be back tomorrow,” she said. It wasn’t a question.

“You know I will be, baby,” I said stroking her hair, with a wink. “I’ll come back just after breakfast.”

, I’m sleepy,” Kate muttered rubbing her eyes.

I couldn’t help but smile at her cuteness. “I’ll leave you alone then
, little one,” I said kissing her forehead. “I’ll see you in the morning.”


I got home with two minutes to spare on my curfew and walked in the door unquestioned. Both of my parents knew I was fucking Kate; there was no need to hide it, especially after they had walked in on us one time. I said my good nights to the family, who were gathered around watching the TV and made my way upstairs to my room. I didn’t know how exhausted I was until I collapsed on my bed and instantly fell asleep.

It was still dark when I heard the banging on the front door, just below me. My blue light on my beside clock read three sixteen. Annoyed I got out of bed, not knowing who it was. A robber wouldn’t politely knock on the door.

To my surprise I opened the door to find two police officers dressed in their blue uniform. One heavier male and a younger, one that looked similar to me. The older man was a senior constable, while his junior was just a constable. I frowned at them, knowing all of my family members were safe and at home.

“Sam Fanning?” said the larger officer.

“Can I help you, officers?” I asked.

“Did you know Ms Kate Windsor?” he asked, holding up the photo of our first New Years kiss.

“I did, why? What’s happened to her?” I questioned. My frustration was growing.

“I’m sorry
Mr. Fanning, but she was found strangled to death in her bed less than three hours ago,” said the fat police officer.

Chapter 2 – Sam

I stood in the doorway, wide mouthed and in total disbelief. My first reaction was to go into the denial phase. What the police officer was telling me couldn’t be true. There was no way in the world anyone could hurt my angel.

“No, no! You’ve got the wrong Kate. She wouldn’t hurt anyone nor would anybody hate her. There was no reason for anyone to kill her!” I protested.
I could feel tears forming.

“Someone has
, Mr. Fanning, and we’re going to need you to come in for questioning. In ninety percent of all female murders, it is usually the partner or someone they knew that killed them. If you didn’t kill Kate maybe you can help us go in the right direction,” said the younger officer.

I heard a c
rashing on the stairs behind me. Finally my parents had showed up, bed head and tussled everywhere. They looked dazed and confused.

“Sam, what are the police doing here?” asked
Mum, squinting at them while fumbling for the light switch.

Kate’s dead,” I said with more tears forming. Now that I’d said it, it seemed so much more real.

Mum covered her mouth in shock and turned into
Dad, tears running down her face.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fanning, I’m afraid your son will have to come with us right now for questioning.
“At this stage he may have been the last person to see Kate alive aside from the murderer,” said the constable.

Eyes turning an ever increasing red, I hugged my parents and left with the police, who drove me to the local station.
Both police officers remained silent while I looked outside the window at the dead surroundings of Brisbane’s eastern suburbs. We were lucky to drive past five other cars in the darkness, whose headlights told us we weren’t alone, even though I felt like I was. There was a hole that had been punched in my chest, and I didn’t know how I would possible recover from it.


The police station was nice enough, considering the state funded their whole operation. I was lead into an interrogation room by the senior constable, while his partner went into the room next door, clearly to listen in on what I had to say. The constable took a seat and beckoned for me to do the same.

“So, Sam
, you and Kate were together for a long time?” he asked.

“Is this an interrogation?” I shot back glancing around the room. I could see both cameras were on
me and the constable, whose name I could now see was Parsons.

“No of course not, we just need to see if you know anything about Kate’s killer,” said Parsons. “I’m going to show you some graphic images, so bare with me if you will.”

From inside a heavy folder, spiral bound folder Parsons pulled out several photos and slid them across the table to me. There were three photos, all of Kate after her death. I held back the tears this time but there was a huge lump in my throat that wouldn’t go away. She had been tied to her bed head, just the way that I tied her, still completely naked.

Around her mouth was a black
strip of thick leather, and her legs were flailed out at awkward angles. Kate can’t have died quickly, or peacefully, with the look of terror and pain frozen in her eyes. I threw the photos away from me, disgusted at whoever had done this.

“Your neighbors heard a few screams coming from Kate’s house and went to investigate. They saw someone running from the house, which is when they called us,” said Parsons.

“Do you have anything at all?” I asked him. “And do Kate’s parents know yet?”

No to both of those. We’ve got next to no evidence except for the body, and we haven’t been able to reach her parents yet. The coroner is examining Kate’s body as we speak, and our detectives are going to begin compiling what little evidence we have at first light. Do you have any idea if anyone would want to kill Kate?” pressed Parsons.

, Sir, I don’t. I want to find out, but if I find the cunt that did this to her first you have my word he’s as good as dead,” I said glaring into Parson’s eyes.

You don’t want to do that, Sam. The justice system will come down just as hard on you as it would have done on him,” said Parsons frowning.

“So letting him go after two years so he can go out and kill another girl?
The justice system won’t do me shit and you know it, Sir!” I shouted.

“I understand you’re upset right now
, Sam, but hunting down Kate’s killer won’t bring her back to life. You need to understand this,” said Parsons.

I don’t need to understand shit!” I yelled. “We were together for three years. Did you know I wanted to propose to her on our graduation night? I can’t do that now all because some sick fuck decided to go to her house and kill her.”

“Alright, look here,” said Parsons. “If you find out any information about who killed Kate you call me right away. Don’t do anything and I’ll be straight to you if it’s urgent. But for now I want you to spend what’s rest of the night here and in the morning I’ll ask you if you saw anything last night when you were with her.”

“Deal, and if you catch him, I want to hurt him,” I said calming down for the first time.

, son, we can’t let you do that, but you have my word we’ll find whoever did this. Now you best rest up,” said Parsons.

BOOK: Liquid Fire
5.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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