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I have read her many stories from
about men who share their wives with other men, and she knows this is my favorite fantasy. But when I approached her about living it out, she said she wasn’t interested. She said that I was man enough for her, and that she had no need to go looking for cock from anyone else.

Well to tell you the truth, this answer satisfied me somewhat, and I thought she meant it. But then some-thing happened not so long ago which suggested that Rachel hadn’t quite been on the level with me. Luckily for me.

Rachel works for an engineering firm, and most of the time works a half-day on Fridays. On the Friday in question business was slow at my place of work, so I decided to knock off a couple hours early. As I approached our house I saw a red sports car parked in front, and a tall good-looking young guy with a briefcase getting out of it.

I was somewhat puzzled by this, so I pulled over and watched as the stranger proceeded to our front door. It was then I remembered Rachel telling me about a meeting she was to have that very afternoon with an insurance agent.

This guy was really attractive, and I couldn’t help letting my imagination run away with me. I drove around to park in the alley and quietly moved to a vantage point where I could see into our living room.

As I looked in I saw that the stranger was seated on the couch sorting through papers on the coffee table, while Rachel sat next to him listening attentively. After fifteen or twenty minutes went by and nothing out of the ordinary looked to be happening, I was about to give up on my spy adventure.

At that point the guy stood up to take his jacket off, and then sat back down somewhat closer to Rachel than before. She was going over some papers as he was speaking to her. I was surprised at what happened next, but not displeased. When she turned to look up at him there was a slight hesitation between them, and then he leaned down and placed his lips on hers.

I had a great view through the window as Rachel allowed this handsome stranger to kiss her for a few seconds. He then placed his hand on Rachel’s leg just above the knee and slid it up under her skirt.

I was getting extremely turned on by all this, and was rubbing my hard-on through my pants. As the kissing got heavier, I could see Rachel giving in to her lust. Our friend was now probing her mouth with his tongue as his hand moved smoothly up and down her silky thigh.

Then, without taking his mouth off hers, he started to unbutton her blouse. I watched as he fiddled with her bra until he had liberated her gigantic breasts from their confines. He kneaded them softly as he kissed his way down her neck and shoulders.

Soon he was sucking on her saucer-sized nipples and had moved his hand further up under her skirt. Rachel was sitting back with her eyes closed like she was in a trance. I saw how she parted her legs to make room for her newfound lover’s probing hands.

After a few more minutes of foreplay he got up and drew her to her feet. She stood quietly as he helped her step out of her skirt and pantyhose. She discarded her blouse and bra herself. Then he sat her back down on the sofa and got on the floor between her legs, kissing up her thighs to her swollen cunt.

My dear sweet Rachel lay back as he ravished her pussy with his mouth. Soon she was shaking with a very powerful orgasm. She was still gasping as her lover unzipped his pants and pulled out a massive erection, much larger than my own.

The salesman stood in front of my wife and brought his stiff tumescent cock up to her eager mouth. Rachel slowly licked the fat cockhead as he moved it back and forth across her succulent lips.

My wife was usually not much for giving head, so I was surprised to see her so willing to swallow this stranger’s tool. She was soon enthusiastically making love to his cock with her lips and tongue. Her superb cocksucking technique was a revelation, and I redoubled my efforts, stroking my pecker to near climax. Rachel seemed to be enjoying herself, when suddenly he popped his dick out of her mouth and drew her down to join him on the carpeted floor.

Rachel hesitated for a moment, then nodded vigorously as she lay down for him, opening her legs wide and spreading her pink pussy lips with both hands. This was better than any porno I’d ever seen. Here was my stunning wife lying on her back on our carpet with a well-hung stranger preparing to fuck her.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. As he entered her I exploded with an exhilarating rush. But I continued to watch as Rachel squirmed joyously while that impressive cock penetrated her pussy. He was moving in and out of her like a ramrod, with Rachel’s arms and legs trying to pull him in further, when suddenly her back arched and her feet came up off the floor as she screamed through a very prolonged orgasm. I could see the contortions of the stranger’s face as he shot his wad into her. I came again too.

After a few moments of recovery they got up and dressed, and I watched the salesman kiss my wife goodbye. Then he was gone.

I retreated to my car, gave Rachel enough time to compose herself, then drove around to the front and went in. Rachel was in the shower, and I poured myself a stiff drink. I felt I deserved it.

When she came out of the shower dripping wet, I offered to towel her dry. I ran my hands over her voluptuous body, thinking of her infidelity. This got me harder than ever. Rachel noticed my boner and slipped her hand down to circle it. She began pumping away, and soon we were fucking like rabbits on the bedroom floor.

My wife must have a hell of a lot of insurance, because every Friday since then, the same salesman’s been knocking on my door and fucking my wife. I haven’t missed a meeting yet.—
E.H., Newark, New Jersey


I have been a dancer at a strip bar for three months and nothing unusual ever happened. I had heard stories of all of the wild action at that sort of club but never witnessed any. None of the other dancers ever approached me for sexual encounters, and the manager didn’t demand blowjobs in exchange for employment. I never even saw a dancer go home with a customer. We had our fair share of men offering money for sex, but it had only happened to me twice, and they both took no for an answer and moved on.

The club I dance at is two hours away from where I live because I have a day job and didn’t want to find one of my coworkers in the audience one night. So I made the commute every Wednesday and Saturday to a club far away to avoid running into anyone I knew.

Then, one day, my coworker Jim, who had asked me out on several occasions, quizzed me about my extracurricular activities. I guess he wondered why I was never available on the weekends, even though I’m single. I never go out on Friday nights because I have to work on Saturday, and I am always too tired on Sunday to go any-where.

I avoided Jim’s direct questions as long as I could, but finally admitted that I danced at a club twice a week. He agreed that it could prove quite embarrassing if word of this got around the office, and said he would keep it quiet. I didn’t know what to say, though, when he asked if he could come and watch me dance.

I hadn’t danced in front of anyone I knew before and I wasn’t sure that I could. I’ve always been shy. I started dancing because I needed the extra money. In the end, I told him it would be okay, mostly because I never thought he would actually drive two hours just to see me dance with my top off.

That Saturday night was like any other. At eight o’clock, when the club opened, it was still pretty slow. The dancers mostly sit around talking to each other and telling dirty jokes between our sets. My turn on stage was coming up after Tanya. I hate following Tanya. Even though I’m tall, have 36C breasts, long blonde hair and blue eyes, Tanya has much larger breasts than mine, and the guys go wild for her.

Anyway, I was just sitting at the bar with the other dancers when in walked Jim and two other guys from work!

They’re used to seeing me in conservative business suits and dresses, with my hair pulled neatly back. I don’t usually wear much makeup either. Now here I was, in full makeup, wearing just an orange G-string and a tank top, with my hair falling over my shoulders in wild disarray to make it look fuller than usual.

So, not only had Jim shown up, but he’d brought two of his friends with him! Never in my wildest dreams did I think he would come—especially just two days after talking to me about it. I didn’t really know the two guys he was with, but I’d seen them in the halls.

Jim came over to say hello. “I didn’t think you’d mind if Tom and Scott came,” he said, “They won’t tell anyone.”

It was bad enough that I had to dance in front of one colleague, but now there were three of them! I didn’t even get a chance to talk to Tom and Scott before it was my turn on stage. I had a quick shot to calm my nerves, and then took my place on the stage just as they announced me. Of course my coworkers sat in the front row. Just my luck. With hardly any customers in the club that early, they had their pick of seats.

It was pretty nerve-racking to dance in front of people who don’t usually see me without my shirt. I finally worked up the nerve to take my top off during the second song and even got up on Jim’s table and did a little grind in his face. Normally I would have covered my pussy with my hand, but since he was just about the cutest guy I’ve met for a long time, I did a grind in his face without covering up. Then I gave him a “titty facial” for free. Normally, that costs five dollars. Actually, we don’t usually get on the table in front of anyone for less than five dollars.

Next I had him lie on the stage. Then I straddled his face and bent over him to fake a blowjob in the 69 position, the way we usually do. I put my lips on either side of his penis and slowly moved my head back and forth. It only took a second to notice how hard he already was. After that, he asked if I would do a lap dance for him and asked how much it was. I told him, “Ten, but I don’t think I can do one for you.”

He bought me a few drinks and soon had me persuaded. We went to the back of the room, where I did a little dance for him and took off my top again. By then, I felt a little more comfortable being undressed in front of him. Even though I just take my top off, the only other thing I have on is a G-string.

So I sat on his lap, wearing almost nothing, and did a lap dance. I moved back and forth on his erection and wished we were both undressed. For the first time, I actually got turned on doing a lap dance. I was just thinking about being alone with him, when he kissed me. If you’ve ever been to that kind of place, you know you don’t kiss the dancers.

I jumped back, a little startled. Nobody had ever kissed me at the club and, to tell the truth, it had been so long since I’d been kissed anyway that I was really taken aback. I stared into his gorgeous brown eyes for a moment and he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

I told him it was okay, that I was just surprised. He kissed me again. This time I wasn’t so shocked. I just kissed him back and let myself get lost in the moment. He was so tender. It had to have been the best kiss I’d ever had.

He moved his hand from my outer thigh, where customers are allowed to touch a dancer, to my inner thigh, where they are not. I looked behind me to see if the bouncer had noticed. As usual, he was watching the show on stage instead of watching the girls on the floor with the customers, like he’s supposed to. It was the first time I was grateful to him for not doing his job.

Jim kissed me deeper and harder, and I let my hair fall around his face, to hide us if the bouncer looked over.

He started rubbing my clit through the fabric of my G-string and almost drove me crazy. As he gently rubbed me with his fingers, he lowered his mouth to my breast. He sucked softly at first and then more urgently. I would have stopped anyone else, but with him it just seemed natural. He went back to kissing my eager mouth after taking care of both of my breasts. I’d never done anything like this in public before and the fear of getting caught added to the excitement.

He stopped kissing me for a moment and looked into my eyes as he gently slipped my G-string aside and slipped his finger inside me. I was already so wet and excited that I almost came the minute he inserted his finger. He was looking right into my eyes, which heightened my arousal even more. I gasped in unbridled pleasure and he started to kiss me again as he slid his finger deeper inside me.

I could feel his erection beneath me. At that moment I wanted him so much that I would have sneaked him into the bathroom to finish if I didn’t think I’d lose my job. He fingered me with such skill that I came twice, and I al-most screamed the second time. I finally had to tell him I couldn’t take it anymore.

I had to go change my costume because it was almost my turn on stage again and I was dripping. I have never wanted anyone as much as I wanted Jim that night.

I only let him pay for one lap dance, and threw the rest in for free. After I danced again, he and his two friends had to go.

I still see him at work and, every time I do, I think about him fingering me in the club and it makes my nipples hard. We’ve never talked about that night and he’s never come back to the club. I did take a drive with him one day at lunch, but that’s another story.—
C.M., Bayonne, New Jersey


Every year my girlfriend and I go up north on Memorial Day. A couple of years ago, we left for the weekend on Friday morning at five, in an effort to avoid the Boston traffic. We were cruising along nicely, and I reached over to fondle her beautiful breasts. All of a sudden, I noticed a truck driver was staying right beside us and watching. When I told my girlfriend, she laughed and unbuttoned her blouse, giving him quite a view. He stayed with us, and then I noticed a van on my side. The driver kept glancing over at my girlfriend’s breasts and licking his lips. He kept up with us for about a half-hour, mouthing the words, “More, more, more.”

With me fondling her and these drivers watching, my girlfriend was getting hotter and hotter, so she removed her blouse completely, then her shorts and underwear, and really started a show.

BOOK: Letters to Penthouse XXII
7.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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