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She knelt on the seat with her beautiful ass up in the air and proceeded to give me head. The guy in the van started jerking off, and when he turned off at his exit he was wiping off his steering wheel with his handkerchief.

Robin stayed completely naked for the rest of the trip, covering up only for tollbooths. This was the beginning of a new sex game for us. We stayed until Monday and started back home around noon. When we left the motel, Robin wore only a low-cut sundress and a pair of sandals. I knew this was going to be fun.

On the way home, Robin wanted to stop at a shop to browse. I was hoping she would flash someone and was disappointed when she didn’t. But she more than made up for it on the highway. She must have performed for fifty drivers. The drivers were happy, I was in a constant state of arousal and my baby was hotter than a firecracker.

Prior to our Labor Day vacation, I bought a CB radio so we could listen to the truckers’ comments. Boy, were those guys hot for Robin, This time, when we started from home, she was wearing only a long T-shirt. She got naked as soon as we hit the freeway. The drivers called her “Naked Lady,” but she got on the CB and gave herself the handle “Wild Thing.” She talked to quite a few drivers and asked if they liked the show. They said they loved it and that she’d made their day.

We play this game every chance we get and plan to continue for a long time. I’ve suggested she ask one of the drivers to pull into a rest stop to fondle her breasts, but she’s reluctant. I’ll keep you posted.—

Name and address withheld


Last summer, my husband and I had very little time together, but we did have one very special encounter. I had bought some new underthings while I was working away from home—a strapless red corset that barely covered my nipples and matching red panties. When he had a chance to come visit me for a weekend, I put these things on with a silk shirt and skirt before we went off to run a few errands.

We drove to the next town, about seventeen miles south through the Adirondacks, right next to a state park. We returned some library books just as the library was closing for the evening, and I stopped in the restroom to take off my panties. I was very excited just thinking about the evening I had planned for my husband. We were working three hundred miles apart and hadn’t seen each other in several weeks. I was already wet just thinking about the next few hours.

Every time I moved, the cool silk rubbed against my breasts; it’s the sexiest feeling I get from clothing, and it sends chills down my spine. We bought some wine, cheese and fruit and headed to a nearby lake to watch the sunset.

We sat on a huge rock by the shore, and it began to cool off as the sun went down. The cool breeze made my nipples erect and cooled off my overheated pussy. As it started to get dark, my husband rubbed the silk against my breast—he knows how much that turns me on—then he reached inside my shirt. He teased my nipples through the flimsy lace of the bra.

I lay back on the rock, which was still warm from the day’s sun, and opened my shirt. My husband started to suck on my hard nipples through the lace. I spread my legs, and the breeze caressed my thighs and my hot clit, sending wonderfully erotic feelings through me.

My husband pulled my nipples free of their lace cover and sucked them harder. He stopped and let the breeze blow over them, then he rubbed them ever so gently with the silk. I rubbed my hand over his rock-hard cock and suggested we go home to have more fun. The park was a little too public and the full moon shining on us would not leave much to the imagination of anyone else who came there that night. He agreed, but asked me to leave my nipples free of the bra, poking through the silk shirt as we walked down the street to our car. I was happy to accommodate him. I also left some of the buttons open so I would be sure to feel the breeze on my breasts. It kept my nipples hard and I thought, all the while, about what would happen next. I really wanted to just climb onto my husband’s cock right in the park, or in the car, or just about anywhere, I was so horny. With every step I could feel how slippery my cunt was. I thought that my juices would be running down my legs soon.

As we walked to the car, I realized there were a few men getting an eyeful of my 36D tits. If they looked at the right angle they could see in my shirt, see my alert nipples hungry to be touched by more than cool air and silk. It really turned me on.

We found the car and started home. He was rubbing my breasts as we drove, making sure other drivers could see him do it before we left the bright lights of the town. When we had to stop for a red light, he opened my shirt and sucked my fits, and left my shirt wide open for a group of young men to admire as they crossed in front of our car.

When we were about halfway home, I told my husband I just couldn’t wait any longer. I suggested that we stop at a more secluded park, where we had gone hiking several times. Since his dick was about to burst out of his pants, he was more than happy to agree. He’s always willing to have sex, anywhere and anytime. I tend to be more concerned about who might see us, but this time we were both going crazy.

We parked, and then ran to a quiet part of the woods, where there’s a small clearing. The moon lit our path. We were in such a hurry to join our bodies that we didn’t look around to ensure that we were alone. I pushed my husband down on a soft blanket of pine needles. I straddled him, undid his pants and let his hot dick out of its confinement. The moonlight caught his hard rod’s shiny, wet head. I sucked it for a minute and realized he would come very fast after all those weeks away. I stopped and repositioned myself over his hot prick. I leaned over him so that he could fondle my breasts and take them in his mouth again. Then I pushed my panties out of the way and slid right down on his tool. It was great.

I rode him while he fingered my clit and I massaged my breasts. I rubbed some of my love juice on my nipples—when they’re slippery I go even crazier. He came fast. He pumped hard against my body. I took him all in. But, even as hot as I was, I didn’t come as fast as he did this time. He usually plays me to an orgasm or two before he shoots his wad. Not this time.

When he was spent, he asked me to lie down next to him. He licked his come out of my hot cunt and finger-fucked me until I came once. I told him that was enough but he knew better. He kept going while I moaned and finally screamed with relief as I reached a second orgasm. I couldn’t even stand up.

We dozed a while and then started in again. By then, dawn was breaking. As we started to kiss and take some of our clothes off, we found we had an audience. Two good-looking young men, who were camping nearby, had watched us earlier and were waiting for the next performance. They wanted to know if my husband needed any help this time. He told them he didn’t, but they could join us if they wanted.

My husband wanted to fuck me from behind. I was on all fours, so the guys decided they would help by lying down under me and sucking my nipples. This was my fantasy come true—a big man up my cunt and one on each breast. My husband’s staying power was back to normal after the earlier activity and a nap. He pumped and they sucked until I thought I would come apart at the seams. I was going wild.

It didn’t seem fair to leave my husband’s assistants unsatisfied, after they’d helped realize my fantasy. Their cocks were pointing to the sky through their boxers. We all sat back and I rubbed their hard dicks, one in each hand, until they shot their wads skyward, toward the rising sun.

When the campers started to rub my breasts and suck my nipples again, my husband worked his dripping tool into my ass. The campers took the opportunity to take turns finger-fucking me as my husband repeatedly plunged his rod into me.

I’d never had three men arousing me before. I went wild; I had an orgasm for each man twice. My husband shot his wad up my butt and I collapsed against the two men who helped make this a great night in the woods, better than I could have imagined.

I took a brief nap, and when I awoke we all said goodbye and went our separate ways.—
Name and address withheld


“So Dave, what is it with you?” my husband Roy suddenly asked. “You’ve been living with us for a week now and you haven’t even made an attempt to fuck my wife.”

Dave nearly spat out the beer he was just trying to swallow. Somehow he got it down but he coughed something awful as I patted his back. “Roy!” I admonished. “Don’t put him on the spot like that.”

“What’s with you now, babe?” Roy now turned his attention to me. “Don’t you wanna fuck Dave?”

“Of course I want to fuck Dave, honey,” I assured him. “You know how much I do. Just look at him those strong arms, those blue eyes, that thick blond mane of wavy hair.”

“Well, maybe it’s time we made it obvious. This guy’s kind of slow, y’know. Look at her Dave,” Roy said, once again facing our friend. “Look at her tits. How big are your tits, babe?”

“Oh Roy,” I blushed.

“Go on, tell him.”

“They’re 36D,” I announced with pride.

“Well, lemme see them then,” said big dumb Dave, finally speaking up for himself.

Oh, how cute they are when they’re so big and strong and stupid. So I pulled off my shirt and bra. My firm round melons rested softly atop my ribcage for Dave and Roy to enjoy. I squeezed my nipples a little to make them stand up and say hello.

“Look at that,” Roy said proudly. “You’d have to be a fag not to go for that. You a fag, Dave?”

“No!” our friend declared.

“Show him your belly, babe,” Roy instructed.

I stood and pulled off my shorts, leaving on only my eyepatch thong. I shifted my weight from one foot to the other, swaying slightly before my audience.

“Turn sideways so he can see how flat your belly is,” encouraged Roy.

I turned to the side and brushed my hand lightly up and down my flat tummy. “How about that now?” Roy asked with a big smile. “You ever seen a sexier belly than that?”

Dave’s eyes bugged out and his mouth hung open with lust as he stared at my torso. “Now that’s a woman,” Roy continued. “Big tits, tiny waist, round hips and boss legs. Hey, show Dave your belly button, babe.”

“Okay,” I giggled, and turned back to display my full front.

“Look how high that belly button’s set,” whispered Roy. “You ever see a higher, rounder, deeper belly button, man? Show him the quarter trick, babe.”

“You think?” I giggled again, my tits and tummy jiggling for Dave’s admiration. “You wanna see the quarter trick, Dave?” I asked as I stepped forward, my belly button now just inches from Dave’s face, staring at him like a third eye.

He nodded with a smile. “So then give her a fucking quarter, man,” Roy bellowed as he slapped Dave’s strong shoulder.

Our friend nodded with a goony smile, reached into his pocket and gave me a quarter. It fit perfectly into my round, deep navel. Then I rolled my midsection like a belly dancer. “Oooh yeah,” my husband breathed, getting into it. “Look what my wife’s belly can do.”

As I worked my tummy muscles, flexing and stretching my navel, the quarter began turning over on its axis, spinning inside my deep dimple until its edge touched my tender flesh at the base of my belly pit and the other edge stuck straight out. With a final flex, my gut grotto spit the quarter back out into Dave’s lap.

“Wow, hey, awright!” Dave exclaimed with a big smile.

“Can you just imagine what a belly moving like that can do to your dick while it’s inside that?” declared Roy as he patted my tummy.

“Sure he can,” I said pointing to the huge bulge in Dave’s crotch. “Why don’t you let that hot rod out for a belly ride?”

“Yeah!” Roy yelled. “Let’s get it on, man!”

“Yeah!” Dave agreed as he jumped up from the couch and stripped off his jeans and underwear. All of us were laughing in anticipation now as I stripped off my thong to reveal my bald beaver.

“What do you think of that?” beamed Roy. “Ain’t that just the pinkest, prettiest pussy you ever saw in your life?”

“Yeah!” bellowed Dave again, his nine-inch erection pulsing straight up like he was going to come any second.

“Then sit back and enjoy the ride,” I said, pushing his ass back down to the couch.

I mounted his swollen prong and impaled my tight snatch on his big purple cockhead. “Look at me now,” I enthused. “Look at my itty-bitty cunt swallow your great big dick. Oooh, it’s getting so wet and slippery.”

“Yeah, ride him, babe!” Roy enthused. “Ride him cowgirl.”

I bounced myself up and down on Dave’s shaft, my titties flopping up and down before his face. “Check out them titties, Dave,” Roy bellowed. “Give them titties some lovin’.”

Dave began caressing my nipples as he continued to stare at my fun sacks as if hypnotized. “Oooh yeah, that’s what me likes,” I cooed. “But show him what I like even more, honey.”

Roy supported my shoulders and leaned me back so I rested against his crotch. My husband then pressed my tits together, leaned over and sucked my swollen nipples. All the while I kept bucking my pussy into Dave’s lap, my tummy again rolling like a belly dancer, faster and harder with each stroke until his entire length was pummeling me from labia to cervix.

My belly stretched and tucked, stretched and tucked as Dave met my every thrust with one of his own. As his cock sank balls-deep in my hungry cunt, I could feel my juices flowing, matting our pubic hairs and coating his nuts. Dave held my hips and humped me harder still, forcing my breasts deep into Roy’s mouth so that my hard nubs tickled the back of his throat.

“You like my soft tits and hard nips, Roy?” I hoarsely asked.

“Mmm,” he replied with relish.

“Dave, do you like my cunt and belly bucking on your cock?” I cried out.

“Oh yeah!” Dave yelled.

“Rub my belly and tickle my clit, you big, beautiful, horny stud!” I wailed.

It was done as if by order. Dave’s finger found my bulging clit and his other hand massaged my pulsating tummy from hip to hip and pubes to belly button. It was like his cock was filling my entire womb as I moaned loudly. I began bucking so hard, Roy could no longer suck my pups. He now held me under the arms and helped me hump Dave, driving my cunt down onto that great big belly-filling dick.

BOOK: Letters to Penthouse XXII
13.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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