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Dave was breathing hard now and I could see he was trying not to blow, but that wasn’t the idea. “Come in me,” I urged him. “Come in my cunt. Spray your hot wad into my aching pussy.”

Once again, he followed instructions. Dave bucked hard into me and his cock erupted, spraying my pussy walls with a creamy load of warm come. Roy held me tightly and soul-kissed me as Dave’s dick continued to throb.

The second his cock was milked, I pulled myself off for the big reward. Before Dave could move, I dropped to my hands and knees and took his still-hard dick into my mouth, sucking the wet mix of his come and my pussy juices. Roy dropped down under me to eat my pussy clean.

As I gently rocked back and forth, sucking Dave’s shriveling meat, Roy sucked my pussy to a beautiful, moaning, vibrating orgasm. Oh, how we love roomies.—
P.T., Salem, Oregon


I am a first time author but a longtime reader. I am a thirty-five-year-old professional woman. I do not have huge tits (36B) but I do have a nice firm ass which goes well with my five-foot-five-inch, hundred-ten-pound frame.

My husband and I have been married for eleven years and have two children. Our sex life is okay but nothing exciting. I think my husband has had a couple of affairs and truthfully, I’ve had two.

One night our children were with my parents so Phil and I could go out and really enjoy ourselves. First I shaved my legs and my pussy, which I keep very, very trim. Then I dressed in an extremely short skirt and a tight blouse which showed what little cleavage I have. Underneath I had on a matching bra and thong panty set, which I know drives my Phil crazy.

We went to a bar for cocktails and decided not to have dinner, just appetizers and drinks. Later we left and went to a nightclub that is outdoors on the water to enjoy the wonderful night and do some dancing.

We continued drinking and after a few gin and tonics both my husband and I were getting a little buzzed. I caught Phil staring at me a couple of times with his “I’m horny and want to screw your brains out” look.

So I indulged him by unbuttoning the top of my blouse as we headed back to our table. My lacy black bra was clearly visible for everyone to see and I was enjoying the horny looks I was getting. I stopped at the bar to get us a couple more gin and tonics.

A very attractive man there asked, “May I buy you a drink?”

“I’m getting drinks for myself and my husband,” I told him.

“That’s okay. I still want to buy you and your husband drinks. I’d also like to ask you to dance.”

“I know my husband will appreciate the drink, but I don’t know what he’ll say about the dance.”

Back at our table I told Phil of my conversation at the bar and he was not upset. In fact, Phil told me that one of his fantasies was for me to go to bed with another man. I kind of blew off the comment and attributed it to the alcohol. A few minutes later I was still curious about Phil’s revelation so I asked him if he was serious about me going to bed with another man. He told me he was very serious. For the next twenty minutes we talked about all the possible consequences of my having sex with someone other than him, and I was finally convinced that Phil would be okay with it.

His only two stipulations were that I could not leave him for the other man and that he had to watch or be told the details of the sexual tryst.

Then I noticed the man who had earlier asked me to dance was slowly working his way over to our table. I told Phil he was coming over and Phil said, “If you want to dance with him that’s fine. It won’t bother me at all.”

When the man reached our table, he introduced himself as Chip. Phil thanked him for the drinks and Chip again asked if he could dance with me.

Both Phil and I agreed. Chip and I danced to a few fast songs and then a slow number came up. Before I could even attempt to leave the dance floor, Chip grabbed me and started dancing. Shortly, his hands began to gently rub my back and my sides. I looked for my husband to see his reaction. I spotted Phil at the bar talking to some people and obviously he was not too concerned.

Soon Chip’s hands gently touched my ass. When I did not offer any resistance, he began to slowly massage my butt cheeks. Strangely enough, I began to feel my pussy getting very moist and I started to tingle with the excitement of having this good-looking other man rubbing my tight, firm ass.

Toward the end of the song, Chip began to trace the outline of my thong panties and again this got me very hot. Once the song ended, Chip thanked me and escorted me back to our table where Phil had returned. “Did you enjoy yourselves?” Phil smiled.

“Absolutely,” I smiled in return.

“Absolutely,” Chip agreed.

We bid each other good night, then on the way home, Phil commented, “Chip must have liked you because his hands were all over your ass.”

“Did that bother you?” I asked.

“Hell no. I was getting turned on the entire time.”

When we got home, I was feeling very hot and sexy, and couldn’t wait to have my husband’s hard dick inside my tight little cunt. That night we had great sex and I had numerous orgasms.

As we were lying in bed, I asked Phil if he was serious about me doing it with another man and again Phil responded enthusiastically, “Yes!”

It was at this time that I told him about an affair I had with a colleague at work named Alex. We’d had our affair for about a year and his dick was the biggest I had ever fucked and sucked. Alex was transferred to our Indianapolis office and that’s when our affair ended. Phil had met Alex several times at social functions and knew that he was several years younger than me. He was as close to a stud as I have ever been with.

Although Phil is handsome and in good physical shape, he doesn’t compare with Alex. Plus, I told Phil that Alex had a bigger dick than he had and Alex could blow his load several times during the course of the night.

For the next several months, our sex life was a little bit better and I attribute this to the “fantasy” that Phil and I had talked about. Then one day at work I found out that I had to go to Indianapolis for two or three days of meetings. I immediately thought of Alex.

I told Phil of my planned trip and he smiled when he asked if I was going to see my former lover. I told him that I didn’t know and that I’d had no real contact with Alex for over a year.

The next day I called Alex. “I know you’re coming,” he laughed. “I put the meeting together and decided who should be present.”

“And how’s your social life lately?” I inquired.

“I’m seeing someone but it’s not serious … nor is it an exclusive relationship.”

By the end of the conversation, it was clear our meetings would be more than just business.

That night I told Phil of my conversation with Alex. My husband was immediately turned on. After a great night of intense sex, Phil said, “I thought of Alex and you having sex during our lovemaking and it was a huge turn-on for me.”

“Would you mind if Alex and I got together again?” I asked.

“Whatever you have in mind,” Phil assured me, “you have my blessing.”

The night before my trip, as I was packing, my husband seemed very interested in what I took. I showed him the thong panties, bras, short skirts and tight tops that I was packing in addition to my business clothes and he was sporting a big hard-on. “Remember,” he repeated as he kissed me. “You have my blessing, whatever you do.”

The next day in Indianapolis we had meetings that lasted until the early evening. I must admit, looking at Alex the entire day was getting me very wet and horny. I normally don’t wear thong panties with my business clothes but I did that day because I knew I would be getting fucked by my former lover. I wanted to spruce up the package as much as I could for him.

After the meeting I told Alex, “Let’s not waste time. I want to go to your place now because I need your big dick in my pussy.”

When we got to his condo we started to kiss and rub our hands on each other’s bodies. I massaged his dick to a full erection and I could feel the familiar power of his cock pulsating through his suit pants. Alex gently began to rub my breasts and my nipples until they were erect.

He unbuttoned my blouse, pulled my white lacy bra to one side and began to gently nibble my nipple. At the same time he unzipped my pants and they dropped to the floor. I stepped out of them and when I did, Alex dropped to his knees and began to nuzzle my wet pussy. He told me that my pussy smelled as good as it did back when we were fucking on a regular basis.

He pulled my silk thong panties to one side and began to kiss my pussy and lick the juices emanating from it. Soon I had an orgasm and I was wailing, “Fuck me, lover! Fuck me!”

We made our way to his bedroom and we passionately stripped each other. I rolled him onto his back and took his cock in my hand, slowly kissed my way down his neck, chest and finally to his stiff, eight-inch shaft. I began to lightly kiss the head of his cock and his halls. Soon I was licking his asshole with my tongue and he was moaning with great pleasure.

Next, I began to deep throat his cock and within minutes, he announced he was coming. I took all of his jism and let it swish in my mouth and coat my lips. Alex pulled me up to him and he licked his come off my lips. Soon he was hard again, then he slowly inserted his cock in my drenched and anxious snatch.

Alex varied his speed and depth of penetration so that the intensity began to build immediately. I was already on the brink of another climax. Within minutes I was screaming in orgasm and shortly thereafter Alex came and filled me up with his hot juices.

As we lay in bed afterwards, I thought of my husband and that I could not wait to tell him of my evening.

The next day as our meetings continued, Alex checked his messages and saw that his girlfriend Nadine had called. She wanted to go out that night and Alex asked if I would have a problem with that.

“I’d prefer the two of us go out alone,” I told him. “But I understand that I’m leaving town tomorrow and after that you’ll be with her, so … I’ll reluctantly agree.”

“You’ll love her,” Alex assured me with a big kiss.

Surprisingly, the evening went very well and we had a lot of fun. Nadine was a lawyer with a big law firm and was very attractive. She still had on her clothes from work but I could tell why Alex was dating her. Like me, she didn’t have big tits, but she was in good shape and appeared to have a shapely butt.

Later in the evening, the three of us went to a nightclub to drink and dance. For the most part, the three of us danced together but sometimes Alex would leave us girls on the floor to dance with each other. Nadine and I really enjoyed this.

Alex suggested we go to his place for one last drink to toast my departure. Nadine and I agreed. Once back at Alex’s condo, Nadine took off her suit coat and her panty hose. As she did I noticed her legs were in great shape. As she was stepping out of her panty hose I got a quick shot of her crotch as it lay encased in black panties. I had never had a lesbian experience, yet I found Nadine attractive and very sexy.

While Alex opened a bottle of champagne, Nadine and I went to the bathroom to freshen up. She told me she was fully aware of my past relationship with Alex and that he had told her of our “renewal” the evening before.

I told her that I hoped she was not mad and that I would be leaving in the morning so I would be out of her life. Nadine just smiled and said, “I’m not mad, sweetie. I perfectly understand why Alex is turned on by you.”

With that she tweaked my ass, put her arm around my waist and led me back to the kitchen. After we finished the bottle of champagne, we were all pretty drunk, so I told my friends I should leave. Alex gave me a goodbye kiss, a very passionate kiss, a very long kiss. Suddenly I felt another pair of hands on my back. Nadine had joined our embrace and was behind me rubbing my back. Soon her hands were gently kneading my ass and I could feel her hot breath on my neck.

As Alex and I finished kissing, Nadine turned me around to face her and she penetrated my mouth with her tongue. For some unknown reason, I returned the kiss and probed her small mouth with my own tongue. With no words said, we all gravitated to the bedroom where we lay on Alex’s bed and began to kiss and feel each other’s bodies.

Alex was the first to take off his clothes. When Nadine and I both saw his thick cock waving in the air, she began to unbutton my blouse and slide my skirt down my legs. I then started to take Nadine’s clothes off and soon her firm but small breasts were exposed as they were encased in a very sexy lace bra.

As I began to rub her breasts through their silk covering, Alex licked my bunghole and fingered my hard clit. Soon Nadine was inching her way down toward my flowing cunt and that is where her mouth met my wet pussy and Alex’s probing finger. I have never had a woman eat my snatch, yet I was sloppy wet with my juices as they intermingled with Nadine’s saliva.

I soon had my first climax of the night and I returned the favor to Nadine. As I began to suck and lick Nadine’s wet bush, Alex got behind me and slowly inserted his eight inches of well-hung cock in my twat. Nadine’s odor was so sexual, and the quicker I nibbled her clit and probed her cunt with my tongue, the louder she moaned with pleasure. Soon she was coming and I could taste her juices as they flowed from her tight, wet box.

Nadine kept her pussy tightly trimmed and to look at her snatch dripping with her juice was definitely erotic. As I lay to the side, Alex then got behind Nadine and started to fuck her doggie-style.

I was amazed at the staying prowess of Alex and soon Nadine was having another climax.

As I watched Nadine and Alex screwing, I found my-self rubbing my mons and fingering my cunt. Soon I had inserted a finger inside my box and had found my G-spot. I was working toward another orgasm as Alex was blowing his load inside of Nadine’s cunt. I was moaning the closer I got to my own climax and soon I let Nadine’s finger replace my own. She soon found the same spot, lightly pressing it with that “come here” motion. Very quickly I came again and was literally exhausted as I lay there with Nadine and Alex.

BOOK: Letters to Penthouse XXII
6.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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